The Satyrs’ Feast Ch. 03


All characters are over 18.

Dixie wandered aimlessly down the path, yawning ever so often as she made her way towards the summit on the other side of the valley. She was over halfway there already, she knew, but she was getting sleepy, and hungry too. Hadrin had said that the more satyr cum she had inside her, the more she would want, but she thought to herself that maybe it also helped suppress hunger. She wasn’t sure. When she saw Kyril or Hadrin again, she would ask.

Her yawns eventually forced her to concede that she could at least use a few minutes off her feet, and she saw a rocky outlook just off the path up ahead. Several large, flat stones formed a circle around what looked like a firepit, and Dixie imagined it could very well be some sort of meeting place. She could see a lake gleaming below her, fed from a waterfall, and the grass rolling down the hill looked soft and inviting. Still, she didn’t want bugs all over her, so she contented herself with laying down on a rock away from the circle and dozing a little until she felt like continuing on her journey.

When she woke, the light had changed, and it seemed like it was only an hour or so until twilight. The sun hung low in the sky, and she rubbed her eyes and looked around for a stream or fountain, even a puddle. She was terribly thirsty.

But thoughts of her thirst flew away like birds as she heard voices and the clack of hooves entering the circle, and she quickly slipped behind her stone, watching carefully as three satyrs sat down on the rocks.

They seemed older than Kyril and Hadrin, and they looked greyer, and worn, and sad for some reason. She frowned and focused on their quiet conversation.

“There’s no use going to the feast this year,” one sighed, a brown and white dappled fellow with curly white hair. “The line between our worlds is thin, yes, but humans are far too caught up in their own foolish world to think of coming here. And the rumors and old tales keep all the others away. It’s been thirteen years since we’ve had a human.”

“Maybe one will come this year,” another said, hope shining in his dark eyes. His light, tenory voice purred as he stroked his hands absentmindedly over his sandy brown thighs. His hair was silvering at the temples, and he looked to be the youngest of the three, yet still one of the oldest satyrs she had seen thus far.

“Bah,” the third groaned, clicking his hooves impatiently. Hazelnut skin and black, almost blue fur gleamed in the dying light, though half his hair seemed to be turning towards silver. “No one will come. There’s no human to fuck!”

“I think you’re wrong.”

Dixie called out from behind her stone, then swiftly stood and leaped atop it, staring brazenly at the trio as they gaped at her. The youngest stood immediately, his nose twitching slightly as he stepped towards her.

“A human,” he murmured, grinning wildly. “Tell me, are you going to the feast tonight, little lamb?”

“Yes,” she replied with a chuckle, her hands on her hips. “So I expect to see the three of you there! My name is Dixie, and I’m the human you’ll be fucking tonight.”

She stepped carefully off her rock and quickly approached them, standing in their midst with a sleepy smile. “I was ordered to be kind and generous to any other satyrs I found on my way. Though I must ask before you do anything…does anyone have some water? I’m very thirsty.”

“I have water,” the dappled one volunteered, reaching behind him for a waterskin. “Here, drink your fill. You’ll need it, but don’t drink all of it. You’ll need what’s left after we’re done.”

She smiled and gently kissed his neck in thank-you, and she drank deeply from his skin. The water tasted as if it had passed through years of growth to get to her, and she felt she could taste the very essence of the forest urfa escort in it. She breathed in through her nose, savoring the drink after so many hours without it, but she forced herself to stop and handed it back to the dappled satyr.

“Tell me your names,” she asked, stroking a finger over the dark one’s shoulder. He shivered.

“My name is Pytheas,” he replied, his deep voice making her pussy drip with excitement.

“I am Amphyx,” the young sandy one said, his calloused fingers tracing a line down her back towards her ass.

“And I am Nestor,” the dappled one finished, rubbing his thumbs over her stiff nipples. “We cannot tell you how pleased we are to see a human among us once more, and such a beautiful, luscious female at that.”

Amphyx chose that moment to squeeze her asscheeks with both hands, and she squealed in surprise, turning to face him. He grinned naughtily at her, his cock rising to the occasion, and she could hardly take her eyes off of it. It reached half mast, and she glanced at the other two to see their cocks in similar positions.

“Well that won’t do, will it?” she whispered, squeezing Amphyx’s ass in return. He nipped her neck. “I’ve only had a sampling of satyr cum, and I want more.”

She fell to her knees and immediately took Amphyx into her mouth, sucking his cock with abandon. She moaned and reached blindly for the other two, and she felt their meat in her hands before she could count to three. All of them groaned and placed their hands on her head, stroking it and playing with her locks as she slurped greedily on Amphyx.

Soon she turned to Pytheas and worked him into her mouth, taking Amphyx’s long, wet cock into her hand, pumping him and Nestor slowly, steadily. If she had to make them cum, they would cum in her mouth or in her pussy or in her ass, not waste their precious seed as she beat them off. Hadrin was right. The satyr cum inside her was changing her, making her wet and aroused and greedy for more cock even though three was far more than she had ever touched or sucked in her life.

She relaxed her throat and let Pytheas into her throat, his long, thick cock nearly making her gag as it pushed deep inside her mouth. But her reflexes had changed, and she could easily take him down her throat now without choking. He hummed his approval, and she hummed back, making him buck into her.

Slowly, seductively, she slipped his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him with dark, sultry eyes. He shivered again, and though his eyes shone with lust, he cupped her chin in his hand and guided her mouth onto Nestor’s cock, letting her slurp him down.

The dappled satyr smiled down at her, his eyes gleaming in mischief, and he took hold of her hair and started pumping his cock into her throat, thrusting into her mouth as saliva dribbled down her chin. She opened her throat and relaxed, savoring the feeling of his domination, and soon the other two caught on: Pytheas’ cock pushed even deeper down her throat, and he pumped his hips more quickly, nearly making her gag as even more saliva poured down her chin, dripping onto her breasts.

Amphyx was gentle at first, but then his pace quickened, making her think he might cum inside her mouth. But just as she hoped to receive another precious load of cum, it was Nestor down her throat again, his hand gently tugging her hair as his cock tried to drill its way into her esophagus.

Pytheas took her back next, and she was passed between the three, their cocks hammering into her throat as she squeezed them closer to her, trying to force their meat further into her mouth, using her tongue to lick at their balls when she could.

“She’s perfect,” Amphyx sighed as he slowed his drilling and luxuriated in the feel of her tongue on his balls. She sucked them gently, uşak escort licking between them and further back to his taint. He gasped, shoving her face into his groin, and she tongued a little at his asshole before retreating and turning to Nestor, slurping sweetly at his cockhead.

“Such a good slut,” Nestor cooed affectionately, stroking her hair as she pleased him. She licked at his ass as well, and he spread his cheeks so she could get in further. “Yes, my sweet little lamb, have your fill of my ass. I’ll certainly be having my fill of yours.”

She speared his hole with her tongue, sucking and licking at his tight, puckered hole, and he groaned in approval.

“A little more of that and I’ll give you a belly full of cum. But don’t leave poor Pytheas out. Lick his ass too.”

The dark satyr was already prepared, standing with legs spaced wide so she could get a good angle into his puckered anus. He purred as she worked her tongue into him, his cock throbbing as it rested on her forehead, and soon he pulled her out from between his legs and shoved his manhood down her throat.

He let loose a rich, thick flood of cum, and she guzzled it all, moaning all the while and stroking his thighs; she would be milking his cock, but all of it was stuffed into her mouth. Not a drop was wasted, and she hardly had time to breathe as Pytheas withdrew before Amphyx had shoved his cock down her throat and unloaded his balls into her belly.

She groaned, closing her eyes in sheer bliss as the salty, creamy load slipped down her throat, and she practically begged for Nestor to cum inside her throat as well. He smiled and obeyed her wish, pushing her nose into his pubic fur as rope after rope of delicious cream poured into her mouth. He sighed, and she swallowed thickly, cupping his balls as the last of his cum trickled into her stomach.

He slowly withdrew, his cock twitching in her mouth as she wrapped her tongue around its head, and the three of them stepped back, letting her catch her breath.

“Don’t think for a moment we’re through with you, little lamb,” Nestor warned with a grin, cupping her chin. “Do you like the taste of our cum? Do you want more in your belly?”

She nodded eagerly, nuzzling his cock as it hardened again. The dappled satyr pulled her to her feet and laid her back on one of the stones, then lowered his cock into her mouth once more, leaning over her splayed body to lick at her clit.

“Pytheas,” he called, gesturing to her pussy. “The girl needs more cum inside her. Can’t you see how her lovely little pussy aches without a cock inside it?”

“She must be suffering terribly,” Pytheas agreed, and he rubbed his cock against her slit before burrowing deep inside her. “Let me cure what ails you, lamb.”

Amphyx knelt beside her and rubbed his hands over her stomach and tits while the other two took her from both ends. “Isn’t that better?” he cooed, and she moaned around Nestor’s hot, thick meat. “Far be it from us to deprive our sweet little slut of the cocks she craves. You’ll be drinking your fill of cum tonight, love, and more besides. Why, your ass will be a gaping hole by the end!” He gently kissed the side of her breast, his fingers stroking her neck. “The king is going to love you.”

She couldn’t reply as Nestor was busy fucking her tonsils, but her eyes fluttered closed, and her hand reached out to graze Amphyx’s chest. He stood, understanding her wish, and while the two oldest satyrs fucked her mouth and pussy, she pumped Amphyx’s cock in time to their thrusts.

Finally Nestor pushed his cock as far down her throat as it would go, filling her up once more with a generous load of his cum. Pytheas followed soon after, hosing her womb with his seed, and Amphyx stepped away so his cum wouldn’t be wasted in her hand.

“Get van escort below her, Amphyx, and take her ass,” Nestor said, and he and Pytheas shared a significant look. Amphyx seemed to understand also, but she simply allowed the dappled satyr to flip her onto her hands and knees; she kissed Amphyx as he slipped his hard, throbbing cock into her ass, and she bore down hard on him until his balls met her pelvis.

But then Amphyx pulled her closer to him, holding her still as Pytheas pressed his cock into her occupied asshole.

“Mmff!” she groaned. “Fuck, are you sure you’ll even fit in – aaaahhhh!”

It was hard enough when Kyril fucked her ass for the first time, but having one satyr already in there while another shoved in his thick meat to join the first? She felt as if she were being skewered on a long, burning rod of steel, and she thought for a moment she might pass out before she felt Pytheas’ fur tickle her asscheeks.

She gasped as Pytheas slowly withdrew, then forced himself back in again; Amphyx kept his cock still for his comrade, letting Pytheas take her and, from the sounds of his moans, enjoying the sensation of being simultaneously squeezed by her back passage and caressed by another cock.

“Look at you, stuffed like a pig…you’re shaping up to be the most perfect slut, sweet Dixie,” Nestor whispered in her ear. “But I think once we get to the feast, we could probably fit at least two satyrs in each hole and one for each hand, don’t you think?”

She tried to reply, but all that came out was a lustful gasp as Pytheas thrust back into her again and Amphyx took the opportunity to withdraw, then thrust back in as Pytheas retreated. They soon found a rhythm, fucking into her like pistons, so there was always a cock thrusting into her hot, stretched asshole. Her holes spasmed as her orgasm rippled through her, and she shook with exertion, all her limbs trembling.

Nestor grabbed hold of her hair, and she understood to relax her jaw as he pulled her mouth down onto his cock. He worked her up and down his shaft, fucking her throat, but as Amphyx and Pytheas reached a mutual orgasm and hosed her bowels with their cum, he pulled her off his cock and slowly stood, his manhood red and angry and throbbing. He thrust it into her pussy as the other two watched, and the double load of cum that she had received drooled out of her ass and down onto the rod buried in her slit.

She orgasmed again, and the sensation of her pussy milking his cock made Nestor unleash his load into her womb; she collapsed onto the rock below her, spent for the moment, and all three gathered around her and stroked their hands over her body as she caught her breath.

“Such a wonderful slut,” Nestor cooed, petting her hair. “Such a beautiful little human.”

“Your ancestors would be proud,” Amphyx added, his hands tracing lines on her back. “Not every human is as eager to please, and before the feast too! I can’t imagine how you’ll be after the king gets a hold of you.”

“She will do honor to her race and to our king,” Pytheas said sagely, massaging her legs. “We will see her again at the feast, and she will spread hope throughout our kingdom. A human has returned to us, and we will have our fill of her!”

Their mouths descended on her, licking every inch of her skin that they could reach. Nestor pawed at her back as his mouth suckled greedily at her neck, and Amphyx worked himself under her and licked her breasts with abandon. Pytheas busied himself with her ass, nibbling her cheeks and moving lower to tongue at her gaping hole, making her twitch in pleasure. The three did not relent until she orgasmed again, but this one did not exhaust her like the last. It was as if energy flowed from their tongues into her skin, rejuvenating her, making her wet and aroused once more, ready for more satyr cum.

Each sent her off with a deep, lustful kiss and a promise to fuck her again at the feast; Nestor let her finish off his waterskin before she walked away with weak knees like jelly, her ass throbbing as more of their cum trickled down her thighs.