The Quiet Ones

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It had been a fun night.

I never go out looking to hook up anymore (well almost never), so when a group of women sat next to me at the bar it was nice to strike up a conversation. It was aeasy time without any of the tension or frustration that accompanies a night on the prowl.

That’s not to say there wasn’t an attraction. There were 4 of them, two blondes(one bleach, one potentially real, a brunette and a redhead), all attractive. I briefly fantasized about each of them… and pairs of them… and all of them… I felt the blood rush to my loins, and enjoyed the sensation.

We drank and joked, the two blondes were drunk and flirty. The brunette wasn’t as drunk and easily teased them and prodded them into revealing things they probably wouldn’t have normally. The redhead sat farthest from me, and was for the most part quiet, she drank and smiled but didn’t offer too much, I assumed she was drunk or wasn’t terribly interested in what the conversation.

It turned out we were all staying in the same hotel, not too much of a surprise considering it was the only decent hotel in the area. When things began to wind down and the blondes began to slur in earnest we all decided it had been a good time, but it was time for bed.

To the elevator we went. All of us rode. Another fantasy another erection.

3rd floor we all get off. My room was first, just off the elevator. We said goodbye and the women giggled and helped each other down the hall. I watched them go and listened to their bawdy drunken laughs. Then I went in.

I showered, thinking about the conversation, and the cleavage. The hot water on my cock made it swell, I enjoyed the sensation and took myself in my hand. I felt my balls, surprised at how tight they were and the shaft felt heavy and warm in my hand. the head tingled under the shower spray and I wished the women were there to share it.

I got out of the shower without climaxing. I dried myself and was headed toward bed when I heard a rapid knock.

I went to the door and looked through the peep hole. It was the quiet redhead.

Alarmed that one of the women was in trouble I opened the door quickly, forgetting that I was only in a towel.

“what’s wrong?” I said.

She looked me up and down and I realized how I was dressed.

“Is everything ok?”

Without a word she stepped into the room with me and shut the door. Travesti Before I knew it she had thrown her arms around my neck and pulled me too her. Her mouth was on mine, her breath was hot, her eyes burned into me. My mouth responded and the kiss became mutual, deep, wet, passionate exploring. I felt her tug at my towel and it fell. Her hand slid between my legs and found my rapidly stiffening cock.

“I want you to fuck me.” she said, directly.

I was surprised by her frontal assault and I felt my cock twitch, it was the first time she had spoken directly to me.

Her tongue probed my mouth and her hand explored the length of my cock. I was in heaven.

She released my neck and kissed her way down my neck, over my chest to my nipples. Her hot lips locked over one and sucked it in. Her tongue flicked at it firmly I groaned deeply and held her head against me, feeding her my nipple.

She broke away from my hold be dropping down. She positioned herself in front of my swollen member and looked up at me.

“I like your cock.” She said.

Then she leaned in and took me in her mouth. She sucked and kissed and nibbled and licked. She explored the head then swirled her tongue around and down along the shaft her hand stroked and squeezed my balls, then held the shaft so she could suck me in again.

I looked down to watch her work my cock and I saw that she was on her knees with her thighs spread. One hand explored my cock, the other explored her pussy.

She had hiked up her skirt and was sliding her fingers up and down her slit, then around and around, then again up and down. It was so sexy, so personal, so intimate.

I had to have her… immediately.

I pulled her away from my cock. and lifted her to her feet. I kissed her hard on the mouth my tongue and hers tangled and wrestled for a moment.

I shoved her to the bed. She fell back on it and immediately propped herself up on her elbows staring at me with a lust I have never seen before. She pulled her skirt up and revealed her pretty swollen pussy lips with a small strip of pretty red hair.

“Do you want this?” she said.

Without a word I stepped to the bed and hooked my hands under her knees, pushing them up towards her and spreading them apart. I buried my face in her pussy, and was immediately surprised and delighted by how wet she was. My lips explored hers. Ankara Travesti My tongue slid up and down between them. I tried to mimic the moves I had seen her do to herself. Her moans made me think I was on the right track.

“God yes, oh god yes, eat my fucking pussy. I want your tongue inside me.”

She had already said more in my room than she did all night at the bar. It was an amazing turn on.

I continued to explore, circling her swollen clit flicking gently at the spot where it peeked out from it’s hiding place. The clit had grown large and firm, large enough that I could slide my lips along it and suck it in, almost like a cock. As I gave her the tiny blow job she moaned.

“Ohhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuucckkkkkk.”

She tangled her fingers in my hair and held me against her, grinding her hips against my mouth. Long slow pelvic thrusts that brought me from her bush to the base of her pussy. She was soaked, as was my face. Her taste was sweet and musky and her smell was intoxicating. I pushed her knees further and let my tongue slide over her pussy to her pretty, perfect, ass.

“Yeessssssss.” She hissed as I explored her.

My tongue circled and played over her ass and poked at that forbidden entrance. She held me tight and ground against me. “Oh!” she exclaimed and began to buck against me. She pulled at my hair hard she used my hands as leverage to buck her hips against my face. My nose battered her clit my tongue raced against her slit and her asshole.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” She cried. I felt her pussy contractions as I drove my tongue into her.

Wetness poured over my tongue with contraction after contraction. I Moved my tongue to her ass and felt her hole contract on the tip of my tongue as she came.

Her muscles relaxed and I let her thighs down.

“Get up here.” she commanded. I crawled up kissing her body as I went. She was furiously unbuttoning her blouse and by the time I reached her breasts she was unclasping the front of her bra.

Her fair skin showed an intense sex flush across her chest and her nipples were hard and full. She held them for me as I explored them. My face still wet with her juices, made her nipples slick. I devoured them greedily.

I felt her hand between my legs. She had tightly gripped my cock and was pulling me towards her.

“Fuck my tits. I want to feel your cock between my them.” İstanbul Travesti she stated in her Matter of fact way.

I crawled up, my cock brushing against her soaked pussy as I did. I straddled her and placed my heavy swollen cock between her pretty breasts. She closed them over me. The soft warmth was almost too much. My hips almost involuntarily began to grind. I watched my meat disappear into the secret place between her tits then emerge as I pistoned forward.

She lifted her head and sucked in my cock head as it emerged from hiding. She sucked hard, I forced my hips tightly against the base of her tits so I could fit more of me into her mouth. Her tongue swirled and I could feel her hot breath all along my shaft.

She threw an arm over her breasts as though she was covering them but it was so she could hold them tightly over my cock with one hand. Her free hand slid up my thigh, over my hip, and over my ass, squeezing as she went.

I felt her fingers slide between my ass cheeks and she pulled me tightly against her.

“I want to taste your cum.” she said, “I want you to cum right here.”

I felt my cock swell between her tits, and I began to fuck in earnest. Her spit had made her cleavage slick and The feeling was sending me over the edge.

I was beginning to lose myself and I felt her fingers descend to my ass. When she found my hole she forced her way in.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed, and I felt my balls go tight.

1, 2, 3 more thrusts and I felt the flood approach.

“Do it, cum for me!” She yelled.

My muscles went tight and I exploded. A hot stream of cum shot from my cock and streaked along her cheek, lips, mouth, chin, and neck. I pulled my hips back and the second stream filled her cleavage making the way hot, and slick. I slid my hips forward and she lifted her head in time to wrap her lips around my cock head for the third stream.

I held her head and she locked her lips around my cock creating a seal. I stopped thrusting and felt several more spasms as I shot my cum into her lusty mouth.

When the spasms stopped, she laid back, and opened her mouth, showing me the load she had taken. Her tongue swirled luxuriously through it. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed.

I slid down so that I was lying on top of her, and I kissed her mouth, our tongues mingled in the tastes of our juices.

“I had been thinking about that all night.” She said, and with her flat monotone she said

“Now I can’t wait until you actually fuck my pussy.”

I laughed, and with her expression unchanged she said “I’m serious.”

All I could think to say was… “I know.”

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