The Runaway Bride

Doggy Style

Part I

The line at the other end was ringing. My heart was racing and I was having a problem catching my breath. The breathing part I could understand. I was squeezed into a wedding dress that made me look like a size 2. While I liked the novelty of having cleavage, the dress was just damned uncomfortable. I guess the heart racing part could be explained by who I was calling. Natali. Just thinking her name got me a little flustered. Natali was the uncontrolled substance in my universe. She was exciting and thrilling, intoxicating and forbidding, and if I spent too much time thinking of her, I could soak a pair of panties. Right now, between the wedding, and calling her I was a basket case.

“Hello?” she answered. I could feel my throat catch.

“Hi Natali. It’s me.”

“Oh. What do you want?” Shit. Her voice was flat and emotionless. I didn’t know whether to burst into tears or hang up.

“Natali, I just wanted to know the truth. Do you love me?” I choked out.

“You mean you didn’t know? God, you’re thick” and then she hung up.

Slowly, I put the cell phone away and made my way back to the dressing rooms. My mother was anxiously looking for me.

“There you are dear! We’ve been looking all over for you. It’s almost time to begin! Where have you been? Never mind, we’ve got to get going. Smile dear, it’s your wedding day. Why are looking so sad?” Life with my mother was a non-stop stream. Usually I hated it, but today it was washing over me, leaving me untouched. I guess nothing was touching me…

My father was standing at the door, ready to escort me down the aisle. With a last minute check of my hair, I slowly made my way towards him. I could see in his face that he sensed my sadness. As he stepped up to me he gave me a hug.

“You know you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” he said quietly.

I loved my dad. I could always count on him for support when I had a hard choice. I had long suspected my dad wasn’t a big fan of Chad, my fiancé, but in typical Dad fashion he’d never criticized him, or made unkind comments about my choice. I knew that he would stand behind me and that no matter what I did. He made me feel like his princess. I suppose I grew up really spoiled. Perhaps I was, but I wouldn’t trade my dad for anything.

I held his arm as he escorted me down the long aisle. As the wedding march played, I thought of how I’d gotten here. Playing the events back in my mind, I could sense my impatience feel the anxious desire to get through the boring parts. Suddenly, I was there. Memories so treasured, they felt worn and smooth. I had come to Natali.

I had been seeing Chad for a year or so and we’d recently become engaged. I guess he was looking for ways to spice up our sex life. One night when we were sitting on the couch drinking some wine and watching a movie, he asked me if I had been with another girl. The truth was that I hadn’t. Just because I hadn’t done it didn’t mean that I hadn’t given it serious thought though. As I watched the actress on screen, I could feel that familiar longing come back. I had masturbated myself to sleep in college what seemed like every night thinking of the girls on my volleyball team, or other class mates. I had pretty much decided in college that I was bisexual. For the better part of a semester, I’d had a terrible crush on one of my professors. I guess the fact that I was very shy, and she was married had prevented me from trying to act on my desires.

“Well, I’ve never been with a woman, but I wouldn’t mind kissing the blonde.” I giggled. The woman I referred to was a stunning blond with a classic forties fashion sense. She’d recently made news when she kissed another actress on the red carpet at an awards ceremony.

This was evidently the right answer. Chad slipped his hand inside my panties and started rubbing my clit. What the hell, I decided. I closed my eyes and went with the flow. As I closed my eyes, I could see the starlet in my mind. I imagined her nude, rubbing her mound against mine and kissing me deeply. In no time I was panting heavily.

“Oh, I’m cumming. Oh, yeah baby, yeah. I love you. Oh…” I moaned. As I came down, I was amused at the smug look on Chad’s face. No doubt, he thought my quick orgasm was because of his skills. Grabbing my hand, Chad led me to his bedroom. I closed my eyes and stayed with my fantasies, imagining that my history professor was crazily fucking me with a strap-on. I must have came three times in the short period he was fucking me.

Later in the week, Chad asked me what I thought of having a 3-some.

“I’m just not sure Chad, I’ve never really pictured you with another guy.” I smirked. His face flushed red. I could see him getting pissed off, and then I saw the calm come over him. All the emotions played through his face in under a second, but they were there. In less than a heart-beat, he was smiling gently.

“Actually, I was thinking of having another girl join us. It seemed like something you might be interested in. What do you think?” he half-pleaded.

The Onwin truth was, I was all for it. The little stroll I had taken down memory lane on Sunday night had rekindled the desires that I had almost forgotten. After some consideration, I said, “Well, OK, but I get to choose the girl.”

“Sure, that sounds good,” he gushed. “Did you have someone in mind already?”

“No, I thought I’d look on-line.” I snapped.

“You could try looking on craigslist.” he suggested placatingly. “I noticed there seem to be a lot of women posting there looking for encounters.”

“OK,” I said, “I’ll post something this week.”

“Would you like me to help with some pictures? You’ll probably need some for your post…”

“OK,” I said resignedly. “Let’s take some now.”

In no time, I was nude and Chad was snapping away. I could see the anticipation in his eyes, growing with each picture. I took the best of the photos, and used an editing program to remove my face. I didn’t want any acquaintances, male or female recognizing me and calling.

Before posting, I decided to lurk and watch the ads go by for a while. Chad was right. There certainly seemed to be a lot of women posting. After a while, I kind of sorted out the Casual Encounters section into four main groups. The biggest group was girls like me, looking for another girl for a 3-some. The second group was lesbian women who were between relationships, looking a casual hookup. The third group was young women 18-25 who were interested in having a first experience with women. Finally, the last bunch was house-wives looking for a little loving while the kids were at school.

Finally, after more prodding from Chad, I wrote my ad:

Hottie looking for first time – 24

I’m an attractive woman looking for my first encounter with another woman. I’ve longed for the touch of another woman for so long and now I’m ready to act on my desires. I’m 5’7″, 125 pounds with a C cup. My BF may want to watch and perhaps join in at some point, but initially this is going to be between just the two of us. I’m well educated and have a stable job. I can host if necessary. NO GUYS – NO COUPLES!

The next day, I got a text message from Chad: “WTF! i just saw the ad. what about me? – C”.

Well, I couldn’t say I was honestly surprised. It usually seemed to be about Chad. I wrote back. “KYPO!! i just want to be ok about this b4 ur there!”

Over the next few days, responses came in. The biggest flood at first was a bunch of pictures of guy’s dorks. Dorks in hand, dorks limp, dorks erect. I could have written a seminal (pun intended) paper on the shape and size of the male organ. Responses from women also came in. Most were unremarkable, except for Natali’s. Natali’s picture showed a stunningly beautiful woman with auburn hair. Her eyes were green and penetrating and she had a sultry smile. I guessed her height at around 5’10”. She wasn’t overweight, but nature had endowed her with an amazing set of curves. Her stomach was beautiful; not flat and boring, but curved and inviting. Her breasts were amazing. They were easily a D cup, and quite obviously all natural. She seemed to have the erect carriage of nobility and the photo exuded a raw animal sensuality that caused a little moan to escape from my lips.

“Hi there,” she wrote. “I saw your ad on CL and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Natali. I’m 28. Like you, I’m well educated (Masters in CS) and I work at a startup in the Tech center. I’m a lesbian, and in between relationships right now and honestly, was just looking for something more casual. I’m a little kinky, but I’m willing to go slow if that’s what you want. I would be OK with your BF, being involved, but I am strictly off limits to him. If you find me attractive, I’d like to get together for drinks with you. How does 8:00 PM this Friday night at Bedlam sound?”

Heart pounding in my ears, I dashed off a reply. “Attractive? Are you crazy?! You’re STUNNING! I’d love to meet with you. Here’s a full picture. See you on Friday!”

The next order of business was to call Chad. Shit. Voice mail. “Hey there. Just wanted to let you know I’ve got a date Friday night. Omigod, she’s so HOT! Wait till you see her picture! “

When Friday night came, I went to Bedlam to meet Natali. The place was a zoo, and there was hardly a place to stand, much less sit. I easily found her standing at the corner of the bar. She looked amazing. Her toe nails were painted purple to match her top, and her feet were encased in a lovely pair of strappy heels. She was wearing a beautiful pair of jeans that looked as though they had been fitted. Her top was a solid deep purple silk dress shirt that played beautifully against her auburn hair. The shirt was opened enough to expose one of Victoria’s nicer secrets and give a nice view of her breasts, but not far enough to cause a riot. Over the top, she was wearing a brown suede jacket that toned down the top. Her earrings were simple half-carat diamond studs and her hair was set in a loose curl, that spilled Onwin Giriş over her shoulders, framing and softening her face. The effect was perfect; it was just super sexy. Classy, and conservative without being “soccer mommy tries to dress hot”.

“Hi there!” I shouted over the din. “I’m Robin!”

“Hi Robin, I’m Natali. I’m glad you made it!” she bellowed back.

Over the next few minutes, we tried to introduce ourselves, but the noise was too much.

“Listen!” she shouted. “Do you want to go someplace quieter? I know a nice Italian place nearby.”

“Sounds good to me! Let’s go!” I hollered back.

When we got to the entrance, she pointed me across the street and towards downtown to a restaurant called Il Poco Spazio. Since it was just the two of us, we were quickly seated in one of the small candle-lit tables that lined the back. After the waiter brought us our wine, we started introducing ourselves.

“I moved back here after I finished my graduate program,” she said. “I got my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science here, and did my Master’s degree at MIT. I like the atmosphere, and I like the way people are more laid back. I love the mountains, and I love to go hiking, but at the same time I love some of the finer things in life” she murmured, holding forth her wineglass and giving it a little swirl.

“So,” Natali laughed, “tell me about you. Your post mentioned a boyfriend, what’s he like?”

“Fiancé actually… Well, Chad’s hard to explain,” I dithered, looking at my wineglass. “Mostly, he’s a pretty nice guy but he has a temper. Sometimes he can be the sweetest guy you’d meet and then 30 seconds later, he can just be the biggest jerk on the planet, and then 30 seconds later he can be back to being nice again. He can be a little manipulative. Before he proposed to me, he told my mother what he was going to do. He wanted to have her on his side in case I was undecided. ”

“Is that why you’re here tonight?” she asked piercingly.

“No,” I said quickly. “I really was honest in the post. I’ve been attracted to women since high-school. I’ve just never had the courage to act on it.”

We talked back and forth more. She told me about her company, and growing up on the plains of Wyoming. I told her about my family, and college, and the professor I’d had a crush on. I was just captivated by her presence. Her beauty along with her devastating wit and intelligence was just overwhelming. She was Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, and Marilyn vos Savant all rolled into one irresistible package. As we shared a desert, I could sense her gaze resting on me while I was focused on selecting the lowest calorie bites from the cheesecake. All too soon, our dinner was finished.

“So, would you like to come back to my place for another glass of wine?” she whispered.

As she was speaking, her hands were caressing mine, sending alternating shocks and shivers of desire through me.

Shakily, I managed to nod my head yes and give what I hoped was a winning smile.

Entering her apartment, I was impressed again. The decor and furnishings carried forth the same marvelous sense of taste and style that her clothing did. We were sitting on the couch drinking wine when she started caressing me; slowly and casually at first. A touch here, a warm squeeze, a hand rested on my thigh. All these things made me aware of her physical closeness and the desire that was igniting in me.

Her scent was amazing. Her body powder was subtle and expensive. Behind her ears was a dab of something that smelled a little like vanilla. I could smell her excitement, an earthy scent that I wanted to know well. The scent of her dampness acted like a switch, short circuiting my mind, turning off inhibitions, worries, and doubts, leaving behind only desire.

When she cupped my face in her hands and kissed me, I thought I was going to burst into flames. I’d never been kissed like that before. It was as though our souls were meeting, becoming one, and expanding until there was no room to contain the joy and desire. I was kissing her back with every ounce of passion I had. I could feel my breath coming in deep ragged gasps, and my whole body was flush with desire.

After what seemed like hours she broke our kiss. I moaned, and tried to pull her back to me. Slowly, she stood up, and grabbing my hand led me to her room. Gently, she made love to me. It was the most amazing sex I had ever had until that point. She played my body like a skilled musician. Running her nails down my spine, caressing my breasts, raking my earlobes with her teeth, kneading my buttocks, before lightly trailing her fingertips over my mound; then a light rub, and then frustratingly her hand would dart away to some other part of my skin. Finally, shaking in desire, I could take no more.

“Please Natali, please. Please make me cum. I want you so much.” I moaned.

Spreading my legs, she climbed between them, positioning herself so that our pussies were pressed up against each other. Slowly, we began moving in unison. Natali Onwin Güncel Giriş looked stunning. A light sheen of perspiration was coating her, making her face and body glisten. Her eyes were closed, and a look of unbridled lust contorted her face, making her appear both dangerous and sweetly vulnerable at the same time. Her skin was smooth and beautiful. As my fingers moved over her, trails of gooseflesh erupted, bringing little moans from her. Her heavy breasts were hanging down, and swaying slightly causing her nipples to brush over my chest. With each touch, my passion flared higher.

As I reached up to cup her breasts, she opened her eyes again. Smiling lazily, she caressed my face with one hand and then kissed me again.

It was more than I could take. Orgasms started rippling through my body. It was a like a thunderstorm. At first, they were weaker, more distant, and separated in time, then closer and more powerful. As each second passed, the physical sensations of touch, sound and light fused, coming so closely together in such wildly blinding and shocking brilliance it was impossible to tell when one ended or another began.

Natali too was overcome. She was thrusting wildly against me, moaning and crying out in wave after wave of passion. “Oh, Robin, oh baby!”, and then her words were cut off again as she mashed her lips against mine. As we kissed again, we continued thrusting against each other, and crying out in mingled sighs and groans of passion.

After what seemed like an eternity, we stopped moving against each other. As our excitement waned, periodic shocks ripped through my body, causing me to quiver and weakly cry out her name.

Afterwards we lay together cuddling. With Chad, it was never like that. He’d roll off me, and then his eyes would roll back in his head and he was asleep instantly. I guess I’d never thought much of Chad’s post-coital log imitation until now; the sense of intimacy I was sharing with Natali was just amazing. It brought a sense of closeness and tenderness I had never realized I needed.

“So, what do you think of making love with women now that you’ve experienced it?”

I could see the delight and just a little smirk of satisfaction in her eyes.

“I’m really not sure yet. I think I liked it.” I teased coyly. “Would it be OK if we try again so I can make up my mind?”

The rest of the night passed in a haze of sweat and passion. The only other part I can really remember is when I first tasted her. I’d fingered myself to sleep that week, fantasizing about what I would do, the licks and nibbles; the reality was just so much better than I’d even imagined!

While she was lying on her back, I lay on my side with my face in her treasure, her right leg draped over my back. With my left hand I delicately explored her body, feeling the round firmness of her breast, the sharpness of her collar bones, and the warmth and softness of her throat. At first, I traced the outline of her labia with my tongue, occasionally spearing her clit, and then darting between her tender folds. When my tongue first pierced her, her fragrance hit me again. It was delicate, but earthy. I loved it! Periodically, I would stop licking her and explore her body again with my hands, becoming slightly more aggressive and rougher each time. Soon I was bringing her labia into my mouth, and then gently pulling my head back, raking them with my teeth as they slipped through. As her need was becoming more intense, I brought my tongue to her clit, delicately massaging and licking the hood with my tongue, with intermittent delicate licks directly on it. Soon she was calling out my name, her hips bucking against my face. I would let her calm down after each orgasm, and then bring myself to her more desperately, licking her more roughly, bringing more of her into my mouth. At the end, I brought my right hand to her entrance and inserted one finger followed quickly by a second. The response was immediate, her back arched and she twined her fingers in my hair, pulling my face against her sex. Her final orgasm was so strong that we were both tossed around her bed like rag dolls.

As we lay together, with my head on her chest, I could see the first rays of the sun touching the mountains to the West. Feeling her shiver, I pulled the covers over us. The sensation of warmth and comfort was so just dreamy. My last thought before falling asleep again was that a new day had dawned.

As I was getting ready to leave, Natali pulled me into an embrace. “Last night was really amazing. I’d like to see you again. Can I call you this week?”

“I’d like that too.” I whispered. As I was walking out of her building, I could hear the chime on my cell phone indicating I had a new text message.

“So???? – C”

When I got back to my apartment I phoned him.

“Well, how did it go?” he demanded.

“It was OK, a little awkward honestly. I think we both had an OK time but it’s going to take a little bit for me to feel fully comfortable with this. Really, she’s just not comparable to you.” I’m going to hell I thought. Not only am I lying, I’m flattering while I do it. “If you don’t mind, I think I’d like to see her again a couple of times before we…. You know…. do the threesome thing. Just to get more comfortable”, I explained.