The pencil.


I worked in an attorney’s office where three men shared a secretarial pool of three women. The men and secretaries would usually pair up and my team mate was in her early twenties, about 8 years younger than I. Being a very slow typist, I spent my day drafting letters in longhand to owners and subcontractors, submit them to my team mate who would type them up and return for my approval. They would usually have a Post-It note asking for clarification if something wasn’t clear.

During drinks one Friday evening with the office crew, I flirted a bit with ‘my’ secretary as she seemed very horny that evening. She was telling me stories about being propositioned to star in amateur porn films by her friends. I’m sure they were only interested in seeing her lovely body in the nude and possibly more. As the drinks had their effect, she admitted that when she was horny, she nervously bounced her leg, much like a nervous tick. I was having a blast flirting with her and received several peeks down her blouse at her lacy bra while I also noticed her leg bouncing nervously.

On Monday, after a weekend of reliving the sight of her soft curves, I gave her a stack of drafts. Midway through the stack I had buried a Post-It note saying I had a fun time and that I would not mind seeing her naked. An hour later I got the drafts back and buried in the pile was a note asking if I liked a hairy bush or one that was bald like a baby? I was standing in front of her desk in a nanosecond, grinning from ear to ear I’m sure, as I looked at her in her chair, her leg bouncing enough that she had to slide it under the desk. She said she had watched bursa eskort some porn with some friends and ‘it looked like it would be fun to be bald.’

We both decided to work late that night. After everyone had gone, she came into my office, closing and locking the door and sat against the table. She slowly lifted the hem of her dress, past her dimpled knees, slowly up over her thighs uncovering a cute little pair of panties as the dress bunched around her waist. Her leg was bouncing nervously.

I rose from my desk, walked over the stand between her thighs and ran my hands up to the waistband of her panties, drawing them slowly down her legs. I looked down and saw for the first time in my life, a lovely bald pussy. Cute and moist, there were almost no lips showing to play with. Her pussy was indeed as smooth as a baby.

Fearing the cleaning lady might catch us, we went to the boss’s office and locked the door behind us as this was not an unusual occurrence to be secured for the evening. After a minute of kissing and roaming my hands between her legs and over her breasts, I had her dress simultaneously both up and down, bunched around her waist. She stood and, kneeling down, undid my belt, pulled my zipper down and pulled my pants down around my ankles. She was very excited to see my cock lengthening as it hardened under her lustful gaze. Pressing my hard cock to her lips, she engulfed it into her hot mouth, giving me a wonderful blow job. I didn’t last long before spurting my cum into her mouth. She swallowed with a smile on her lips and her eyes looking up at my face.

I returned the favor, bursa bayan escort lifting her naked butt on the edge of the boss’s desk and licked that smooth, bald pussy to moaning orgasm. It was so nice to feel the slick wet slit with my probing tongue. Her clit was easy to find and she drew a sharp breath again and again every time I touched it anew. I slid my finger inside her, slowly moving it in and out. I distinctly remember how wet she was and how wet my face became. She came again shaking as both of us had been thinking about this moment for hours. After a minute to catch our breath, she wiped up the puddle she had left on the desk with her panties. We dressed slowly as it took a while to get her clothes back in order, but she had her panties in her hand, placed them in her purse as she intended to play with herself on her drive home in the dark.

After that we went to lunch together a lot. She took to wearing shorter skirts and I’d have my finger between her thighs and pressing against her pussy before we left the parking lot. I loved pulling her panties aside as she spread her legs to give me easy access. She was tight and I’d love to try to get two fingers inside her as I drove. She would have to position herself just right, facing me, so I could press deep into her. She would sometimes carry a small bullet vibrator that she’d use against her clit as I fingered her.

Lunch was usually in a remote area of a nearby state park with a handy picnic table. Sometimes we’d have oral sex, sometimes she would strip completely and masturbate lying face up, her legs bursa ucuz escort spread wide with her feet on the table and me standing between her thighs. She’d be completely naked, her B cup breasts quivering in the sun as she used her bullet vibrator on her clit. Her thighs were usually wet and glistening from our ride over. It was so erotic to see her arching her back and moaning on the wooden table. I would watch for a while just enjoying her orgasms, before sliding a finger into her to help. I would usually finish on my knees, my face between her spread legs, licking and probing her soft, baby smooth pussy with my tongue.

We came up with the pencil idea. She would wrap a rubber band on the end of a pencil and take it to the ladies room. She would raise her skirt and rub it along her slit getting it soaking wet with her juices and then casually drop it off on my desk. She was invariably flushed and smiling when she came from the bathroom. I loved to find a band wrapped pencil on my desk and would immediately hold it to my mouth, devouring her scent. I could taste her for hours and it was just delicious.

I ended up quitting the job to travel. On my last day, as I stood in the lawyer’s doorway discussing cases, I was looking toward at her desk. She pushed her chair back from the desk, so I could see her bouncing leg. She lifted her short skirt up a bit to reveal her lack of panties and I had a last look at her bald pussy. I just stared as she ran a finger up and down her slit, glancing around looking for people who might walk by. I remember one day before I had started to travel, when I called her at home, and we had phone sex for an hour. She was naked on her bed before I unzipped my pants, she was so far ahead of me. She only had sex with 2 other guys before she got married, so was very curious how other guys had sex. We never fucked, but she was a very nice person and sexy as hell. I still miss her.