The Sculpture

Big Balls

*knock knock*

Your deep voice calls “come in” and I do.


I look down uncertainly, not sure where to start.

“Yes, Jessica? What can I do for you?”

I take a deep breath and walk into your office, sitting across from you. I’m holding the paper I got back in your class today: it’s the critique of my sculpture.

“Professor, Sir, I was wondering if we could talk about my sculpture grade?”

You smile.

“Yes, I thought you might be a little disappointed. Technically, it was good work. Clean lines, very balanced…the problem was no imagination.”

I suck in my breath and look down. I’m trying not to cry. You’re my favorite professor and I worked for days on that sculpture trying to get it just perfect to impress you.

“Oh, I see.” I mumble. I’m disappointed to the verge of tears.

“Well, thank you for your time.”

I stand to go.

You lean forward and put your hand on my forearm.

“Wait. Look, I know how long you worked on that piece. It’s really very good. I’ll tell you what, why don’t I give you an extension? We’ll say it’s just not quite finished yet. Why don’t you take the weekend to see if anything inspires you?”

My eyes light up. Another chance!

I smile brilliantly up at you.

“Oh, thank you, sir! I know I can get it right this time. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you! I’m going to the studio right now to start thinking about it!”

I hop up and flounce out of your office in much better spirits.

It’s raining out as I dash to the doors of the clay studio and by the time I get the building unlocked and make it inside, I’m soaked. It’s cold and I’m shivering, but I don’t really notice it because I’m so focused on the sculpture.

I go to the shelves and get the piece. It’s smooth and sinuous, about Anadolu Yakası Escort two feet tall. It’s a depiction of two figures, man and woman, embracing. I spent ages smoothing and sanding to get it so clean. I wanted to make it easy for you to see that I had sculpted us, you and me. It broke my heart that you didn’t like it, but I had to make it right for you…ha to make you see. I carry the sculptue over to the full length mirror hanging on the wall. Sometimes it’s easier to see the faults in something when you look at it differently. I stare at it for several moments, considering. My eyes blur and I find myself looking past the sculpture to my own reflection…

My hair that I had pinned up so carefully is hanging in wet ropes on my cheeks and shoulders. My crisp white shirt is clinging to my skin, almost transluscent in places. My legs under my jean capri pants are shiny from the water and the little bows on my cute red strappy shoes are untied from my mad dash through the rain. I’m thinking, I look like a mess! I look like….like….

And then I just look for a minute. Mesmerized, I set the sculpture aside. I whisper something I’m afraid to say aloud.

“I….look hot.” I blush. I giggle.

My hands run up my body, from my hips up my sides to my breasts. I stop there to cup my breasts, feeling my hard little nipples through the thin fabric of my wet shirt and white cotton bra. I’m entrnced, now. I’ve never looked at myself this way before.

I shiver at the thought, from the cold and from the sensation of discovery. Like a little girl with a new toy, I begin to play. Still cupping my breasts, I turn this way and that, looking at my body. I’m laughing now. I wink at myself in the mirror and toss my wet hair sexily over my shoulder. Enthralled in my game, I smile, full of mischief. I begin to hum a soft R&B tune and start unbottoning the little buttons of my shirt, one at a time, teasingly, in a fun little striptease. With my shirt unbuttoned, I let it slide down my arms, enjoying the feel of the cool, wet material dragging across my warm skin. I kiss myself in the mirror, playfully, starting to sway my hips to the same silent strip tease. I reach to the button of my jeans and continue to play, sliding down the zipper. In the mirror, my nipples draw my attention. I’ve never seen them so hard, sticking out so far. Interested, my hands leave my unbottoned, unzipped pants and travel back up to my breasts. I gasp when my hand move over them.

“Wow.” I whisper. I step closer to the mirror now, concentrating on this new sensation, running my hand experimentally over my sensitive peaks. Electric heat shoots from my breasts down to tingle between my legs. Unbidden, I moan. My breathing picks up a little. Not sure I can even stop myself, I slide one hand away from my breasts and down into the open V of my pants, lower, touching myself.

I moan louder now, and my eyelids drift down. My hips begin rocking slowly against my hand and my other hand continues to play with my nipples, firt one side, then the other. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realize what I’m doing, and where, but I don’t care. I feel so full, so hot, so powerful, that I can’t stop. My breathing turns ragged and I’m stroking myself powerfully now, faster and faster. I’m moaning and whimpering softly, then louder. My legs are shaking and I scream as it seems I’m splitting in half and becoming the sun itself. I cum hot and hard and long as I moan deeply. Finally, panting and shaky, I open my eyes.

“Professor!” I see you in the mirror, standing behind me, next to my sculpture.

I whirl around to face you, pulling my hand out of my pants and tugging my shirt back together in front of me.

“Oh, my God. I was just–I–I” I am humiliated, and almost in tears, I try to run past you to the door.

“Wait!” You call and grab my arm.

“Please, Sir. I….I have to go.” I stare at the floor and try to tug my arm free.

You are much stronger than I am, so my struggling is useless.

“Jessica, look at me.” You say gently.

With tears in my eyes, I do.

You’re smiling.

“That was beautiful, Jess. You’re very sexy, did you know?”

My cheeks are flaming.

“Sir, please, I shouldn’t have done that. It’s…it’s wrong. Please just let me go.”

You put your arms around me and pull me into you. I’m shaking and cold and your warmth feels wonderful. I lean closer.

“Oh, baby. Is that the first time you’ve ever done that?” You ask, half chuckling, half soothing.

I nod against your chest.

“I see. Let me ask you something…did you like it?”

I pause. Then I nod against your chest again.

“Then there’s nothing wrong about it.” You pull back from me and look down into my eyes.

“It was pretty amazing, you know, me getting to see that.”

I look away quickly. “How long were you there?” I whisper.

“From the striptease on.”

I gasp, my eyes shoot back to yours. “But, you couldn’t have been! I didn’t see you!”

You smile. “You didn’t notice when I came in, so I just stood by the door a while. I couldn’t make myself stop you. I was extremely turned on. You’re incredibly beautiful when you let yourself go like that.”

You step toward me and touch my face. “Can I kiss you?”

My breath catches. I gulp. I nod.

You step into me and hold my face between your hands, kissing me gently.

“Jessica….” you whisper.

“Would you like to let me touch you the way you just touched yourself?”


To Be Continued (if you like…)