The Robinsons Ch. 05

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Author’s Note

My thanks to AquaFire for the help with this story.

Sorry again for the delay in publishing this.

This chapter includes watersports and MM gay sex; if these things turn you off you probably shouldn’t read this.

For everyone else enjoy!

Everyone in this story is over 18.


Chapter 5

I stretched and tapped the alarm to silent. Today was Friday and it was early and I liked to start work early on Fridays so I could finish early. I felt like it gave me a longer weekend and, with the weekend that I had imagined might be in store, it was a case of the longer the better.

I was always randy in the morning and this morning that was especially true. Last night’s action had triggered some fairly wild dreams, the memories of them were rapidly fading but the feelings they left me with…, fuck I was turned on.

I turned to Kath with dirty thoughts running through my head about how she might help me, how I might use her, to satisfy my morning desires, but as I turned around she was deep asleep. She had a smile playing at the edges of her mouth and I’m sure I heard her whimper and moan quietly. I was sure she was having the sort of dream that you wake up from desperate to be fucked, but despite my desperation to cum in something, I didn’t have the heart to wake her, not at this hour.

I swung my legs out of bed and stretched. My cock was jutting proudly, not at full mast yet, but getting there. I bounced on the balls of my feet stretching my calves and chuckled to myself as my cock bobbed like some lewd pendulum to the rhythm of my movements.

As I padded across the landing towards the bathroom I noticed Mary’s door was ajar. I suddenly had a desire to see her genuinely asleep after last night’s sleeping beauty act, so I pushed the door open to have a peek.

I was pleased to see that Mary was alone, I wasn’t expecting to see Pete in bed with her but I couldn’t be sure what they did after I left them last night. She was laid on her side on top of her covers facing the door and as soon as I saw her my cock roared for attention. She wore a loose fitting tee which had ridden up exposing her tight stomach and the rise of the bottom of her breast. She wore a plain pair of panties with simple lace trim at the waist and legs. She looked so adorable, she always did, but in that early morning light, wearing those little panties, with her long legs languidly stretched across the bed she looked cock strainingly beautiful. There was one thing missing and I found myself wishing she had worn her knee high socks from last night; that would have set this picture off beautifully.

I needed relief and decided to sneak in and take a mental picture that I could use to jerk off in the bathroom. But as I approached Mary’s bed my inner dirty little imp reminded me of the sleeping beauty act last night and I decided that I needed more than just an image of a clothed, sleeping, Mary to work with.

I hooked the hem of her tee shirt and carefully lifted it exposing one breast. I couldn’t move any more without having to drag the tee shirt from under her, and that risked waking her, so I would have to manage with just one of her pert tits on display. The cotton panties were pressed tight to her young sex and the line of her slit could clearly be seen. They were too tight to remove without disturbing her so I gently traced my finger along the line of her lips imaging what lay beyond that thin cotton. I froze as she mumbled a little and turned onto her back, but she didn’t wake.

With her, in this position, I was able to free the other half of the tee shirt exposing her other breast. Wow! Her titties were so perfect, her nipples were soft and sat atop her full, firm, mounds, and it was all I could do not to suck her into my mouth. I carefully pulled the waistband of her panties forward and craned my neck so I could look at her pussy. Fuck she was beautiful as her smooth abdomen gave way to her smooth lips. I so wanted to be able to slip my hand inside and cup her sex as I sucked on her nipples, but I didn’t want to wake her. Instead I gently lifted her hand and slid it inside her pants, pushing it down as far as I dare.

She stirred again and I froze, I didn’t want to wake her, it wasn’t that I felt guilty; it was just that I hoped this was her kink and it would be ruined if she woke up. When she slipped back into a deep sleep, and I felt it was safe, I positioned her hand so that it cupped her pussy and placed her other hand on her tit.

I stepped back to admire my handiwork. Fuck, she looked hot, like she was having a lazy wank, rubbing her clit, massaging her breast, her eyes closed in self-created bliss.

My idea had been to take the image into the shower and finish myself off there but I couldn’t tear myself away. I formed a new plan; I would get myself to the edge while watching Mary’s ‘lazy wank’ and then finish myself in the bathroom. I began to stroke my cock, admiring her perfect form, watching her titties rise and fall with each peaceful breath. güvenilir bahis As I stood there stroking my cock, her admission about wanting to be taken while asleep popped in my head. I chuckled, but I knew then I was going to cum on her because that it what she would have wanted, probably. It’s funny, you can rationalise that anything is ‘OK’ when you’re cock is doing the thinking for you.

My movements became faster, my breathing more rapid and, as I felt my orgasm build, I pointed my cock towards my sleeping daughter and erupted. Strings of my thick, morning, spunk flew through the air landing on her tits, her stomach and her panties. I made sure with the last of my ejaculation that her crotch was well covered. There was loads, I had definitely been edging myself with my dreams, my thick, sticky, cum oozed down her titties leaving a trail of glistening moisture, it gathered in her belly button and pooled in the valley where her thighs met, soaking into the material of her panties. She stirred and groaned a little but still she didn’t wake.

My breathing calmed and my cock softened, and as I thought about moving away I had one last dirty idea. I collected the last droplet of cum from the end of my softening dick and gently smeared it across her lips. As I got to the door I took one last look at her, and I was pleased with what I’d done. I snuck out to the bathroom and, as I showered, I chuckled to myself, thinking about what her reaction would be when she woke up and discovered my present to her.

I got to work early but I was useless and distracted, I couldn’t concentrate. Every time I looked at the lines of code on the screen, images from last night and this morning forced their way into my thoughts.

I’d been at work a couple of hours when my phone pinged with a text from Kath. “You really are a dirty bastard!” it read.

My heart sank and a hole opened in the pit of my stomach. Shit! Had I taken it too far? Had I misjudged Mary’s kink? Had I just stopped the game in its tracks?

“Arghhh!” I screamed under my breath thumping my desk in frustration. My brain raced thinking how I might get out of this, what could I do to get it back on track, what could I do to make this right?

My phone pinged again with another text from Kath. Hesitantly I unlocked it to read the next chapter of my scolding. There were no words and my brow furrowed as I tried to decipher the meaning. This message was simply a winking smiley face followed by another satisfied looking emoji face with its tongue sticking out. I didn’t understand the last one but it was clear at least that Kath wasn’t angry.

I sagged into my chair relieved I seemingly hadn’t fucked it up, the game was still on. I suddenly couldn’t wait to be home to start the next chapter. I began to work through the possibilities imagining where the game might take us, what did Bill have in store! Would tonight be the night I fucked Mary? I hoped so. I sent Kath an emoji of an aubergine, I didn’t really understand what it meant but I knew it had sexual connotations.

I smiled as I read Kath’s reply, “Promises, promises.”

My phone pinged again, but this time it was a text from Bill.

“WOW again! What a family you have there, what a night you had. When I saw the film of Pete fucking Mary’s arse I nearly came. When we saw Kath squirt for the second time I did!”

I laughed at Bills bluntness as I continued reading. “I think you’re nearly there. I don’t think any of you need the game anymore but I suspect you’re enjoying playing it so let’s keep it going, for a while at least anyway”

I was filled with a strange pride, I did have a great family and just because we did things that most families don’t do, we did it to please each other. There aren’t many families can say they work so hard to make each other happy.

I suddenly realised he had said ‘we’ what the hell did he mean by ‘we’

I typed back, “What do mean by WE?”

Bill replied quickly “I’m not running this game on my own, we’re all involved in setting the tasks. We have been watching your videos then copying what you do. We use it as foreplay before we fuck each other’s brains out. Does that bother you?”

I thought about it for a while. It had never occurred to me that Bill’s wife and kids might be involved but suddenly having a sexual connection, even a remote one, to Alex, Julie and even to David, took this to a whole new level. My cock surged against my pants.

I typed “No it doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, I really like that they are involved. Do you always copy what we do?”

“Most of the time we do, why?” he replied

I typed, “You should ALWAYS copy what we do.” I knew Bill would get the meaning.

“LOL, is that your little dom coming out again Steve?”

“You know me well.”

“Ok, I promise we will do whatever you do.”

My heart was pounding the nature of the game had changed and it now had a competitive edge to it; who could push each other the furthest. This was going to be fun!

The rest of the day dragged türkçe bahis and I couldn’t concentrate on the admin stuff that I normally reserved for Friday. So when, at 2 o’clock, I got a text from Kath to say that the next box had arrived and it was massive, I made an excuse to my boss about not feeling well and rushed home. The weekend had begun!

As I walked through the door I was greeted by the sight of Kath in the kitchen. She wore a white silk blouse that dipped low and gaped at the front exposing the rise of her breasts. Her skirt was grey and silky also, it finished just above her knee. She wore the nude heels she’d worn that first night; they accentuated her calves beautifully, made her look almost statuesque. She had obviously dressed to impress and I was impressed! I loved the skirt because of the way it flowed and wrapped around her thighs as she walked, the blouse I loved because of the silky feel and the amount of exposed flesh. The last time she wore this outfit I’d suggested she looked like a high-class Parisian hooker. Sex was good that night!

I grabbed her and kissed her, and as my tongue explored her mouth she moaned into mine. I pulled her to me pressing my cock to her sex so she could feel the effect she had had on me. My hands roamed her, pressing the silky material of the blouse to her back, feeling the silky material of the skirt against her ass as I cupped her rounded cheeks. We separated, our passions roused, our breathing ragged; we were ready for tonight’s game.

I loved my wife, I had always loved her, but this new found sexual freedom somehow connected my heart to my cock in a way I hadn’t felt for years. I felt like a teenager again, constantly turned on, constantly looking for something to fuck. I looked at her and my heart swelled and my cock hardened. I thought about all the things that would be unlocked if we saw this through to its natural conclusion. I thought about the sex and the fun that Kath and I could have with the children involved, the extra dynamic that would bring. My heart and my cock yearned for her in equal measure. Then I thought about the new dynamic of the game, the pseudo competition with the Carters, and I knew that her distant, and as yet undiscovered, sexual boundaries, her love of taboo sex, her love of kinky water sports, meant we were going to give them a run for their money, and I loved her for it even more.

“Well hello to you as well,” she said, straightening her hair and skirt. She glanced at my obvious bulge. “Are you just pleased to see me or is that…”

“Daddy you’re home,” Mary interrupted. She ran over to me, dodging around her mother, throwing her arms around my neck pressing her young tight form against me. She wore a short denim skirt and a tee shirt from some rock band I’d never heard of. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, and I could see her nips straining against the thin cotton material as she ran. I felt them poking into my chest as she squeezed me close and, as we embraced, I pressed my cock to her belly. She stood on her tiptoes and reached up to me, pulling my head towards hers and smothering me with kisses.

She pulled away, her eyes sparkled with sexual intensity and anticipation. “Thank you for this morning daddy. I woke up so randy and I’ve stayed that way all day. I can’t wait to see what we are going to do tonight.”

“You didn’t mind then?”

She lent in and whispered “God no I loved it. I love the idea of being played with while I’m asleep and wiping your spunk on my lips was well… The first thing I tasted when I woke up was your cum and it turned me on sooooo much.”

She ran her hand over my bulge and said in her little girl voice, “So daddy, did you enjoy cuming over me this morning?”

“I did darling, I wasn’t going to do, but you looked so adorable, I couldn’t help myself.”

“Did you put my hand in my panties or did I do that?”

I chuckled, “No I did that, I wanted it to look like you were playing with yourself. Did you enjoy it though?”

“Oh yes, like I said, I woke up so turned on.” She lent in and whispered conspiratorially, “Mom loved it too.”

I was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

She leaned into me her head inches from mine. “When I realised I was covered in your cum I headed for the bathroom to clean up but I saw mom outside my bedroom door. I had a wicked idea and I was so randy, so I told mom to clean me up with her tongue. I didn’t think she would do it, I thought she might laugh it off, but she didn’t hesitate. She grabbed me and licked and sucked the spunk off my tits first, then she worked her way down my body, Daddy she fucking loved it.” Mary growled the last words. It was clear she was becoming aroused just from recalling this morning’s activity.

I shot a look across to Kath, I could see that she knew what we were talking about. I smiled as I mouthed, “OMG, really?”

She looked back at me, her smile was beaming, beautiful, confident not a hint of remorse. She gave me a sexy wink and licked her lips.

“I bet you wished you’d seen that daddy, eh?” güvenilir bahis siteleri she said, as she gave my cock a squeeze.

“Oh god yes that would have been so hot,” I breathed, as I imagined Kath in full ‘cum slut’ mode licking my seed from Mary’s naked body.

“Daddy, I can’t tell you how sexy she looked licking it off my tits and panties.”

She leaned in really close her voice even lower. “But that wasn’t the best bit Daddy,” her voice dripping with sultry anticipation, “she was on her knees practically sucking the cum out of my panties, her lips were locked onto my pussy, she was so turned on, I was so turned on, so I…” she paused building tension for the big reveal “I let a bit of wee out into her mouth”

It was my turn to groan, my breath caught, my cock lurched against her hand. “Oh my god baby that is so hot, what did she do?”

“Daddy she came sooo hard, you should have seen it, her eyes rolled and her eyelids fluttered, it was so hot. She loved it!”

My cock was still throbbing in her hand. “And judging for your reaction you would have loved it too,” she said, giving me a wicked grin and nodding towards my crotch.

“God yes,” my voice was husky, “just you describing it is enough to make me come, what did she do next?”

Mary thought for a moment, the little imperceptible movements of her head gave away the fact that she was still struggling to believe it herself. “She practically ripped my panties off me and then licked and sucked me clean, she was very thorough, her tongue was deep, deep, inside me. And then she rushed into your bedroom taking my panties with her. Judging from the noises coming out of there she made herself cum loads. Daddy, you should have been there, it was amazing!”

“Hopefully I will next time baby, hopefully I will. But tell me darling and be honest now… did you enjoy it?”

“Oh god yes! I loved it Daddy I can’t even tell you how much it turned me on. Pissing in Mommy’s mouth while she licked my cunt, that’s dirty but as hot as fuck!”

Mary gave me a moment for that thought to sink in, for me to process what she’d said and for my imagination to form a picture. Then, with that thought rattling in my head, she grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the lounge.

“Has Mom told you about the box yet?” she asked excitedly.

“No, I’ve literally just walked through the door,” I chuckled, as I lurched forward being pulled along by Mary, Kath followed us close behind.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as I laid eyes on the box which must have been nearly 5ft high. “What’s in there do you think?”

“I think it’s a person,” Mary said with a twinkle in her eye, jumping up and down excitedly.

I looked at her. “What!”

Pete was laid out on the sofa watching TV, he snorted in mild derision, “Nah Dad. Don’t listen to her, she’s a nutcase. I lugged it in here and it doesn’t weigh enough to be a person.”

Everyone laughed, apart for Mary, who was pretending to sulk at us laughing at her.

“Only one way to find out,” Kath said, “who’s doing the honours?”

“You can darling,” I said, nodding to Kath.

Suddenly I pictured what the scene inside our bedroom must have looked like this morning. Kath on the bed with Mary’s panties soaked with cum and piss, pressing them to her nose and mouth while fucking herself with one of her many vibrators. My passions rose and my dirty imp came out to play.

“But before you do, take your clothes off,” I said.

“What!” She looked a bit shocked

“Take your clothes off,” I commanded. “I want to see you naked, and I know the kids do too”

“Ooh yes Mommy, take them off,” Mary joined in.

Kath’s eyes went to Pete, he nodded. “I’m with them, take them off!”

Her eyes narrowed as she scanned our faces. “Really?” she asked, her voice quivered slightly giving away her nervousness and perhaps her excitement. “Is this what you really want?”

We were silent, but our silence and expectant faces told her that this was what we wanted.

There was no more hesitation, soundlessly, by her actions; she told us she wanted this too. She undid her blouse and allowed it to slip off her arms to the floor. Her breasts were heaving against her bra the rise and fall of her chest give away just how turned on she was. She reached behind and unclasped her bra, letting it fall into her hands before tossing it to the sofa. Her nipples were already erect; they jutted proudly, begging to be sucked. She looked down at her own nipples, seemingly admiring their vigour before she lifted her face to us and smiled. She undid the button and zip to the side of her skirt and, just for a moment, she held it there.

In that moment I saw a change, it was subtle but undeniable. Kath stood slightly straighter, she pushed her chest out slightly further and, as she scanned our faces, her eyes burnt slightly brighter. She dropped the skirt in a pool around her ankles, she was naked!

There she stood in her glorious natural self, my eyes drew across her body, her eyes were burning with passion. Her large firm breasts were rising and falling with each excited breath, her erect nipples give away her arousal, her taut stomach muscles led to her little strip of neatly trimmed hair which led to her perfect pussy.

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