The Picnic

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Big Tits

This is a continuation of the Aunt Hester Stays for a Visit story

About a week had passed since Hester had come to stay with Bill and Rita and it had been an adjustment for everyone. Rita was clearly developing into a control person and she had Hester right in the palm of her hand. The change in Rita was both a concern and a blessing for Bill. He worried that she may lose some of her sweet nature but at the same time he wanted her to be more forceful and to exercise a bit of power, something she had never done before. He often wondered whether things between Rita and Derek would have turned out differently if she had confronted Derek early on in their marriage. But the past was the past and he was glad to have Rita back in his house.

Bill stood in the shower rinsing the soap off his lean body. He had the house to himself this morning and he was going to enjoy the solitude. His peaceful morning was interrupted as Rita opened the door to the shower. Bill didn’t move as the water cascaded down his chest.

“Daddy, I was getting ready to go when they called me that the office had a power failure and everyone has the day off so I don’t have to work today.”

“Ok. I’ll be out in a minute and we can have breakfast.”

“I see something I want to eat right now”, commented Rita. “Daddy you need a shave. Your cock looks so much better when it is freshly shaved. Don’t move and I’ll be right back.” Bill remained where he was and anxiously waited for Rita to return. She quickly removed her clothes, everything but her panties of course, and returned to Bill’s room.

“I see you already started but you need some soap because a dry shave will only result in a nasty cut. I know from experience.” Rita took the soft soap and quickly lathered her daddy’s cock until it began to fatten up and get hard. “There that will make things a lot easier.”

Bill resumed shaving along the shaft of his cock in long slow strokes. He held his stiff hard prick against his stomach as he ran the razor around his balls. Bill’s cock was normally completely smooth and hair free but for some reason he had neglected to keep it trim for several days.

“Can I help?” asked Rita. I want to give it my personal attention and I can get into all the nooks and crannies that you may miss.” Bill handed her the razor and stepped out of the shower. She led him to the bed where she placed a towel for him to lay on. Rita made sure that she had plenty of cream because she wanted him very smooth. Rita loved the look and feel of a hairless cock, but not just the cock and balls. She liked the whole abdomen to be completely smooth. Rita worked quickly but not too fast because she didn’t want any mistakes. She gave the occasional kiss or tongue flick to Bill’s cock and was pleased to see it jerk in response.

“Open your legs wide so I can get the hairs around your cute ass.” Bill complied and Rita used her fingers to spread some cream between the cheeks of his ass. She lingered there for a minute and gently massaged and probed his tight little anus. Rita slid one finger into Bill’s ass as she shaved around the small puckered hole. He lay back and moaned softly as her finger fucked his ass in short slow strokes.

“Somebody like his ass played with”, Rita said mischievously. Once she finished shaving around his ass she took a warm wet cloth and wiped the remaining soap off Bill’s smooth and hairless crotch. His cock was gaziantep bayan escort ilanları now hard and ready for her more intimate attention and she rolled on her back as Bill straddled her head resting his naked balls on Rita’s waiting mouth. Rita ran her tongue over his lovely balls taking them into her mouth and sucking greedily on each one. She tilted her head back and stuck her tongue into the crack of his ass. Bill gasped when she did this because he loved it so much.

“Do you like that Daddy? Do you like it when I lick your ass?” Bill’s puckered hole was pink and tight and Rita could not resist putting a finger in her mouth and then shoving it in his ass hole. Bill’s ass tightened around her finger and he arched his back as she planted wet kisses on the cheeks of his soft bum. Pulling his cheeks wide apart, Rita shoved the tip of her tongue into his tight back door. She licked and probed Bill’s asshole and ran her tongue up to his tightly packed balls kissing each in turn. Lingering there for a minute she sucked on his balls as her fingers continued to explore his anus.

“Yes baby girl suck my balls, fuck me with your finger, I want to cum.” Bill was passed trying to keep from cumming and he shot a large creamy load of sperm all over his stomach. Settling back on the bed, the fresh cum pooled around his cock leaking between his thighs. Rita not missing a beat licked the cum off his cock and from the crack of his ass. Bill was exhausted and he closed his eyes and his legs were so weak he was afraid that he would collapse if he tried to stand.

As he slowly recovered he looked around for Rita but she had disappeared. Her panties lay in a ball beside him and he picked them up to savour the feel of the soft sensual material and the wet strong smell of her excited pussy. He loved that smell, the obvious arousal of a woman in the heat of sexual desire. Rita always soaked her panties and he often wondered just how wet she may get if her pussy was teased for a long time and she achieved the ultimate orgasm. Would her pussy unleash a flood of wet wonderful pussy cum? Would her cunt squirt its juice as his cock shot out its cum? He dearly wanted to find out and he promised himself that he would do it soon.

After jumping back in the shower to quickly rinse off the soap and cum he dressed and went down stairs. Rita was already there along with Hester who was making a fresh pot of coffee. Bill sat down and all three quietly waited for the coffee to finish brewing. Hester casually asked what everyone had planned for the day but neither Bill nor Rita had any plans.

“Since none of us has any commitments today I’d like to propose going on a picnic.”

Rita exclaimed, “That’s a great idea. I’d love to get out of the city, go for a walk in the woods and just relax in the countryside.”

Bill added his agreement and the three of them rushed around packing food, utensils, drinks and napkins. Rita and Hester went to change into shorts and tops while Bill finished loading the car. He went back into the house expecting to see the girls ready to leave but they were still upstairs. Bill went up to Rita’s bedroom but she wasn’t there. Then he heard soft voices coming from Hester’s room. Quietly he opened the door just enough to peek inside. What he saw both surprised him and thrilled him at the same time.

There gaziantep escort bayan ilanları was Rita and Hester locked in a kissing embrace. Bill couldn’t take his eyes off the two women. They were oblivious to everything around them and had no idea that Bill was watching. The kiss continued and blossomed into a warm sensual and erotic moment. Bill closed the door and went back down stairs so they would not see him. He didn’t know if they wanted to keep this a secret just between the two of them or if it was something spontaneous and they may be embarrassed or regret that it had happened. Whatever the reason, Bill wouldn’t pry into their privacy. He actually hoped that they were attracted to each other and that they would include him in their play time. It is every man’s fantasy to see what he saw and he wanted a lot more if he could get it.

Bill opened the front door and closed it heavily then called for the girls. “Hurry or we’ll never get this picnic underway.” Hester and Rita hurried down the stairs giggling and smiling as they scooted past him and climbed into the car. Bill pulled out of the driveway and soon they were out of the city and spent the next hour looking for a nice secluded spot where they could just relax and not worry about being interrupted. Bill spotted a dirt road that led into a copse of trees. As they followed the rough dirt track they passed the cluster of trees and then as if by magic they were in a small meadow surrounded by a thick wall of woods. Perfect!

Bill pulled over and the girls leaped out of the car and ran like children around the small field. Bill unloaded the blankets, the food and wine along with a small radio for a bit of soft music as they ate their lunch. As he arranged they blankets Bill glanced over at Rita and Hester who were giggling and grabbing each other playfully. He called them over and they knelt down on the blankets eager to break open the food and wine.

“Who want a glass of wine?” asked Bill as he handed each a plastic cup. “Not the most classy but this is a hasty picnic and I only brought the basics.” They settled down for some simple conversation and a few sandwiches. The time passed slowly but soon they were finished and Rita lay back on the blanket, her skirt rising above her waist. “No panties again I see”, said Bill with a smile.

Hester looked at Rita’s smooth and plump pussy licking her lips as if to say ‘I want that for dessert’. Rita grinned and then proceeded to remove all her clothes. She stood up and walked over to the edge of the path spread her legs and began to pee. A stream of golden piss shot out of Rita’s wet and excited pussy. She must have needed to go for some time because it arched high and the stream went on for at least 10 seconds until it slowed to a dribble and ran down the inside of her thighs. Rita placed one hand on her wet cunt and spread her pussy wide and the final drops of piss leaked out and down her fingers.

“I have been holding that in since we started lunch but I just had to go.”

Hester was visibly excited and said, “That look so hot. I want to piss too. Will you watch me pee?” Hester didn’t wait for an answer. She quickly removed her shorts and panties squatted down and spread her legs wide. It took a minute but soon she let a stream of wet piss flow from her inflamed pussy soaking the ground escort gaziantep ilanları beside the blanket. Bill and Rita knelt in front of her telling Hester how hot and sexy it was to watch her peeing. When she finished Hester stood and removed the rest of her clothes so that she was as naked as Rita. Bill thought he was in heaven. Here he was with two beautiful women who would do anything he asked.

“Ok Bill now it’s your turn”, said Hester. “We showed you ours so now you have to show us yours.”

“I need someone to hold my cock while I pee. Who wants to have the honour?”

Both women pleaded to be the one to hold his cock and finally Bill said, “How about both of you, that way no one is left out. Hester, you cup my balls and slip your thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and Rita you hold it closer to the tip.”

The girls knelt on either side and Hester grabbed Bill’s smooth balls and took hold of his cock. Rita used her fingers to hold him just below his fat purple cock head. Rita couldn’t resist giving his cock a few strokes and Hester started to massage his balls. Bill’s cock started to swell and soon it was hard and sticking straight up.

“This will make it hard to piss”, said Bill. “I don’t know if I can.”

Rita continued to stroke his cock telling him how hot it would be to watch him pee. After a few minutes a slow stream of yellow pee started to escape from Bill’s cock. The slow flow turned into a powerful geyser and Rita and Hester squealed with delight. Rita used her other hand to play with the stream of piss and she moved Bill’s cock back and forth so that the stream resembled a garden hose watering the lawn. After a minute the piss stopped and a few drops remained on the tip of his swollen cock. Rita leaned forward and licked the piss drops off his cock and then took him into her mouth. She sucked on his cock as Hester massaged his balls. It felt like heaven but Bill wanted to slow things down.

“Rita, Hester I want you to kneel down beside each other so I can see you wonderful behinds.”

The women did as he asked and the sight before him was so erotic that he could barely stop himself from mounting those wonderful asses. Bill ran his hands over each cheek, slipping his fingers between them to stroke and fondle the wet and excited pussies that were so prominently on display. Rita moaned loudly and Hester reached up to spread her ass wide so that Bill could insert several fingers into her open cunt.

Bill worked each pussy with his talented fingers until the two women cried out together in a loud and simultaneous orgasm. His hands were soaked in pussy cum and he licked his fingers clean savouring the taste of the two women.

After they had recovered he announced that it was now his turn. Rita and Hester were eager to share in his pleasure and they went to work on his hard cock. They took turns sucking and licking his hard shaft and soft balls. Rita really liked to suck his balls taking each one into her willing mouth. Hester meanwhile focused her attention on the head of his cock licking around the crown and taking as much as she could into her mouth.

Looking down Bill was thoroughly enjoying the sight of these two hot women sucking on his cock. He knew that he would soon cum but he wanted this moment to last forever. The familiar feeling deep in his balls started to take hold. He was close and he wanted to warn them but he couldn’t hold it. He came sending jets of sticky sperm all over their grinning faces.

They fell into a tangled mass of hot naked bodies and remained still for a long time. After they rested they dressed, packed the car and drove home. The drive back was quiet and each was content. As they pulled into the driveway they saw someone sitting on the front steps. Hester gasped, “Susan” she said. “She’s early.”

To be continued

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