The Robinsons


Note: This is the final part of a young girls sexual experience with her future parents-in-law. Please read “Mr. Robinson” and “Mrs. Robinson” before you begin read “The Robinsons”.

Lisa was crying as she locked her bedroom door. She realized Matt’s mom had seduced her. Last night his dad seduced her. She knew she should feel used and angry but they opened some passions in her she never knew she had. She remembered Brenda’s last words to her. “It’s OK.”

Maybe it was OK? It felt so good. So as long as they both agreed maybe it was OK? For her whole life she had been told that sex should only be with the one you love. If that was so why did it feel so good? What would be the consequence of messing around with Matt’s Mom and Dad? She knew Matt would not be happy but who would tell him? Matt would not find out from his parents and definitely not from her.

She heard Brenda come up the stairs and head to her bedroom. Suddenly, she heard voices. Steve must have been in the bedroom all the time they were on the patio. He must have watched as Brenda removed her bikini and touched her pussy until she climaxed. She wondered if it had been pre-planned? She slowly opened her door and walked softly to their bedroom door. She heard Brenda ask Steve: “Did you see me touch Lisa’s pussy?”

Damn, maybe it was planned? Lisa saw the door was not closed all the way. As she heard Brenda say, “Come to Momma” she slowly pushed the door until she could peek inside. She gasped as she saw Steve’s hard prick directing his body up onto the bed. She watched as Brenda’s hand took hold of his tool and guided him inside her hairy nest. Her mouth opened wide as she watched his long prick move into her wetness. How could she so easily take that gigantic beast?

Lisa watched as Steve lasted only a few seconds before he released his pleasure. That’s it? She laughed to herself. The big man couldn’t last any longer than that? She was afraid she would make a noise standing by the door so she tiptoed back to her room. It was payback time and she had to come up with a plan.

Brenda held onto her husband’s ass as he collapsed onto her body. “Sorry, honey.” Steve said. “You don’t know how exciting it was watching you and Lisa.”

“I think I have an idea.” Brenda laughed as he pulled out of her hot cavern. “I never thought I would have sexual feelings for another woman but I was really turned on. But, I’m worried I went too far with her, she was pretty upset when she ran to her room.”

“Well, I have to tell you something” Steve said as his hands covered his eyes. Steve told his wife everything that had happened the night before. He told her he was just sneaking in a few touches when she woke up and allowed him to touch everywhere. Brenda gasped when she heard about Lisa jerking him off. “No wonder she is upset.” Brenda injected. “She has been masturbated by both of Matt’s parents. She must be a wreck. We better do some damage control before Matt arrives tomorrow.”

Steve got dressed and headed downstairs as Brenda jumped into the shower. Brenda’s concern about Lisa was bothering her as she quickly left the shower, dressed and headed downstairs. Steve was watching TV. “No Lisa?” She asked.

“Not a sound.” Steve replied.

Just as Brenda decided to go upstairs to knock on her door she heard Lisa’s door open. Both of them pretended to be watching TV as Lisa moved down the stairs and into the den. Brenda turned expecting to see her with her bags packed. But, what she saw took her by surprised. Lisa was standing in the doorway wearing her tiny bikini.

“Hi. What are you watching?” She asked with a big smile. She moved over to the sofa and sat down next to Steve.

“Are you OK?” Brenda asked wondering if she had cracked. “Sure. I feel great.” Lisa answered. Brenda watched as Lisa moved back on the sofa while spreading her legs. Her bikini bottom did little to hide the shape of her pussy. Steve coughed when he glanced down to see the material wedged between her pussy lips. He remembered how soft and hot those lips were as he touched him last night. He immediately got a hard-on and had to adjust his excitement in his pants.

Lisa saw Steve’s reaction and smiled. If they want to play a teasing game then I can do the same she thought. “Can I see the TV guide?” She asked as she moved her body over Steve’s to take the book from the end table. Her breasts moved over his stomach. She took her time picking up the book as her breasts rubbed against his hardness.

Brenda looked shocked when Lisa opened her legs. She looked amazed when Lisa moved her boobs over Steve’s hard-on. She had seen enough. “Does anyone want anything from the kitchen?” Brenda asked as she walked from the room. “Not…ME!” Steve’s voice cracked as Lisa’s mounds slowly rose from his bulge.

Lisa wanted him to suffer as she moved her body back to stretched out next to him. She moved her legs together but opened them very slowly until her knees were almost a foot apart. She pretended to read the TV guide türkçe alt yazılı porno as she displayed her pussy lips barely covered by a thin strip of material. Lisa moved her foot forward until it lightly touched his leg. He jumped slightly as her toes moved against his thigh. He pretended to watch TV as her toes moved up his thigh and across to his stomach. His prick was pulsating as her toes moved down and over his hard-on. Just as he was about to move his hand to her leg she pulled her foot back and stood up next to the sofa. “I think I will have a drink,” she said as she moved quickly into the kitchen. Steve tried to grab her ass as she passed but she dodged his hands. “Now, now” Lisa said while shaking her fingers at him. She moved quickly into the kitchen.

Brenda was leaning over to get something out of the refrigerator when she saw Lisa’s bare feet come up behind her. “What do you have in there?” she asked as she moved her scantly covered body up touching Brenda’s backside. Brenda froze as Lisa’s thighs moved between her ass cheeks. “What are you looking for?” Brenda asked in a shocked voice. “How about some milk?” Lisa asked as she reached under Brenda’s body to grab the milk container.

As her arm moved forward she rubbed it against Brenda’s huge breast. Lisa took her time as she slowly removed the milk container. Her arm moved back all the way while taking aim to rub against Brenda’s hard nipple. “Not milk, let’s have some wine. We know how much you guys love wine”. Lisa moved forward to rub her breasts against Brenda’s arm as she placed the milk container back into the refrigerator. Her face and wet lips came within inches of Brenda’s face.

Lisa turned grabbed a large open bottle of wine on the counter. “Where are the wine glasses?’ She asked. Brenda smiled as she walked to a far cabinet and removed three glasses. “Sounds like we are going to have a party.” Brenda said as she followed Lisa’s cute little pink ass into the living room.

“Do you mind if we turn some music on?” She asked Steve as she walked to the TV. “No” Steve muttered unable to take his eyes from her near naked body. Lisa switched off the TV and turned on the stereo. She tuned the radio until she got the type of music she wanted. “How about some hot Latin music?”

Brenda poured three glasses of wine, grabbed one and started to sit down. “Will you dance with me?” Lisa asked as she held her hands out for Brenda to join her. “Me? Why don’t you dance with Steve?”

“I’m sure Steve would rather watch you and me dance. Right Steve?” Steve could only shake his head yes.

Brenda looked to see her brain dead husband sitting back with a wine glass in his hand. His prick was bulging in his pants and he was drooling waiting for the two women to dance. “Why not?” Brenda said as she gulped down her wine and moved to join Lisa.

Lisa started a slow hip grinding movement. Her bikini had wedged into the cheeks of her ass as well as the lips her pussy. Tiny strands of blonde pubic hair could be seen escaping out the sides of her bikini bottom. The hardness of her nipples was holding the material up on her breasts. Brenda also started a slow hip movement to match Lisa’s. Brenda was wearing shorts and a blouse. The wine and the dancing were making her very hot. Brenda’s eyes were closed until she felt Lisa’s fingers on the buttons on her blouse. “What?” She asked as she grabbed Lisa’s wrists.

“You look very hot in those clothes. I’m just trying to help.” Lisa said as she looked over at Steve for his approval. ‘Yes honey, why don’t you take off some of those hot clothes?” Steve’s voice had returned and he didn’t want the show to stop. Brenda gave him a dirty look. “I don’t know about this.” She said as she released her hands from Lisa’s wrists. Brenda was uneasy in her new role as the hunted.

Lisa kept moving her ass as she slowly unbuttoned Brenda’s blouse. When the last button was released Lisa pulled open Brenda’s blouse to show her sheer white bra. Her dark nipples were hard and easily seen by both Lisa and Steve. Brenda looked down at her bra and reached over to grab another glass of wine. She gulped it down and looked back to see Lisa shaking her chest. Her breasts were coming out from behind the tiny patches of material. “How about your shorts?” Steve asked with a big smile.

Brenda closed her eyes as she unsnapped the waistband and pulled down the zipper. She pushed the shorts over her ass and down her thighs. Her sheer white panties, which matched her bra, showed the shadow of her dark bush. She poured another glass of wine and was drinking it as Lisa came up behind her. Brenda almost dropped the glass when Lisa’s arms moved around her body. Brenda held tightly on the glass as Lisa’s hands moved down over her stomach. Lisa was grinding her near nude body into Brenda’s ass and back. “Is this how they did dirty dancing in the movie?” Lisa asked as her stomach moved up and down Brenda’s panty covered ass. “YES” Steve yelled as he clapped his hands. doeda porno

Lisa pulled on Brenda arm until they were face to face. She looked down as her firm breasts moved forward to crush against Brenda’s large mounds. They were about the same height so their nipples were even as Lisa rubbed her chest from side to side. Lisa looked over at Steve and smiled as she moved her thin arms behind Brenda and pulled her ass towards her stomach. Lisa’s thigh moved between Brenda’s legs and rubbed against her wet mound.

“GOD, I’m getting hot” Brenda cried as she gulped down another glass of wine. “Let me help” Lisa said as she moved her hands up to unsnap Brenda’s bra. Brenda felt the cool air on her hard nipples as her bra fell into Lisa’s hands. “Who wants to take mine off?” Lisa asked with a big smile. “I WILL” Steve yelled as he moved up behind her. Lisa waited until Steve pulled it from her body before she moved her bare breasts forward against Brenda’s naked chest. Brenda felt Lisa’s hard nipples on her own as Lisa’s lips moved to Brenda’s ear. Lisa softly nibbled on Brenda’s ear as her small hands moved up to cup Brenda’s huge tits. Brenda moaned as Lisa’s slim fingers played with her hard buds.

“Are you sure about this?” Brenda whispered to Lisa as Lisa’s thigh rubbed against her panty-covered crotch.

“You said it was OK, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but I’m afraid Matt….”

“If you don’t tell either will I” Lisa said cutting her off. Lisa’s face moved in front of Brenda’s. Brenda’s eyes were wide open as Lisa lips moved forward to touch her own. She was still in shock as Lisa’s tongue moved out and between her lips. Lisa had her thigh rubbing against her pussy, her hands on her breasts and now her tongue in her mouth. All of this in front of Steve her husband.

Steve hurried to remove his clothes. The women were turned the other way and could not see him as he threw off his shirt and removed his pants. He decided to keep his boxers on as he moved his hard-on forward against Lisa’s nearly bare ass. Lisa jumped when she felt his prick ram against her virgin ass.

“Let’s all Dirty Dance” Lisa suggested as she wiggled her body forward against Brenda and then back against Steve’s hard-on. Brenda looked over her shoulder to see Steve’s bare chest moving against Lisa’s body. Brenda broke away and turned to get another glass of wine. As she poured it she felt her panties being pulled down from behind. She didn’t move as Lisa pulled the panties down her thighs and off her feet. She didn’t have to wait long for Lisa’s hands to return back around to her front. Instead of going up this time Lisa’s hands moved down over her navel. Brenda looked down to see her future daughter-in-laws small fingers move into her thick pubic hair. Brenda turned and opened her legs as Lisa’s fingers moved down into her wet pussy. “RIGHT THERE” Brenda cried as Lisa’s fingers began to repay her debt.

Steve was panting as he rubbed his prick on Lisa’s ass. As Lisa removed Brenda’s panties Steve pushed down Lisa’s bikini bottoms and his boxers. As they stood back up his prick moved forward against Lisa’s bare ass. The three of them started a slow grinding movement of their bodies together.

Lisa was now naked between her future parents-in-law. Steve’s prick was rubbing up and down her ass cheeks and Brenda’s breasts were moving against her own. Her lips returned to Brenda’s as her fingers moved with a mission over her clit. Lisa smiled as Brenda moaned. She was close to coming but Lisa would not allow it. If she likes to tease then teasing she will get. Lisa thought as her fingers controlled Brenda’s release. Meanwhile, Steve’s hand moved down to grasp his tool. He guided it between Lisa’s thighs and up to her wet pussy lips. As he pushed forward he suddenly felt Lisa’s thighs squeeze together tightly. His prick was caught between a vice as he grunted. “HEY”

“Remember what I told you last night” Lisa said as she allowed him to pull his crushed tool back out.

Brenda looked over Lisa’s shoulder and smiled at her husband. The smile didn’t last long as her face tensed up and she screamed. “OH GOD. DON’T STOP!” Lisa’s fingers were a blur as she stroked the large clit sticking up between Brenda’s wet lips. Brenda exploded and collapsed onto Lisa’s body. Lisa had repaid one debt and still owed another. She removed her wet fingers from Brenda’s pussy and turned to grab Steve’s prick. Steve watched as Brenda sat down on the chair and poured another glass of wine.

Lisa moved her lips forward and whispered in Steve’s ear. “Will you teach me how to give a blowjob?”

Some men might say no to that question from a young beautiful woman but Steve was not one of them. “Sure” he whispered back. Steve moved back to the sofa and sat down. Lisa moved down on her knees and looked forward to see his prick sticking straight up his stomach.

Steve opened his thighs to allow her body to move forward. He watched as Lisa’s tiny hand moved up his leg and around his shaft. Lisa froze. “WELL?”

“OH yes” Steve said remembering he was the teacher. “Move your lips around the top”.

Lisa moved her face forward until her tiny mouth was directly over his huge rod. She moved her lips slowly downward until they lightly touched his tip. Steve’s prick jerked as her mouth opened and moved across the sensitive crown.

“He doesn’t know” Brenda said as she staggered over to the sofa. Lisa removed her lips from his prick and licked them. Strange taste she thought as she watched her naked mother-in-law to be move next to her. Lisa moved aside as she watched Brenda’s lips move down over Steve’s hard-on. She watched Brenda’s lips seal around the crown. Brenda’s mouth opened slightly so Lisa could see her tongue moving slowly around the tip.

Lisa tapped her on the shoulder. This was getting to be a tag-team Lisa thought as she repeated the same mouth and lip movements on Steve’s prick. Steve almost lost consciousness as the two women took turns. Brenda would lick up and down the sides and Lisa would do the same. As Lisa licked on one side Brenda moved her lips to the other side. Steve’s body was quivering as he watched the two women suck and lick his rod.

Matt’s soccer scrimmage was over around 4:00PM and he thought about stopping for dinner at a local fast food joint. He was hungry but didn’t want to loose any time to get on the road. He had packed his bags the night before for his trip home and had placed them in the car. Since the scrimmage was so short he had enough time to drive home tonight and surprise his bride to be and his parents. His soccer shorts were bulging as he thought of Lisa and the great sex they had the last time they were together. She was inexperienced but that didn’t matter. He figured they had a whole life to learn together. He thought about calling ahead to make sure they were home but figured they had to be home by 10:00PM, which is about the time he would be there. He turned up the song on the radio as he sang, “Going down the road trying to loosen my load”.

The blowjob lesson was very tough on Steve. He didn’t want to blow it by coming too early however watching two women go down on you at the same time was every man’s dream. Brenda’s lips moved down over his wet shaft. Lisa’s eyes widened as she watched Brenda’s lips moved down, down and further down. How could she take so much? Brenda pulled her lips off and told Lisa to take it slowly and to make sure to breath through her nose. Lisa moved Brenda aside and opened her tiny mouth as wide as possible to moved over the crown. She moved her lips a couple of inches down and had to adjust her head position to take more. She had in almost 4 inches before it hit the back of her throat. Her jaws were starting to hurt from being stretched to the max. Finally she had to take her mouth off his prick. “Ahhh” Lisa complained. Brenda laughed. “Don’t worry it takes some time to get used to. Especially one this big.” Lisa looked up at Steve to see a proud grin. It was time to finish the lesson. Brenda pushed Lisa aside and moved in place to finish the job. Steve saw the look in her eyes and knew his waiting was over. Brenda’s lips moved tightly over his knob. She began a constant piston movement up and down. Her speed increased until Steve was grasping the sofa seat cushions. “I’M COMING!” he yelled to give her warning. Brenda held her lips onto his shaft as he emptied his load. This time she swallowed.

Steve was spent as he sat on the sofa. Although, he was finished the two women wanted more. Their touching sessions with each other only opened the door of their curiosity. Brenda moved her lips over to Lisa’s ear. “Why don’t we go to your room?” Lisa smiled. “OK”

The two women left the drained man, picked up their clothes and walked naked up the stairs to Lisa’s room.

“I’ve never did anything with a woman before” Lisa said as they closed and locked the door. They did not want Steve to interfere with Lisa’s next lesson.

“Me neither,” Brenda said as she pulled the bedspread off the bed. She turned to find Lisa standing rigid next to her. “Relax” Brenda said as she pulled Lisa’s body into her own. Soft breasts and hard nipples moved together the same time their lips met. Tongues explored mouths as their hands moved down to molest soft buttocks. Lisa’s leg moved between Brenda’s thighs on its path to rub against her wet pussy. Lisa felt her hairy bush open against her leg. Brenda moved Lisa to her back as her lips moved down to capture her hard nipple. Lisa moaned as Brenda’s tongue flickered across her breast tip. She moaned again in anticipation as Brenda’s lips left her breast and headed south. Lisa’s legs opened automatically as her soft lips moved over her stomach towards her blonde bush. Brenda turned her body so her hips were now at Lisa’s head. Her tongue moved through Lisa’s pubic hair and into her flaming slit. “OH YES, RIGHT THERE” Lisa cried out. As Lisa turned her head in pleasure her face bumped against Brenda’s stomach. Brenda’s black bush was in front of her face. Lisa knew what she had to do as her virgin tongue moved forward to taste another woman’s pussy. Both tongues moved over hard clits and into wet caverns. Both were openly moaning as they pulled each other’s passion pit closer.