The Power Of A Woman

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.…….Dappled sunlight filters into the room. The white cotton curtains billow in the gentle breeze. The lacy trim flicking about as if trying desperately to reach our bodies.

You stand before me, bare, open, sensual. Facing away from me as you take in the beauty and warmth of the brilliant summer day. Aware of me, yet almost alone in your thoughts. Admiring your beauty, reminding yourself that you’re a desirable woman. The bright rays of the sun blazing across your breasts as the curtains flare. Contrasting with the dark shadows cast by your womanly figure.

I pause to admire you, watching. Your tender sweet calves leading my eyes upward. Slowly gazing up your enticing body. The gentle creases of the backs of your knees, your soft luscious thighs, the fullness of your sweet ass. Up higher, taking you in. The image of your loveliness burning into my mind. The supple curve of your back, the tenderness of your shoulders. The beauty of your hair.

I watch in fascination as your arms bend, hands roaming. You touch the front of your thighs. Glide your palms over your soft belly. Cup your beasts and feel their weight in your hands. You hold them, your palms warm against your nipples. You know I’m watching and are enjoying both the tease and the freedom of exploration.

Beyond my gaze, your eyes close softly as your fingers gently pinch at your nipples. The warmth of the sun wrapping about your body. Your own touch adding to your heat. Your feet spread wide and again your palms trail over your belly. You reach deep between your warm thighs, fingers brushing along both sides of your hidden treasure. Your head tilting back slightly as you feel your skin. Your hands slipping around the wonderful curves of your hips, sliding over the soft fleshy cheeks of your ass.

I admire you. The sun cascading over your lovely body. Shadows dancing about. Watching as you enjoy the liberation of being a woman. A sexual, desirable woman.

I rise from the chair and seemingly float across the room. I come very close to you. Our bodies not touching, but the heat in the tiny fraction between us builds. Your hands again move to your breasts at my approach. Your head down and to the side slightly as you feel me close to you. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you’re aware of your power. The power of a woman. You smile slyly and softly coo.

My hands reach out and touch your arms. The first touch electric and your head slips backward. I glide my palms up over your arms, reveling in the feel of your smooth skin. A strong tug deep and low in my stomach beginning to betray my excitement.

My hands rub and caress your soft shoulders as my head falls near yours. The sweet scent of your hair so tender and inviting. My strong fingers gently caress your neck and shoulders. The last hint of tension fleeing your body at my touch.

You arch your back slightly, your ass easing back. You feel my manhood swelling against the warmth of your flesh. Your hands still pleasing your nipples. Again you smile and giggle sinfully. You’re in control and you know it. Know that I am yours. My arms wrap around your lower belly and I embrace you. My face lying gently beside yours. My breath warm and soothing in your ear. Your hands reaching back and holding my soft ass. The warmth of our bodies pressed together, the penetrating shards of sun, the heat of our building passion all smashing together. Travesti Our bodies growing damp.

You tilt your head and I follow your lead. I bite soft at the tenderness of your neck. Tasting your flesh in my mouth. My hands slip onto your thighs. You place your own on top of them and follow my touch upwards. As I devour your supple neck my palms glide upward. You’re enjoying the feeling of me touching you but enjoying more that you know I am at your whim.

Your passion turning to lust as you explore your subtle domination. Aware that my need for you is a powerful drive. Your hand rises and cups the back of my head, your own falling back against my shoulder. My mouth still devouring the flesh of your sensitive neck.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….” you purr. “What do you want?” Your voice full of passion as you tease me.

I pause only long enough to whisper into your ear, “I want you.”

You giggle slightly and say, “Tell me how bad you want me.”

“I want to consume you.”

A sly smile snaking across your face as you enjoy the touch of my mouth, my hands.

You grind your hips slowly back against mine. Feeling my hardness against your skin. My breath quick and forced at your touch.

My mouth kissing across the back of your neck, hands swiping your delicious hair away. My lips full and warm explore down your spine. Tickling sensations slowly spread over you. I work lower as I struggle to show you how much I desire you.

My tongue at the very point where your soft cheeks meet, low on your spine. My palms roaming down your ribs, over your hips, holding you. Sinking so low I drop to me knees. I kiss and nibble at the tenderness of your ass. Tasting your flesh. Again your hands rise and touch your breasts. You’re enjoying yourself.

My tongue making a long slow lick along the crease of your ass just where it melts into your leg. Your feet spread a bit wider. Not too much, just a bit. Control.

I kiss and suck over the back of your delicious thigh. Down to your knee. I drop onto my elbows to please the flesh of your tender calves. Sink low to taste your soft ankles. Your head tilted forward as you revel in my worship of your body. Fingers still pinching and squeezing your own nipples.

My mouth working back up your leg. Kissing, licking, nibbling. Again I near the crease of your ass. My mouth working deep inside your thigh. You unconsciously begin to open to me. Feet spreading, back arching. I can feel the heat of your sex on my cheek as I gently kiss deeper inside you. My hands clutching your hips as I explore you.

I place a soft slow kiss at the very beginning of your pussy, just below your nether hole. I hear you purr, almost silently, but I heard it. Your feet spread wider. Back arching a bit more, ass pouting out.

My palms grip your tender fleshy cheeks and open them as I sit on my knees, mouth ever so slowly exploring. My tongue flicks out and touches the folds of your sex. I lick and taste you. Your scent growing stronger.

Your eyes fluttering at the pleasure of my mouth slowly working into your pussy. You’re losing yourself in the moment. My thumbs slip inside and gently part you. Opening you to me. You breathe deep as my tongue slips inside your sweet lips.

You become aware of your lapse and suddenly pull away from me.

I groan in disappointment as you quickly move away. You take a step forward Antalya Travesti and turn to face me. You gaze down upon me. There I sit, on my knees, cheeks flushed and glittering from your juices, cock swollen between my legs, tiny drops of pre-cum splattered on my thighs. You know that you wield the world’s oldest power and revel in my desire for you.

“Oh, look at you. Are you hot? Do you need me?” Your voice lusty and teasing.


“How bad do you need me?”

“Very bad.”

“Stand up.”

I rise, my cock erect and standing before me.

“Mmmmmmm……..look at that. He definitely needs me doesn’t he?”

“Oh yes……….”

Again you giggle as you regain control of your own passion. You come close to me. You bend slightly and your lips close around my tiny nipple. Your firm bite and soft tongue send stark shivers through my body. I groan and my head snaps back at the pleasure.

“Oh, you like that?” you ask as your fingers flick quickly over the tight point of my nipple.

“Uh huh” I barely manage to say.

You smile to yourself and sink lower. Your lips purse and kiss around my belly button. The downy hairs of my stomach tickling your cheeks as you tease me. You kiss beside my hardness, deep inside my thigh, just beside my freshly shaven balls.

I gasp as your hand grasps firmly around the base of my cock. Your mouth opens. You pause for just a moment to gaze up at me. My head back slightly, eyes closed, mouth open. You smile, knowing I’m yours.

You rub the swollen purple head teasingly over your shiny lips. Across your cheeks, over your chin. This is more about your pleasure than mine. Enjoying the feeling of a man so close to you. A man who you know is in your hand, both figuratively and literally. Your mouth opens wide and I can feel your hot breath on the head.

In one quick move you swallow me. Your lips pressed nearly to my belly, my balls gently brushing your chin as you take me into the warmth of your mouth.

Your hand on my ass, feeling my cheeks clench hard.

“Ooooohhhhh yes………….” I groan.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…………” you growl in satisfaction. The vibration adding to my pleasure.

Your mouth ever so slowly slips back to the head and then swallows me again. Back and forth. Feeling my warm fullness in your mouth. The salty taste of my skin exciting you almost as much as the feeling of control. My shaft glistens with your salvia as you slowly slip me in and out of your mouth.

I gasp as the cool air whips across my now wet cock. You pull away and leave me. Moving to the bed. You lie down. Your legs spreading wide. Revealing yourself to my eyes. The sun snaking over your body. I’m completely yours now. Wanting only to please you. Needing to please you.

Your hands trace inside your thighs and your fingers touch your dampening lips. You pull yourself wide open. The pink flesh opening to my gaze. Your head lifts and stare over your belly at me.

“Please me,” you demand.

I move quickly to you, eager to obey. I fall between your thighs. My thumbs replacing your fingers. I suck your swelling clit deep into the warm wet heat of my mouth.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes.” you groan. Your hips bucking against my face.

I devour you. Hard and intense. Your clit firm in my mouth. My tongue rubbing over it as I hold you in me. Your hands moving quickly over your Bursa Travesti body. Holding your breasts, pinching your nipples, touching your thighs, then back again. My lust driving me hard as I taste you. Your sweet nectar dripping off my tongue. Your musk consuming me. You smell and taste so good.

Your hips buck hard against me. Casting away teasing and slowness, you’re slamming into my mouth.

“Ohhhhhh yes, eat me. Eat me……..” You stammer over and over as you grind against my face. Completely lost in your lust.

I bite at your clit and suck hard. Your ass grinding in circles and then rising and slamming down on the bed as you fuck back against my face.

My fingers slip easily inside your soaking folds. They move quickly in and out of you as my mouth works feverishly over your pussy.

“NNNNNnnnnnnnnnnn…………” you groan.

Driving me harder.

I suck your clit into my mouth hard and bury my fingers into you. Your fingers pinching your nipples hard.

“OOOoooooooooooo………………don’t………..stop……………eat…” your words trailing.

My teeth clench around the very base of your clit and slowly rake over it, then I suck you deep into me. My fingers a blur in and out of your wet pussy.

“UUuhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………..God yes……….eat me…….ooooooo……..I’m cumming………………I’m cumming…..oh yes…..hard………ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes………”

You’re orgasm smashes into you. Your ass slamming into me as your body rocks in the intense pleasure. You grind into me. My cheeks wet with your juices. Your thighs quivering. Hot electric pulses shoot out over you. The deep muscles of your pussy clamping and releasing my fingers.

I rise and climb your body. Straddling your shoulders. The swollen purple head of my cock at your full shiny lips. Your tongue darting out catching the heavy drop of pre-cum. It tastes sweet and salty in your mouth as you open to me.

My ass tight, so close. The intensity of pleasing you sending me over the edge. Your head rises and you take me full into your mouth. I feel your arm snake under my ass, your hand seeking out your pussy. Your fingers pull your flowing juices up and they mix with my salvia.

Your fingers flashing over your now throbbing and ultra sensitive clit. I fuck hard into your mouth. The thick warm shaft gliding in and out of you.

I groan hard as you moan. The vibrations sending shivers through my balls. I can here your fingers playing over your wet pussy as your second orgasm hammers into your body. You hold your mouth tight around me.

I pull away from you and grasp my cock in my hands. Your hips buck and grind as you bring yourself to another deep lusty orgasm. My hand strokes quickly along my cock.

My head thrusts back, you feel my ass tighten against your belly.

“Do it baby. Cum on me. Do it…………..”


The first stream of thick white cum shocks you as it splashes over your warm tits. You grasp me in your hand and help me stroke. Lost in your lust. My hot cum shooting forth, covering your tender flesh. I jerk and writhe and your touch. Cum slowly dribbles from my shiny head. Your covered in my wetness, can feel the warmth of my seed slipping over your body.

You smile up at me. Your hunger satisfied.

“Kiss me…………” Your voice a lusty whisper.

I lower my lips to yours. We kiss deep and hard. My mouth tasting not only you. My mind whirling as my cock still twitches. My chest pressed against yours, I can feel the warm wetness of my own cum on my chest.

“MMMMmmmmmmmmm………..” you purr. “Not bad for round one……………” you whisper in my ear with a sly giggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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