The Persistence of Memory Ch. 07

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This series is about memories provoked as a man remembers parts of his erotic relationship with his wife.

The Sixth Picture

I held an photo album in my hands and turned the pages over as I looked at memory after memory. Finally I found a photo that brought a memory that was as arousing to me now as it was when I had taken the picture so long ago. It was of us dressed in our best clothes as we stood before a theatre and other people going in. I could barely make out the sign on the notice board but I remembered the title of the ballet that we had seen or were supposed to have seen.

Opening night for the performance of Swan Lake by the Bolshoi ballet and I had by hook and by crook obtained tickets to the performance. We had dressed so formally I had to laugh you in a slinky form hugging extremely attractive black dress with a split up the side almost to your hip that showed your tanned leg off so appealingly and I wore a black suit with bow tie.

It felt constricting but I enjoyed the time as we drank champagne and nibbled the hors d’oeuvres waiting to be let into the box that I had booked. Finally we entered and you kissed me as you saw that we were so close to the stage and like all boxes and balconies behind the seats a small private room existed where there was more champagne and refreshments. We settled into the seats and drank as we gerçek sex hikayeleri waited for the audience to settle and the show to start.

The drink of course made me more uninhibited and I found myself touching you along the forearm as we waited. I was almost fondling you but after a time there was no almost about my actions. You looked at me so wickedly. When you look at me that way you can excite me so much that my cock hardens. Smiling you ran your hands over my groin touching my hard cock. You quickly looked around and saw that no one could see what you were doing.

The lights dimmed and the music started as the overture began to play. We sat watching the stage and the dancers cavorting on the nearby stage. Then I felt your hand touching my thigh until you touched my still heavy erect cock. You rubbed it through the cloth without letting your eyes leave the stage. I looked at you but you in the darkness but you continued to ignore me.

My fly was unzipped and my cock was freed to be held in your hand. Your soft hands began to stroke my hard flesh and you let your thumb glide across my cock’s head. You drove me crazy. I reached to you but you slapped my hand down and whispered that I was to do nothing to you until you allowed me to do so. With difficulty I stifled my groans of pleasure. I was fortunate sex hikayeleri that the music stopped them from being heard easily. Then you slid off your chair and knelt between my legs.

Between my legs I felt your breath upon my pulsing cock. Then it was replaced by your lips circling the head of my shaft and your tongue licking off the precum from the small lips on the head. I held your head against my cock and I felt the familiar bob your head up and down as my cock slipped in and out of your mouth. Your fingers laced themselves tightly at the base of my cock stopping me from cuming.

“I want you,” I whispered.

My voice seemed harsh to my ears. There was enough light to see that you are fingering your pussy. I know more than see your finger sliding in and out of the wet engorged lips into your pussy. I know that you will be rubbing hard on your clit and that if you have not cum already you will soon do so..

Somehow I pull you to your feet and I turn you away from me. I slide your dress up and as I expected you have worn no panties. I pull your hips down over mine and my cock slides between your prepared lips letting me fill your hot pussy. You slide along the shaft until you can go no further and I thrust a finger into your mouth and you bite on it as your body rides my cock. I use another finger to rub your sex hikayeleri clit as you stroke and tease your nipples after you have pushed your dress below your breasts.

You feel my muffled groans of delight as I cry out into your back as I kiss the bare skin there. You bite hard on my finger stifling your cries of pleasure. I wonder how at the end of what we did that it was still attached to my body. I grind my cock against your groin and I no longer hear any music except for what hear from you.

I hold a breast, pinching your nipple. I feel your pussy holding my cock tightly in you, your muscles spasm and I feel you cum and you cry softly as you do so, a cry hidden beneath the melodic music. Cum washes across my cock as I grind harder into you, wanting to drive my cock deeper into you.

Then I can hold no longer and I feel the rush of my cum rising through my shaft and shooting from my cock deep into your pussy. I grind harder against you and you feel my cum spray again and again into you. You hold me tightly with your pussy trying to milk me with the muscles in your body. Finally I can give you no more and we stay embracing watching the magic in front of us and feeling the magic of our bodies together.

Interval begins and the lights brighten and you slide away from me onto your seat. You sit there with my cum in your pussy and staining your dress. Ducking into the small room behind us we cleanup using water from the melted ice from the containers holding the champagne. I think of leaving now but we decide to stay. Though we continue to watch the show I want to rush home and to the bed which I want to throw you on and then make love to you.

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