The Private Dick Ch. 01

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It was Monday. Another weekend had come crashing to a halt. Now, at seven a.m., I was being torn out of a good dream involving a pair of gymnast twins, by the sound of my shower running and a melodic, sweet singing coming from my bathroom. This wasn’t expected. Especially since I hadn’t brought anyone home. I never bring girls back to my place. Hard to bring back girls to your pad when your pad is your moms. Also, it was unnecessary for me, hence the person in the shower.

I got up and stripped off the boxers I had crashed in and made my way to the bathroom. It was steamy and hard to see but I found the toilet and did my thing.

“Honey, is that you?”

“Nope, it’s the mailman.”

“Oh gosh, well I hope the mailman doesn’t get any ideas since a beautiful, naked woman is in the shower in here.”

I opened the frosted glass shower door and climbed in beside the beautiful naked woman that had invaded my shower.

“Oh gosh!” she gasped. She really did gasp. She looked down at my penis that had woken up more ready than I had to the thoughts of her nudity. “Honey, someone is horny this morning.”

“Well thoughts of you naked, getting taken advantage of by the mailman do that to me mom.”

So yes, I do live with my mom. But there’s a reason for it. Well many reasons. Naked showers with her are high on the list of those reasons.

This isn’t one of those stories where the writer tells you that at 50 his mom could stop traffic. Let’s face it, there aren’t too many 50-year-old woman that can stop traffic without having had serious surgery specifically designed for that purpose. But I will tell you she could at least slow it down. There are a lot of 50-year-old woman who can do that and she was one of them. My mom hadn’t had any surgeries to augment her. She had wanted a boob job for several years but I managed to keep talking her out of it. I loved her breasts. They were heavy but not hitting the floor, just the right amount to have some big, double hand fulls. God they were sexy. She was sexy.

She had medium brown hair this month, it changed like the wind, and I had liked all her haircuts through the years. She was about 5’6, which was quite a bit shorter than me at an inch or two over 6 feet. She had been traffic stopping beautiful in her youth, and had aged well, in fact, I found her more beautiful with each day. Some people are sexier with age. She had a little bit of body fat on her, which she detested, and I loved, especially on her soft belly and hips and ass. Sometimes I would jerk my dick and cum just thinking about those thick hips and ass, even knowing I could go down the hall and get it if I wanted.

I loved my mother. I more ways than one. We had a great relationship.

I guess I should mention that I’m thirty-two. And yes, as stated I lived at home. Mostly so I can keep fucking my sexy mother. So, if you didn’t do the math yet, yes, she’s 18 years older than I am. If she ever knew who my father was, she won’t tell me, and I’ve long stopped asking. It doesn’t really matter. She’s mine and I’m hers and we have been for a long time. I also have a 16-year-old sister. You do the math.

And this morning was a testament to our relationship. She had obviously been thinking ahead. We didn’t sleep in the same bed every night, but we made love a couple of times a week. A lot of the times we made slow passionate love and I looked into her eyes while she came on her son’s cock, then looked into them again when I filled my own mother’s pussy with my cum. I knew she didn’t sneak into my shower for sweet love making though, and I was going to oblige her.

I kissed her hard, and she kissed me back like she does when I know she is craving the physical resolution to her sexual frustrations. Her smooth, lithe tongue was in my mouth and felt like it was a thousand degrees. My hands roamed that perfect, sexy milf body, grabbing those handfuls of breasts I mentioned and squeezing and pulling on them. I gave both her nipples a pinch and she moaned into my mouth.

I let go and ran my hand down her belly and felt her pubic hair. I slipped my index finger inside her without a problem and knew what I needed to do.

If my mother comes to me wet, she is ready to get fucked. Plain and simple.

“Sorry about all the hair,” she giggled in my ear. “I haven’t trimmed in days”

I pulled her hips around so her ass was facing me. She propped one foot up on the built-in seat in the standup shower.

“Hmmhmmm,” I grunted. She knew I liked her pussy hairy. To me it extenuated her womanliness. I like older women with a little hair on their pussies. What can I say?

I lined my cock up with her wet slit and pushed myself into her hard, pulling her hips into me.

She moaned and I knew it was filling her, taking her, slamming her, making her pussy hurt but feel good. I pulled almost all the way gaziantep bayan eskort out, just the tip was still barely hanging on, just enough so I wouldn’t lose her completely, and then slammed into her again. She more than moaned this time and knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold it. I rammed my cock into her like a man possessed, like I wanted to see how many times I could get it in there in thirty seconds because I knew I wouldn’t be able to last more than that.

My mom also likes to talk dirty when she’s feeling like a good old dirty fuck. Which I love. She compartmentalizes very well. When we’re making love, she is sweet and sexy and wants that in return. When we are fucking, she wants to be a slut and wants that treatment in return. I am always happy to help.

“Mmmm, Fuck. Mommies. Pussy. Baby,” she said between my thrusts.

I pounded harder, if that possible at this point.

“Yes, mommy. You’re such a dirty whore for your son aren’t you mommy. Your son owns your cunt doesn’t he.”

I could feel her shudder as she came all over me and knew that was it. Feeling my own mother cum all over me takes me back to being a much younger man, but that’s a story for later.

She was in the middle of her own orgasm as she said, “I wanna taste it baby.”

That was all I needed to hear. I pulled my cock out and before I could really think about she had it in her mouth. Fuck. I could feel my balls release as I looked down at my cock in my mom’s mouth. The greatest vision in life is your mom sucking your cock as the water from the shower rains down on her.

“UGHGHGH” or something like that came out of my mouth.

She held my ass with one hand and sucked me until I became too sensitive for her to keep going. I pulled her to her feet and held her as the water poured down around us. A long time ago my mom and I had decided I would mostly cum inside her, but on those rare occasions when she wanted to taste my cum, I was putty in her hands.

We soaped each other up and kissed and laughed, then got out and I watched her ass as she made her way down the hallway. I wanted more, and the good thing was, I knew I’d be getting it later that night.

As I got dressed I examined myself in the mirror. I’m not a bad looking guy if do say so myself. I try to stay in shape with running, exercise, and not eating too much ice cream. It works ok. I had somewhat of a six-pack. Might need to work on that a bit.

I heard my phone chime and checked my text messages. I’m basically a private investigator. Well sort of. I went to law school after college, got a baseball scholarship to a really small school you’ve never heard of. I passed the bar and actually practiced law for a while. It didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t like being couped all day. Lawyering is a lot of paper work. So now I do investigations for some firms around town. If they need something checked out, or looked into, or hell, even covered up, I was their guy. It paid pretty well. Between my mom and I we did ok.

I checked my message and saw it was from Jacinda Hernandez, of Hernandez, Hernandez, and Hernandez or something like that, requesting my presence. She married a Hernandez and wasn’t a partner yet. That didn’t matter to her, she was still a super bitch. But H,H, & H paid well so I figured I better get my ass in gear and make some money.


I had thrown on a dark grey sports coat, a checkered shirt, and some dark jeans and headed to Jacinda’s office. I looked like a young strapping detective, if I do say so myself, and since clearly no one else was going to, I had to do it. I waited in the lobby on Jacinda’s floor for what I deemed an inordinate amount of time before the secretary ushered me in to see Jacinda.

The H, H and H offices were downtown and everything about them screamed well to do lawyers that charged out the ass. Jacinda’s office had lovely view of downtown with floor to ceiling windows, and she wasn’t a partner. That fact that she sucked a partner’s dick played into the niceness of the office I’m sure. Of the three H’s that made up the firm, one was the father, and two were 40-something sons. I have no idea which one Jacinda was married to.

“Thank god you’re here,” Jacinda mouthed as she stood behind her very large, very wood desk talking into her desk phone. She motioned for me to sit. She was standing so I felt kind of awkward but that’s never stopped me before.

Jacinda is a pretty spectacular chick. She’s at least six-foot-tall with long auburn hair with blonde and red highlights and these gorgeous blue-green eyes. She’s also what I like to call thick. Not fat. Big boned. Jacinda quite frankly is gorgeous. Standing in a very tight form fitting dress, all of her curves were on display. Her feet were smallish for a large woman, turning into very shapely gaziantep eskort bayan caves, then thighs that were bigger around than a watermelon, leading to one hell of an ass. Her breasts were beyond huge. Oh, and her belly. Her huge, sexy pregnant belly. I was shocked. I had not known Jacinda was pregnant. It had been, what, six months since I’d seen her. I was almost salivating.

She spoke quietly into the phone about something I couldn’t make out then said “I love you” and hung up. “You’re here,” she exhaled. “Good. I need you to look into something for me.”

I definitely wanted to look into something of Jacinda’s. Jacinda and I have a history, but more of that later.

She came around the desk and sat down in the other chair next to mine. She kicked her shoes off and put them in my lap. “Be a dear will you.” She gave me a look that told me I wouldn’t get any info until I rubbed.

“Fine.” I started to massage her sexy feet. I swear she must have sprayed them with perfume. They smelt wonderful. I slowly kneaded the bottoms and the tops with my thumbs and fingers. Jacinda closed her eyes and made a “mmhmm” noise.

“So…,” I stopped rubbing.

“So, there’s this client right…” She paused and I started rubbing again. “So, this client thinks his wife is having an affair. We need you to check it out. We handle his business but he’s looking for a reason to employ our divorce division.”

This wasn’t one of my favorite types of cases, but I had done these in the past. Trite P.I. investigations. The old cheating spouse.

“Okay, sounds good. So, what? Pictures, video? What kind of proof is required?”

She had her eyes closed and her head laid back, I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful body. Her pregnant belly. When did that happen? And those mountains of titties that were struggling to get free.

“The usual stuff. Just be careful. This bitch signed a prenup and will do anything for it not to become void.”

I sort of guffawed and she opened one eye.

“What? I’m a professional. I can handle a housewife fucking the pool boy.”

She actually smirked. “Well she’s former porn star, and her pool boy is in the NBA and has an entourage.”

Well there’s that then. “I can handle it,” was the best come-back I could come up with.

Jacinda nodded and relaxed again, closed her eyes. “Keep going,” was all she said. So like the manly man I am, I did.

I massaged her feet for a few more minutes, examining her finely pedicured toes and doing my best to rub them hard and rough while she shifted around a few times. Finally, her toes were resting against my dick, where I had wanted them the whole time. She smirked again and started to rub back with her toes.

My dick was raging hard just from looking at her and having rubbed her feet. I started to run my hand up and down her smooth leg. Her skin was soft and smooth under my fingertips and she scooted lower in her chair. My hand went higher and higher each time till it was under her dress around mid-thigh.

“You’re going to touch something that gets you in trouble in a second mister,” she said.

“That’s ok, I like trouble,” I said as my hand worked even higher, discovering that she didn’t have on any panties in the process. Jacinda moved her legs and my fingers found her hot, wet pussy.

Jacinda got up quickly and I thought I had overstepped, but I was wrong. “Come on,” she said as she raised her dress over her head and pulled it off. “I thought you’d pussy foot around all day about this and I have a meeting.”

Well hell. I stared at her for a second. Damn she was beautiful. A lot of guys don’t like thicker or bigger women, but I liked them in any and every shape and size, creed and color. And Jacinda was one of the best. If I hadn’t been with someone since I was 16 I would have been in love.

So anyway. I stared at her. Her massive tits were being barely restrained by a bra made of grey lace that looked like it was going to burst. She reached behind her and unclasped it and they fell free. It was a struggle not to explode right there.

They were awesome. They were huge, so there were somewhat saggy just by sheer weight, but her nipples where gorgeous and swollen and pink. I popped one in my mouth immediately. Jacinda moaned as I bite it hard and we fumbled to get her ass up on her desk. She pulled at my belt and undid my pants to get my cock out. I tore myself away from sucking her sexy nipples to rip my pants down. My cock sprung to attention.

“Fuck, I forgot how big it is,” she said. I love it when they say things like that.

I pushed her legs wide apart and stared at her huge tits and that very pregnant sexy belly. I dove into her hot gash like a starving man, licking her and sucking her clit, my hands all over her belly. eskort gaziantep bayan I really liked rubbing it. It was hot and juicy and the best thing I had tasted in a while.

Jacinda pulled and pushed me deeper and deeper into her sexy pussy, raising her ass off the table when my tongue found her asshole.

“Fuck, I need it,” she said. I love it when they say that too.

“How far along are you?” I asked.

She groaned with impatience as she rubbed the cleanest, prettiest pussy I have ever seen.

“About the same amount of time as since the last time we fucked.” She grabbed my cock and pulled it up to her. “Now fuck me.”

Well I couldn’t keep a lady waiting. I slide my dick in hard and fast and deep. All the way inside Jacinda’s pregnant pussy. She moaned and wrapped her thick legs around me. Looking down on that pregnant belly and those big tits was almost an out of body experience.

I started to ram her for all I was worth.

Jacinda grabbed a wood handled letter opener and bit down so she wouldn’t wake the dead, or even worse, alert her husband she was taking my cock like a horny nun after years of abstinence. I pulled her legs up so I could get deep. I wanted to hit the bottom of this fat, sexy pregnant bitch’s pussy so bad. I would probably blow her head off when I did.

“How long,” I gasped. “How long till you’re due?” I at least slowed down so she could answer me.

“Two months.”

I speed back up. Fuck. Two months till she popped. That means what? Six months she’s been pregnant. That was about the last time we had done this. Right here actually. I have to see Jacinda more. I love pregnant pussy and I was madly in lust with this woman. Once a week might be enough.

Jacinda was playing with her huge breasts now and I knew I better hurry up and finish. I could pace myself and make it last but I wanted to blow my load and didn’t want any interruptions before that could happened. I looked at her face, those big sexy tits, probably my baby in her cunt. Oh yeah.

Too bad you couldn’t get a pussy any more pregnant. I could feel my balls starting to ache and knew even with having already unloaded in my mom’s mouth this morning it was gonna be a doosey. I pushed Jacinda’s legs as far back as they would go and unleashed my seed deep inside her cunt. I held my grunts and moans behind my lips and took it all out on her savory cunt. My cumming put her over the edge and her toes twisted and she started to slap me wherever she could reach me to give her some mercy. It only fueled my fire. I rammed her again and again till I was sure she was done.

Panting I collapsed on top of her sucked her nipples. She squealed and pushed me away because they were sensitive. With remorse and one long last look I took her in, legs spread wide, pretty pussy holding my cock, tits and pregnant belly everywhere. I pulled out and watched my cum leak out. Jacinda scooped some with her fingers and licked it.

“This is potent stuff. But I guess you know that by now.”

I looked at her belly then into her beautiful blue-green eyes. I made a gesture. Moi

She giggled, then came up to kiss me. She tasted good. “Yes, of course you. I hadn’t had sex with my husband in weeks and then here you come along and seduce me.” She smiled really big and I kissed her again. I love kissing a smiling woman. “Then all that bullshit about you don’t do condoms, and stupid me thought what the hell, what’s the chances.” She laughed. “Well chances were pretty good, because that big fucking dick got me pregnant. I’d say on the first try but I lost count of my orgasm that time and you came what, three times?”

It was true. I had known Jacinda for a while before that night, and she finally relented, right here in her office, after hours, one night when we met about a case. And yes, I don’t wear condoms if I can talk the lovely lady whom I’m bedding into forgetting about them. And yes, when I’m stroking that pussy with nothing in between us I almost always shoot my hot baby making seed in an unsuspecting uterus. Call it a character flaw. At least Jacinda didn’t seem so upset.

“Well, I guess you weren’t mad?”

She laughed as she picked up her dress and hugged it to herself. She kissed me on the check. “I was furious. Didn’t want to talk to you for six months, obviously. But I’m over it and it’s fine and no one is the wiser. I had to fuck my husband more times in three weeks than I have in five years so there wouldn’t be any questions, then he accused me of getting pregnant on purpose. But it’s all good now.”

I nodded. She had it all worked out.

She pressed up againt me and looked into my face. “Oh, god. I’m sorry. You didn’t want anything to do with this did you, I just assumed you didn’t.”

I didn’t. “No, I guess it’s just nice to know. Nice to see you happy.”

She smiled. “Well good. I am. It’s all good.”

I looked at her and we paused and kissed again. I think in anther life we both could have had real feelings for one another.

“I just want more of that pregnant pussy. Before all your time is taken up.”

She smiled. “Get me my proof on this cheating bitch and it’s all yours for the next three months. Pregnant woman are horny.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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