The Pass Key

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“What you’ve done is transgress on another man’s possessions,” the partially dressed woman said, “and the punishment must fit the crime.”

Waheed had visions of being dragged off to the nearby Malaz jail and begged for forgiveness, “Madam it truly was an honest mistake, I am an honorable person, please do not consider me a criminal.”

“Stay right there,” she ordered, “and I will think what should next be done to you?”

Waheed almost pissed his pants with the tension as the lady went into a bedroom and appeared to be dialing a number on her cell phone. The police in Riyadh were not particularly known for their kindness, notably to foreigners from South Asia.


It had been a typically searing Riyadh afternoon, temperatures in the high 40’s and hot winds blowing. Waheed had suffered a flat just after leaving the office and was first drenched in sweat while changing it. Then he was dried out immediately by the total lack of humidity. His head hurt as he negotiated the final few turns before the parking lot of the furnished hotel apartments he had been living in for a while. Walking through the central lobby and inside garden, he reached the three storey section which housed his unit. It was tough to climb the stairs as he was carrying a load of items that had been sitting and steaming in his vehicle. Thankfully the door opened in a second when he inserted the key into its slot. A welcome coolness hit his face. He wondered if he had left the air conditioning running prior to leaving for work and then put the thought out of his head. Putting the load down just inside the doorway, he made a beeline for the washroom to splash some welcome cold water on his face.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? How dare you enter this place?” the screeching in Arabic instantly broke him out of his funk.

In less than a second he realized he was not in his own apartment, number 320, but in number 220, the one directly below. Yelling at him non-stop was an attractive thirtyish woman, who was also fighting hard to cover herself with a much too small towel, having just stepped out of the bathtub.


For the fifteenth time in the past twenty five days, Waheed had to slog over to the reception desk to have his key card reactivated. Regardless of where it was placed, or how far it was from any electronic device, the damn card would stop working after a day or two, even though he was registered for a month and had advised of long term plans for the next year.

This time around, he had come back from a long business trip, and the bellman had carried his suitcases over to the apartment. Waheed nearly blew a fuse when he was unable to open the door. At well past midnight, he had no intention of going to the reception desk and back.

“It’s okay Sir, why don’t you take this pass key,” the bellman offered his own, “it will not expire for months.”

The large tip he got put a real smile on the bellman’s face. After all, Waheed had a reputation for being kind to the staff and tipping well for small jobs. He had come from humble beginnings and appreciated the work down by the junior staff.

“Thanks, this should really ease the troubles the damn key card has been causing!”


Waheed cursed the bellman who had been so helpful so many weeks back. In all the days in between, there had been no need to go back to reception and get an activated card. He was aware that his pass key would open all doors on the property. What he did not expect was to have a downside as the one he was now facing. He could see a visit to the nearby jail, followed by a sentence for some months, and then deportation without having any of his work dues paid or any money retrieved from the local bank account.

In an instant, he was on his knees imploring the lady to understand that his actions were accidental and that she should have a heart.

“Madame, please, I will do whatever you want,” he begged, “just please do not report me to the authorities!”

The lady stopped yelling at him. That was a good sign that apparently she spoke English and understood his intentions were not bad.

Despite the cool interior of the apartment, güvenilir bahis Waheed felt sweat going down from his neck to his waist. He mouthed every prayer he could as the lady walked into the adjacent bedroom and appeared to be making a call while he waited.

“Okay, I will forgive you,” the lady returned and said in accented English, “but you will have to obey me on whatever I ask you to do!”

“Thank you,” was all he could say as he staggered back up off the floor.

“Go drop your things in the apartment, drink some water and change,” she directed, “and then come back to me here in exactly one hour!”

Waheed rushed out and reached the safety of his apartment in less than a minute. He wondered if it was just a dream, but quickly realized that a bullet had been dodged.

Safe inside his familiar environment, Waheed quickly forgot the lady’s directions. The feeling of relief did not last long, however.

“You are to come down in twenty minutes,” the female voice on the phone put the fear of God back into him, “or you will be visiting Malaz prison tonight!”


Waheed could not stop shaking as he went downstairs and rang the bell to the apartment below. A buzzing on his cellphone told him to use his pass key again. With trepidation, he did so and entered the place for the second time that afternoon. No one was in the main lounge, but he got the aroma of fresh baked goods from the adjacent kitchenette. There were four small cups on the tray, indicating that more than one person awaited him. He ventured in to through the little hallway to the bedrooms. Just before he entered the main bedroom, a voice ordered him to halt.

“Take your clothes all off and leave them in the lounge,” the lady was firm in her command, “and come in here within two minutes or else!”

Waheed wondered what was going to happen next. He had visions of a couple of Arab guys behind the door waiting to beat him up or buttfuck him in the worst possible manner. However, his options were very limited as he would be headed to jail should the lady complain to the police, regardless of whether he was guilty or innocent. The laws in the country were not particularly in favour of women’s rights, but in the matter of a foreigner being involved, the Saudi ladies were one step away from Godhood as far as Saudi men were concerned. Threadbare he made his way to the bedroom from where the lady’s voice had emanated.

“Don’t bother knocking,” he heard her, “just come on inside.”

Waheed steeled himself and walked into the bedroom. There were no two hulking Arab guys ready to penetrate his back side. There weren’t even two other people in the room. Sitting on the large bed at the other end was the lady who he had walked in upon. His eyes could not help fix themselves on her as she was dressed in the slightest of lingerie, exposing a great deal of her body. Unlike most of the Arab females that he had seen on TV or chanced to come by on odd occasion, this one was not excessively fat, bottom heavy or overly made-up.

“Hello Waheed,” she surprised him, “it is time to pay for your indiscretion and if you are wondering I asked the reception about the guy living above us and they gave me your name, by the way you can call me Reem!”

Reem stretched out on the bed, spread her legs and pulled off her panties. Her pussy was clean shaven and glistening with moisture seeping already from her insides. She motioned with her finger for him to come atop and do the needful. He indicated that he did not have a condom but she indicated he should proceed without protection. Within a moment, his cock was imbedded into her welcoming interior.

“That’s nice,” she cooed into his ear, “my husband does not have a big cock and it is never hard like yours is now!”

Worried about performing below her expectations, yet delighted at the way circumstances had turned out, Waheed plowed into Reem with gusto. He had been quite a cocksman during his studies and work life in the US, Pakistan and many other countries. Reem was one of the better looking and willingest females he was fortunate to have taken. Within a couple of minutes, she was screaming türkçe bahis at the top of her voice. Luckily it was mid-afternoon so no one was around in the garden just outside the building. Secondly the full blasting air-conditioning helped drown out her voice.

Waheed upped his tempo and slowed his pace to both increase her pleasure and to extend his performance. Reem had by now raked his back with her two inch nails, head butted his nose, and back kicked his legs in the throes of passion. The longer he took in coming, the more she yelped and either heaped curses on him in tarty Arabic or claimed he was the love of her life in the same language. It seemed that his orgasm lasted for half an hour, though it was just a few seconds.

Waheed pulled out of Reem and lay prone to one side. He could see that her pussy was bubbling out much of his come. Sensing his concern at their having unprotected sex, she tried to put him at ease.

“I just finished my period so do not worry,” she told him, “but just in case I will fuck my husband tonight also so he believes any development is on his account!”


Waheed wondered if he had done the right thing, or if he had gone down an extreme slippery slope. He still lay on the bed as Reem went out of the room. He figured she was cleaning up and would then shoo him out of the door before having housekeeping clean the room. He was instead surprised as she walked in, now bare naked, holding a tray with pastries and Arabic coffee.

“I cannot be a good hostess if I let you leave without proper refreshment,” she said, setting the service on the bedside.

He wondered how a coffee and treats would trump the refreshment he had already received from her very enjoyable cunt. But there was no reason to turn things down as he did have a liking both for Arabic coffee and baklava. Like a doting Arab female she poured him a cup, placed some treats on a plate, bowed and put everything in front of him. She waited till he had a first sip and taste, and had expressed appreciation before serving herself.

“I am sorry to take advantage of your situation,” Reem told him, “but opportunities like today do not happen in my life.”

“I am happy to be of service,” he responded as she refilled his cup dutifully, “but would your husband not be concerned with what we just did?”

“Oh he would if you told him,” she shot back, “but since he is probably visiting his second wife today, he will be too busy fucking her!”

“So who did you call while just after I entered your apartment,” he wondered if someone else was also headed over.

“My husband, of course,” she smiled and let him know, “I wanted to be sure he was not expected till late in the evening!”

Reem poured him a third cup as he digested the information she had just provided. Tradition was to not take more and he correctly shook his cup to turn down a fourth. Reem had a growing smile on her face as she removed the tray from the bed to the dressing table.

“Again,” was all she said as Waheed readied himself for round two.


This time she pushed him onto the bed and grabbed onto his cock. In less than a jiffy, he had another serious stiffy. He had not, after all, had sex in Riyadh since his wife had visited from Pakistan about four months earlier. He enjoyed the treatment as Reem worked her mouth over his cock and began to suck. It was not the greatest of blow jobs, perhaps learnt from watching badly lit Indian pornos so popular with the locals, but it beat the hell out of spending the afternoon watching TV.

Getting him nicely hard and aroused, Reem came across his midsection and lowered her cunt onto his penis. He had the feeling of a knife going through butter as her nether regions fitted in with his. Slowly she began an up and down rhythm, letting much of his cock out and then engulfing it totally. Having already come once, Waheed could control himself a great deal better. In no time at all she began to puff and turned red. A shattering orgasm racked her body and she fell forward onto him. But rather than let her lie and relax, he flipped her over and began to pound her pussy in earnest. A few minutes later he güvenilir bahis siteleri let another torrent into her as she came yet again.

“Wow, that was awesome,” Waheed told her as she smiled saucily at him.

“It’s too bad that you used the key today,” she said, “after all we have been here for the past three weeks and are leaving tomorrow!”

“Will you be back?” he asked wishfully, cursing his luck on finding out her program.

“Who knows,” she honestly replied, “but since my husband never comes back before nine p.m., we have time to ourselves.”


“Oh we need to get you ready again,” Reem joshed Waheed as she tweaked his now contracted penis.

In a moment she had a jar of cream in her hands which she expertly began to spread on his member, rubbing the shaft up and down with a firm grip. Despite the exertion he already had been through, the massage awoke his nerves and he was up for action again.

“Well it seems you may be too greasy to be of value inside my pussy,” she said in a matter of fact way.

As he made a face, she turned around, bent forward and put her hand right over her asshole. The message could not have been any clearer. His cock was already greased and would be able to go into her backside with ease. Waheed lined up, placed the head on her rectum and pushed inwards. Reem let fly a string of obscenities. She had been taken frequently by her husband in that manner, but Waheed’s dick was both longer and thicker and she felt pain as he moved into her. Still she remained on all fours, gritting her teeth to the hurt and letting him drill deeper into her ass.

They remained connected for an extended period of time given that the cream dried out as he penetrated her and due to the fact that he was trying to come for the third time in a relatively short period. Turning her face to one side, Waheed began to kiss Reem on her mouth. She seemed to be reluctant initially to participate, but soon allowed him to send his tongue down her throat, while he rode her backside. Finally, after the best part of an hour he let go. Her cunt meanwhile had been dripping from the moment he had made the first push into her rectum. As he pulled out, she had fluids leaking from both orifices and messing up the bed.

A few last kisses and he grabbed his clothes. He took a quick look outside and ran upstairs stark naked, holding his clothes in his hand. Inside his apartment he took a breath and sank to the ground exhausted from all the hard work.


The next afternoon as he returned from work hopeful for another encounter with Reem, Waheed was disappointed to see housekeeping fixing up the apartment she had recently occupied. Sullen, he walked up the stairs to his apartment.

He was surprised to find a lacy panty draped around his door handle, with a small piece of paper that had “Thank You” in Arabic written on it. It had truly been an eventful day, going from bad to great in the matter of a couple of hours. Since she had mentioned that the family resided in Tabuk, more than a thousand kilometers away, it was unlikely that he would be seeing her again. He wondered if he had just had a dream.


Six weeks later as the school holidays entered their last month, and Waheed had been picking up the extra load for Saudi colleagues who were on vacation, he found a welcome surprise. A pink panty, similar to the one Reem had left for him, was attached to his door handle. A note inside the panty mentioned, “4 p.m.”

He was delighted that she was back and waited till the moment arrived. He ran down, slotted in the pass key, turned the handle and quickly entered the apartment. Seeing no one in the lounge he walked to the hallway connecting the bedrooms and the bathroom.

“Good, you are here,” he heard a voice very different from Reem’s, “now make sure you stay here and obey my wishes, or you will find yourself at the nearby prison!”

The new lady, wearing a short towel around her midsection and another one covering her hair, was as attractive as could be. Obviously Hinda was someone who had been told about his tryst with Reem and now wanted a piece of the action.

It was going to be a hectic afternoon! And Waheed was sure now that the sequence was up to two ladies, that more would come in the not too distant future. Thanking the bellman for the pass key, he stripped quickly to be of duty to King and Country.

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