The Proposition

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I would like to thank my editor, eluckenbach. The story would not be what it is without his assistance, encouragement, his wonderful suggestions and a little male prospective. Thank you for everything.

This is my first venture into the world of writing erotica, as well as my first submission to site. Please take the time to vote and/or leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.



Maggie had started waiting tables at one of those upscale fast food/family type restaurants that specializes in milk shakes and steakburgers, about a month ago for some extra cash and excitement when she met Craig. Maggie was 30, 5’11” brunette with curves in all the right places. The type of woman who always catches a man’s attention not only by looks but also by what comes out of her mouth.

Saying that Maggie didn’t think a whole lot of Craig when she first met him would be putting it mildly, Maggie thought he was the most obnoxious, irritating person she had ever met.

Their first interaction happened when Maggie was standing in the service station trying to punch in an order on a computer system. She still wasn’t overly comfortable with it. Being almost 6′ tall, very few people are ever able to “stand over” her but that’s just exactly what he did. Craig was 20, 6’3″ tall, blonde and lanky, the ideal Florida surfer type. He stood on her right side, not just standing but hovering. Maggie looked up past the black apron that covered his white dress shirt and red bow tie into his pale blue eyes as he leaned, totally relaxed, his arm slung over the other computer terminal, smiling his cocky little grin, completely at ease while Maggie was beyond frustration trying to figure out how to punch in a damn turtle caramel milkshake. Being hovered over is unnerving enough, especially for someone of her height, but for it to be a punk ass kid acting like he owned the world and her being nervous and frustrated made it doubly so. It was REALLY starting to piss her off. Maggie looked up at him, shooting daggers with her eyes.

“Can I help you with something?” she asked in her most sarcastic tone.

“Nope,” he replied, continuing to stand there doing nothing but watch, wearing a shit-eating grin. Maggie did her best to ignore him while she finally finished punching in the order. After printing out the slip and hanging it on the pass-through to the kitchen, Maggie turned to her shadow, who hadn’t moved a muscle for the last five minutes while she had input the order.

“Who are you and just what the hell is your deal anyway?” Maggie asked.

“You’re new,” he said.

“Well thank you Captain Obvious,” was her caustic reply. Normally she was a people person, actually having been accused of being too perky, but piss her off and watch out, she been known to let blood with her tongue. “Who are you?” Maggie asked again.

“I’m Craig,” he said, having stood up from his reclining pose, acting like the name should mean something and giving her what he thought was a million dollar smile.

“Maggie,” she grumbled pushing past him and went to get her salads from the cooler.

“Hey,” he said again, following after her. “You’re new.”

“Haven’t we already covered this?” Maggie replied, trying to focus on what exactly she was supposed to put in a damned side salad. “Yes, I’m new. I started about three weeks ago.”

“Ah,” he said as if it were some big revelation. “I’ve been on vacation for the last three weeks.”

“How nice for you,” Maggie said with the most sickening sweet smile she could muster. “I have to run my sides, so if you’ll excuse me,” she said trying to push past him.

“Wait a sec,” he said, boxing her into the corner. “I just wanted to say hi and see if you needed any help, advice or anything. I pretty much run the floor.” Maggie looked up at him skeptically. There were two service trainers and he was neither of them.

“Nope, I’m good,” Maggie said. “Beth trained me and Ellen gave me the approval to start on the floor.”

“Ah Beth,” he said giving her one of those looks that said, you poor child. “Yeah she’s ok. I was trained by Ellen. When I started here, I told them I was the best and only wanted to be trained by the best.”

“Well I think I’m doing pretty well and if you’ll excuse me, I really do need to get back to my tables,” and pushed past him. The only thought Maggie had at this point was “what an asshole”. For the rest of the day, she tried her best to avoid Craig and asked the other servers just what his deal was. She found out he’d been working there about a year, was really rather odd and thought an awful lot of himself.

Over the next couple of weeks, Craig and Maggie started talking. She learned very quickly that he was one of those people you had to get to know and ended growing on you like a fungus. He told her he was 20 and wasn’t seeing anyone currently.

He had a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, just like hers and was always really good with the witty repartee, which Maggie loved. He commented one day as they were bantering, and she shot a particularly witty zinger his way.

“See, I like that,” he said with a İstanbul Escort big smile. “You’re really smart and quick, not many people can keep up with me.”

“Well bring it on Craigy boy, I’ll kick your ass in verbal sparing any day of the week.” They talked about their respective dating histories and how Maggie hadn’t dated anyone since moving down to FL three years ago. Maggie told him she always had a dating profile up on line and even tried that expensive on-line matching service. He said he had too, but had posted his profile after Maggie pulled hers off.

“Well damn, Maggie, I guess I’ve just been looking in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said, a twinkle in his eye with his killer $50 tip smile.

They played, and flirted, and then one night, after a 16 hour overnight club shift when Craig had been called in and agreed to work simply because Maggie was working, it happened…..

She was exhausted, her feet hurt, she was dirty, and all she wanted was to go home, have a hot shower and climb into bed. Maggie was sitting in a corner booth rolling silverware, the bane of any server’s existence, when Craig sat down opposite her in the booth. Maggie was extremely punchy by this point and more then a little silly. Craig was helping her roll the silverware and started speaking in low hushed tones, very quickly. Maggie really couldn’t hear or follow what he was saying, so she was kind of tuning out, nodding in agreement until she heard the last line of his monologue-

“… So Maggie, what do you say I go home with you and fuck you silly??” Maggie just kept nodding and was giggling at this point.

“You’re not taking me seriously at all are you? And I just made a complete ass out of myself,” he said in the same hushed, hurried tones with the most adorable disappointed look on his face.

“No, no,” Maggie quickly said. “I’m sorry, I’m just exhausted and not thinking straight right now.”

Neither of them said anything else for a while. As they sat there rolling the silverware, Maggie began to think about the possibilities. Her knee-jerk reaction to Craig’s little proposal was “Hell no!” not being the type of girl that just jumps into bed with someone, especially since she had only known him for a few weeks.

Maggie’s list of lovers was relatively short, her list of prior boyfriends even shorter. Very early on in her dating career she had developed the policy of not sleeping with anyone that she wasn’t dating, however since moving to Florida, she’d had a few occasions where she had thrown the rulebook out the window. Maggie was far from being promiscuous, the four men she had slept with in her first year of living in Florida being an all time high for her. However, upon deeper reflection and a rapidly developing great distaste for bad sexual experiences, which most of them had been, she had been all but celibate since, going back to her initial relationship rule. Since then, Maggie had not had the time or the interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with anyone she had met, despite the heightening demands of her maturing and lately insatiable libido. Now it had been almost two years since she’d had sex and offers like this, that she was actually willing to entertain, didn’t come along everyday that was for sure. Maggie thought long and hard about it for the next several minutes.

Craig was a nice guy, tall, good-looking, and smart. He made her laugh and his feet and hands were huge! So after Maggie punched out, she walked back over to the booth. Her decision had been made, and her stomach was in knots. She was either about to make another of the worst mistakes of her life or have one hell of a morning. She looked down at Craig who had his head down resting on his arms.

“So,” Maggie started, taking a breath and steeling her resolve, here goes nothing, “you coming home with me or what?” Craig’s head snapped up and the smile he gave her was full of the promise of wicked things to come.

They drove back to her apartment, a modest one bedroom, which was decorated in pale hues of blue and green. Instead of stopping in the living room, Maggie walked straight into her bedroom, which was immediately accessible through a doorway to the left of the front door. She kicked off her shoes and shed her white work shirt, tossing it aside so it was draped across the top of her standing shoe rack. Wearing only her black work pants and a white tank top, she simply collapsed on the bed where Craig quickly joined her after locking the front door and removing his shoes.

It had been a quiet drive back, both of them exhausted and nervous. They lay on her large raised bed and talked for a minute, making the first physical contact by holding hands. Maggie got up and showered quickly, making sure that she’d scrubbed the evening’s grime off and ensuring that she shaved her legs and underarms. As Maggie was trimming the curling brown hair that had grown on her pussy it occurred to her that if she was taking such an uncharacteristic chance with Craig, why not kick it up a notch? Maggie filled her hand with the rich, floral scented shaving cream and slathered it over her entire pussy. Later, as she rinsed off the last few remnants Anadolu Yakası Escort of the soft, white foam from her newly shaved pussy, she shivered as she felt the warm water cascading down between the now bald lips. Maggie quickly finished rinsing off and wrapped herself in a towel. Her pink nipples were already hard and tingling, ripe with anticipation.

Maggie opened the bathroom door in a puff of hot, moist steam. Surveying her bedroom, she noted a pile of clothes, which weren’t hers, tossed on the floor in front of her dark wood dresser. She looked at Craig as he lay sprawled naked, across black satin comforter of her bed. His long, lithe body, with its golden skin, lightly dusted with blonde hairs and his proud long cock straining toward the ceiling. Her gaze hungrily took in the bare golden flesh. The midnight colored, shiny material the perfect accent to his delectable body. Although he was deeply tanned almost everywhere, the deep bronze tone of his skin lightened to something only a few shades darker then her own pale skin tone just above his waving member. Craig was pale from just below the line of his hips to the upper part of his thighs where his board shorts would likely rest.

Maggie normally liked bigger men, a bit bulkier then Craig, but he was well toned from his wide chest and nicely shaped biceps to his six-pack abs and hard muscled thighs. And, he was very well endowed….

Maggie stepped up onto the low raised platform that held her queen-sized bed, which was swathed in black and crimson colored sheets, blankets and pillows. She moved to his side, running her hands, first up his thigh and then his over his flat stomach, curling her fingers so that every so often her nails were making contact with his skin, a light scratching as she watched the pale white lines her nails made in his golden skin fade away. She bent down to him, taking his mouth, first as a soft, tentative meeting of the lips, then with an even greater hunger, their tongues dueling, fighting for supremacy in the great dark damp cave that was their mouths.

Craig pulled the soft, slightly damp terry cloth towel that was wrapped around Maggie from her body, and pulled her atop him. The light floral scent of Maggie’s shampoo and shaving cream combined with the fresh, clean scent of her milk and honey body wash mingled together as Craig’s nostrils with filled with the exquisite smell of a freshly showered woman. Maggie sat on Craig’s thighs, his cock straining against the lips of her hairless pussy for entry. Maggie broke the kiss and sat up, gyrating her hips and grinding herself down upon Craig’s now throbbing cock, a wicked, mischievous gleam in her eyes. Craig looked at her with blatant hunger and possession in his eyes, drinking in the sight of her nude body.

Her face was flushed with a soft pink glow, much rosier then her normally pale complexion. Her beautiful lips were swollen from their kissing, her long chestnut hair damp and lying down her back and around her shoulders, framed her milky white breasts with their pink nipples swollen and begging for his touch.

He reached his hands up to grab her small, but perky breasts, a perfect handful and kneaded them, flicking his thumbs over her sensitive, engorged nipples. Maggie moaned as she continued to grind herself down onto Craig’s lap, yet still denying both him and herself the satisfaction of their ultimate joining. Craig looked down over Maggie’s soft, pale stomach to her hairless pussy. He smiled, seeing the slightly parted lips against his abdomen; he could feel her juices slowing leaking out of her engorged pussy as it rubbed against his cock.

Maggie lowered herself back down to Craig’s lips, kissing him roughly, but deeply before pulling her mouth away from his and moving to his neck and ear where she continued to kiss, bite, lick and tease him. She inhaled deeply and reveled in that smell, a mixture of sweat, long ago faded cologne and the musk that is innately masculine. Craig groaned as he felt Maggie sink her teeth into the side of his neck, even as she sucked on the same spot, massaging the skin with her tongue.

“Damn, I’m going to have one hell of hickey in the morning, but who the fuck cares?” He thought.

Maggie flatted her body against his and slid down his chest, kissing, licking and biting her way. She stopped as her mouth reached his right nipple, the small brown nub standing at attention from his chest. She took his nipple into her mouth, sucking and lathing it with her tongue, scraping her teeth over the sensitive skin in time to Craig’s moans of pleasure. While she sucked and bit his right nipple, her left hand was pinching and tweaking the left, taking a moment to run her nails down over his chest and stomach, which was lightly dusted with more of his golden blonde hair, to wrap around his cock which was now trapped between their bodies.

Maggie moved to Craig’s other nipple, giving it the same treatment as she slowly slid her hand up and down Craig’s hard, long shaft. She slid down the rest of the way down his body, licking biting and kissing the hot flesh along the way, she stopped momentarily to run his cock over her bare breasts rubbing Üsküdar Escort the head with its drop of precum over each of her nipples until she was settled between his legs. Maggie’s eyes traveled up Craig’s body to his face, as he looked down at her expectantly, his cock standing tall and proud between them, the large head swollen and almost purple, wanting, no demanding Maggie’s attention.

She grasped the base of the shaft in her hand, while placing her left hand lower, grabbing his sac and slowly massaging, rolling his balls around, running her finger up and down that ultra sensitive patch of skin behind his sac. Maggie run the tip of her tongue up the vein on the underside of his penis, to the base of the head, before continuing to run it around, under the ridge of the head, making sure to flatten her tongue and run the warm, slick, steel ball of her tongue ring over the sensitive patch of skin where the head meets the shaft. Maggie ran her tongue over every side and surface of Craig’s hard cock, including taking a moment to lick over his sac and take each of the walnut sized glands into her mouth to suck on while she massaged the skin with her tongue. Craig tasted just like he smelled, warm and spicy with just a little bit of the acidic tang of sweat. Maggie reveled in the sensation of having a large, beautiful cock in her mouth again. She loved giving head and had had no opportunity to in the past two years, but oh how she had missed it.

Maggie slid her tongue and hand back up Craig’s cock before sliding her tongue over the head, gently probing her tongue into the hole and very, very lightly running her top teeth over the head before sucking it into her mouth. Maggie greedily sucked on the head of Craig’s large cock, like it was her favorite lollipop while pumping her right hand up and down his long shaft, now slick with her saliva. Maggie moved her head rhythmically up and down over his penis, maintaining lots of suction, massaging with her tongue and pumping whatever part of the shaft she wasn’t currently sucking on with her hand.

Craig’s groans of pleasure were getting more rapid and insistent, with the occasional “aaaaahhhhh baby” whenever she focused the suction. Maggie moved her hand to the base of Craig’s cock and pushed her head down further then it had been, opening her throat until her nose was resting against the smooth skin of his abdomen. With the head of Craig’s cock lodged in her throat, Maggie swallowed, twice, to the sound of Craig’s loud moaning, her throat muscles massing the head while her tongue continued to travel up and down the shaft.

Maggie slowly rose up the shaft sucking and pumping it again. Maggie continued, slowly increasing her speed until Craig’s moans and groans became constant, his hands in her hair trying to force her up and down his shaft faster, fucking her mouth. Maggie felt the swelling of Craig’s shaft, as his balls pulled themselves closer to his body, preparing to deliver the prize Maggie had sought since she came out of the shower. She sucked and pumped faster.

“AAAAGGGGHHH, I’m gonna cum, yeah baby suck me,” were Craig’s last words as Maggie pumped her hand up his shaft twice more before she again slammed her whole head down his shaft until her nose was again pressed his abdomen and felt his cock spasm in her mouth as Craig spurted his large load of creamy white cum into her mouth. Maggie swirled the warm, thick, salty, sweet, bitter fluid around her mouth with her tongue before swallowing it. In her experience, nothing seemed to impress a man more than a woman who swallows, and Maggie loved the sensation of hot load of cum in her mouth before it went sliding down her throat. Maggie slowly slid her mouth back up Craig’s cock, continuing to suck and lick. She took it from her mouth, lathing the sides and top with her tongue before placing a soft kiss upon its head and sliding herself back up his body where she gave his a deep, passionate kiss. Craig moaned and thrust his tongue deeper into Maggie’s mouth as soon as he tasted the bitter sweetness of his recently spent load on Maggie’s tongue and teeth. He clasped her to him and simply devoured from the mouth down. When Maggie pulled her head away from Craig’s and looked at him, his eyes still closed, his breathing ragged.

“Christ,” he panted.

Maggie smiled, ‘Yeah, that will do for starters,’ she thought.

When Craig had caught his breath, he looked over to Maggie who was lying beside him, a smug smile on her face.

“I’m going to wipe that smile right off your face woman,” he growled as he grabbed her and pulled her to his lips. He kissed her, their tongues mating within their mouths before he quickly left her mouth to pay homage to her breasts. He pulled the nipple of the left breast into his mouth where he sucked hungrily like a starving babe and massaged the other with his hand, working the soft skin and supple flesh with his fingers and pulled on the nipple as Maggie moaned and thrust her chest towards him, holding his head to her breast while he feasted and massaged. After several minutes Craig left her breasts, Maggie protesting, as he sat up and slid to the foot of the bed. Maggie watched with a great deal of anticipation as he moved between her legs and grasping the firm, rounded cheeks of her ass, Craig lifted the lower half of her body off the bed, leaving only her shoulders and head still in contact with the mattress before he pulled her dripping bald pussy to his mouth.

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