The Photo Shop Ch. 05

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The Photo shop by Candyman666©

Chapter 5 : Astrid again

The next morning I immediately called Linda to tell her the good news.

“Hey Linda, Astrid would like to meet you at your earliest convenience and find out how and what could work for the two of you. By the way, don’t tell her I said, but Astrid is in reality a softy, she is absolutely not as unapproachable as she likes to make you believe, I found out myself, that you only have to push the right buttons with her.

I will also, as soon as possible, contact Bethany from the perfumery and beauty parlor to get her on board, I hope to be able to do that the next few days.”

“Oh thanks Lew, you’ve got me all exited now, how will I ever be able to thank you?”

“Don’t worry Linda, we will find a way, I am sure of it, so talk to you soon, and keep me posted on your meeting with Astrid.”

As usual Tuesday was a very calm day so I called Bethany, who I knew a bit better than I did Astrid and who was, contrary to Astrid, known around the village as a very pleasant person.

“Bethany dear, I have favor to ask you.”

“You do Lew? Do tell me, but don’t ask for money cause I got none to spare,” she said with a chuckle.

“No, no Bethany, nothing like that although, come to think of it, it might involve some financial involvement on your side, you see, I met this young woman, Linda, she’s twenty, and she has ambitions to become a model, basically a fashion model, and I promised I would try to help her. I took the first steps on that road, last night, when I met with Astrid to convince her to engage Linda for her regular shows and I am proud to tell you I succeeded!”

“Wow, how did you manage to convince the most difficult business woman in the village to do something for you without paying or bribing her?”

“Mmh not entirely without a bribe, I took her to dinner to ply her with food and wine, but in reality I got to discover a totally different side of her, she is not as austere as she tries to project to the outside world. We had a wonderful evening together, after dinner she even invited me for coffee at her place.”

“Wow, again Lew, do tell what you had to do to convince her to give you something for free?”

“I am sorry Bethany but I never divulge my secrets on how persuasive I can be with a lady, especially when I need to be equally persuasive with the woman I’m talking to to do something for me as well.”

“Spoil sport!” Bethany replied, “but you’re more than welcome to try to persuade me in the same way.”

“I guess you saw me coming with the line of business you are in. I’m looking for a makeup artist to take care of my model when she has to pose for pictures wearing those gorgeous dresses Astrid is going to put on her. What’s in it for me? I hear you think. I could offer you some free, large size, professional portraits of Linda for your shop to advertise your wares and artistry in makeup and related products…”

“And if you so desire I would really enjoy taking you to dinner as well. I know you are single and so am I, so I wouldn’t be stepping on anyone’s toes by doing that, would I? Besides it would be absolutely great if I take you out as well, that will definitely get the village tongues wagging to spread gossip of me having dinner, first with Astrid, and then with you as well. The town will absolutely go berserk with gossip.”

“You might be very right there Lew, I do love a good gossip and being the subject of it this time would just be heavenly.”

“Would dinner at ‘The Deerhunter’ suit you next Saturday?”

“Oh yes, the top notch restaurant of the neighborhood, that would be very nice indeed.”

“I definitely want to thank you with the same royal treatment I gave Astrid. You know I’m almost becoming a regular there, maybe I should start asking for a discount. They do serve excellent food and they have top notch wines and when word gets around that I took, if I may say so, two of the most eligible single women out to dinner that would definitely be the talk of the town for a while.”

“Wow one compliment after another Lew; to be counted Travesti as one of the most eligible women in town, how did I deserve that title?”

“Bethany you are definitely on my list of the top five best looking single women of this village. Speaking as an old buck, and absolutely not wishing to offend you or anything, we both know the town gossip club dropped you from their list of desirable women worth gossiping about some while back. Don’t ask me why, because personally I would be absolutely thrilled if you wanted to share a meal with me.”

“Now you’ve made me really curious about that top five list of yours, I am dying to see it.”

“You know what Bethany ‘confidence pour confidence’ as the French say, I will share that list with you, if and when you share me yours of most eligible village bachelors. So what do you say, can I count on you next Saturday?”

“Absolutely Lew, to launch a juicy village gossip certainly, and I guess this Linda is a good looking girl, uh young woman, otherwise you would have put her off her aspiration to make it as a fashion model now wouldn’t you?”

“Yes of course. You know what, I’ll mail you some pictures I took of her the other day; take a look at them and come back to me, deal?”

“OK deal!”

The remainder of the week was rather uneventful, the usual photo shop business, parents coming in to have photos taken of their children for special occasions, people dropping off memory cards or sticks to get prints. Then, on Friday I got a visit from Astrid.

“Good afternoon, you promised me a tour of your facility during our dinner, so if you have the time I would like to take you up on your offer.”

“Sure, if you like we can do that now. I have no more bookings today and Friday afternoons are usually slow anyway, so yes, you couldn’t have picked a better moment for the grand tour.”

“Let me close the shop so we won’t be interrupted.”

“Oh will it take that long?”

“You never know what surprises I have in store for you Astrid. Please come through.”

I led Astrid into the big studio space. Looking at her face she looked really surprised at how big and light it was. I demonstrated how I could darken it to work with artificial light only and explained what different possibilities this studio had to offer. Astrid’s eyes got even bigger when I took her to the dressing rooms.

“Wow I never expected it to be this elaborate, modern and well equipped. Do you also make this space available for smaller events?”

“What do you mean? You mean concerts or something?”

“No, no I am thinking about my regular fashion shows, would you allow me to organize a fashion show in here?”

“I don’t see why not, I would of course charge you a hefty sum of money to do that!”


“I’m only joking Astrid, I would cut you a friendly deal and maybe, who knows, in return you could do something for me as well.”

“And what would that something be?” Astrid asked with frown. “Free lessons in the mysteries of BDSM maybe?” She asked looking at me with big eyes.

“Not exactly free lessons in BDSM but something related to your fetish club definitely. Let me show you what I could offer your secret little club.”

I took Astrid to what appeared to be another dressing room, but is was in fact a door leading to a round metal staircase going down into the cellar of the studio. Arriving at the bottom, Astrid’s mouth almost fell open when she saw the space she was in, it was as big as the studio upstairs.

“What do you think could this be a suitable fetish room for your little exclusive club?”

“This is amazing, it’s bigger by far than what we have today.”

“Of course, it would need some dressing up, but with your help it could be turned into a medieval dungeon, or an interrogation room of the Nazis, or even an inquisition torture chamber or just the red play room of mister ’50 shades’ of Grey, with cupboards filled with whips and a large selection of the kind of toys that you use in your games. I am just letting my imagination run wild now. As you can see, it is high enough to suspend someone from the ceiling, even upside Konya Travesti down if you wish, and there is a small freight elevator next to the staircase that could double as something I once saw in a BDSM movie where a person, well a gorgeous naked female of course, was completely tied up, lowered and suspended in a narrow tube completely in the dark preying on her fear of claustrophobia.”

“I don’t think you need many lessons, the ideas you have are mind blowing even for me.”

“Now coming back to what you could do for me, I would be most interested to take pictures or shoot videos of your club members’ games, in the strictest confidence of course. Let me share a secret with you, like you did during our soiree together, you are probably not aware that one of my preferred photography subjects is the naked female.”

“I just absolutely adore the female nude form in its most natural form without piercings or tattoos. Basically I am a skin lover, being a man, strictly the female skin of course. When I take these pictures I always draw up a contract guaranteeing the confidentiality of these photoshoots and I make the subject of the pictures the owner, while I only retain a copy with the strictest prohibition of publication.”

“So Astrid could we be partners you think? Or do you need to first talk this over with the leader or master, whatever you call him or maybe her, of your little club?”

“Well I will need to talk to her Lew, but I think she will be as thrilled by this project as I am.”

“So it’s a her then, your leader, not a he, I am very surprised, intrigued, and even a bit aroused I must say.”

“Oh God Lew, so am I, getting all turned on just thinking what we could do in this fabulous space.”

“OK let’s leave the dungeon for the moment for what it could be, and go back to ground level.”

After seeing Astrid starting to get turned on, I found myself getting pretty horny too, and was even sporting a half erection. Back in one of the dressing rooms I asked Astrid if she was feeling OK or if there was anything I could do to alleviate her anxiety.

“Oh yes, you know just what you can do. I just keep imagining what we could all do in your dungeon. Just fuck me, please fuck me I need you inside of me, to quench this fire that you ignited!”

Astrid ripped open her blouse and quickly undid her bra showing me her two succulent breasts, her nips were already rock hard and pointing directly at me. She quickly unzipped the tube skirt she was wearing and dropped it to the floor. It being nice and warm outside she wasn’t wearing any pantyhose or stockings but only a tiny green thong which was gone before I even noticed that she had taken it off.

Astrid almost jumped on me, pressing her twin mounds into my chest and ravishing my mouth. We quickly engaged in a tongue fight exploring each other’s mouths. While that little battle was going on her hands had gripped the bottom of my T-shirt, whipping it in one movement over my head thus also making me topless.

She started to move downwards, kissing my neck and over my chest to my navel while furiously tugging at my belt and ripping it open. The zipper of my pants had never been opened so fast and before I even realizing it my pants and boxers were both around my feet. Astrid wrapped her mouth around my steel rod, sucking like crazy on the bulbous head for a few seconds, before she slid her lips down and deep throated me. I had to gather all my wits to resist not immediately filling her mouth with a load of cum.

“Take it easy Astrid please, I am enjoying what you are doing but I would like to bring you pleasure as well.”

I got no reaction as she franticly kept on deep throating me, so the only thing I could do was grab her head with both my hands and pull her off my dick, moving her up again. I put my hands under her butt and carried her to one of the beds in the dressing room where I laid her down with the intention to go down on her.

She looked at me a bit bewildered and started to complain, but she quickly got the message as my mouth was travelling over her boobs, across her midriff, and all the way south, making İzmir Travesti a dash for her muff. Arriving at my intended destination Astrid opened her legs wide without me even having to ask; she immediately put her ankles on my shoulders giving me full access to her pleasure garden.

I started to lick her outer labia upward starting from her pleasure hole all the way up to her hooded clit, passing over the hood while avoiding her clit itself, then moving back down the other side to the grotto, passing by and tickling her perineum with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh yes Lew, keep doing just that I love it when you lick me there!”

I kept moving my tongue from her love grotto, going over her perineum all the way to the little brown starfish.

When the backdoor was sufficiently wet I introduced a finger, slipping in easily due to the pussy juices flowing freely towards her crack combined with my saliva. Quickly I followed up with a second and third finger up her dark passage.

Now Astrid really started to moan and give little yelps of pleasure, proving that aside from her SM cravings, she was clearly an anal person.

My next move was absolutely clear to me, taking my finger out I grabbed her ankles and moved them over her head giving me full access to the ‘Côte D’Or’ way. That position allowed me to shove my rock hard dick, in one go, all the way to the hilt into the dark hole. My balls hit her ass cheeks resulting in a guttural moan coming from between her legs.

“Oh yes, hit me…HIT ME!” she shouted.

I was a bit startled by her cry and at first a little puzzled at what she wanted me to do. How could I hit her, I had my hands full with her ankles, but she quickly grabbed her ankles herself freeing up my hands to start spanking her butt cheeks, which, clearly from the noises she was making, was what she wanted me to do.

Obviously she was not only anal but she definitely wanted it combined with pain.

I was really getting into this as I kept hitting her butt cheeks until they became first rosy red and then bright red and finally dark red after minutes of intense slapping them with all my force.

The harder I hit her and the faster I was moving in and out of her bum the more noise she started to make and the faster her breathing became until she cried out at the top of her voice, “I’M CUUUUMING! I’M CUUUUUMING…”

That shout combined with the contractions of the muscles in her colon made me cum as well, profusely, I felt one, two, three, four big squirts of cum going down her back passage.

My knees gave way collapsing me between her legs and on to her body which had also become all weak from the orgasm she just experienced.

I quickly recovered and lifted myself off of her, dropping to my knees.

“Jeeez Lew that was earth shattering,” Astrid whispered, “You are really a master in pushing all my right buttons.”

“So are you Astrid, ever since I met you I’ve had the best orgasms for I don’t know how many years.”

“I have to think back to my twenties to recall these kind of gigantic orgasms that you have been giving me the past few days. To be completely honest I’m totally played-out now and need to recover.

You’ve seen all the photo session possibilities I can offer for your fashion models and also what you could do for your little select BDSM club. Please let me know if your club leader is game to accept my offer.”

“Great!” Astrid said while gathering her clothes and slowly dressing; she was still a bit wobbly in the knees and cupped a feel of her sore bottom.

I imagined that would be hurting for a few days, but hey, she asked for it.

“OK Lew, I will come back to you, probably sometime next week, and uh thanks for ‘the tour’ and taking such good care of me, no need to mention that to…”

Interrupting her I said, “No, no Astrid rest assured your little secret is safe with me, I never play and tell, besides I wouldn’t want anybody to know I have a potential BDSM dungeon downstairs either.”

“Thanks Lew I see and appreciate that we have each other’s best interests at heart.”

I watched as Astrid walked down the street in the direction of her boutique with a little bounce in her step.

Clearly I had made her truly happy.

Well it does take all kinds to make a world doesn’t it? Hopefully the dinner with Bethany tomorrow night will be less tiring.”

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