The Rower

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I have always been fascinated by rowing, ever since my son, when in high school decided to take it up. His first love was soccer but when the school headmaster put money before sense and dropped him from the team he said “I am giving it up. Andrew and I are going to try rowing instead.”

He and Andrew did well. Even I had a go at rowing until business prevented me from developing further. However I did row with my son in a family competition and we came third. They joined a local rowing club and were selected as a pair for the NZ championships at Lake Karapiro. They won their grade and for about 3 years travelled all over the country taking part in competitions.

They, or he, could well have been chosen to represent their country if he hadn’t decided to join the Police Force. That put paid to practice so he eventually became one of 4 launch masters on the Auckland Police Launch.

Only 6 years ago my partner and I decided to leave the big smoke and its traffic problems. We found a delightful 2 acre property nestled under the mountain and only 3 miles from the Lake Karapiro Rowing Centre. And that is where this story really begins.

During one of the frequent regattas held on the Lake I was driving home past the Rowing Centre when I came across a young man standing on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride. But if he wanted to go to a town he was going the wrong way.

I pulled up to see if he needed help and he said “Well if you have a spare bed for the night that would help.”

I asked him why he couldn’t sleep in his team tent or one of the chalets on the grounds and he told me his story:

His name was Craig, about 19 years old, good looking and a great physique as most rowers have. He rowed for a club based in New Plymouth some 4 hours drive south. But this being the final day and they had not qualified, the team were already on their way home.

“So why are you still here”, I asked.

“Because of bloody Sandy.” was his reply.

So I offered to put him up in one of the spare rooms at home (we have 4 bedrooms) if he wanted.

“If it’s not too much trouble could Sandy come too?”

Now I know I am old (yet not old fashioned), and I naturally assumed Sandy was a boy. How wrong I was.

When I said, “O.K. there are plenty of beds,” he asked if I could wait while he got Sandy. He trotted off into the mass of tents and caravans, while I lit up a smoke. The next thing I know is he is back at the car with Sandy.

As I said – rowers are tall, muscular, and in Sandy’s case a full set of boobs that could poke your eyes out. Sandy was a female and what a gorgeous specimen of womanhood she was. Tall at 5 feet ten. long blonde hair, blue eyes and lips that were designed to be sucked, not kissed.

She was dressed in standard rowing gear – T shirt and spandex shorts. The legs were muscular but shapely and went a long way up. The shorts were so tight her mound stood out like a beacon.

I think I choked when Craig introduced us. However I explained that as my partner was away I would be doing the cooking and if they wanted to chance that they were welcome. Craig got into the front passenger seat and Sandy in the back after their kit bags had been shoved in the back of the Station Wagon.

We chatted on the way to my place and I found out that Sandy was from the big smoke (Auckland) where she already had a boy friend. These two had only met a couple of days ago at the regatta but it seemed it was love at first sight.

It didn’t take long to get to my place and as we swept up the circular drive flanked by magnolia trees on one side and topiary willows on the other, they got their first sight of the house. Well actually it is not a house any more. It used to be an original 3 bedroom farmhouse: cream painted brick and red tiled roof. Previous owners had landscaped it and extended it to over 4000 square feet.

It stood on a knoll with triple steps leading to a tiled patio that almost surrounded the whole place. As we rounded towards the back the grape pergola, large palm trees flanking steps down to the lower garden always catch the eye. And then you realize how long it is as we approached the 4 car garage. It is no longer a house, it is a mansion.

Once we had parked and unloaded their kits I took them on a tour. They were impressed by the master bedrooms’ 250 square foot space, the master guest bedroom, the clinic (bedroom 2) and the first bedroom opposite the guest bathroom with shower, bath and toilet and the separate toilet next to it. The first bedroom has a double and single bed in it so I suggested they park their gear there. They could sort out their own sleeping arrangements.

Then we entered the lounge with fireplace, two 3 seat couches and 2 matching wing chairs plus the 42 inch plasma TV. Then through to the dining room extending into the open kitchen, through to the 600 square foot sun room extending into a library with 5 seats.

I had wanted them to be impressed bahis firmaları and they were. Living in the country also has its advantages. The property is surrounded by milk cow paddocks and the nearest neighbours are almost half a mile away. It is also so quiet and peaceful after the bustle and noise of big cities.

It was too early for an evening meal which I had decided would be B-B-Q, so I got some steak from the freezer to defrost. I asked if they would like anything to drink, being mindful of their training regime. They both answered in the affirmative: Craig a beer and Sandy a wine. I let them help themselves from the fridge and we settled in the sun room enjoying the warmth of a setting sun.

I noticed there were uneasy glances between them so decided it was best to get it out in the open or else the mood would be totally ruined.

“So how is it that you missed your ride Craig?” I thought would be a good way to open up the conversation.

“Well Sandy and I only met 3 days ago and we sort of became an item during the Regatta. But some of Sandy’s team mates got pissed off because she was spending more time with me than with them.”

Sandy added “There was a bit of jealousy because Craig is so spunky and some of them know I have a boyfriend at home. It became very unfriendly with some girls threatening to tell my boyfriend. This was just before our qualifying race and their comments got to me so much I didn’t row as well as I should have. Instead of concentrating on the race I was thinking how I would handle Tom my boyfriend and worrying about Craig. As a result we didn’t qualify and I got all the blame. The other girls just took off in the van before I knew it, so I was stranded.”

Craig added “I couldn’t just take off and leave Sandy behind alone. I know she could have begged a ride home with some other team but that didn’t seem right so I stayed with her, and that’s how I missed my ride home.”

“Seems you two are in a bit of a pickle, because you will still have to get home somehow. I know a few people at the rowing so why don’t I ring and see what can be organised. There will still be plenty of folk heading both ways tomorrow that could get you home,” I replied.

They agreed it was a good idea so I got on the phone and had it arranged in just a few minutes. Almost immediately their mood lightened and I suggested they take a walk around the grounds before it got dark so they could have some privacy while I got dinner ready.

Dinner, the wine and rowing chat kept us occupied until about 9:30pm and then I suggested they get some sleep while I did the dishes. So they went to their room and closed the door. After cleaning up and I had switched off the lights, I started to make my way down the hall. As I passed their room I could hear obvious signs of love making so continued down to the garage where I had my office and computer in one corner.

About an hour later I heard a light step at the entrance into the garage from the house and turned around to see Sandy standing there. She was dressed in a T shirt and small frilly pants.

It was also obvious from the light shining from the hall way that she wasn’t wearing a bra. As I went to speak she put her finger to her lips for me to be quiet, closed the door behind her and then threaded her way down to where I sat at my computer.

I had a quizzical look on my face as she got nearer and the plonked herself down on the spare seat behind me. I spun my chair to face her and realised she had been crying.

“What’s the matter Sandy”? I asked.

She looked at me for a moment and said “You have been so kind to us but I don’t know how to say what I want to say”.

I smiled and said “I have always found the best way is to say what is on your mind. The listener will always be able to put their own interpretation on what is said”.

She nodded then said “It is not turning out the way I wanted. Craig is a hunk but he acts like the Hulk. He was so rough with me and when I asked him to be gentle he said some very unkind things”

“Would you care to repeat them so that I have a better understanding?”I asked.

“He said I was just a plaything for any boy that came along; that I was an easy target; that his team had bets on who could ‘make’ me.” and then she began to sob.

I leant over and put a fatherly arm on her shoulder.

“No-one understands me, not even my family.” she sobbed.

“That’s O.K. love, better to cry it out than carry it around all your life. You are still young and it takes a lifetime to learn how to ignore hurtful people.” I replied.

She slowed down the crying and asked in a hesitant and speculative voice “Do you think I am attractive?”

“You are a very attractive, may I say, beautiful girl. You have many physical attributes that most men would die for and that also make plainer girls jealous.” was my reply.

“So would you want make love to me?” she asked, almost playfully.

“Sandy, I kaçak iddaa don’t think you came down here dressed like you are if you hadn’t intended to give me an eyeful. Let me be very honest with you – your breasts are free and still young and firm; your body is incredible well toned and by the way you are sitting I can see that you are being aroused by this situation because your panties are wet, but I am an old man and this is not fair.”

She laughed lightly and said “Well I can’t see if you are aroused.”

“That’s because my legs are crossed. You have me at a disadvantage, I’m in shorts with nothing under them and I can assure you it is taking a huge effort to remain calm and not do something silly,” I said.

“Please don’t be offended Douglas, using my name for the first time. It’s just that despite Craig’s rough attempts I am nowhere near satisfied. I need to appease this longing I have and I would rather it was real than just my own fingers.”

“Are you inviting me to have sex with you”, I blurted out without thinking, “Good grief girl I am old enough to be your grandfather.”

“I know”, said Sandy. “My grandfather had a great body like yours and a large cock that I saw once when I was very young. I have often wondered what it would be like with an older man.”

“How old are you Sandy?” I asked. “I’m way over the legal age so that is not a problem, nearly Craig’s age – 18 years old. But I have been a rower for over 6 years and there hasn’t been much opportunity to satisfy these female cravings before.”

“Good God girl, you aren’t a virgin are you?” I croaked.

“Not really, I also ride horses so I know my hymen is broken, but there have only been two other situations where sex was involved and they were both like with Craig so I don’t even know what love making should feel like if it was done properly.”

I needed something to calm my quivering hands so turned around to get my cigarettes and lighter off my desk. When I turned back to Sandy she had already taken off her T shirt. I was faced with a perfect pair of breasts. They were taut and firm and with jutting out nipples dead centre in each breast. They were amongst the most perfect I had ever seen and she watched my face with interest.

“This is not fair Sandy. I could be a deadly rapist for all you know.”

“But I know you are not because you would have already attacked me, and you are too fatherly to harm a young woman.”

This was a very awkward moment. My body was responding sexually but my mind kept saying “This is not right. What if she accuses you of rape later if she regrets what she has done?”

“How will you feel in the morning if you indulge an old man’s fantasies Sandy?”

“Just what is an old man’s fantasy?” she said, very softly.

“Well as you can see I can’t take my eyes off your lovely breasts. Every older man dreams of this sort of situation – a lovely young female body that is perfect in every way, partially disrobed, almost begging for sex. And in a quiet and secluded place.”

Looking rather coy she said softly “I suppose in a way I am begging and hopefully with the right person. You have been so kind to me and Craig that I know deep down you will not harm me. I have waited a long time to be made love to with tenderness and love and you have already shown that you are capable of that. If things turn out right I can leave with a happy heart.”

“All right Sandy, here is what I propose. You don’t want Craig to know about this I hope?”

“No I don’t and I have no intention of taunting him with it either. When he leaves tomorrow that will be his final goodbye.” she said with a definite fierceness in her eyes.

“Over behind us is a very large shed. There are squabs that we can use and it is far enough away from the house that we can’t be heard. If that is acceptable then I will gladly take up your offer to show you what good sex should be.” I was able to say this without allowing too much excitement to show in my voice.

She agreed and we quietly made our way out of the laundry door and walked about 50 metres in the dark to the big 5 bay shed. I unlocked the side door and turned on a small bank of neon lights over the workbench. We entered and I locked the door behind us, leaving us in a great area of darkness with only the soft light from the bench.

I found the squabs up on a rack and pulled down two of them to put side by side in a dark area. But near enough to the light so that I could see her body clearly.

I was still figuring out how we could start when Sandy came over and took off my shirt. Then she put her arms around me and pulled her naked breasts into my chest. I am only a few inches taller than her so we fit perfectly for body length. I found her mouth and gave her a long kiss. She put her tongue out and slid it along my lower lip. I responded by poking my tongue into her mouth and then flicked it in and out of her mouth like I was fucking her. My hard cock was also pushing into kaçak bahis her groin.

I couldn’t resist anymore and one hand came down to her breast. As I stroked it and flicked her nipple she took a sharp breath. Then I lowered my mouth to encompass her nipple and sucked on it like a baby. As she started to breathe hard I switched to the other nipple and used my other hand on the spare breast. God they were lovely, firm but with a little bit of give. I knew when she lay down that they would stand straight up. And her nipples were getting hard. This was very much every old man’s dream.

She decided she wanted to explore my large muscular body and ran her hand all over me but seemed to be afraid to go down as far as my groin. She must have felt my erection pushing into her when we kissed. I pulled away a little from her and dropped my shorts, exposing my large erection.

She looked down and gasped then said “That is much too big to go inside me.”

“Don’t ever be afraid of the size of a man’s cock Sandy – your body is made to stretch much bigger than that when you give birth. A woman’s vagina is always the right size for any man.”

She giggled at that then I took her hand and guided it down to my cock.

She was a bit hesitant so I said ” If you want to know about physical love you need to know everything about the equipment that is involved, including your own. You have felt how your breasts responded already by the way your nipples are hard and poking out. Come over here into the light. I want you to look at a man’s cock, feel it, poke it around, feel the ball bag underneath; but do it gently because it is a sensitive part of a man’s body. And then I will teach you how your vagina, clitoris and even your anus can make you feel.”

We shuffled over to the lighted area and she went down on her knees to inspect this new toy. As she felt it and put her hand on my balls a little bit of pre-cum oozed out of the top.

She looked at that and said” Have I done something wrong, it looks like it is leaking”?

“That is what is called pre (or before) come. Come means the spurting out of male semen. It is also a lubricant so that it is easier to push it into the female body.” I told her.

She nodded her head with understanding and asked ” Will that leak make me pregnant too?”

“No dear, only semen can do that if you have an egg sitting in your uterus. It is fertilized when a sperm has broken into the egg. Your period flushes out the excess blood that is held there to nurture any egg if it gets ‘impregnated, If there is no fertilization then your period also flushes out eggs that haven’t been fertilized. You don’t have to worry with me because I had my sperm glands cut many years ago. All I can deliver is the fluid the sperm used to be in. It also means I don’t have to wear a condom and so we can both enjoy the feeling of flesh on flesh.”

“I have heard the boys referring to a ‘blow job’. What is that exactly?”

“It is one of the things men enjoy as much as anything. It is when the lady takes the man’s penis into her mouth and sucks on it. Some men even spurt their sperm into the woman’s mouth but that is an acquired taste. It is a bit salty and jelly like and some women don’t like it. You will have to discover that for yourself. However most women love the feel of the penis in their mouth because I have been told it feels silky or like velvet.”

“Can I try it “? asked Sandy. (Is the Pope a Catholic)

“Yes you can if you would like. It’s a bit like sucking a lollipop.”

So she bravely put my aching cock to her lips then opened her mouth just a little way and tried to suck it in.

“Sandy it is quite large around so you will need to pretend you are at the Dentist and open wide. Also try not to bite it with your teeth because that hurts.”

So she opened her mouth wide and slowly let it enter.

“Use your lips and your tongue sweetheart” I said, so she did what she was told for a little while. However because she was not used to having her mouth open so wide for so long she had to stop.

“Was that any good Douglas?” she asked innocently.

“For a first attempt it was fine. You didn’t gag which is always a good sign but you will if it goes as far back as your gullet. Then you have to learn to breathe through your nose better”.

I was really starting to ache in my balls and decided that any further instruction would have to come from experience. I led Sandy over to the squabs and suggested she get naked too. She eased off the frilly pants and turned to face me. I had noticed that the muscles of her backside were very powerful, as were her thighs. That comes from rowing.

And when she turned around her stomach was as flat as board that highlighted the prominent pubic bone covered in a soft blonde down.

The light was in the wrong place for me to see her pussy but as she came to join me on the squabs her legs opened up to reveal a large set of labia lips. I pulled her into an embrace and told her what I wanted to do. First I wanted to play with her breasts and she was free to play with my manhood. Then I wanted to make her wet between the legs using my fingers and then my tongue.

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