The Residency


The girl was a medical grad doing her residency at the hospital where my wife was head nurse on one of the wards, and as cocky as they came. Convinced that she knew everything and that the nurses should bow before her advanced schooling.

Awkward, since my wife had her doctorate and a host of other honors. The little tease caught my eye at some asinine fundraising event because of her perky little smile, curly black hair, and… other things, artfully displayed in a little black dress with a pair of bright-colored sneakers. The contrast is what struck me more than anything. My wife, short and full-figured, with hips that were illegal in nine states- the girl thin and elegant. My wife’s earthy humor, the girl’s pale skin blushing at a slightly off-color joke. My wife’s deep tan, high-heeled elegance, and bottle-blond hair beside the girl’s artfully artless casual look.

When my wife told me that she planned to seduce her I was fully on board. When she got that evil gleam in her big brown eyes I knew I was in for a treat. So for the next several weeks I was a very interested bystander as my wife sloooowly eased the girl into first, some mild lesbian experimentation, and then, the kind of subtly dominant relationship Escort bayan that naturally developed between an older woman and a flighty little girl. I would join her in the shower each day after work, rubbing and caressing and listening to her descriptions of her latest little move in the dance… before I finally dropped to my knees and licked her until she came, trembling, braced against the shower wall.

When she excitedly texted me one day around noon with a picture of the little brunette slut, naked, with a tie around her neck like a leash and desperately licking my wife’s pussy as some anonymous guy pounded her from behind… I knew it would be my turn soon.

Two days later I woke to my wife, returning from a late night shift, definitively not alone. I watched as my wife stripped the girl and pushed her to her knees, then I climbed out of bed.

Our new slave trembled on her knees between us as we kissed, then my wife dropped to kneel beside her. Together, we explored the depths of her cocksucking abilities. She was a shameless, eager slut. Bobbing and slurping and gagging and letting me bury myself in her throat with barely any resistance.

After I came in her mouth that night we made Bayan escort her suck me until I was hard again and my wife climbed on top, the girl kneeling beside the bed still in her underwear.

We had been fucking for a good minute before she begged to have a turn.

My wife let her beg, then condescendingly told her to come up on the bed and let me eat her. Dick was for women, not desperate little oral slaves.

It was true. She was desperate, as she tried desperately to eke orgasms from my teasing tongue. My wife soon silenced her begging, ordering her to lick. The slut was so petite that her pussy could practically ride my face while her tongue desperately lapped where my wife’s pussy rode up and down on my dick, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Instead I heard my wife order the girl to lick her breasts, and soon heard the sounds of licking and sucking. I couldn’t see much from where I was, squeezed between the girl’s legs. But the images in my mind’s eye were almost as sweet.

Before long I came, pulsing deep inside my wife as she sighed in satisfaction. She rode me for a few moments, letting the girl lavish her breasts with devotion, before she dismounted and Escort sat on the edge of the bed.

She pulled the girl off my face and I stood, briefly kissing and nibbling her neck while I caressed her curves. Then I turned my attention to the girl, guiding her slowly to her knees before my wife. I smiled up at my love as I shifted my attention to the girl’s ears, nibbling and whispering as she shuddered against me. Apparently those ears were sensitive.

Soon I slid my hand into the curly hair at the nape of her neck, guiding her down to service my lovely wife in just the way I knew she liked. Soon, under my tutelage, she had my wife moaning and writhing, legs shaking, and I turned my hands to other tasks. Tweaking her nipples and toying with her pussy. She was mindlessly aroused, pushing back against my semi-hard cock and making needy little mewling noises as she licked.

She tried to protest when I slipped a well-lubed finger into her ass, but my wife’s hands tangled in her hair, pulling her tongue back to its task. Keeping her under control and focused on her oral servitude.

Soon her pert ass was pushing back against my fingers, little moans escaping muffled into my wife’s pussy as she tried to get more. I was hard again, and a little sore. But so ready for this. When I pulled her up onto all fours and replaced my fingers with my cock she hardly struggled, just licked the more intensely.

I just hoped this wouldn’t be the last time we shared her.