The Sacrifice

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“Good Morning.” Aunty called out.

Anya turned around, her hands full with a big basket of fruit. Anya was a young brunette, 24 years old and average build. “Good Morning aunty.” Anya replied.

“Taking more food for the orphanage I see. That’s really wonderful of you.” Aunty said.

“Oh it’s nothing. I just want to give back to the place that supported me for so long after mom and dad passed away. It may not be the grandest place, but it helps young children a lot.” Anya replied with a smile.

“Yes yes. Well anyway, we have a village meeting tonight at the hall. I hear it’s to do with the drought. I’ll see you there, bye.” Aunty said and walked away waving her hand.

Anya waved back and continued towards the east part of the village and reached the orphanage. She dropped off most of the fruit from the basket she had picked from the only green area left in the northern woods. She sat down with the head to chat for a few minutes and left for her home with leftovers. Along the way she thought about her time in the woods and the strange site she had seen. She had gone to a deeper part of the forest where she saw a stone slab, like a really old altar. Even though she frequently visited those parts, she had never seen it before, it was as if it appeared out of nowhere.

Anya, still thinking about the altar, reached her home at the outskirts. It was a small wooden hut next to a shelter for cattle. Not much to look at from outside but it was well maintained and clean on the inside. She stored the remaining fruit and went to work with her cattle. By dusk she was done with the chores, so Anya changed into fresh clothes and made way for the village hall. She reached the building and was welcomed by a few familiar faces whom she greeted and went in.

“Good evening everyone.” roared Rochem, the village head, a 47 year old man. “I hope everyone is here, let us begin. I’ll get straight to the point. After almost two decades of ample rain and lushness, we are now facing a severe drought.” For next twenty minutes he went on about the damage that had been done, all the failed countermeasures and asked for any possible solutions, though after an hour of arguments none came. “We have lost the favor of the forest goddess.” The village elder Alma croaked and stepped forward. “The goddess of the forest is the one who gives us rain and takes it away. We have lost her favor and must gain it back by making a sacrifice like we had been doing for generations.” Everyone began murmuring and Alma hissed loudly to silence them.

Once the room calmed down Alma spoke, “Whenever there is drought and death, the goddess’s altar appears deep in the woods. One life must be bound to it so the many may receive the goddess’s boon.” The room erupted, “How do we know that works?” “We must follow the traditions.” “These are just old superstitions,” everyone began arguing. Anya sat in the back and suddenly remembered what she had seen in the forest.

“If it is true, where is this altar? We have been scouring the forest for weeks and haven’t seen anything of the sort.” a villager spoke loudly and everyone again began whispering. “I may have seen it.” Anya spoke in the back and the room went silent, everyone stared at her. She gulped and said, “I visit the northern forests frequently, and today I saw an old stone slab that looked like an altar. Maybe that is it?”

Whispers filled the room, “Are you sure about what you saw?” Rochem asked. Anya nodded and said, “I frequently cross that trail but never saw it before. It appeared out of nowhere.” “That must be it. Goddess has sent her altar. We must honor her call and send a living sacrifice to please her.” Alma quickly blurted. “I want to see this altar myself first. I will go and check on this mysterious stone along with Alma and some other elders. Then we will make our final decision. Anya can you take us there?” Rochem asked Anya.

One week later.

Anya stepped over a bush and followed Rochem, she was barefoot and wore only a clean white dress. Rochem was leading the small group as they made way for the Altar a second time. They had visited it four days ago to confirm its existence and after two days of arguing, the decision was made to follow the tradition and send a sacrifice for the goddess. Rochem stepped back next to Anya, “Are you sure you want to do this Anya. You are young and throwing your life away like this..” “I am giving my life to help the village. If it hadn’t been for the orphanage and some other kind people, I wouldn’t have survived this long anyway. I am just repaying that kindness.” Anya replied with a smile.

Rochem sighed and they continued the remaining journey in silence. The small group reached the Altar just before dusk. The stone slab was the size of a single bed and covered with old texts and markings. Alma read the text and relayed the instructions for the ritual. Anya was laid on the cold stone and her hands were tied to trees on either side with chains and her feet to tree Anadolu Yakası Escort at the foot of the Altar. Once she was properly bound Rochem stepped forward and said, “I don’t know if this will work, but I just want to say, thank you on behalf of all the people of our village, thank you Anya.” He bowed and kissed her forehead and she returned a smile. Rochem stepped back as Alma began reading the incantations she had copied from old texts in the village records and the ones showing on the Altar. Everyone joined in repeating her words, though no one was sure of their meaning.

As the group continued their chants, a thick fog filled the woods. Everyone tensed but followed Alma’s lead and continued with the chanting. By the time they were finished it was completely dark and the woods were full with the dense fog. “Now we shall take our leave.” Alma finally said and turned around from the Altar. She began walking back the path they came, “We must not look back.” Alma snapped as Rochem hesitated from leaving the young woman behind. But as the entire group gave him stiff looks, he sighed and led them back to the village. He was restless the entire next day, he couldn’t stop thinking about Anya, how cold or hungry she must be alone in the woods or even if she was alive. He snuck out during the night and paced through the woods, but when he reached the location, he couldn’t find anything. The entire clearing was empty and there was no sign of Anya or the giant stone Altar.

Previous Night

Anya’s heart began to beat faster as she lay on the stone Altar with her hands and feet bound, facing the darkening sky. She could hear other villagers chanting, she closed her eyes and took deep breaths, trying to calm herself. She focused on clearing her mind and told herself again and again she was doing this for the good of the village and will meet the great goddess of the woods soon.

Anya didn’t realize how much time had passed. She opened her eyes to a night sky and turned her head to look around. She couldn’t hear anyone or see anything beyond the thick fog. She turned her head straight and said aloud, “Oh great Goddess of the Forest, I Anya offer myself to you as a sacrifice so that you may share your blessings and gifts with my village. Please hear my prayer!” Several minutes passed but Anya didn’t hear anything for a while.

SNAP! Anya suddenly heard a noise from some trees ahead. It sounded like a branch breaking. She tried to look where it came from but couldn’t see anything. She then heard a ruffle of leaves, this time closer and from the trees over her. Suddenly a silhouette appeared in the fog above her. The figure looked like a tall woman with wings floating down. Anya’s eyes filled with tears as she saw the goddess come down for her, she cried out, “Oh divine goddess, I present myself to you. Please help my village and friends who need your blessings.” As Anya spoke the figure dropped closer to her. She could make out the features much clearly now and gasped.

The creature that was floating down towards Anya was nothing like what she had expected. It was a nine feet tall woman with an exquisitely toned body and golden skin. She was completely naked thus showing her perfect figure with humongous breasts, muscular waist, beefy thighs and a gigantic ass. It was not just her size and skin that was peculiar but other features as well. She had a pair of horns and a pair of wings and a tail with a pointed tip swaying above her ass.

The tall creature landed her giant size 20 feet softly on either side of Anya’s torso. Anya’s heartbeat quickened as she could clearly see the creature now that it was so close and out of the fog. The creature’s skin was more vibrant orange golden, her tail and horns were black and her wings and hair were bright auburn. The creature bent down so it’s face was just a few inches away from Anya’s. The face was that of a mature beautiful woman, the glistening exquisite color just added to its allure. Anya stared into the vivid red eyes as a smile crept on the deep red luscious lips.

“So you offer yourself to me, Human.” The creature spoke in a deep feminine voice that echoed through the woods. “I, Domtsra, the patron demoness of this forest accept you as a sacrifice. Haaanhaarrn” Her words and shriek rumbled through the woods and a gust of wind blew in towards the altar from all directions. Domtsra gave a long sigh and lowered her waist. She landed her ass on Anya’s belly, and upon making contact with the demoness’s ass, Anya’s dress caught fire and burned away within seconds. Leaving her naked but unharmed.

Anya fidgeted on seeing the sudden burst of flames but Domtsra dropped her weight on her stomach, pinning Anya under her heavy figure and knocking the wind out of the small human with her 400 pounds. A long tongue slid out of Domtsra’s mouth and she dragged it across Anya’s neck and chest. “De…Demo..” Anya quivered as she felt Domtsra’s long neck slither around her neck. Avrupa Yakası Escort The tongue, just like the heavy ass on her stomach, was hot to the touch. “Ahh yesss, a demoness. Who were you expecting? Some divine savior?” Domtsra said and began laughing. “You naive humans. There is no goddess, I am the one you have been sending sacrifices to for decades.” Domtsra chuckled as she saw Anya’s eyes widen. She leaned back sitting up straight and planted her feet on Anya’s shoulders, putting the full weight of her giant figure on the tiny human under her.

“I hold back the rain using my powers which causes a drought and in return for a sacrifice I let it pour again, well as long as the sacrifice lasts, and pleases me. When the sacrifice is finished I send the Altar for another.” Domtsra said while trailing her long nails on Anya’s torso. “The last guy lasted only 8 years. But you are young, and delicious. You will last much longer.” She grinned. “Ahh the dumb look on your face. I have seen it so many times before. I’ll explain it so even your tiny human mind can understand it. I own you now. I will keep you bound to this altar and use you for my pleasure however I want. And whether you please me or not will decide if I let your pathetic little village survive or burn it myself.”

Anya couldn’t believe what was happening. She was sacrificed to a demoness who was going to use her and if she resisted or didn’t please her, her entire village could be ruined. Tears formed in her eyes as she felt trapped literally and figuratively. Domtsra licked her lips as she saw Anya weep. She loved this part, breaking the spirit of a new toy and turning it into an obedient slave that lived to fulfill her whims. Domtsra raised one of her feet and wiped Anya’s tears with her toes. With a devious smile Domtsra spoke, “Ahh, don’t worry my sweet little thing. I will let your people live, all you have to do is obey and please me. In time you will begin to enjoy serving as my slave as well. Last one couldn’t get enough of me by the time I was done with him and begged to serve me forever.” Domtsra cackled and held her foot in front of Anya’s face, the single foot was bigger than Anya’s entire face. “Now why don’t you show me your reverence and accept me as your owner by kissing my feet.”

Anya’s nose flared as the rancid smell of the feet covered in sweat and dirt hit her. More tears rolled down her eyes as she tried to move but couldn’t budge under the weight. She closed her eyes and not seeing a way out stuck out her lips. She barely touched the hot sole of Domtsra’s giant foot and recoiled immediately from the sour and pungent taste. Domtsra saw her recoil and stomped her foot down on Anya’s face. The hefty foot enveloped the little face, pushing it down and Anya felt her nose squash under the warm soft skin. “Go ahead, give it a kisss!” Domtsra hissed with a smirk.

Anya reluctantly gave it a peck, but the foot did not move. So she gave it a deep kiss, then another and another until satisfied, Domtsra raised her foot and said, “Good girl, now what do you say to your patron?” “Th..Thank you…Mistress, for letting me kiss your feet.” Anya replied hesitantly. “Good, a quick learner. Now then,” Domtsra said and planted both her feet on Anya’s face, “Lick them, kiss them, Worssship them.”

Trying to avoid the smell and taste, Anya held her breath. She kissed the feet a couple more times then stuck out her tongue. She hesitantly dragged her little tongue across the vast soft skin and immediately tasted the days old sweat and filth stuck to it. She licked the feet for a minute before running out of air and had to take a deep breath. The rancid smell instantly flooded her nostrils and she choked and coughed. Domtsra laughed from her struggle and said, “Keep going, my feet haven’t been cleaned in days.” For the next fifteen minutes Domtsra rubbed her feet on Anya’s face who licked the soles and stuck her tongue in between her toes, trying to clean them thoroughly and please the demoness.

Satisfied with the tongue cleaning, Domtsra flapped her wings and raised herself. She kept her feet on Anya’s face and now stood full weight on the little head. Anya felt her face dig into the soft soles and the entire 400 pounds of the demoness on her face. Fearing her skull would break, she panicked and tried to move her head but couldn’t budge. “You have my protection slave, you will feel my weight but no harm will come to you as long as I fancy it. Now stop your whimpering and open your mouth.” Domtsra said and Anya, still being squished under the weight, opened her mouth as wide as she could.

Domtsa raised one of her feet and stuffed it in Anya’s open mouth who gagged from the size of it. “Suck on them slave, pamper them.” Domtsra said with a devious smile and pushed her foot in even deeper. It took Anya a few moments to get used to the size and stop gagging, she then began sucking on the foot and licking the toes inside her mouth. Her saliva mixed with İstanbul Escort the remaining sweat and filth in between the toes, which she sucked and gulped down in a hurry as the weight on her head was getting unbearable.

After a few minutes, Domtsra abruptly pulled out her foot from Anya’s mouth, now glistening from the tongue bath and saliva, and landed it next to her head. She raised her other foot from Anya’s face, relieving the heavy weight and heel first jammed it in her slave’s open mouth. The giant heel backed by the demoness’s weight and force, crammed into Anya’s tiny mouth. She groaned, but relaxed her jaw, letting the foot in, as much as possible. Anya began sucking and licking again now on the heel of the foot. She licked earnestly, trying to clean it quickly and please her mistress.

After a while, Domtsra jammed her toes in Anya’s mouth, making her lick and suck between them for a thorough cleaning. Content with both her feet spotless and gleaming, she smirked and tapped Anya’s head with her foot, “Good slave. Now for your treat.” Domtsra jumped straight up, her wings fluttered as she raised both her knees to her stomach. But instead of dropping down instantly she floated mid air and lowered herself slowly, giving Anya a long and clear view of the enormous ass and a pussy almost as big as the tiny woman’s face.

Anya saw the demoness slowly lower herself on top of her. As she saw the enormous pussy and ass getting closer to her face, Anya realized what she was going to do and began panicking and writhing. But Domtsra calmly lowered herself till her pussy was just over Anya’s face and said, “Time to worship me, slave, Make me cum!” and landed on Anya’s mouth, completely engulfing it in the folds of her pussy. Anya froze, with her entire lower face buried in the literally hot and steaming pussy, and stared at the vile smirk of the demoness from between the thighs.

The sensual smell from the demoness overwhelmed Anya as she tried to breathe without opening her mouth. Domtsra wiggled her hips, burying Anya even deeper. “You want to live, don’t you? You won’t find any food bound here like this, and I sure as hell won’t bring you any treats. My juices will be the only sustenance you need or get, so the more you want, the more you will have to satisfy me.” Domtsra said and wiggled her hips again. Desperate, Anya opened her lips, warm and sweet liquid instantly seeped in her mouth and as the taste hit Anya’s tongue, she felt weird.

Anya felt warmth fill her tongue and mouth and her senses getting numb to all except for the plump weight on her face and sweet hot liquid in her mouth. She was hesitant but now also curious and eager, she was starving and felt the need for more. Anya opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue into the deep folds. Domtsra’s skin was warm but her flesh inside the pussy was very hot, Anya found the hot folds of skin and juices soothing, like a hot cup of soup, and began lapping at it.

The sudden and erratic tongue inside her amused Domtsra, she liked when her toys were eager but also preferred them to be useful and serviceable. Domtsra raised herself a bit but Anya’s face was jammed in her pussy, so she held it by the hair and yanked her face out and said, “Eagerness is good but you also need to learn how to pleasure me properly. Start slow and I’ll guide you my slave.” Domtsra let go of the hair and lowered her pussy over Anya’s mouth, who stuck her tongue out again but waited for her owner’s command.

“Slow and steady, we have all the time in the world. Start by licking and sucking on the outer lips.” Domtsra ordered and Anya followed. She licked the warm smooth skin of the lips and around it, licking in straight and circular strokes, then kissing and sucking the lips in between the licks. After ten minutes of working on the outer lips Anya heard Domtsra lightly moan and drop down, covering Anya’s mouth with lips again. “Good, now dig your tongue in and work on the inner lips.” Domtsra said and Anya followed. She began sliding her tongue slowly in between the folds, which were wetter and hotter than before. She dragged her tongue around and bit and sucked the folds.

The more juices dripped down her throat the more energetic and confident Anya felt. She increased her pace, driving and thrusting her tongue around but maintaining a steady rhythm. After a few minutes, Anya felt her face shoved even deeper as Domtsra relaxed and lowered her full weight on her. Anya continued to lap at the skin inside and could reach the clit now as well. So she began playing with it, kissing and flicking it with her tongue. It earned her a little moan from the demoness, so she sucked and lapped at the bud vigorously, alternating between serving the clit and the upper deep walls.

Domtsra was surprised by the sudden improvement in her new slave’s oral skills. If she can keep it up, the coming years will be marvelous, she thought. As the tongue in her moved around eagerly, Domtsra felt herself losing in the pleasure. She grabbed Anya by her hair and began grinding her hips, rubbing the erect tongue and face in her pussy. She felt the desperate tongue lapping after her clit trying to match the rhythm of her swaying hips and every flick and suck on her bud pulled another moan out of Domtsra.

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