The Room


Sitting at the kitchen table sipping her coffee, Katie glanced at her husband with a wondering look in her eyes. The night before had been so intense, with another woman climbing into their bed. Something he always wanted to try, but finally she let him have.

Trying to see a change in him, he sat reading the paper intently. How much was he still thinking about her? Or did he just think about the whole thing and how it played out? He looked up at her and caught her staring at him with a sexy smile.

“Did you have fun last night?” he asked, as the corners of his mouth curled.

Almost not able to swallow her coffee, she managed to answer him. “Yes. It was a very intense evening.” as her mind flashed back to a picture of him tasting the woman in their bed. The memory of his nose moving between her crease as his lips covered her sex. Picking up her coffee, she moved to the sink as she felt him get up, moving behind her.

“Now I am wondering just how far I can take you.” he says, his voice getting lower and heated. His hand begins to wrap around her waist, sneaking into her robe. His fingers lightly danced over her tummy, playfully touching the seam of her panties. His mouth at her ear as his free hand pulls her robe out to the edge of her shoulder, just waiting for a kiss.

“Mmm. How much would it take to get you to completely let go?” he said, as chills were felt over her neck.

She bit nervously at her lip. “After last night, I think I can handle anything.” Her answer was more a question in her mind, but a statement for him just to see how far he would take it.

“We will see, we will see.” he said, finally kissing her, leaving small, wet traces all the way down her neck into the dip of her shoulder.

With a small giggle, she turned in his arms. Pulling his head toward her, kissing him softly and slowly as if to capture the taste of his lips from where they had been last night.

“You better go or your going to be late.” she said, leaning back, noticing his eyes were still shut, his body pressing her into the sink.

“I have plans for us tonight. Up for some more adventure?” he asks, with a look of seduction. His finger brings her chin up as he leans forward, biting the side of her neck. His teeth pull at her skin as if he wasn’t going to let her go without an answer.

“Sure.” she says, in a rush.

Releasing her, kissing the same place he bit her. He leaned back long enough to look into her eyes, his hand reaching up suddenly, slipping up into her hair. Grabbing a handful, he leans toward her, taking her mouth by surprise. His kiss heated and quick, he then releases her and lets her go, walking toward the front door.

“Have a good day. I’ll be thinking about you.” he said, walking out the door, leaving her with her robe open, leaning up against the sink.

She was off to work, dressed in a black suit with a short black skirt. Her satin shirt unbuttoned at the top, loosely hanging open. Wavy, long brown hair hanging off one shoulder, she leans forward, taking one last look into the mirror. Grabbing her keys off the table, picking up her camera bag, she walks out the door.

Katie arrived at the studio.

“Your 10 o’clock is here.” said the lady at the front desk, handing her some messages.

“Has she been waiting long?” she glanced back at her for an answer.

“No. She arrived moments before you did. She is ready and waiting.” the lady said as another phone call came in.

Walking into the studio room, the lights pointed off in many different directions. The room was filled with abstract art, paintings on the walls, and sheer white material hanging off of ladders. Tables were full of pictures under low hanging lights as fans were blowing. Dance music played while people stood around talking.

“Hey, what’s everyone doing? Time to get to work!” she says, approaching the tri-pod standing at the edge of the carpet. Opening her bag she grabs her camera and begins to set up as she moves it off to the side. Undoing her jacket, she tosses into the chair.

“Are you ready?” as she glances at a beautiful woman, laying nude across the over sized pillows.

“You bet!” she says, eager to get started.

Snapping shots one after another, only her mind was still focused on her husband’s words. Distracted, not able to think, she paused for a long moment. “Okay! These shots are great, but we are missin’ something.” as she stops, looking around at all the men and woman.

“Looking for something different?” a lady says, standing next to her with a clipboard in her arms.

A gentlemen caught her eye, smiling with his hands in his pockets. His ripped jeans exposing tanned skin as it peeks through them. His shirt open, he stood there as everyone else did, waiting to see how the shoot would unfold.

“Come here.” her finger curled, getting his attention. “Take off your shirt. Oh, And your shoes too.” she says.

Tall and lean, he pulls the shirt from his muscular shoulders, exposing more of his trabzon escort skin. Dropping it to the chair beside him, he walks over to the beautiful woman. On her tummy with her feet up and crossed, her breasts pressed against the pillows, one of her soft nipples slightly exposed to them. He glances back over to her, waiting to see what she’ll have him do.

“Now. Crawl on your knees to her and take your time.” with her camera ready, she watches him slowly crawl toward her.

The beautiful woman uncrosses her feet, looking over her shoulder, watching as he approaches her. The camera snaps shots, one after another as the day went on into the evening.

“I’m out. I need another roll.” she says, looking down at the time. “Never mind, lets break for the day. Thank you all! Have a great evening!” grabbing her camera, she places it in her bag as people start to file out one by one.

“I need some new shots done. Do you think you can help me?” She looks up and sees her husband leaning against the door with a sexy smile.

“Hey! What are you doing here? I thought I’d see you back at home.” she walks toward him, giving him a soft kiss.

“It’s time for that adventure.” his grin turns serious. “Time to show me how bold you can be.”

She looked at him seriously, wondering what she’d gotten herself into. “Let me grab my stuff.”

“You won’t needed it where we’re going. Just leave it here. You can get it later.” he says, filled with mystery.

Walking out of the studio, a limo is parked at the edge of the curb. He walks toward the door, standing next to the driver. She hesitates.

“Where are you taking me?” she says.

“Get in! You want this, I know you do. It’s time to get out from behind your camera.” he said firmly.

She got in and the limo began to move. Quiet during the ride, he said nothing. The limo came to a stop and the door opened. They got out and off in the distance is a concrete wall with a single door. He took her hand, walking toward it. A white sign posted on the door: Enter only with the card.

Her husband took a key card from his pocket and slid it through. A clicking sound and the door opened. A tall, dark, muscular man stood inside the door and with a quick hand motion, he pointed down the ramp. They walked through as he tightly gripped her hand.

A path leading down to a dark and open room was lit by black light. She could see many different hallways going off into different directions. Tables off in a corner near a small bar had stools and chairs, filled with a few men and woman. Standing for a few moments, sounds of women crying out are heard faintly.

“Hey. You made it.” a rough looking man walked up, standing next to her husband, shaking his hand. She watches another woman walk past them, blindfolded with a man pulling her along by her arm.

“Is she ready for this?” he asks, looking at her husband. The sights and sounds that she sees leaves her speechless, trying to find the words to stop what is happening, but unable able to. A man suddenly approaches them, walking up behind her. He grabs her wrists, binding them with handcuffs behind her back.

“Hey, what is this?” she says in protest.

“We can leave anytime your ready, but I think you want to stay.” her husband says with a wicked tone.

Once her hands are bound, he grabs them, pulling her away from her husband, taking her down a long hallway as she took one last look at him. Arriving at a door, unlocked with a key, he pushed it open and pulls her arm, leading her into the room. Two other woman with their hands bound behind their backs are sitting on a bench. A very large window seen, only with a wire fence inside it, replacing where the glass would be, was directly across from them.

A cold, concrete floor and small lights barely turned on hung on the walls around them. He led her to the bench, sitting her down at the end, walking away. The women were speechless with the same look in their eyes, waiting to see what will happen next as the man locked them in the room. So quiet you can hear a pin drop, suddenly they hear a different door open and then close.

Three men walk into the other room. Seen standing on the other side of the wire window as they stop and look on at the women sitting on the bench. She sees her husband standing there with a stare that burns inside her body. A woman sighs next to her as an older man grips the wire fence in his hands, then releases it. Another woman looked on and saw the look of another man, his arms crossed as he took a long, hard look at her. A sound at the door. It opened slowly as they all look over to see a man, beginning to walk in.

His body slowly appeared, tight leather pants, black boots and his glistening chest reflecting from the light. He turned, locking the door behind him. A key on the end of a chain, he begins to swing it around and around.

“Looks like we are all here.” his tone wicked and firm. Walking toward them, placing the chain tunceli escort around his neck. They heard his boots scuff the floor as he approached the bench slowly.

Stopping briefly at the first woman, looking at her from above. Her hair blonde and short, he drags his fingers across the back of her neck. The next woman turns her head, peeking past her long hair as she watches him. Quickly turning her head, facing forward, he catches her glance and walks behind her. His hand drifts down her neck, slipping it into her soft and stretchy shirt. Her eyes shut as his hand cups around her breast, slowly moving his fingers. Pulling his hand away, he grabs the edges of her shirt, pulling it down over her shoulders. Her breasts flush pink with color, exposed, she stares forward with shadows cast by the men standing at the window. Leaving her, walking to the edge of the bench, he then turns, facing her.

Lifting her quickly by grabbing her arm, he plays along her jaw line with his finger. Shaking, she looks at her husband as his eyes begin to fill with lust. He turns his head putting his cheek close to hers.

“Tell me your name!” he says firmly.

“Katie” she says with a quick breath.

“Which one is he, Katie?” he says.

Barely able to speak. “The man to the left.” she says as he looks over at him.

“Did he bring you here?” he asks with a evil grin, talking into her ear.

“Yes” she says, her heart racing, feeling as though it’s pounding in her chest.

He suddenly moves with a push to her shoulders, making her sit back down on the bench. Walking to the next woman, he aggressively grabs her, pulling her up to the standing position.

“Tell me your name!” he grabs her ass tightly with both his hands.

“Liz” she says, her mouth dropping open, staring straight forward.

“Which one is he, Liz?” as he bites at her ear, licking it with his tongue.

“The older gentleman.” Liz whimpers.

“Are you going to punish him for bringing you here?” he says, turning his head, watching his facial expressions from behind the wire window.

“Uh, yes!” her voice trembles, as he sits her back down on the bench, walking to the next woman.

Pulling her up to a standing position, he presses on her back, bending her over. Standing beside her grabbing her chin firmly with his hand.

“Tell me your name!” he says, slapping her ass.

“Ohh…S-s-sarah.” she blurts out with a gasp.

“Well, I know who’s here for you.” he pulls her handcuffs, planting her back down onto the bench.

He stands there, listening to the women breathe as he begins to walk around the bench. Suddenly he grabs Liz, pulling her out into the center of the floor, just feet away from the window. He unzips her skirt, pulling it off, throwing it to the floor. His fingers barely touch her ass. Purposely toying with her g-string, he breaks it, ripping it off her. Taking the chain from his neck, unlocking her hand cuffs, he tosses them to the side. Taking her shirt off, he drops it to the floor.

Katie is in shock that her husband has found such a place. Her thoughts of wondering how far he will go begin to consume her. The anticipation of it makes her body feel alive. She sits and watches Liz standing in front of her, in her high heels with her legs spread. Revealed by the light, she catches a glimpse of her sex as his fingers appear, sliding between it. She glances at her husband, his eyes fixed, looking at her reaction as she turns back to watch them, as the man sinfully tortures her with his touch.

The man suddenly kicks off his boots. Taking his pants off behind Liz, she waits with excitement. His body nude, every muscle hard as he begins to lean into her ear.

“Want me to fuck you in front of him?” his voice demanding.

“Uhh…yes.” Liz whimpers.

He suddenly grabs Liz, forcing her forward, making her grab onto the wire window. He grabs her hips tightly with his hands and enters her. She cries out, her moans followed by whimpers as Liz looks forward into the men’s eyes before her.

“I think he likes what he sees.” he wickedly says as he enters her over and over, taking every bit of her excitement from her.

Sitting on the bench, every nerve Katie’s body was at it’s edge. Her sex wet with excitement as she watches her husband gaze at the couple having sex. His stare fixed on Liz’s eyes as the man moved on her, pressing her into the window. Katie turned her head and saw Sarah, biting her lip, wanting to break free of her hand cuffs.

Looking back, Katie watched his hard body move behind Liz. His hips thrusting forward with his grunts mixing with her cries, coming quicker with each passing moment. Suddenly, Liz screams sharply then hangs onto the window, as Katie watches her cum violently. Breathless against the window, Liz stood motionless.

A sound from the door as it was unlocked, the rough looking man walked in. Walking over to the bench, he reaches down grabbing Sarah and Katie’s zonguldak escort arm, leading them to the door. Katie glances back at Liz, she stands looking over her shoulder watching them leave.

Walking down the long hallway, Katie’s husband stands with his arms folded, waiting for her as they suddenly stop just before reaching him.

“Stand here, don’t move.” he says, looking at Katie as he grabs Sarah, taking her into another room, then reappears, locking her in.

Grabbing Katie’s arm, they continue to walk until they stop. Unlocking her hand cuffs, she stands with an intense stare, looking at her husband. As soon as she is free, she briskly walks toward the door.

“Ready to leave, eh?” he says, following her out the door.

She walked toward the limo.”I can’t believe what you just put me through.” She said, her voice sharp.

Spinning her around, he presses her up against the limo. “Yeah? Well, if you didn’t wanna’ play, you wouldn’t be here.” he says, as his hand reached up under her skirt. Her sex was wet with excitement as his finger slides along her heated folds. “You were the one who wanted to be taken instead of Liz.” he said heatedly, moving his fingers up a little higher, “You pressed up against the window.” he says, moving his fingers, teasing her with a sudden grip.

Her breath lost in his touch, his words weakening her mind. His hand slowly let go as he backs away.

“Shall we go?” as he pulled the handle to the door, moving her away. She got into the limo, sitting across from him. With a long pause, he studies her face.

“Katie, do you want this night to end or to continue? We can leave now and go home, the choice is yours.”

A long pause, she waits and she waits. The window began to go down behind her as her husband looked at the driver. The driver turned and looked over his shoulder, waiting for directions.

“Just drive.” he says, giving up on Katie’s answer. With a tip of his hat, the window begins to close.

“Wait!” Katie says, and suddenly the window stopped. “Don’t end it.” she stares into his eyes, trying to read his thoughts.

“Driver, the drop off please.” he says, looking at Katie.

Another tip of the hat, the window goes up and the limo began to move. Katie’s legs crossed, sitting back into the seat, taking in his cooled expression. Deep and intense, but with a soft smile, promising more pleasure.

“You’re thinking too much.” he said, sliding off his seat and onto his knees. Placing his hand at her ankle, he lifted her foot, uncrossing her legs. His hands traveled up and onto her knees as his palms slid down inside her thighs, push them slightly open. Katie felt a sudden squeeze of pleasure as it clinched inside her sex.

“Now, you don’t need to think. You just need to feel.” he said, reaching off to the side.

Not turning her head, she watched his mouth get closer and closer to hers. Her lips parted, waiting for another hungry kiss.

“Do you think you can do that?” his breath was at her lips, pulling a black silk scarf around the front of her neck. Her eyes drop, following it through his fingers. Toying with it, his eyes deepen with lust.

“Yes” Katie’s voice was restless, her eyes following the scarf as he pulled it up onto her eyes. He tied it tightly behind her head as his fingers glide from the back to her ears and onto her eyes, making sure she can’t see.

“Now that I’ve shocked your eyes with what you’ve seen. I’m going tease your ears and your sense of touch.” his hands dropped down her shoulders, lightly brushed down her arms as they come to rest on her thighs. “No matter what happens, you will always her my voice and know I am there.” he says with a calm tone.

Her ears instantly began to pick up sounds as she feels his hands leave her thighs, his breath no longer felt, and the sound of the seat becomes clear, as he settles back into it. The limo moved along for what seems like hours, finally it slowed, coming to a stop. Katie heard the driver’s door open and shut. And then another door opens. His hand at her arm, almost making her jump under his touch.

“Don’t bump your head.” he says, helping her out of the limo, closing the door behind her. Standing there, hoping he won’t let go of her arm, she puts her hand on top of his hand.

“You know the pick-up time.” her husband says.

“Yes, Sir. ” Katie hears the driver answer him as they begin to walk.

Some light barely seen through Katie’s blindfold, they pass through a doorway and then he stops her as they stand still, hearing the tone to a elevator. Stepping inside, he sets Katie against the wall. A tap sound and a button is pushed. Katie waits quietly with her mouth dry from being left open, her emotions getting away from her. Her heart pounding with every breath as the elevator slows, coming to a stop.

Pulling her along, they walk down what seems like a long hallway, slowly coming to a stop. Katie’s hand still on top of his, hearing a card slide as a door opens and they walk inside. A few more steps and he turns Katie, sitting her down. Wanting to touch anything, she put her hands flat beside her thighs, moving her fingers. Velvet smooth and soft to the touch, she leans back. Suddenly, catching her breath.

“Ohh.” She noticed there was nothing to lean up against.