The Schoolboy and the Farmer’s Wife – Part 1


I was seventeen and living in the country. I had no brothers or sisters and had spent most of my life after five years of age at boarding schools where I was educated, only coming home during school vacations.The farm is hundreds of kilometers from the city. Our homestead is also 30 kilometers from the nearest town and 14 kilometers from our nearest neighbors’ place. The area was well known for cattle raising and each property is hundreds of square kilometers.From the time I began puberty, I learned all about sex from other kids at school and like all the others masturbated often. By the time I was sixteen I was beginning to get interested in girls. Our school held dances with the girls from other boarding schools, and we all spent lots of time working how to gets girls outside to kiss etc. I managed to score twice and had mild sexual experiences with two different girls. Julie was as inexperienced as I was, although I was not the first boy to attempt sex with her. We both failed to achieve anything other than a fumble, kiss and grope. I actually managed to feel her breasts and vagina under her clothes. The other girl was far more difficult to engage with. Jan had lost her virginity to a boy who had ejaculated into her well before I met her. The reason she gave me for not wanting sex was because she was terrified about becoming pregnant. The house mistress of the school she was attending assumed what had happened and counseled her. She was to report to her if her period didn’t arrive on time. She told me it came a day late, and she said she was ready to commit suicide that day, rather than let her parents find out. The boy who had fucked her was the son of somebody important and she knew he would deny everything. She did however suck me off for my first time. When she went home she confided in her sister who laughed and told her she shouldn’t have worried. “I got pregnant, but dad arranged for a doctor to abort me. He couldn’t have cared less.” After sucking me, Jan showed me how to finger her, and she had an orgasm. It was my first experience with female orgasm, as my earlier experiences never reached that stage. That scared me when she came because I thought she was having a fit. She laughed at me afterwards.On my next Christmas holiday which is eight weeks long, I was at home and my mother asked me to ride over to the neighbors place and deliver something to Mrs Jones for her. When I got there Mrs Jones was home, but Mr Jones was out mustering. As is the custom when you visit, she invited me in and made a cup of tea and we had cake as well. She left the room for a few minutes and when she came back I couldn’t help notice, but I think she had undone a few buttons on her blouse. I am sure I would have noticed them before if she hadn’t. I could see the gap between her breasts and the bulge of them. I could not help but look. She was very friendly and talked to me a lot. I called her Mrs Jones a couple of times and she told me to call her Sally. She asked me questions about school etc and about the girls I had met. I played that one cool. Then she got very close to me and I could smell her scent and could not help but look down at her very exposed breasts. They looked beautiful, and it was then I realized she didn’t have a bra on. I couldn’t see her nipples but they were hard and showing through her blouse. It didn’t take much for me to get aroused and I got a hard on. Then she started telling me how good looking I was and how much I had grown. I was a real man now. I bet you have half a dozen girlfriends. Sally kept touching my arm and then she stood up and took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Before I realized it she had an arm around me. I should have tried to get away but I didn’t, I was confused and bewildered. I had no idea what was happening. I knew we shouldn’t be doing this, she was married. Then she just kissed me and I virtually melted, I have never enjoyed kissing anybody like her before, her lips were soft and she put her tongue into my mouth. Luckily I knew how to open mouth kiss. It all happened so fast I never got a chance to be shocked or reject her advances. I should have pulled away but I didn’t. I was enjoying it, and then she put both her arms around me and pulled herself closer to me. I could feel her breasts against my chest and the fact she was breathing quite heavily. My hard cock was pressing between us. I could smell her and she really smelled beautiful, it wasn’t scent, but just what a woman smells like when she is warm. The warmth of her and the aroma of her body had really turned me on. I was shocked, but I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Then she put her hand up and undid the rest of her blouse as we kissed. She had no bra on and she put my hand on her breast and I have never felt anything as nice as them ever before. They were warm and firm, and I could not take my hand off them. They were bigger than Jan and Julies who had let me touch theirs, but a bit softer. She told me to play with her nipples. I did what I was told willingly, at the same time we kept kissing. While we kissed she told me how good it felt. After a few minutes of this, she gently maneuvered me backwards and into a bedroom, our lips still locked together. Next thing I knew, I was lying on the bed, and she got on top of me. That’s when the pace of things went up a bit. As we kissed and rolled together, she was rubbing her body against me. I was getting really worked up, and I thought I might cum in my pants. It was far better than it had been with the girls at school. I knew she was older than me and married but I couldn’t help myself, I was really enjoying this. She removed her top completely and undid my shirt. Then she began Escort Göztepe to undo my belt and trousers. I was a bit embarrassed as my cock was bone hard, and I didn’t want her to see it. Then she stood up and took her skirt off and slipped out of her pants. She looked stunningly beautiful standing there in front of me stark naked. She had more hair around her cunt than Jan and Julie: it looked really sexy. I stammered out, “Sally we shouldn’t be doing this.” “I know, but I want to do things with you I shouldn’t. I can’t help myself; I want you to have sex with me. You are a man and I want a man badly.” I had no answer to that; I was overwhelmed by the whole affair which was now completely out of hand. She told me to stand up, and she slipped my jeans down, and I stood there in my underpants with my huge bulge showing prominently. There was also a wet patch where my precum had leaked out. Then she put her fingers into the band of my underpants and slipped them down. As she did her head ended up right opposite my hard cock.She looked up and said, “This is absolutely beautiful can I hold it? You have something to be proud of here. I think we are all going to get along like a house on fire. I have something that this will fit perfectly.” I didn’t answer and she just touched me and my cock jumped with the sensation. Then she put it in her mouth. Jan had sucked me off, but it never felt anything like this. This was amazing and I have never felt a sensation like it ever before, it was the most amazing feeling I have ever had. It was far better than when Jan did it. Obviously she had done it before and really knew how to do it properly with her lips and her tongue. My knees were like jelly and I nearly collapsed. My jeans and underpants were around my ankles and I could hardly move.Sally continued to suck my cock and hold it with her hand. She looked up at me and smiled with my cock in her mouth. Our eyes locked together and her face was absolutely beautiful. She had deep brown eyes and she could not have looked more beautiful. Her mouth was filled with my cock and her hair was down around her shoulders and I have never seen a more attractive woman, and with my cock in her mouth. I was in heaven. She continued to rub her lips up and down my cock. I got so excited as I had never had anything as good as this happen to me before. I was ready to cum in a couple of minutes. I had no idea of what to say and sang out,” I am going to cum, I am going to cum. Sally…Stop… Stop.” My whole body was ready to explode. I went to pull back and get my cock out of her mouth, but she held it firmly with her hand and stopped me from taking it out from her mouth, and she kept sucking. I couldn’t help it, and my cock exploded and I filled her mouth with my cum. Spurt after spurt of cum went in as she kept her lips tightly pressed over my cock head. I could feel her teeth gently touching the rim around the head of my cock. “Oohhh God,” I moaned each time I came, I shuddered and shook. I grunted as each shot of cum flowed into her mouth. I was sort of shocked at what I had done, but she kept on sucking and swallowing until I had nothing left to give her. I thought she would be angry with me for doing that, but she seemed to be really enjoying it as I could hear her going,” mmmmm…mmmm…mmmm,” every time I came in her mouth.After I had finished cumming she kept sucking on my cock until it began to get soft. It wasn’t until then she took it out of her mouth. “I have wanted to do that to a man for years. It was beautiful.”I didn’t know what to say. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked. “Shit that’s the first time that I have ever had that done.” That was a lie as Jan had done it for me, but I didn’t cum in her mouth and it was nowhere near as good as that. “She said that’s nice, I like doing that to men. You have a lovely penis; it’s beautiful and so tasty.” Again I didn’t know what to say, and said nothing. “I have done it to a few men before I was married but I liked yours best. Your penis is beautiful. Have you ever had sex before with a girl? “ I told her I had tried but Jan wouldn’t let me. She said, “Today we will change all that. I want you to do it to me.” “But you’re married!” I exclaimed.“That means nothing to me. Now get those pants and boots off.”“I did this before I got married. That’s how come we got married, I thought I was pregnant to Tom and he agreed to marry me. When we realized I wasn’t, he still said he wanted to marry me, so we did.” “Now I want to fuck you, it will be special to me too as it will be your first time. I will be enjoying the end of your virginity with you. It will make me happy too. It will be far better than masturbating all the time.”I couldn’t believe this was happening. We got back on the bed and Sally told me how we were going to make love. “What will happen if I cum inside you? shouldn’t we use a condom?” “Don’t be worried about cumming inside me. I can’t have babies; I use pills to stop them.” I knew my mother did the same.She lay back on the bed and opened her legs wide for me to see her womanhood, and show me her vagina and what it looked like, I was fascinated. She had far more hair around it than either of the girls I had seen before, or as much as many of the naked girls I had seen on the porn. Then she explained what all the bits of her vagina were called. I was fascinated. “Get down and have a good look. Have you ever kissed a girl down there?” she asked me. “SHIT…NO!” I was shocked. “I will show you what to do, you won’t be embarrassed. It’s every girls dream to have this done. I want you to know how to do it for me. I made sure I washed it for you when I was outside. It is very Caddebostan escort clean, don’t worry its really good, you will enjoy it.”“I don’t know if I can; I have never done it before. Are you sure it’s okay?” I asked her.“Don’t be concerned all men do it. This will just be your first time and after this the girls you do it with will love you forever. They will really appreciate it I can assure you.” I asked her, “are you sure? I might not be any good at it.”“You can’t miss, it’s easy, and I will teach you.” Then she gave me that beautiful smile of hers.She lay down on the bed and told me to get down between her legs and get my head close to her opening. She opened her legs wide and said, “now look how lovely it is, and how good it is going to taste.” She then guided me through what I had to do. She had a slight musky smell down there and I was a bit apprehensive about it. I took a deep breath and licked her cunt. It felt nice. There was a bit of moisture there and I got that on my tongue and it tasted strange but it wasn’t too bad. She told me to slip a finger into her, and then lick in between her lips and up over her clitoris. I did what I was told and I was getting real worked up as I concentrated on what she was telling me to do. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined. This was turning me on big time. She was laying back and holding herself up on her arms watching me. I could look up and see her face smiling down at me and her beautiful tits. After a couple of minutes trying I was used to the smell, which was a mixture of musk and soap. The taste of it was ok too, and I began to do what she had told me to do. The feeling of me touching her naked skin was amazing. Every now and again she would tell me to do something a bit different or to suck or lick where she told me. I soon realized she wanted me to lick and touch her clitoris more often than I was doing. It became obvious that’s where she really liked it. Then she explained to me how girls masturbate, and rubbing their clit to make them cum. She told me that’s where I was going to make her happy, and she would eventually cum after I licked and sucked her there. This was truly amazing and I could not believe this was happening to me.Then she said, “now it’s your turn. Turn around and I will show you how some people do this together, it’s called sixty- nine.” I knew the term; I had seen a couple of the boys at school who did it after lights out in the dormitory sucking each other’s cocks at the same time. Back then it took me a minute or two to realize why it was called sixty nine. She got me into the position and it was weird. I lay down and then she got on top of me. It was pretty obvious what we were going to do, suck each other at the same time. “Waaa hooo… this is amazing,” I exclaimed. It was the other way up to what we had been doing before. I was beginning to enjoy this. Then she told me what to do and before I knew it I was back sucking her cunt, and she was sucking my cock at the same time. This was amazing. Being on top she was able to maneuver her cunt to where she wanted me to lick and suck her. I loved it. This was fantastic.We both did it to each other and I didn’t make a fool of myself and cum this time. After a while she said, “Now let’s go back to doing it the way you were doing it to me before. That will be another experience for you to see me cum. This time you will know I am not having a fit. It’s an amazing feeling as you already know.”I got down between her legs again and after a couple minutes was using my lips and tongue perfectly; I was going great guns again. I kept going on her for about five minutes. I was really enjoying myself sucking and licking her cunt. I seemed to be doing everything right. I have never had so much fun in my life and naked as well. It didn’t take much to know she was enjoying everything I was doing to her. We didn’t need words; our body language said it all. Then she began to wriggle herself about and get excited. “I’m cumming I’m cumming It’s happening Ooh god Ooh god, I am going to cum, get ready, get ready.” Then she moaned a long “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD.” I had never experienced anything like this and she really got excited and began to shake then buck and bounce up and down as she wriggled and pulled her nipples and squealed. I knew this time she was not having a fit. It was like Jan had been when she came but Sally was far more active and vocal. What was happening to her was something I could not be anything but amazed at. I was responsible for her having this amazing orgasm. I was having difficulty keeping my mouth in contact with her cunt as she was bucking about as much as she was. It was like when I was younger and being tickled by my auntie, but that wasn’t sex. She kept telling me, “Keep going, keep going.” She got more and more physical and excited. I had to wrap my arms around her legs to hold on to her tight and pushed my face onto her cunt and really licked and sucked her clit and she kept getting more and more excited and was almost crying with the pleasure she was having. I was enjoying the taste of her cunt as a little bit of stuff was coming out of her and her pussy scent was getting stronger. I knew this was special without knowing what I was really doing. Then she gave another shudder and shake like she was going to do it all again then said, “Stop, stop, stop, no more, no more.” I stopped, and sat up and looked down at her lying there. She was out of breath and breathing very heavily and I could see her tummy muscles give a spasm every few seconds. She put her hand down onto her cunt and rubbed it. I had done something I had never done before and with a real woman Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan not a girl. Being married she had done it before no doubt, and she had let me do it with her. She knew what she was doing; it was my first experience at doing anything like this. I think she got more out of it than I did, and she didn’t really realize that I was having my first real sex with a woman and not a girl. I had never done anything like that with another girl ever. It was like I was losing my virginity without fucking her. She would always be somebody special to me now. I would always remember the taste of her as well. It was different. I was really excited; I had never realized sex was like this. To me sex was fucking. I knew girls sucked boys but I never realized that boys do that to girls. She had really had a wonderful time and kept telling me that I was very good at it. “We are going to do that again,” she told me, “but first there is more for you to learn.” I asked, “Was I okay?”“You were perfect; it’s the first time you have seen a woman cum is it?” “I have seen girls cum, but not like that.” “You were magnificent. You did that extremely well for your first time. I know now that we will really enjoy having our sex together. Nobody has ever done that to me and got me to cum that hard before. That was my best orgasm ever. You were wonderful.”“Thank you. That was amazing, I am so happy I did it right for you. I have never done that before. I am so glad you enjoyed it.” I crawled up to her and we kissed as we lay together wet with sweat. I hadn’t realized my mouth was covered in her cunt stuff but she didn’t mind and we kissed the kiss of lovers, with our tongues. Now she was no longer an older woman I was having sex with. I felt there was no longer an age difference between us, she was my lover and we were as one.“Now I want to show you what real sex can be like. After that you must be busting to cum. I am sorry but that boner will have to wait, I couldn’t do it now for love or money. We can have a cup of tea and then you can show me how well you can use that beautiful cock of yours. I am so happy that you came over. I never realized that I would be doing this with anybody today and with a virgin boy as well.” I went to pick up my jeans. “Leave those, Tom won’t be back for days so there is just the two of us, and I don’t mind looking at your naked body. Do you mind? I like what I am seeing, and I guess you are too, another first for you, tea for two in the nude eh?” We sat and we talked about a few things going on around the area. I asked about her husband and what would happen if he ever found out what we had done. It was just as if we were not naked. “He won’t find out from me. I know when they are coming back. A couple of stock hands arrive the day before the mob to get the yards ready for the cattle. You know what it is like when they are mustering, they are out for a week or two.” I was beginning to feel like a real man. Naked with a woman I had just had sex with and I was about to lose my virginity with her. She was so cool about it; I could not believe this was happening. I always imagined I would score off a local girl at a bachelors and spinsters party in the back of a pick-up. That’s where most guys got their end in for the first time. In the meanwhile I would have had to get by with masturbating. Now things were all changing, for the better. I never ever imagined it would be with a married woman, and least of all Sally. I felt like I had been blessed. While she was making the tea I looked at her naked body and it was magnificent. I never realized a woman could have a nice bum as well. Then I stood behind her and put my arms around her and played with her tits, and my cock was rubbing against her bum. Then she turned around and said, “Take it steady, there will be plenty of time for that.” The two of us were nude and it was amazing. We moved about without a thought that we were nude together, but I couldn’t take my eyes of her, she is beautiful. My cock was slack and bobbing about as I walked, it felt great. She finished making the tea and she took me out onto the veranda completely naked. We sat there in the warmth drinking tea and eating cake. I was looking at a real woman, not a girl and the most beautiful body I have ever seen. I got excited looking at a bit of tit earlier but now I could see all of her body as well as her beautiful tits. I wanted to hold them and suck them again.After I finished my tea I went to her and we kissed. She responded, and I knew I could do anything I wanted now. I didn’t hesitate and bent down and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked and licked it. They were as hard as frozen peas. She pushed them up for me to do it even better. It was amazing. I got hard as a pole again. I swapped from one nipple to the other licking and sucking and she loved it. She played with my cock at the same time as well. “That is the nicest cock I have ever seen,” she told me. Tom isn’t circumcised like you and I like the look of yours better. You are about the same size as Tom too. I have been with a few men before Tom but you are the first man since I have been married, and I am not regretting this at all.” It seemed it didn’t matter she was married and having sex with a neighbors’ son, and six years younger than her as it happens. “Can I ask how old you are?” I asked her. “Twenty four, I am six years younger than Tom. As I told you we thought I was pregnant and that’s why we married. It wasn’t true love but we did like each other a lot. I wouldn’t have had the weekend away with him if I hadn’t liked him. How old are you?” “Eighteen; I will be nineteen in a month’s time.” “Ha, ha, I am seducing a teenager, how wonderful, but I am only seeing a real man and you are really not much younger than me, and before long, just as experienced I hope.” We had been sitting around for about half an hour. We had been having tea and cake and I had been kissing and sucking on her tits, and she had been playing with my cock.