The Reunion

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Jenny sat quietly and watched the countryside pass the window of the train. She had never been to this part of the country before, it seemed so isolated and remote. The rolling hills and forested valleys were newly alive with the warmth of the coming summer. She watched without any real interest in the view as her mind kept going back to the chance encounter with her brother James. She hadn’t seen him in many years, not since that terrible day when their father had caught them in the barn. They had been playing a game they had devised daring one another to undress, to show their naked bodies to each other. This particular day they had progressed beyond being naked together and were hesitantly exploring their own bodies responses.

Father had exploded in rage and dragged them still naked to the house were he confronted their mother. He accused her of not being a good mother in allowing such things to happen. Mother had held them to her and tried to defend them and her self, saying that such things were a natural development in growing children. Jenny flinched at the memory the blow her mother had taken as they had been wrenched away from her arms. She and her brother had been sent to dress listening to the loud angry words from downstairs. Father had collected a few of his things and loaded them in the buggy. As he drove away he told them they were going to live somewhere else were he could keep a closer eye on them and punish them if they ever repeated the terrible thing they had done.

The buggy had gone only a short distance when James jumped out and began to run away. Jenny started to follow but her father had grabbed her arm forcing her back and drove on without even looking back. Jenny had lost her brother and her mother that day and she had missed them terribly. She had no idea how to find them as she had been quite young and she came to accept that she would never see them again. Strangely she had never regretted the intimate moments with James.

Life had been different after that day but she had survived. Her father had died some years later but she was old enough then to care for herself. She had learned to be a seamstress and supported herself and had even had discrete lovers but without the magic of love to make her want to commit to marriage. James had found her one day as she shopped for cloth in a wholesale warehouse. He had been buying cloth lots for the dry goods store where he worked. He had recognized her immediately. He was tall and handsome and seemed very happy. She had taken him to her little flat where they talked until very late. James brought her up to date on his life as she shared hers. Neither regretted the loss of their father and James was adamant that every thing would be put right now. He insisted that Jenny come with him to meet his wife and family and he was certain that once she met them and visited the little village where they lived she would agree to live there with them. They had parted with embraces and kisses and tears. Jenny assured James that she would consider his offer and let him know. Now after she had made her arrangements and considerations she was on the way to meet him, her beloved brother.

Evening had come by the time the train arrived and Jenny wondered if she would need to find lodging for the night. James had informed her by letter that he made all the arrangements for tickets and that the train did not come to his little village but that he would be there to take her on to his home. There were only a few other passengers leaving the train with her and most seemed to have arrived home to be met by others, however she saw no sign of her brother. Jenny gathered her meager luggage from the porter and went to the ticket window. As she was about to ask after a hotel she heard her name called out. There was James at the end of the platform. She rushed to him only to be swept off her feet and embraced. Quite unexpectedly James kissed her lips instead of her cheek. The kiss lasted and grew more passionate until she realized where they were and pushed him away. She was gasping for breath and felt warm all over from the greeting. She felt quite aroused. James was laughing and holding her hands and telling her how happy he was that she had come. He put her bag in his carriage and helped her up and started off into the night for his village.

The ride began with excited recollections of the trip, with explanations of her arrangements where she lived, and with her brother’s descriptions of the country side and his family and home. It eventually darkened completely and fatigue caught up with Jenny. She fell asleep leaning against her brother’s shoulder, his arm around her. As she gave in to sleep she was struck by how very good it felt to be in her brother’s arms again. At some point in the journey a bump perhaps woke her to find that her head was in her brother’s lap and she felt what could only be his hard cock under her cheek. Rather than making an awkward issue of it she turned as if in sleep and moved her head away. gaziantep escort bayan ilanları Presently she again fell asleep only to dream of the wonderful things they had discovered in the barn and of her brother’s hard cock.

James woke Jenny up as they entered the quiet little village. She looked at the neat houses and yards in the street lamps as they passed and liked what she saw. It seemed peaceful and serene, very like a home should be. James lived in a cottage just passed the edge of town and they soon arrived. Jenny was apprehensive about meeting her brother’s wife and family but James explained that they were away for the night. He showed her to a room in the back and put her bag down and went to put the carriage away. She looked around the clean little room and smiled at its welcome feeling. There was a washbasin and water she used and was just removing her things from the travel bag when James returned.

“Jenny, I can’t tell you how much I have looked forward to this day. To have you here at last in my home, hopefully to stay.” He said as he again took her in his arms. This embrace was not the intense first meeting kind but one of warmth and comfort. He held her with one arm as he gathered her face in his other hand and tilted it back. His lips covered hers as his hand went to the back of her neck and held her to him. Jenny melted into the kiss returning his ardor until she felt his tongue part her lips. She tried to push away but her brother held her lips to his as he explored her tongue with his.

“No!” she gasped, “you mustn’t. We can’t!”

“Oh, but we can!” he said into her mouth. “I love you. I have missed you so much and now I can have you back. Everything will be different now, you will see, you will understand. I have so many things to explain and to show you. But first…”

James picked his sister up and carried her to the bed laying her out in its center. He bent over her and again kissed her as he mounted the bed beside her. Jenny didn’t know what to think but her brother’s kisses and the wave of emotion that washed over her to be with him again wiped her mind clear of objection. She returned his kisses and her tongue to his. She was hardly aware of his hands as he loosened the bodice of her dress. Her skirts were gathered up as his hand caressed her thigh. She listened to his soft whispers as her brother told her how long he had imagined having her in his bed, of how they had undressed for each other and how very pretty she had been when she was naked for him. His words came like warm lotion softening her reluctance and soothing her body as he gradually removed her clothes. She moved when he guided her, their lips barely touching but never quite losing contact, until she was naked beside him.

James kissed his sister’s lips and her tongue. He kissed a path around her face, her eyes and cheeks, until he found her ears. Taking each lobe into his mouth he gently sucked them and whispered his love into her ear. He kissed his way down her long neck licking the warm hollows at the base of her throat. Her hard nipples were sucked and tongued as he held each globe in his hand and caressed its creamy skin. His kisses continued down over her firm stomach stopping to lick and probe her navel while he raised himself over her legs. Spreading his sister’s legs, James settled between them and took a bottom cheek in each hand. He kissed the crease of her thighs and all around her swollen cunt lips.

Jenny was in a trance as her brother kissed his way down her body, thrilling to the tender touch of his lips and tongue as he explored all of her hidden places. She felt suddenly cool when he raised away from beside her, the air giving a feeling of exposure, of being naked, her wet nipples tingling. She gave a gasp when she felt his lips at the top of her thigh and fairly swooned when his lips touched her cunt. His tongue was hot and wet and magic as it licked between the lips, causing her to shiver and tremble. No lover had ever kissed her so.

James probed into his sister’s cunt lips opening them with his tongue. He licked the length from bottom to top slowly, savoring the taste of her sweetness. Quick touches of his tongue to her clitoris brought shivers and he would withdraw to lick its length again. He paused to probe into her tight opening fucking her with his tongue before continuing to lick up the essences now freely flowing into his mouth. James wanted to give his sister maximum pleasure but slowly. He explored her cunt with his tongue. Aware of the reactions he received and not wanting to cause an orgasm too soon he would move on and come back to those places that made her respond. Gradually he developed a pattern of kisses and licks and occasionally would include a suck of her clitoris at the best moment. He brought one hand up and began to work a finger into her cunt, then two as he licked and sucked. When he judged the time right, that Jenny could take escort bayan gaziantep ilanları little more, he put one of his wet fingers at the opening of her bottom. He pushed his finger in as he began to tease her clitoris with his tongue, flipping it and sucking on it. He had held her at the very edge of orgasm as long as he could, as long as she could.

Jenny felt as if she were melting, she was so hot her entire body was on fire. She clutched at her breasts and squeezed them pulling her own hard nipples. Her brother’s tongue caused one wave of pleasure after another. Feeling as if she was going to suffocate she gasped and panted for air but the air brought her no relief. When James pushed his finger into her bottom hole it set off an explosion that began at the white-hot center of her bottom and rushed through her body to pour out her melted self into his mouth. Convulsions racked through her and tremors shook her body over which she had no control. Lights flared behind her eyelids as she gave up her awareness and fell into exhausted sleep.

James received his sister’s nectar into his sucking mouth as he fucked her cunt and bottom with wet fingers. Her tossing about as she came into his mouth made it difficult for him to keep ministering to her open cunt but he licked and sucked until she quit moving. He slowly withdrew his fingers and kissed her still twitching cunt lips. Looking up her naked body he could see that she had fainted away. Taking this opportunity he quickly undressed and tossed their accumulated clothing onto a chair out of the way. He climbed into bed with his naked sister and gathered her to him, kissing her damp forehead and lips as he caressed her warm body. Jenny barely moved as he cupped her breast and played with the still hard nipple. He wet his finger in her dripping cunt and wiped the nectar on a nipple and licked it away. Jenny seemed to be in a deep sleep as his caresses caused no reactions. He hoped this was the first of many times they would make love and even though he was more aroused than he had been in a long time, he could wait. His hard cock rubbed against his sister leaving wet trails. He grasped his dripping cock and slowly stroked it reliving the moments before and planning for many more. Occasionally he would squeeze out the clear oil dripping from his cock and bring his coated fingers to place drops on Jenny’s lips where he would lick them away.

Later that night Jenny awoke to find herself lying with her naked bother. She had her head on his shoulder as he held her. The lamp was still burning by the bed and she could look down the length of her brother’s naked body. She licked her lips and kissed his nipple as it stood up directly before her. Trying not to move too much she studied James’ naked form. She had been with few men but knew enough to know that her brother had a beautiful naked body. His cock was not completely soft but arched over onto his leg and she could see the drop of clear oil still hanging to the opening. Strangely he had very little pubic hair only a small tuft well up from his cock. She couldn’t resist the impulse to touch him and so gently ran her fingers over his cock and then down to touch his balls. His cock was smooth as silk and very warm to the touch and in grasping it discovered that he had no hair at all around his cock or balls only the little tuft up on his stomach. Jenny felt his cock stir in her hand and begin to swell. Soon it was iron hard and stood up from her brother’s stomach in all its glory. She was still stroking it when she felt kisses on the top of her head.

James let his sister play with his cock until he couldn’t help getting hard. He was very pleased that she was accepting this even though he had felt that she would. He kissed her hair until she offered him her lips and tongue still grasping his hard cock. He leaned over her as he continued the kiss and covered her hand with his and encouraged her to frig his cock. He then opened her thighs and covered her wet cunt with his own hand.

“I love you.” He whispered into her mouth.

“I love you. I must love you too much to have let this happen.” Jenny replied. “What are we going to do? What if someone finds out? I won’t have trouble in your family over me. I’ve missed you terribly but I’ll go back if there is to be trouble.”

“Hush,” he said, “there isn’t going to be any trouble. Ellen, my wife, knows all about us. She knows where we are right now and what we are doing. Or I should say what we all hoped that we would be doing.”

“I don’t understand, what are you saying?” Jenny gasped. “Do you mean to say that you told her what might happen? Is that why she left you?”

“Wait. Slow down. No Ellen hasn’t left me. She went to stay with her father for the night and took the children just so that we could be alone. So that I could find out if you would be willing to finish what we started all these years ago, to see if you would gaziantep bayan escort ilanları be willing to join us.’

“Now I really don’t understand. You said we all hoped and that I would join you. Who do you mean when you say we all? Join you in what?” Jenny was starting to sound worried.

“I will try to explain but first let me say this. No matter what we have done know that I love you and I always shall. We have done nothing wrong, only loved each other. We have expressed our love to each other in words and now in deeds. As they say here, it is never wrong to love. If you don’t feel that you could stay and live the way we do you should leave but I will always love you and you will always be welcome in my home. Ellen will tell you the same thing when you meet.” James voice was starting to break as he finished.

Jenny held her brother’s face in her hands and kissed his damp eyes and his lips and then clutched him to her breasts holding him tightly to her. “I have and will always love you too. I just don’t understand how this can be right with others.” She cried too.

James then pulled her back to his side and began to explain how he had first come to meet Ellen. As he talked he cupped Jenny’s breast and caressed it. James had come through the Village as a salesman and had called on Ellen’s father at his store. He thought it was love at first sight and when he found that he could make love to her when ever he wanted he was truly struck. It didn’t take long before Ellen had convinced him to give up his job and work for her father in his dry goods store. He had then discovered just as Jenny was about to discover that this was no ordinary village. James explained as he had been told that this Village and the valley that hid it was first settled by a group of families that believed in and practiced family love. That is to say that every person of age in a family was free to love every other member of that family, physically as well as emotionally. Everyone was brought up by their parents to know how to make love and how to share that love. Fathers taught daughters and mothers taught sons and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles all made love together. It was not only permissible, it was the right thing to do. If fathers and sons wanted to love each other or mothers and daughters, gender or relationship didn’t matter as long as it was what everyone wanted. This openness in loving was also extended to the entire community of families. People married to raise families but were free to love anyone they chose, as often as they wished, when and where ever they wished.

“Do you mean to say that you have made love to others besides your wife and she doesn’t mind?” Jenny asked in astonishment.

“Not only doesn’t mind but she encourages me to and she even helps and joins in.” James laughed. “She also loves others always with my love and knowledge.” He then went into great detail in the telling of a recent party with Ellen’s brother and his family. The descriptions of brother and sister fucking while James fucked the brother’s wife and of wives helping each other while both were fucked by both husbands at the same time. By the time James had related how he had fucked his sister in law and his mother in law and various nieces and wives of friends and their daughters, his cock was dripping all over his sister’s busy hand.

James soon replaced his cunt wet hand with his mouth until Jenny was again on the verge of orgasm and then she placed her brother’s cock into her own cunt and pulled him in. They fucked with passion until both erupted in liquid pleasure. James kept pumping white cream into Jenny’s sweet nectar filled cup until it ran over. Then he emptied it of their combined essence with his tongue. They rested and started again and again. He put her on the edge of the bed and sucked her cunt, then fucked it with his cock, then pulled out to suck it again and then fuck it again until she filled his mouth again with her clear sweet nectar. Finally their bodies could take no more and exhaustion over took them in sleep.

Jenny awoke when she felt the body sit on the edge of the bed beside her. She moaned in pleasure and comfort as she turned to greet her brother only to discover that a pretty dark haired woman sat beside her. Jenny gasped in panic and surprise and tried to gather up the bed covers over her naked breasts. She belatedly felt James’ naked body next to her side. He groaned and sat up and smiled at the intruder.

“Good morning!” the woman laughed, “I hope I didn’t startle you. I’m Ellen, and you’re Jenny my husband’s sister I know. I see that James has welcomed you to our home. I hope that he has done some explaining so that you won’t be concerned, it can be a little difficult for outsiders to understand. He has talked of nothing else since he found you, about how he wanted you to come to the Village and live with us. I hope so too.”

Jenny was struck dumb and could think of nothing to say even if she could speak. She was trapped by the covers as her sister in law sat on them preventing her from pulling a cover over her exposed breasts. She tried vainly to hide her nakedness with her hands until Ellen gently pulled them away. Her sister in law then calmly cupped one breast and thumbed the hard nipple as she leaned down and kissed her mouth. She opened her lips to the probing tongue and accepted its wet sweetness. The kiss broke when there was a sound at the door.

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