The Second Time with Vickie

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Two weeks or so after the party at which I found Vickie shivering on the bedroom floor I had been using, I received a text message from her, while I was at work. It was cryptic to say the least: Need to talk to you. When would be good for you? V.

I spent several minutes trying to guess why she felt the need to talk. She had made it pretty clear before she left the following morning, that, basically, I had just got lucky with her, but that was where it ended. Julie, whose party it had been, had told me that Vickie and Simon were a devoted couple, rarely seen apart when it came to socialising. So why, I wondered, did she need to see me two weeks later?

The thought crossed my mind that, as I hadn’t used a condom, she might be expecting my child, but I dismissed that idea almost immediately. Firstly, if she hadn’t been using some form of contraception, the omission was easily rectified with the morning-after pill. Secondly, it was a bit too soon after the event to be sure about something like that.

But, having rejected that idea, I couldn’t think of any other reason she would want to see me. Of course, the simple solution would be to meet as soon as possible and find out. So I replied saying that any evening after seven would be okay. Within two minutes of sending my reply, my phone bleeped to indicate an incoming message. It was short and to the point: Tonight?

I replied saying that would be fine. She asked for my address and I sent it to her. Her last message simply said: Your place, seven-thirty. Thanks. V.

Fortunately, I was too busy to dwell on the matter although once I left work my mind went back to trying to figure out why she needed to see me. Perhaps, I thought, Simon had somehow found out. Maybe she had even confessed to him and she wanted to warn me that he was looking for me. Again, I dismissed the idea. She could have warned me by means of a simple telephone call, or even a text message. Then I started wondering how she had got my mobile phone number.

Arriving back at my flat, I set to work cleaning and tidying the place, before ordering a take-away. Long before seven-thirty I was pacing up and down my lounge imagining ever wilder scenarios. The fact that she hadn’t arrived by eight, did nothing to reassure me. Even if she’d changed her mind about coming to see me, I still didn’t know what was behind the idea.

I had just about given up on her coming at all, when the intercom buzzed.

‘Hello?’ I said cautiously.

‘Harry, it’s Vickie.’

Her voice was giving nothing away and I pressed the door release before switching on the kettle, just to give me something to do while I waited for the lift to bring her up.

‘Hi Harry,’ she said, shrugging out of her coat. ‘Thanks for agreeing to see me at such short notice. Er, I’m not messing up your evening, am I? Say if you have to go out later — or if you’re expecting anyone.’

‘It’s fine, Vickie. I had no plans for this evening except maybe an early night. It was pretty busy at work today.’

I hung up her coat and waved her ahead of me into the lounge. She looked good, in a loose shirt over black leggings and a pair of those Australian, fur-lined, suede boots that stopped just below her knees. The shirt barely covered her ass and allowed me to see, once again, what great legs she had.

‘Drink?’ I offered, as she looked around the lounge with interest.

‘If you have some white wine and soda — fifty-fifty — that would be great. Otherwise tea or coffee as I’m driving.’

I made two spritzers, handed her one and sat down with mine on my sofa. She sat down at the other end and raised her glass with a smile.


‘Cheers!’ I echoed.

There a long silence while I waited for her to tell me why she was here. Finally, she shrugged and gave me an apologetic look.

‘Now I’m here, I’m not sure where to start.’

‘Well, like I said, I have no plans to do anything so take your time.’

She smiled and nodded gratefully.

‘First off, I’m not pregnant or anything, just in case you were wondering. I finished my latest period two days ago so the little pills are still doing their job. We should really have used a condom, you know,’ she finished, frowning sternly at me.

‘You’re right. And I’m sorry. But I didn’t go to the party expecting that I’d be sharing a bed with anyone, so I didn’t have any with me.’

‘That’s okay. No harm done. Secondly, as far as I know, Simon has no idea that I cheated on him.’

‘Well I certainly haven’t told him,’ I assured her. ‘I mean, I’ve never even met him and I don’t know where you live or what your phone number is. So the only way he could find out is from you. Julie had no idea we slept together and you slipped into my room after everyone had settled down and slipped out again before anyone was up and about.’

‘Yes, luckily that worked out rather well,’ she nodded.

‘So why are you here?’ I asked.

‘This is going to sound pathetic,’ she told me.

‘Try me.’

‘It’s just that, since you and I, er, had sex, I haven’t Ataşehir Escort been able to get it out of my mind. It doesn’t matter what I do, it keeps popping back into my mind — sometimes at really awkward moments,’ she finished with a strained little laugh.

‘I see,’ I said, even though I didn’t.

‘It’s been driving me mad. I can tell you that the night after the party, I made Simon fuck me all night. And every night since — except for when I was having my period — including last night and the night before. The trouble is, while we’re doing it, I’m imagining it’s you, not Simon, who’s fucking me.’

‘Oh dear.’

‘Exactly,’ she nodded. ‘I don’t know whether it’s because it’s the only time I’ve cheated on him, or it’s because it’s made me feel so wicked, or what.’

She paused and took a long pull at her drink.

‘You know, if I was a serial cheater, then maybe I wouldn’t think anything of it. But I have to admit, I get a certain guilty thrill just thinking about what we did.’ She shifted her position and squeezed her thighs together. ‘Right now, I’m getting wet talking about it.’

‘I don’t know what to say,’ I said apologetically. ‘But is talking about it, helping?’

‘Not really,’ she admitted frankly. ‘If anything, it’s making me feel even more horny.’


We sat in silence again and I couldn’t help remembering what it had been like feeling her naked body rubbing itself urgently against mine, or how it felt to fuck her. Then it was my turn to adjust my position, allowing my stiffening dick to straighten inside my jeans. Her eyes flicked down to the growing bulge and back up again.

‘You’re getting a hard-on, aren’t you?’

‘Yes. Sorry.’

‘No, don’t apologise. Like I said, I’m getting wet, which is the female equivalent.’

‘You do realise,’ I said, as my thoughts began to drop into some sort of order, ‘we could have had this conversation over the phone? How did you get my number, by the way?’

‘I asked Julie for it. Said something about planning a party and wanting to invite you. Don’t worry, I asked for three or four other numbers as well. But you’re right, we could have had this conversation over the phone.’

‘So why come round?’

She took a deep breath.

‘The thing is, I’ve started thinking the only way to exorcise the memory of you fucking me, is to do it again. To prove it was just a one-off; no big deal; that sort of thing.’


‘I know. What do you say?’

‘I’m not sure what to say. Where’s Simon, by the way?’

‘Oh, away on business,’ she said dismissively. ‘Every now and again his job takes him away for a few nights. The idea of sitting at home thinking about what we did, without him around to jump on doesn’t bear thinking about.’

‘Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight. We had sex at that party. Somehow the memory has got under your skin to the point where even sex with Simon doesn’t drive it away so you’re hoping if you have some more sex with me, it’ll burst the bubble, so to speak.’


‘What if it doesn’t?’

‘What do you mean?’ she frowned. ‘Why wouldn’t it?’

‘I don’t know. Maybe you’re right and if we did it again you’d see it was no big deal, just some, hopefully, enjoyable fun. But what if you find it was just as good as the first time and that you want to do it a third time, maybe a fourth time?’

‘Don’t be silly. At the party we’d both had a bit to drink, we flirted, we danced and, more or less by accident, we ended up in bed together. I admit I found you attractive which is why I let you take my panties off. The next morning was just finishing what we started. Now I need closure.’

‘Which you can get by having sex with me again?’

‘Harry, believe me, I’ve thought of little else for the past two weeks. This is the only thing I can think of which will let me get my life back to normal. I mean, I’ve already cheated with you once, so cheating a second time is hardly making things worse. It’s not as though I’m finding another man to cheat with, is it?’

She had somehow managed to move along the sofa so that now, her knee was just touching mine. I thought her idea was crazy, but to be offered the chance of fucking her again, taking my time to really get to know her body, was not something I wanted to turn down.

‘I’ll tell you what,’ I said slowly. ‘Why don’t we go really slowly, giving ourselves plenty of opportunity to call a halt if we feel so inclined? Perhaps we will end up having sex, but let’s not rush into it.’

She thought about that while she finished her drink. Then she put her glass down and smiled at me.


I put my glass down and gently pulled her towards me. I had meant to kiss her eyes and cheeks and forehead before reaching her mouth but she was having none of it and her hunger was infectious. Within seconds we were open-mouth to open-mouth, her hands fumbling to unfasten my jeans, mine sliding up under her shirt to find her breasts.

She stopped fumbling to peel off her shirt and then went Kadıköy Escort straight back to my flies. Two or three breathless kisses later we had managed to undress each other and she was whimpering with need. Lying back along the sofa she spread her legs wide.

‘Fuck me, Harry. Fuck me hard.’

Which, of course, I did. With her hands clawing at my back and ass and her mouth whispering obscenities into my ear, I pounded her gloriously tight and welcoming cunt for all I was worth. She came twice before I did and the whole episode lasted less than ten minutes.

‘God, I needed that,’ she sighed happily.

I eased out of her and gently rolled her clit under my thumb. She kept her legs wide apart, not caring that her cunt, wide open, was seeping cum in full view of my fascinated gaze. Instead she reached for my softening dick.

‘I’ll suck you if you lick me,’ she offered.

‘It’s a deal. But then I’m taking you to bed. If we’re going to try to fuck you through this, we’re going to do it properly.’

‘Fine with me,’ she giggled.

‘And what happened to the taking-it-slow business we agreed?’

‘I was too horny,’ she sighed, without any trace of regret. ‘I still am, if it comes to that.’

She looked down at herself and lazily slid a finger into her cunt, pulling it out again slick with my cum. She sucked her finger clean and then slid it into herself. This time she offered it to me and smiled as I promptly accepted.

‘The other morning, when you suggested we did a sixty-nine despite the mess, I couldn’t believe it. In fact you’re the first guy I’ve been with, Simon included, who wanted to lick my cunt straight after cumming in it. I have to admit, that turns me on.’

She shivered and let out a little moan. I smiled at her.

‘You want me to lick you now? To use my tongue to scoop out my cum from your cunt.’

‘Fuck, yes!’

‘While you suck my dick that’s coated in your cunt juice as well as smeared with cum?’

She moaned again and started pulling my dick towards her mouth.

‘Hang on. Can we do this in bed?’

‘Hurry, then,’ she nodded, swinging her legs off the sofa and standing up.

I led her into my bedroom and flicked away the covers. Lying down quickly, I waited for her to straddle me and then push her cunt back into my face. At the same time she bent her head to start sucking my dick. I paused in my licking and probing.

‘Vickie, do you like snowballing?’

‘You mean, do I like throwing snowballs?’ she asked, sounding puzzled.

‘No. I meant, once you’ve let a guy cum in your mouth, do you like kissing him and passing the cum backwards and forwards.’

There was a few seconds of silence while she thought about it.

‘That’s not something I’ve ever done — and it sounds disgusting,’ she said, her excitement obvious in her tone.

‘Then instead of getting me hard so I can fuck you, why not suck me off and we can snowball.’

‘You promise to fuck me again later?’

‘Are you kidding? Of course I promise. And after that I promise to fuck that cute little ass of yours.’


Her tone gave her away.

‘You’ve never done anal?’ I blinked, finding it hard to believe she had never tried it.

She turned round to face me.

‘Why would I do something so, so, unnatural?’ she asked, but from the doubt in her voice I knew she was curious.

‘You know, Vickie, I think you are a very sensual, very sexual person. You are responsive and uninhibited when you’re fucking, but I think, instinctively, your body wants more than it’s currently getting. And I think that’s why you’re fixated on me. I licked you out despite the, er, mess and that intrigued you. I think you need to try new things, to have new experiences. In fact I think you’re just a little bit frustrated.’

‘You might be right,’ she said slowly. ‘I admit talking dirty to you before was something I don’t do with Simon. And you already know he doesn’t lick my cunt unless it’s nice and clean. But having anal sex . . .?’

‘You’d love it,’ I said confidently. ‘There’s a lot more to it than you bending over and me shoving my dick in. There’s anal foreplay — fingering, licking, tonguing — which can be done during general foreplay or as a prelude to anal sex itself. I bet you that if we tried some of it, you’d like it and want to do more.’

‘Ending with you fucking my ass?’ she said, her eyes wide.

‘Trust me, Vickie, from what I know of you already, you’re going to love anal. And if you can convince Simon that eating cream-pies, snowballing and anal sex are enjoyable additions to your sexual repertoire, then there’s no end to the fun you can have, or the enhancements you can introduce.’

‘That’s a lot to think about,’ she said carefully.

‘Let’s start small. We were about to try snowballing. If you like that we’ll try something else. If you don’t, we know we’ve probably been too adventurous, too soon.’

‘You’re saying we should have a proper affair? That we keep seeing each other so you can show me new stuff?’

‘Something Bostancı Escort to think about, surely?’

‘One thing at a time. I want to try a snowball.’

We resumed our sixty-nine and, just as she had done the morning after the party, she demonstrated her skill by quickly teasing me hard and then, a few minutes later, making me cum. This time, instead of swallowing she wriggled round and faced me slightly uncertainly.

‘Show me,’ I told her.

Somehow, she managed to grin and at the same time open her mouth, to show me the milky liquid cupped on her tongue. I grinned back.

‘Now kiss me.’

She opened her mouth as our lips met and pushed her tongue forward. I used mine to scoop my semen from hers, rolled it round my mouth, savouring the slightly salty taste before passing it back. After three or more passes we swallowed our share.

‘What did you think?’ I asked her.

‘Disgusting and perverted,’ she grinned. ‘I loved it. What’s next?’

‘A cup of tea, I think. I’m going to need time to recover.’

‘I think I need two men,’ she giggled. ‘That way I wouldn’t have to wait so long.’

‘Maybe I should find someone to join us?’

‘That’s something I’d have to think about. Right now, even though I have to wait, one man is more than enough.’

She came with me to make the tea, totally at ease with her nudity and happy for me to lift her onto a work top and spend the time it took for the kettle to boil, tongue and finger fucking her. As we drank our tea, back in my bedroom, she used one hand to fondle my dick and balls so that, by the time we’d finished, I was very nearly fully erect again.

‘Lie on your tummy,’ I told her. ‘I want to try something.’

‘Okay,’ she agreed readily.

I started with her shoulders, gently stroking and kissing them and slowly moving lower and lower until I was kneading her ass cheeks in between planting kisses on them. She had a really nice ass, one of those neat, high ones that cause jumpers to curve upwards over them.

When I trailed my fingertips down the valley between the cheeks I felt her tense slightly, as she realised where this was going. But she continued to lie still, allowing me to repeat the actions, each time pausing over the tightly closed star of puckered flesh. When I applied gentle pressure she sighed and then giggled.

‘That feels awfully rude,’ she told me.

‘But not unpleasant?’

‘Not unpleasant at all. And, considering what we talked about before, quite exciting.’

‘How about this?’

I bent my head and ran my tongue along the valley.

‘Oooh! I like that.’

‘And this?’

I spent some time licking around her entrance before slowly stabbing with my tongue. She gave a moan of surprise.

‘I can’t believe I’m enjoying this,’ she said. ‘Was that your tongue?’

‘It certainly was. Next time you’re feeling naughty, do it to Simon.’

‘I think I’d better try it on you, first,’ she said thoughtfully.

‘I’d like that. Maybe later. Now just relax and enjoy.’

I already had the lube handy and, after a few more tonguings, I applied a little lube and slowly worked a finger tip into her ass.

‘Okay?’ I asked.

‘So far so good. It’s not particularly sexy, though. But it’s certainly different.’

‘Boy, do you have a treat in store!’ I grinned.

‘Really? It’s hard to imagine at the moment.’

‘Just be patient.’

I carried on applying lube and working my finger deeper into her ass. After a few minutes I added a second and began waggling them round, getting her used to the feeling which allowed her to relax and open her ass further. Finally, I got her to kneel, but keep her shoulders on the bed and gave her partially open ass a last application of lube before smearing some on my dick.

‘Oh. Wow,’ she said, as, centimetre by centimetre, I slid ever deeper.

‘Still okay?’

‘It feels weird, but kind of interesting.’

I pushed the last few centimetres and stopped, buried as deep as I was going to get.

‘Now the fun starts,’ I told her, slowly withdrawing and adding yet more lube.

After another slow penetration and withdrawal I could feel her relaxing and, after several more of the same I heard her sigh. I speeded up a little and was rewarded by a few more sighs and then a low moan.

‘All right?’

‘Fuck Harry, I’m actually starting to enjoy this. Can you go a little faster? Maybe a little harder?’

Two minutes later I was fucking her quite energetically and she was meeting each thrust with backward jerks of her ass.

‘This . . . ‘ she panted, in between thrusts, ‘is . . . . amaz . . . .ing!’


‘Christ, Harry, I’m going to cum. And it’s going to be a big one.’

She’d barely finished speaking before she started shuddering violently. At the same time she reached back to rub her clit and cried out as her unexpected orgasm took over. I gave her a last half dozen hard thrusts before slowing the pace and finally withdrawing.

She flopped sideways, still shuddering and moaning, her eyes open but unfocussed. Gradually she calmed down, blinked a couple of times and looked at me, her eyes shining.

‘I take it all back. It was the most dirty and disgusting thing anyone’s ever done to me and I loved it! Thanks, Harry. That was incredible.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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