The Professional Massage

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John is sending someone over to give me a massage. He hasn’t been home in weeks and I haven’t been able to be there. I have helped him find a hooker to take care of his needs, but I’ve been limited to my vibrator. I need more.

John told me that it is going to be an x-rated massage, but the man isn’t allowed to fuck me. He understands that he is there for my pleasure, not for his own. (Meaning I won’t be expected to blow him, or get him off.) I’m nervous, but excited. My body needs a massage, and I need release. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m allowing a strange man into my house…alone…to get me naked and make me cum. There is a combination of fear and excitement that is getting me aroused already.

I’m sitting on the couch in a short silky robe waiting for him to arrive. I know I don’t need to seduce him, but a sexy act warrants the appropriate sexy set up. I have most of the lights off and some music playing. When he comes to the door, I check myself quickly in the mirror…tits peeking out of the opening of the robe, which barely covers my ass, showing off pretty much all of my legs…hair and makeup look great.

Then I take a deep breath, open it and let him in. The lights are dim, but I can make out that he is pretty good looking, and seems clean and professional. Of course, John wouldn’t send anyone sketchy or gross. I lead him to the bedroom and ask what’s next…I can feel myself starting to get wet…we’re in my bedroom, I’m in lingerie, he’s good looking and smells good enough to eat…and most of all, it has been way too long, and I have permission for whatever comes next.

The rules were clearly stated, but I feel confident that as long as I play within those boundaries, nothing is off limits. He tells me to start laying face down under the blanket. I consider telling him to skip the massage charade, or at least wait until he makes me cum to play that role. But then he excuses himself like a true professional and closes the door so I can disrobe. Under my robe I’m wearing a red lace bra and thong, and after a moment of hesitation, I lose the bra, and slide under the blanket in only the thong.

When he returns, I notice that he is topless before he turns the lights completely off. He starts with rubbing my back and shoulders, his oiled fingers gliding across my skin and digging into my muscles to relieve the stress that has built up. I realize quickly that this isn’t a pro pretending to give massage. This is a real massage therapist. I sigh deeply and relax under his hands. I probably shouldn’t let my guard down, but his hands feel so good. My pussy is getting hot as I feel his hands travel over my skin, easing the muscles and pausing in places that are questionable…my triceps, the sides of my upper rib cage, my hips and tailbone…

His hands lower and start kneading my ass cheeks. I feel my hips lift…presenting myself. He slides two fingers down my crack, but doesn’t penetrate, even when I pressed toward those fingers. Then he covers my upper half to keep me warm and continues his journey at my feet, working up my calves and the backs of my thighs. At the very top, his hand pauses, held between my thighs at the point where they touch. He isn’t quite in contact with my pussy, but the spot is so sensitive and I feel him finger thr skin there. My hips grind in response, silently begging him to finger my pussy.

I’m so turned on Travesti now, and I want him to touch me. I feel his hand moving closer and I hold my breath, ready for the release that’s about to come. Then there is contact so light and fast I barely realized it happened…just a brush of fingers…I moan loudly at the combination of contact and loss of it. Oh God, why isn’t he touching me? Why is he torturing me like this?

The blanket is whipped off me as one hand shoves my lower back down, holding me firm against the bed. This time his fingers work between my ass cheeks, spreading them to find my ass hole. His thumb makes contact and starts applying pressure while working little circles on the sensitive spot. I try to push against the thumb and take it deeper, but I’m held firmly to the bed. I whimper softly and he continues the pressure.

I jolt a little as a tongue slides up my throat at the same time. My head drops to one side to give him more access. His tongue makes contact with my ear and I moan. The orgasm washes over me, my head throwing back as I scream. My whole body tries to arch in response, but I’m still held down. Then I drop motionless onto the bed panting. My brain is spinning even though my body isn’t moving…What part does the tongue play in this? Is that allowed? It hadn’t even occurred to me, but now I am overwhelmed with ideas and sensation and craving.

At that, he turns me over, no pretending with the blanket this time. He positions himself at my head and starts massaging my shoulders and pecs. Then his hands drop lower, continuing to massage, and slide in between my breasts and alongside them on my rib cage. His fingers softly trace the curve and then his hands brush my nipples as they return to the top to start again. I’m dying for him to touch me for real at this point. He’s already played with my ass, why is he teasing my tits?

I can’t help it and lift my chest when his hands slide between my breasts, and he cups them, massaging gently at first. This is exactly what I want and I sigh loudly. If he slipped a finger into my pussy right now, he would find me soaking wet. He’s already given me one orgasm, and playing with my tits will help him get to another one quickly. Squeezing and kneading, feeling them like he’s testing the weight and bounce. His thumbs flick my nipples, and they harden under his touch. I feel myself arching my chest into his hands. My body is physically asking for what it wants.

He starts to move his hands along my abs, kneading and massaging, and I feel my hips start to shift in response as he continues downward. His hands reach my pubic bone and stop right before the top of my slit. I moan and lift my pussy, my legs falling a little farther apart. He just needs to slip a finger inside me…

Then to my surprise and disappointment, he moves to massaging my thighs, working from the outside, in. Again he finds the spot in between my legs, and I hold my breath, hoping he is going to slide his fingers into me. (Actually at this point, I’m secretly hoping he fucks me. Just slams it into me. The foreplay has me so ready, and I’m craving a cock to fill me)

He is dipping a finger in and out of that spot where my thighs touch, and my hips start reacting like he’s fucking me, lifting and rising to meet the thrust. Then he cups my pussy with one hand and I buck against it, moaning, my head thrashing.

When Antalya Travesti one finger begins to massage my clit, my whole body curls up as the orgasm explodes through me. “Oh God yes!” I scream out the words as another one hits me in rapid succession. My pussy lifts, my upper body lifts, everything rises up toward his hand before I fall again onto the bed. He slides his finger up and down my slit, massaging me further and making me grind against him.

Then he slips two fingers all the way inside me and starts stroking my G-spot. I lift and tilt my hips to take him deeper, and he drops his head and starts sucking on my nipple while massaging my tit with his other hand. I finally cum hard, squirting on his finger. The orgasm is the one I’ve been dying for…penetration in my pussy (even if it isn’t the cock I’m craving) and a hand and mouth on my tits, I finally am starting to feel some release, and he can do this all night if he wants to…it feels so good.

My head falls back while my hips push up and toward him. He shifts his attention to the other tit, while his thumb starts to rub my clit. I grind against his hand and cum on his fingers, my pleasure moaning out of me. I can feel the release overcoming my whole body with every orgasm.

He eases his fingers out of me and I whimper loudly, my head turning to face him, my face begging. “There is something John said you like, and arguably, it is still considered massage.” My eyes widen, wondering what he is going to do.

He undresses in front of me, and I notice that his cock is already hard. He kneels between my legs, cock in his hand. “You’re not allowed to fuck me” I tell him, starting to panic…can he tell how badly I want him? Is he going to fuck me despite my protests? I don’t think I can fight him off, and it is going to be hard for me to want to if he offers his cock…or just takes my pussy.

“Shhh, I’m not going to break any rules. He and I talked about this.” And then he touches the head of his cock to my soaking wet pussy. I scream out an orgasm at the contact, and my pussy shifts in an attempt to take him inside.

He maintains control and moves to rubbing my clit with his cock head, up and down my slit, and rubbing against my opening without actually penetrating. I can feel the tip inside me, just a tiny bit, not the ridge of the cock head, and my pussy clenches, trying to pull him deeper. I cum multiple times quickly. Every time he returns to my opening, I shift and grind and lift, trying to take him into me. It is like I have lost all control. If he slid into me, I would have a hard time remembering the rules and fight him off. My body is begging for it right now.

He lowers a hand to massage the nerve that runs along my hip crease and I scream again, almost bucking him off as I cum hard. Good thing his cock head was against my clit at that moment, or he would have slipped inside me. I’m panting and he moves off the bed, then rotates me so I’m face down again. He spreads my legs and kneels between them. Then I feel him spread my cheeks and his wet cock head slips between them. I moan and he slides it up and down the crevice, before pressing against my asshole. He rubs and toys and I push back, trying to take him into me. I didn’t even think about it, he could have slipped into my ass and started fucking me, and I would have taken it gladly.

His hands slide up my sides, Bursa Travesti and slip under me to play with my tits again. I ease up slightly onto my knees, but he still manages to avoid penetration. The head of his cock is pressed against my asshole and his hands are kneading my breasts and pinching my nipples. Then one hand drops to play with my clit and combination of sensation is too much. I cum hard and collapse on the bed.

He eases his cock out from my ass and runs his hands all over my body, pausing to press lightly on my ass hole again, and then turns me over and does the same thing, pausing to play with my breasts. I feel his hands working toward my pussy, my eyes are closed, I’m just enjoying the touch. I sadly presume we are reaching the end, and then he spreads my legs apart, and instead of his fingers, I almost fly off the bed with how hard I cum when I feel his tongue touch my clit.

He licks and sucks on my clit, gripping my thighs to keep me in place. Despite the incredible feeling that’s taking over my brain, a tiny part of me wonders if John warned him that I buck when receiving oral. Then I orgasm, my back arching and my head falling back as I almost scream, and all thought is washed away. He thrusts his tongue inside me and starts fucking me with it. I start fucking his mouth in return and cum on his tongue. He thrusts it deep, licking me on the inside and I scream again when I feel him thumb press against my ass hole at the same time.

Then to my surprise, he lifts my legs over his shoulders and starts licking my ass, bringing a couple fingers to play with my clit. His nose is lined up with my pussy opening, and it brushes and teases while my ass and clit get all the attention. I cum hard from the tongue and fingers, panting from the orgasm and awkward position.

He lowers me back onto the bed, and starts rubbing his cock against my clit again. I reach between my legs and take his cock in my hand, easing just the tip inside me, until I feel the amazing pop as the head penetrates me. I stroke him, his cock head being coated with my wetness, and the shaft being stroked by my hand. He moves his hands to my tits and massages them while I stroke him. Soon we’re both moaning and he warns me that he’s going to cum.

He pulls out and moves quickly so that he can shoot cum all over my tits. His load covers me and then using only two fingers, he swirls the cum around my tits and playing with my nipples. Then he lifts one finger to my lips and one to his own, rubbing my lip gently before I open my mouth and take it inside to suck it clean. I watch as he does the same.

Then both fingers lower to my pussy, first one and then the other dipping inside me and giving one last tease on my G-spot. The same movement, lifting the finger to my lips and his own. I sucked my wetness from his finger, moaning a little at the combination on my lips and tongue…watching him as he mimics the move.

He runs one of the wet fingers between my breasts, down my abs, to the top of my slit…then just as he makes contact with my clit, his head drops and he kisses me. My hands fly to his head and I kiss him back hard. My mouth opens and his tongue thrusts inside. Our tongues swirl around each other, sucking each other’s cum off the other tongue. Then he slips his tongue out of my mouth and licks my lips as he cups my pussy again. I cum one more time against his hand, and then he kisses me hard, tosses the blanket over me and slips quickly from the room.

I slide my finger down to my tits, finding some more sticky cum there, wipe it up with one finger and return it to my lips to suck his taste off me one more time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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