The rebirth of Andrew Bishop – chapter 18

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Dave woke with a start. He had been dreaming of the farm but now he was not there. As he regained his senses he realized that Fiona was asleep across his left arm. He was on his back. Tess and Drew were taking turns sucking his cock. His erect cock was throbbing under their lips. He was still a little confused. He had no idea what time it was, although he could tell it was morning as the sun was well and truly up. He now looked toward Tess and Drew and smiled at them. Drew had the head of his cock in his mouth and sucked as hard as he could. Tess held him around the base of his cock and was giving him little pumps in time with Drew’s sucking. Dave lay his head back and enjoyed the sensations they were providing. He wanted to cum but also wanted to delay it for a couple more minutes. With his free hand he reached over and caressed Fee’s breast and nipple. ‘She certainly has the best tits I’ve ever had the pleasure to touch,’ he thought as the wonderful work on his cock continued. He could feel his cum rising. He stopped playing with the breast in his right hand, curiously he didn’t want Fiona to wake. He wanted this to be a moment between just Drew and Tess and himself. He moved his legs so that Drew was now between them and Tess was off to one side laying on his hip. He lifted his butt a little, his orgasm was imminent now. Drew felt Dave straightening his body and lifting his ass. He was taking Dave deeply into his throat now and he could see that Tess was holding him firmly. He didn’t know why he had started the impromptu head job this morning but was glad that Tess had woken and joined him on Dave’s groin. Dave would cum soon and he wanted to taste his semen. Dave could feel his orgasm. He was cumming in Drew’s mouth. He now felt there was no need to warn Drew that he was about to fill his mouth with his milky fluid. Drew enjoyed cum in his mouth as much as he did himself and he knew all the signs that Dave’s orgasm was happening. Drew would pull away if he didn’t want to swallow his emission. Dave pushed his groin upward and grunted. He loved the feeling. Warm, wet and plenty of suction. He pumped maybe five times into his mouth. The veins on his hard cock prominent under the strain to empty his balls into his lover’s mouth. There was no histrionics, just a very pleasant orgasm. Drew had his mouth filled with cum and then swallowed it. Tess leaned over and took Dave’s cock in her mouth and cleaned him off. Drew wiped his lips and then slid off the bed onto his feet. Gesturing to Tess and Dave to follow him they all slipped out of the bed room and into the kitchen. Nobody gave a second thought to walking through the apartment naked, they were all quite comfortable. Tess started the coffee machine as Dave and Drew relieved themselves in the powder room together. When the guys had seated themselves at the counter Tess served them a hot coffee. Fiona opened her eyes. She was alone in the king size bed. Her mind went back to the previous evening’s events. The dinner, the business deal with Charles and the wonderful fuck she had with Drew. As she remembered how she had taken Drew’s cock into her pussy her hand went to her clitoris and she began to stimulated herself. She was so glad that she had finally taken the step and had sex with a man. It was better than she could have imagined and she decided the experience had given her the confidence to actively seek out other men to have sex with. She would not restrict herself to just women anymore. She now felt empowered to choose a partner depending on her mood. She was not a fool. She knew that Drew was not in love with her and that last night was just sex. She did not love him either, but she was glad that he was her first man. He had been gentle and patient with her, something she may not have had with a younger, inexperienced guy. She would fuck Drew again and indeed she’d do it with Dave if the opportunity arose, for now the sky was the limit. Fiona realized she was smiling and suddenly felt silly. She was laying in her friends bed masturbating, she didn’t even know where Tess, Drew and Dave were. She got up from the bed and went to the toilet. Then she washed her face and hands and brushed her hair. Tip toeing across the bed room she opened the door just a crack and peeped through into the rest of the apartment. Dave and Drew were naked, seated with their backs to her at the kitchen bench. Tess was on the other side, her small breasts visible. All three were sipping coffee and talking amongst themselves. She now had to decide whether to dress or go out and join them naked. Fiona opened the door, “Good morning,” she said in a cheery voice. Both men turned their heads and responded with their own greetings. Escort izmir They were both struck with her beauty as she boldly strode towards them, her naked breasts and pussy on show to them. Tess was also awestruck with her and stared as she crossed the lounge room. “Coffee, Fiona?” she asked. “Yes please. How is everyone this morning?” she asked. Fee walked around to Tess’s side of the bench and planted a big kiss on the smaller woman’s cheek then took the offered coffee mug eagerly. As she took her first sip of the hot drink she looked across at Drew and Dave. She looked at both men’s faces then lowered her gaze to their naked shaved cocks. She felt as sudden rush of juice in her vagina as Tess put an arm around her waist and their hips touched. She was still turned on from last night and the open nudity was doing nothing to lower her libido. Dave announced that he was going for his run first thing. Fee wished she had brought her running gear so she could have accompanied him. “Well does any body have any plans for the day?” Tess asked. Drew replied that he really just wanted to go out for late breakfast or lunch and then would be happy to just hang around the apartment. Maybe go out this evening, he wasn’t all that fussed. Fiona said with regret that she had to leave as she had work to catch up on and had a family engagement that evening that she was to attend. “Well we will just have a quiet Saturday then,” Tess said with just a tinge of relief. She wanted to have some time with Dave and Drew to herself. Tess and Fiona showered together, soaping each other and luxuriating under the hot water. They then dried each other and applied moisturizer to the others toned body. Dave had gone running, Tess and Fee were in the shower so Drew lay down on the bed naked. Fiona came out of the bathroom and still naked went to the closet to retrieve her work uniform from the previous evening. She lay it on the bed and then took fresh clothes from her overnight bag. “Are you okay with everything Fee?” Drew asked. Fiona tucked her work clothes into the suitcase and then knelt on the bed and crawled up until she was straddling Drew’s legs. She could feel the hair on his legs tickling her pussy. Leaning forward she brushed her nipples along his chest and kissed him on the lips. “Thank you Drew, I couldn’t be better.” she replied. Tess now came out of the bathroom and saw Fee straddling Drew. Taking two steps she stood next to Drew and Fiona and gently put a hand onto Fee’s shoulder. The younger woman responded by pulling Tess closer and putting her lips over the nipple on Tess’s left breast. Tess put her hands on Fiona’s head and encouraged her to suckle. She now felt Fiona’s index finger running up and down the slit of her pussy, so she parted her legs slightly. Drew watched as the two women were intimate with each other. He reached down for his cock and then rubbed the head of it up and down Fiona’s pussy slit. She was very moist and he knew it wouldn’t take much effort to slip his dick into her vagina. A very tempting thought. “Tess lay down so I can lick your pussy,” Fiona suggested as she guided Tess onto the bed. Fiona now positioned herself on her knees between Tess’s legs and used her tongue to lick her girlfriend’s juices. “Drew, could you take me from behind?” she asked in a husky, nervous voice. Drew looked at Tess, her eyes were closed, obviously she had no objection. He moved around behind Fee and got a glimpse of her wonderful ass. He leaned forward and with his hands parted the orbs of her behind. He licked her from her clit up over her pussy and beyond to her anus. She tasted so fresh and sweet. She was wet and his tongue easily penetrated her labia as he orally probed her. He now stood on his knees and again rubbed his penis head along her slit. She was impatiently backing into him, she wanted his cock inside her. She now passed him a condom that she had taken from her bag before she started this liaison and Drew opened it and slipped it over his dick. He pushed in a little and the head and an inch of his shaft entered her. Fiona felt the initial tentative thrust Drew made into her, she now pushed back onto him with enthusiasm. “Aaahhhh,” she gasped as Drew’s cock filled her cunt. Fiona now moved forward to lick Tess and then pushed back to take all of him again. She wanted Drew to fuck her now so this time when she moved forward she stayed forward. Fiona now felt Drew settle into a rhythm, as she did with her tongue in Tess. Drew felt that Fee was encouraging him to thrust harder, so he pushed into her harder and deeper than he had the previous night. He wanted for some reason to fuck her more roughly this izmir escort time. He didn’t want to hurt her but more wanted to use her glorious body for his own gratification. He now put one foot on the mattress and lifted himself so that he was half standing and could thrust at more of an angle into her. Fiona felt him change position and the extra pressure his cock was putting on her pussy lips as he plunged into her. This was not the lovely sex they had last night, this was him fucking her. And she loved it. Her long tongue pushed into Tess’s vagina and her top lip rubbed the lovely little clit as she was fucked by Drew from behind. She could now feel a new sensation as Drew ran his thumb over her anus gently as he pushed his cock into her. She now wondered what it would be like for that thumb to enter her. She didn’t want to have to ask Drew to finger her ass, indeed she didn’t now how to. So she just let out a prolonged moan. Drew pushed his cock into her. His balls were slapping her down near her clit with each thrust and he was tickling her anus. He heard her moan as he touched her bud and slowed his pelvic thrusting to allow his thumb to apply more pressure to the sphincter. ‘Yes she is loosening,’ Drew thought as she moaned again and pushed back onto him. Drew now pulled his cock from her sopping vagina and rubbed some of her juices mixed with the lubricant from the condom onto her anus. He then thrust his hard, throbbing cock back into her pussy and settled himself back to his knees. Slowly he circled the wet rosebud of her anus with his thumb. “Aaaah,” Fiona more or less begged. Drew was again thrusting into her with his cock and now was putting considerable pressure on her ass hole. Suddenly the muscle relaxed and his the nub of his thumb entered her warm tight ass. He didn’t move it, just held it in her and pressed down against his cock through the thin membrane separating her vagina and bowel. Fiona felt the digit enter her ass. His cock was pounding her pussy and she felt full. Tess’s juices were flowing into her mouth. She felt engulfed in this sexual act. Drew’s balls and scrotum were slapping her clit, her ass was being fingered. She could feel her orgasm beginning. Drew felt her ass hole tighten on his thumb and her pussy pulse as she was over come with pleasure. She was making gasping sounds into Tess’s pussy as she licked and sucked at her. Tess was also cumming as Fiona’s long, thick, dexterous tongue filled her vagina. Fiona pushed back onto Drew’s cock and ground onto him. His thumb now fucked her ass as she held his cock in herself. Fee screamed in orgasmic bliss. Drew could feel himself dumping his semen into her. He held her ass with his thumb now slightly hooked and pushed into her as deeply as he could with his dick. After four or five strong pumps his ejaculation was finished and he was shaking from his exertions. He lay his head onto Fees back and kissed her soft skin. Tess watched as Drew bought Fee to her climax. She had also cum with the huge tongue inside her pussy. Finally Fee disengaged from Drew and then moved over to the middle of the bed. She cuddled into Tess. “Shit I love being fucked,” Fiona exclaimed, “And I love licking your pussy Tess.” ‘How far has this shy lesbian come in the space of two weeks,’ mused Tess to herself. “Why have I waited so long?” Fiona asked them, “Honestly that bitch I got involved with when I was so young has a lot to answer for?” “Well Fee this is just the start for you. You can have any man you want. With your looks and the way you seem to enjoy fucking you can take your pick,” Tess answered. “I know. I don’t want to be a slut but I do want to make up for lost time,” she said. Drew got up and went to the shower. As he washed himself he thought to himself.. She was a good fuck, but he still didn’t feel one hundred per cent easy in her company. Especially when Tess was with them. Was it that he was worried that Tess may be a little jealous and it may hurt their relationship. He didn’t know. What he did decide was that that would be the last time he would have sex with Fee for some time, if indeed it happened again at all. He thought it would be best if he distanced himself from her a bit now. She could blossom on her own, no strings attached. Tess and Dave settled into their chairs opposite Drew who was already perusing the menu. Dave was hungry after his long run. He had done his usual Saturday fifteen kilometers, returned to the apartment and then showered quickly. Tess and Drew were waiting for him to go out for brunch. Fee had gone home. As they ate their meals they discussed their plans for the next few weeks. It was only three weeks until Dave izmir escort bayan would be moving up to the farm and Drew was trying to work out his own schedule for traveling down to the city with his sheep deliveries. He would only have one more trip in two weeks and then Dave would be moving in. It was decided that next weekend Tess and Dave would again travel up to the farm. Dave was really keen to make the four hour drive. He really loved the lifestyle and didn’t want to miss any opportunity to visit. Tess although not so keen on all the travel also wanted to get back to the garden. She was surprised how much she had enjoyed herself last weekend and had a few plans she wanted to discuss with Drew. And now the weather was really getting warmer she wanted to enjoy the outdoors more. Then there would only be one more trip to the city with sheep, after that he would be staying with Tess alone as Dave would be looking after the farm in his absence. Drew sat opposite Tess and Dave. He sat back and quietly watched as they made conversation. He was so happy with his life now. Tess and Dave were prepared to travel as much as he did to keep this relationship alive. Both of them loved him, that was obvious. He loved to be with them, in the city and at home on the farm. He loved his sex life with them. They were so giving and open about sex. He’d had sex with Fee twice in the last twelve hours in the same bed with them and they hadn’t judged him for it. He knew nothing was out of bounds with his new partners as long as it was discussed and was out in the open with them.He couldn’t wait for when it was just he and Dave on the farm alone. He wanted to experience a same sex relationship during the week and have Tess join them on the weekends for more of what they were having now. He realized that the thought of just he and Dave having sex had aroused him and he had an erection hiding in his shorts under the breakfast table. “What’s that smile on your face for Drew?” he heard Tess ask. “I was just thinking how much I love you and Dave and how happy I am with everything,” he replied. Tess reached across the table and squeezed his fingers with her tiny hand. Dave reached under the table and found Drew’s knee with his hand and held it firmly. He would have liked to reach further and taken his dick but thought better of that idea. “The feeling is more than mutual, I can assure you,” Dave answered.So the plan was now set, in three weeks Dave would move up to the farm. Drew was again sitting on the front veranda of the farm house. It was the first weekend of November. Tess and Dave had rung three and a half hours ago to say that they were just passing through the outer suburbs on the way out of town. The house was cleaned and the bed had fresh linen on it. He was now showered and dressed in shorts and an athletic singlet, he had drunk a beer. Dinner was cooked, he’d roasted a chicken and prepared salads earlier. Now he just had to sit and wait patiently. The days were getting longer and the warm evening breeze felt good on his bare shoulders. He picked up his empty beer bottle and went inside to the kitchen to get another. Settling back into his deck chair he opened his second beer for the evening and smiled as he remembered the surprise he had got on the previous Tuesday morning. He had been working in the machinery shed giving his tractor an oil change when he’d heard a truck approaching along the driveway. Stepping into the yard to investigate who would be visiting him he was confronted with a tow truck carrying a new quad bike. The driver of the truck climbed down from the cab, Drew recognized him immediately as he had gone to grade school with him. “Hi Barry, what are you doing this far out of town?” “Hi Drew, I have a delivery for Dave. The message I got was that he was starting work here for you next week.” “He hasn’t gone and bought a quad has he?” Drew asked. “Yes and a helmet and boots. I will just grab them out of the truck,” answered the driver. As they tilted the tray of the truck to unload the gleaming new machine Barry said somewhat awkwardly, “How have you been Drew? I haven’t seen you since Dianne’s funeral. I’m sorry, I’m not good with grief. I just didn’t know what to say to you.” Drew stopped undoing the strap holding the quad onto the truck and stood up. “I’m good Barry, thanks for asking. Don’t be sorry, I wouldn’t have known how to act if the shoe was on the other foot. It was rough for a while. But it’s good now.” Barry was looking at him and trying not to show that he was still emotional over the death of his childhood friend’s wife. Drew could see that Dianne’s illness and passing still touched people. His first impulse and probably the correct one was to give Barry a hug and reassure him that he really was in a good place now. He didn’t though, it just wasn’t what two men did in rural Australia. “Who’s Dave anyway?” Barry asked. Drew was now faced for the first time of finding an answer about his relationship with Dave.