The Red Satin Sash

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I’ve been planning this moment, thinking and plotting how I will reveal myself to you. I have loved our love life, getting to know you… getting to know myself. There’s something amazing about the way you want me. It’s not just the intensity of your desire, although that excites me very much. No, plenty of other men have made their desire for me very clear and yet I’ve felt nothing in return. No, with you it’s different. It’s not just the urgency, the passion you have for me. It is tempered by a tenderness, a gentle way you have with me that’s actually rather subtle. It’s the concern you have when you check in with me during any regular day; it’s the forethought you have to let me know that you have a busy day ahead so you won’t touch base with me till the end of the day but if I need you just call; it is the enormous sense of security you give me out side the bedroom that has lit a fire in the bedroom I can scarcely describe.

I know you enjoy my expressive nature in bed. You’ve told me how much you love to watch me, to see me let go, soaking me up with your eyes as I touch myself or completely let go as I ride you. I know you are so turned on by the way I want you, the way I talk to you and tell you how good you feel touching me… And now I know you’ve also been missing something. When you told me I was too shy with you, there were places you’d like me to touch you and roles you’d like me to play with you, my ears perked up. I love to turn you on and welcomed this opportunity. The wheels immediately started turning as I began to formulate my plan. Now it is time, I will put it into motion.

Without hinting to you, I send a package to your office. The morning of it’s delivery I give you simple instructions… You will receive a small unmarked package today. When it arrives, close the door to your office and open it right away. You do as instructed, and you’re not sure why but just the sound of my voice — firm, authoritative and a little mysterious, prompts an erection. As you open the stuffed manila envelope, a neatly folded long red satin sash falls softly to your desk… You are intrigued and look in the envelope to find a handwritten note:

Hi Sweetheart, I’ve got very special plans for you tonight. I am going to do things to you, touch you in ways I’ve never touched you… I am going to turn you on till you can’t stand it, until you think you’re going to explode, until you’re aching to feel me and then I’m going to make you beg for me to release you. And I will… in my own time, in my own way, when I am ready. Be at my place at 8:00 tonight, and make Travesti sure to bring the red satin sash with you. Don’t be late! – Me

You fall back into your chair, your mind racing, your breath coming faster now thinking of the night ahead of you. You struggle to compose yourself, adjusting your hard on. It’s going to be a long day!

You move through your day distracted at best, on edge, thinking of the night ahead, anticipation burning inside you… exactly how I want you. You finally leave work and make the drive to my place, arriving minutes early.

You find the front door unlocked and enter slowly, taking in the surroundings. All the lights are off but the glow of candles flicker everywhere setting the tone. You hear music, soft and sensuous floating from upstairs and you call out, “Hello?” I respond back to you in an unmistakably sexy voice, “I’m upstairs.”

You climb the stairs, red satin sash in hand, desire building stronger with each step you take. You find the doors to the bedroom wide open with one soft light bathing the room in a lustrous glow. There’s a warm and sensuous scent in the air, you’re trying to place it when your eyes fall upon me, and every other thought evaporates. You’re not usually one for lingerie, but this you must behold. I’m wearing a black lace bustier that does great things for my full breasts. They rest precariously on top of the strapless C cups, which I know are too small but I like how my breasts look like they could spill over the top at any moment. The long narrow body shows off my trim waist and the lace gives a glimpse of my well defined muscles beneath, meeting the top of a matching black lace thong. I’m perched on top of 4 inch high heels, black and strappy, which give the must delicious tilt to my firm, round ass and long lean legs. Your cock is already straining against your pants and you’ve barely stepped in the bedroom.

You open your mouth to speak and I raise a well manicured finger to my lips, “Shhh…” I say shaking my head. I approach you and you reach out to touch me once again greeted by my shaking head, “Ah-ah-ah-ahhh…. Not yet,” I tell you firmly. I stand directly in front of you, so close, but not touching you and lower myself in front of you, traveling slowly down the length of your body. My face passes so close to your cock that I can feel the heat, but I continue down all the way to your feet. I slowly remove your shoes and socks, then slowly stand back up. Your eyes feast on me as I rise up the length of your body. I undo your belt, slowly teasing you then move my hands to undo your Konya Travesti zipper. I allow my hand to move deliberately across your raging hard on. Your pants fall to the floor and I begin loosening your tie, slowly, letting it run through my fingers, caressing it as if I were touching you…

I begin to undo each button and see the red satin sash still clenched in your hand. I run my hand down the entire length of your arm sending shivers up your spine, finally reaching it in your hand. “Good job,” I whisper in your ear so you feel my breath on your neck. Now you stand before me naked, completely aroused, and you receive your first instruction, “Lay down on the bed,” my voice punctuates the silence.

You comply and I climb on top of you, tying your hands to the head board so you are completely at my whim. You can feel the warmth between my legs, and knowing that I am turned on being in charge excites even more, if that’s possible. I fill my hands with warm massage oil and begin to rub your shoulders, your chest, working my way down your belly, my breasts and nipples spilling over the top of corset, teasing every inch of you as they slide along the length of your well oiled body. I run my hands down your hips, skipping your throbbing cock completely. More oil and then I begin kneading your thighs, your legs, your calves, your ankles, rubbing your feet then working my way slowly, slippery back up…

You are on fire now, the teasing has taken a toll on your body and your mind. You moan out loud. You know I have plans for that oil, but you will wait for that. Now I tell you to suck my nipples. You want desperately to touch my breasts, hold them, squeeze them, feel them, but you can’t move your arms… so you must use just your mouth. Your mouth feels amazing, eagerly sucking, biting and licking at my hard brown nipples. I reward your work by standing up and peeling off the black lace thong, now soaked with my wetness. I let you take in my pussy, trimmed neatly to a small dark patch of hair, pointing to the smooth and delicate lips that long to feel you. I climb back on you, straddling you so the tip of your dick tickles my pussy, massaging my clit in the most fantastic manner while you continue to bite at my nipples.

You try to push into me, but ah-ah-ah! No no, not yet. Not yet. You are nearly begging now, “Please, I need to be inside you, please…”

“You will,” I tell you, “you will, after you eat me…” And I kneel over your face, planting my smooth delicate pussy directly over your face. Your tongue is fantastic, licking me, teasing İzmir Travesti me, entering me, oh my god it feels so good! I don’t want to come yet, and I’m pleased by your performance, so I decide now I will allow you a little pleasure…

I slide down you slowly, teasing you with my hard nipples pressing into your body… You are beside yourself, every touch is like electricity lighting you up, sizzling. You hope, pray that I will give you some relief and at that moment are over taken by the sensation of my warm mouth inhaling the entire length of your throbbing hard cock. I have to stop immediately because I know you could come that fast and I won’t let you. You instinctively move to grab my head, make me hold my mouth there but are reminded by the twinge at your wrists that you can’t actually move. Uhhh! You protest out loud which does not amuse me….

I get up, telling you as I reach for the oil, “you thought that was a tease? Tsk tsk…” I lay down in between your legs, pushing them apart widely, and you watch as I pour more oil in my hands, rubbing it along my fingers. You are so completely turned on at the thought of where those fingers are going next.

Slowly I return my mouth to your cock, but don’t take u in my mouth. I am licking now all around it, nibbling your thighs, sucking at your balls, and working my way lower… slowly… You’re beside yourself now, moaning out loud as my mouth approaches your ass. I reach up with my well oiled hands and slowly, deliciously begin to tease your ass, licking, pressing, first my tongue, then one finger, then two, and then… I move away from it teasing you in the cruelest way… You’re nearly incoherent, moaning writhing, begging me to release you.

Satisfied by my work I take your cock in my mouth, sucking you hard and deep knowing you can not possibly last for long. I will reward your patience. So I remove the ties from your wrists, allowing you finally the satisfaction of grabbing my hair while I deep throat you. I reach under you while my mouth works your throbbing dick and slide a finger right up your ass. You moan loudly, I know you’re trying not to cum, it feels so good, but now I want the satisfaction of feeling you explode, I want to know I’ve taken you over the edge…

I swallow hard, taking your cock even deeper in my throat and at the same moment slide a second finger deep inside your ass and I’m rewarded instantly with a mouthful of cum, you shouting out “oh my god oh my god oh god!!!” with an orgasm that makes your entire body convulse. You bury your cock even further down my throat, holding my head there while your body shakes… I suck every last drop from you, feeling light headed from the intensity of your orgasm. I move up and lay down next to you, kissing you deeply so you can taste yourself on my mouth before you pass out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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