The Secret Life of Simon and Debbie Ch. 04

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As we sat holding each other we started to wonder what was going on. I told Debbie that after the first couple of messages I had suspected Sadie, but didn’t go into details why. Debbie sat holding my phone, staring at the messages, not saying a word. I wasn’t sure that she was even listening. Once I had finished talking I looked at Debbie and saw that tears had began to form in her eyes.

“Why are you about to cry Debbie?” I asked holding her tightly.

“I’m scared that I’m going to lose you.” She sobbed.

“I have already told you that isn’t going to happen.”

I could tell by the look in her eyes that she didn’t believe me but, although it was wrong, I knew that I did really love her. Getting her to see that I meant it was going to be difficult, but I was determined that I would somehow. I was just about to start talking again when I saw Debbie, after at first put the phone down, pick it back up and start to call the number.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked raising my voice and grabbing for the phone.

“This has got to stop and don’t you raise your voice to me again.” She retorted pulling away from me. “If we ring them we will find out what they want.”

“Okay I’m sorry but don’t you say anything I’ll put it on speaker.”

Debbie dialled the number and put the phone on the coffee table, letting me turn the speaker on, and we waited for it to be answered. The phone rang at least a dozen times, we weren’t counting, before it was answered.

“Hello Simon it’s so nice to hear from you.” The voice on the other end said.

“Yes hello who the fuck are you and how do you know me?” I asked angrily.

“There is no need to be like that.”

“Just tell me who the fuck you are I’m sick of these messages.”

“Can’t you tell by my voice Simon?” The voice asked.

“No I fucking can’t what do you want?” I was getting angrier by the second.

“Let’s just say I know exactly what is going on.” The voice said. “And I would like to see what Debbie finds so good about you.”

Debbie and I looked at each other, then back at the phone, neither of us saying a word.

“Have you gone all shy Simon?”

“No all I want to know is who you are and what you think you know?” I said.

“It’s simple really Simon I know you and Debbie are fucking each other, illegally by the way, but for the time being I’m not going to say anything.” The voice started to sound menacing. “However I will if I don’t get what I want.”

“You haven’t got any idea what you are talking about.” I shouted before hearing another voice in the background.

“We shall see about that then won’t we?” The voice said before hanging up.

Picking up the phone I went to throw it against the wall but Debbie stopped me, and pulled me close to her.

“Simon I did think I knew the number when you showed me the message.” Debbie said. “But after hearing the voice I realise I don’t.”

“Well I need to find out who they are and what they are planning to do.” I said before standing up.

“Where are you going please don’t leave me alone?” Debbie pleaded.

“It’s okay I will only be gone for an hour, two at the most, then I’ll be back just sit tight and wait for me.”

We kissed passionately before I left her, telling her to lock everything up.

“I will ring you gaziantep escort bayan when I am on the way back.” I said as I headed out of the front door.

“Please don’t be long Simon, and be careful.” Debbie said as she was shutting the front door.

I stood in her garden and listened, to make sure she locked up like I had said, before heading towards home and the house across the street. I figured that would be as good a place as any to start at. I ran most of the way, stopping only briefly to catch my breath, and turned into my street before I began to walk. I looked at my house, saw that it looked empty, and then looked at the house I wanted.

As quietly as I could I walked up the path towards the front door and was about to knock when I had a better idea. I crept up to the window and peered through the small crack in the curtains. The downstairs was totally dark so I wandered around to the back of the house.

Everywhere seemed to be in total darkness, as if the place was deserted, and I was about to walk away when I saw a light come on upstairs. I hoped the layout of the house was similar to mums, if it was that meant that the light was in the back bedroom, and I tried the back door. I knew I was taking a risk. I could have got done for trespassing, or something worse, but the door opened quietly.

I pushed it far enough for me to get in and entered the house. As slowly and quietly as I could I began to creep slowly towards the front room. From the outside it had looked empty but I needed to make doubly sure, I couldn’t risk getting caught. Satisfied that there was no-one there I began to inch my way up the stairs praying to myself that they didn’t creak, that would be just my luck. As I neared the top of the stairs I could see the room with the light on, the door wasn’t fully shut.

I closed in on the door and heard the sound of low moaning coming from within, only there was definitely more than one person in there.

Carefully I peered through the opening and almost fell back with the view that confronted me. There on the bed was Sadie and another woman, who I vaguely recognised, and they were naked. Instead of backing away and leaving, like I should have, I stood and watched the scene unfold in front of me. I really needed to see who the other woman was, because it hadn’t been Sadie on the phone.

Cautiously I stood just outside the door as Sadie lay on top of the other woman they kissed eagerly, their hands running all over each other’s bodies. I had never realised just how good Sadie’s body would look naked, and I had been wrong about Sadie’s tits. Whether it was the angle she was at, or the lighting, Sadie’s tits actually looked slightly bigger than Debbie’s. Obviously it was the way she squeezed into her tight tops that made them look smaller but, other than that I had been right, she was stunning. I could see she had a tattoo on her left shoulder, but couldn’t tell what it was, and one on her left thigh.

The other woman had shorter jet black hair and she also had a body to die for. With the way they were laying I could see their tits crushed against each other. I moved slightly, as I had begun to sport a massive hard on, and they stopped. Thinking they had heard me I moved back an inch or two and waited. escort gaziantep bayan I hadn’t really thought this through and wondered what I would say if they caught me, but they seemed so wrapped up in each other that seemed unlikely.

I stayed back for about half a minute before slowly moving back to where I could see everything. The women were no longer kissing, that would have been impossible with where Sadie was. Sadie had moved down the other woman and was flicking her tongue out across the other woman’s nipples, causing her to moan loudly, before she began to suck on them. The other woman held Sadie’s head and pulled her as far down as she could, almost like she was trying to suffocate her. I hadn’t got a clue how Sadie was managing to breath but she seemed just as happy with the position as the other woman.

Sadie sucked and licked her companion’s tits and nipples for a while before she began to inch her way down her partner’s body. Kissing and licking as she went Sadie’s girlfriend, at least that is what I assumed she was, began to massage her own tits and whisper Sadie’s name. As she played with herself she started to pull on her nipples before lifting her head and flicking her tongue over them.

Sadie stopped going down the bed as she came level with her girlfriend’s pussy. Gently she parted her legs and, for the first time, I heard the girlfriend speak.

“Oh yes Sadie eat me suck on my pussy for me.” She whined.

Sadie never said a word as she lowered her head, her girlfriend crossing her legs around her, and started to greedily lick and suck the pussy before her. Sadie was obviously very experienced at the art of pussy licking as her girlfriend bucked wildly underneath her, screaming out in pleasure at regular intervals.

“Sadie let me lick you I want to taste your pussy.” The girlfriend eventually said.

Without hesitating Sadie stopped licking and turned around so she was on top facing the other way, her pussy inches above her girlfriend’s face.

“Don’t tease me Sadie please let me lick you.” The girlfriend whined as Sadie hovered above her.

Slowly Sadie lowered her pussy and the girlfriend gripped at her ass as the pussy was close enough for her to greedily lap at. The sight in front of me was causing great discomfort in my trousers but I was too scared to move, in case I was heard, so I just stood there. The two women greedily drank each other’s juices, each screaming in ecstasy, for what seemed like forever. The girlfriend was the first to stop licking and as she pulled her head away from Sadie’s pussy.

“You know why I’ve stopped Sadie I want to fuck you hard. “The girlfriend said breathlessly.

Sadie lifted her head and turned slightly to face her girlfriend.

“It’s about time you told me that Sharon.” She said.

As soon as she mentioned the name Sharon my mind went into overdrive. I realised why I had vaguely recognised the other woman, it was my late dad’s sister. I hadn’t seen, or heard, from any of my dad’s side of the family since his funeral. Mum had never even mentioned them since that day either, yet here she was in bed with my cousin.

Debbie was never going to believe who had been sending me the texts, but I knew that she wasn’t going to be happy. The gaziantep bayan escort two of them had had a massive row after the funerals were over, Sharon actually blaming Debbie for the fact that her brother was dead. All the thoughts I was having were soon pushed to the back of my mind as I turned back to Sadie and Sharon in the bedroom.

Sadie was now on all fours, her ass up in the air, as Sharon was busy doing something with her back to me. When she finally turned I could see exactly what she had been doing. Protruding from her groin area was a strap-on dildo, at least eight inches long, and I looked on as Sharon inched her way up behind Sadie. Squirting something, lubricant I presumed, into her hand it looked as though Sharon was wanking as she stroked the imposing looking dildo slowly.

“Come on Sharon hurry up and stick that thing in me fill my pussy.” Sadie told Sharon.

Without answering her Sharon gripped Sadie by the ass, held her cheeks apart, and slowly began to insert the dildo into her from behind.

“Fuck yes do me hard Sharon make me fucking cum.” Sadie shouted as Sharon began to fuck her slowly.

“You have such a tight pussy Sadie that’s why I love it so much.” Sharon moaned as she started to move back and forth faster.

“And it’s yours to fuck for as long as you want it.” Sadie replied panting heavily.

“Your mother would go mad if she knew you were going to move in here with me, not some boyfriend you have invented.” Sharon said ramming the dildo hard into Sadie’s pussy.

“I know but we will have to tell her one day I suppose.” Sadie replied. “But if she can get away with fucking Simon why can’t we have our own affair.”

As soon as I heard my name mentioned I started to panic. Sadie had no proof that I was fucking her mum, she must just assume that I was because of how much time I spent with her. I really hoped that it hadn’t been her that had put the note in my trousers, and that she hadn’t walked in while we had been asleep, but it must have been. I just didn’t understand why Sharon was getting involved as well.

I needed to get back to Debbie’s and tell her what was going on. I just hoped that she would believe me, because I hardly believed it myself. I turned and started to walk away when I heard Sadie let out a massive scream.

“Oh my god Sharon that is so good.” Sadie called out.

“You love it in your ass don’t you?” Sharon said. “Bet you wish it was Simon’s cock though don’t you?”

“Oh yes I do I would love it to be him behind me.” Sadie replied. “And when he had fucked me he could fuck you as well.”

“Mmm that sounds so good you dirty little bitch.” Sharon purred. “If his cock is good enough for your mum it’s good enough for me.”

“Just think of it him in bed between the two of us.” Sadie told her. “Both of us playing with his cock taking it in turns to suck and fuck him.”

“We just need to get your mum out the way and then he will be ours to do with what we wished.” Sharon said. “He wouldn’t dare refuse or he would end up in serious trouble.”

I had heard enough and quickly, but quietly, I made my way down the stairs and out of the back door. The last thing I heard, as I closed the door, was Sadie screaming out my name, presumably as Sharon buried the dildo deep into her ass again.

This time I didn’t stop running until I had got back to Debbie’s and, after banging on the door a few times, ran in before Debbie had got it fully open. I went straight into the front room and collapsed on the sofa.

“Whatever is the matter Simon?” Debbie asked rushing in after me.

“You will never believe me when I tell you.” I said breathlessly. “I hardly believe it myself.”

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