The Sensual Bath and Massage


Sitting at my desk, finishing up some loose ends, my secretary Lois buzzes me with another phone call. “It’s Carol and she wants to talk to you ” she said. I hear your sweet voice on the other end “Rick I hope I’m not disturbing you”. “Now you know you could never disturb me” I answer. “I have had such a long week with meetings and all. I thought we should spend a quiet night at my apartment just relaxing and taking it easy.” you commented. “That sounds like a wonderful idea and maybe I’ll give you one of my special massages” I reply. I hear you take a short breath before answering. “Mmmm that sounds like a wonderful idea. I really am very tense you say with a hint of sexual playfulness in your voice. “I’m going to leave work a bit early and take a nice warm bath before you get there Rick” you continue. “Good, you’ll be fresh and clean for your massage” I reply. After hanging up, I found it difficult to concentrate on my work thinking about stroking your warm sensuous body later that night. I buzzed Lois and told her I was leaving early and to lock up the office when she left. As I left the office, I wondered what you would think when I showed up earlier than expected.

I pulled into your apartment parking lot and didn’t see your car. I thought to myself “good this will give me time to get everything arranged before you arrive”. I open your apartment door and go about making my preparations. Finding some candles and incense, I arrange them around the room. The sweet smell of incense fills the room as I lay a sheet over the bed. I put soft romantic music on the CD player. I place the massage oil on the nightstand. Looking around the room, I see that everything is ready. Now all I need is for you to come home. I prepare some margaritas and bring the pitcher and glasses back to the bedroom. I listen to the music, sipping a margarita, smelling the sweet fragrance of the incense, and watching the light from the candles dance on the walls and ceiling, as I wait for you.

I hear the door open and the sounds of your footsteps as you put your things away from work. “Hello is anyone here” you call out with a question in your voice. I call out “Carol in here”. Recognizing my voice, I hear your footsteps approach the bedroom. “What are you doing here” you call out entering the bedroom. “I thought you were planning to work the rest of the day,” you said as you surveyed the room. “I thought I’d surprise you” I responded. “Well you certainly were a busy little boy weren’t you” you commented with a sly smile. “I wanted everything ready for you since you’ve had such a tough week” I said smiling, then standing and walking to you.

I give you a soft kiss on the lips with my tongue tracing the outline of your lips … my arms pulling you against me. Your arms encircle my neck pushing your lips harder against mine. Our bodies mold together … our kiss deepens … my hands sliding up and down your sides before resting on your hips. I feel your hands sliding through my hair and then your tongue slipping gently into my mouth. My tongue responds … pushing outward and softly touching your tongue. Your tongue swirls around mine touching the top and underneath … then pushing more urgently further into my mouth. Pulling your lips away, your tongue gently licks at mine before our lips meet again. I love the feeling of your soft butterfly kisses against my lips. My hands slide to your buttocks and pull your body taunt against mine… feeling your hips move slightly in a slow rotating motion … your breasts touching, pushing against my chest makes my cock twitch with desire. Our kiss ends, leaving us both slightly gasping for breath. We continue to kiss each other’s cheeks and neck … our bodies pushing gently against each other. “It’s time for your bath. I want you nice and clean” I whisper. “What about you? Are you going to share my bath with me?” you ask. “I will be there in a minute. You go ahead and soak for a few minutes. Take a margarita into the bath with you. It will help you unwind.” I respond. “Don’t be too long,” you say. “Oh I won’t be” I reply watching you leave the room. I check to make sure everything is in place. Satisfied I, I strip off my clothes and walk into the bathroom.

I see you lying in the tub surrounded by thousands of tiny bubbles. Your head resting on the edge … eyes closed … letting the hot water soak into your pores with the half-filled margarita glass resting on the edge of the tub. Your breasts resting on the water surface are covered with tiny soapsuds. Your eyes open with the sound of my entering the room … looking me up and down … smiling. “Rick, bring that nice cock and body in here so I can help you get all sparkling clean too” you said. Slipping into the water facing you, I feel a shiver run up my spine as the warm water covers my body. We sat sipping our margaritas, letting the feel of the warm water refresh us. I move closer to you, pulling your legs over my thighs, wrapping your legs around my backside. “It’s time to get you clean all over” I say as my hands reach out and begin roaming over Maltepe Escort your suds covered breasts.

The soap bubbles slide through my fingers as I rub gently in small circles over and under each breast. “Mmmm that feels good” you mutter. I apply a little more pressure as I squeeze them softly. Taking the nipples between my fingers, I lightly pinch them bringing another moan from your lips. My cock twitches and hardens from the thought of playing with your nipples and breasts. Your hips move slightly letting my cock rest against your mound. The feeling of your hips slowly undulating on my cock sends more shivers up and down my body. “And what do we have here?” you ask putting your hand below the water and grasping my hard member. “Ohhh” I moan closing my eyes and feeling the sensations from your fingers. “That is my hard cock and he is all yours to do with as you wish” I whisper. Smiling into my eyes with a devilish grin, you slowly stroke my cock, getting it harder and say, “I know a place where he will be safe and warm”. Your words bring another groan from my lips as your hand moving up and down my cock begin to drive me crazy. “I think I know where that place is” I respond dipping my hand below the surface and touching your mound. I slide my fingers up and down your opening made slick by the water and soap. When I slip a finger inside, your moan of passion fills the small room. I push it in deeper and feel your vaginal muscles squeeze around my finger. Your hand squeezes my cock tighter, the deeper I venture into your pussy. Our heavy moans mix together as we pleasure each other. “I want to fuck your sweet hot pussy Carol” I whisper hoarsely as my finger moves in and out of your cunt. My thumb rests on your clit as my finger moves slowly in and out of your cunt. I apply a gentle pressure to your hard nub and feel your body push harder against my hand. My other hand slowly twists and pulls on your erect nipple. “Ohhh Rick please put your hot cock in me now” you say shifting your weight upward towards my cock. As I pull out, I slide my finger to your clit, replacing my thumb and slowly rub small circles around it. “Mmmm ohhh … that feels so good. I’m so fucking hot for your cock” you moan through closed eyes. My hand leaves your clit and grabs the side of the tub. Your hand pulls my cock against your pussy and I feel you rubbing the head up and down the length of it. “Ohhh baby rub my cock against your pussy. It feels so good. My cock is so hard and I want to shove it deep into your warm pussy. ” I sigh feeling hot sensations course through my body. You put the head against your opening and push downward to draw it inside. I wiggle my hips pushing it against your opening when I feel it pop inside.

Our loud groans of pleasure fill the room as your hips push down driving my cock deeper into your vagina. The water in the tub sloshes about from the gentle motions of our bodies. The warm sensation of my cock buried deep inside you fills my brain. Grabbing you by the ass I pull your body closer to mine as we settle into a nice rhythm. I put my head between your breasts and kiss your wet slippery skin. You throw your head backwards feeling my cock buried to the hilt in your pussy. Your thighs tighten around my waist … holding on as you slowly and deliberately rise and fall on my cock. The water in the tub rises and falls with each thrust. I kiss my way up your neck and chin until my lips kiss yours … our tongues sparing with each other … licking … tasting … wanting. I capture your tongue with my lips and suck on it as I draw it into my mouth. The passion in my body rises tenfold from the tender kisses, which have turned more demanding. Grabbing onto the back of my neck, you ride my cock … lifting up until my cock is just inside your pussy and then accelerating downward until it is deep within you … then wiggling your ass in a circular motion. At this rate we will not last much longer. Your breasts crush against my chest … your hard nipples scraping against my skin … your pussy moving up and down and then rotating on my shaft. I feel my cock begin to throb when your muscles contract … trying to suck my juice out. “Ohhh fuck baby, ride my cock harder” I call out. Your body responds and your thrusts quicken making some of the water in the tub spill out onto the floor. “Fuck my cock sweetie, make me cum in your hot cunt” I shout. My ass slips and slides on the slick surface of the tub with each thrust into your hot pussy. I feel your hold tighten around my neck with each thrust of your hips … pulling me tighter against your breasts as you rub your body against mine. Your moans increase with each thrust on my cock. “Your cock is so hard and wonderful… fuck me baby … fuck me harder” you moan. My desire has reached the boiling point as my cock throbs uncontrollably. “Ohhh baby I’m cumming” I shout thrusting harder. “Cum baby cum. Shoot your load deep inside me” you yell pushing down harder and then speeding up and down on my throbbing cock. The sensations become unbearable as we continue İstanbul Escort fucking each other with abandon. My cock spurts its load into you as your body tightens around me. I feel you vagina muscles tightening around my cock … milking the cum from me. “Ahhh fuck baby I’m cumming … fuck me baby … fuck me” you yell as your orgasm hits full force. Your hips drive up and down harder and faster … racing to the finish of your climax … our breathing quickens as our desire is finally released. Our bodies continue to grind against each other as our orgasms begin to subside. Slowly we come back to reality and lay back in the warm water looking at each other with contentment. We sip what is remaining of our margaritas and then after a few minutes of soaking, I inform you that it is the time for your massage. “Mmmm I hope it is as wonderful as the fuck I just had” you say. “Why don’t we retire to the bedroom and find out” I respond. Getting out of the tub, we dry ourselves off as we head to the bedroom.

I lead you to the bed and tell you to lie down on your stomach. Dropping your towel, I watch as you crawl onto the bed and lay down in the soft glow of the candlelight. You cross your arms and place your head on them sideways for support. I see your eyes close in anticipation of the pending massage. Climbing onto the bed, I straddle your freshly washed body. My cock slides against your ass as I position myself over the small of your back. I lean over and whisper in your ear as I grab the cherry flavored massage oil from the nightstand “Mmmm you smell so good … good enough to eat Carol.” I nibble on your ear and then my tongue snakes out to run over your sensitive ear lobe. I feel the sharp intake of your breath as my words and kisses sink into your brain. Leaving your ear, my lips leave a small wet trail on your shoulders and back as I kiss your sweet smelling skin.

I pour a small amount of the fluid onto my hands … rubbing them together before I begin the massage. I feel your body jump slightly when my hands make contact with your skin. I rub your shoulders and back muscles slowly … applying increasing pressure as I rub the lotion onto your clean body. A small moan of contentment escapes your lips as I continue to massage your back muscles … working my hands up and down your back and then over your shoulders and down your arms before beginning all over again. My hands linger and roam over each area … touching your skin very lightly and then digging my fingers in a bit harder … working over each muscle. As I work down your back, my hands stray to your sides and slowly move over the sides of your breasts, as they lay crushed against the bed. My fingertips run very softly over your sides and breasts … down to your waist and then back again. “Ohhh sweetie that feels so good. I’ll give you a week to stop that” you moan softly. I feel your hips begin to move ever so slightly as your sexual desire begins to re-awaken.

I re-position myself further down on your body … straddling your thighs and looking at your nice rounded ass staring me in the face. I continue to add more oil over your body as my hands move slowly on your sides and back. The sweet smell of the cherry oil mixes with the incense to give off a definite sexual aroma in the air. I pour a small amount of oil onto the small of your back bringing another soft moan from your lips. Working the oil into your skin, my hands move to your ass cheeks and slowly but firmly knead them. My hands move over and around your firm ass and then to your hips. As my hands massage your hips, I feel your thighs between my legs try to open. Your soft moaning slowly increases as my hands move lower on your hips and then to your thighs and back to your buttocks again. Your ass muscles tighten as your push your pelvis into the bed and then relax as you push against my gentle massaging. I move to straddle only one leg, which allows you more freedom to open and close your thighs. Your ass tightens again but this time it is my lips and tongue which have caused this reaction. I slide my tongue slowly over your ass cheeks as one hand moves up onto your back again … touching and kneading your skin … while the other moves lightly over your thighs and the backs of your knees. Your ass raises and falls slowly as my tongue leaves a wet trail over each ass cheek tasting the sweet cherry oil on your skin. My teeth scrap along your ass, nibbling slowly on your soft skin. My hand on your thigh rubs up and down your legs from your calves to your ass. As it moves downward again, it travels between your thighs … touching the inside of each thigh lightly, then harder … feeling the small goose bumps forming on your skin. My hand lingers between your thighs, feeling you open and close your thighs slightly against my hand. Moving slowly, my hand touches your velvety mound and begins a steady up and down movement. Your body shivers under my touch as your ass begins slowly rotating on my hand. Dipping my fingers inside the folds of your pussy, I feel the slippery juice Anadolu Yakası Escort of your desire coat my fingers. “Ohhhh your fingers and tongue feel so good on my body” you moan shifting on the bed to give me better access. My fingers slide along your slit until I touch your covered clit. Rubbing slowly and in a circular motion brings more moans of pleasure from your lips. I dip my fingers into your hot cunt … pushing deeper with each stroke. Your ass raises higher off the bed and pushes back hard against my fingers. I hear your moans increase in tempo as your ass tries to fuck my fingers. “Baby I think your getting too hot too soon. I think it’s time to turn you over and work on your front side” I comment pulling my lips and hands away from your body. Grabbing your hip, I roll you over to face me and see the pout on your face. “I was just getting so turned on Rick and you stopped” you said in a low voice. “Don’t worry Carol it only gets better and hotter from here on out” I say smiling and climbing to straddle your stomach with my hard cock resting on your hot skin. I bring my fingers to my mouth slowly licking your juices off them. “Mmm Carol I love tasting your juices. They make my cock so hard for you” I say watching your eyes. Your hands reach out to touch my hard cock and say; “I love getting your cock all nice and hard for me”.

Reaching over I grab the oil and pour some into my hands again … placing them on your breasts. I feel your hands touch my cock as I gently massage the oil onto your tits. Working slowly, I push each breast upwards and then pull them back … grabbing them in my hands … squeezing gently at first, then harder. Your eyes close as you take in the sensations of having your tits rubbed and squeezed. Your hands move along my cock slowly … feeling the hardness, as my cock grows longer. “Your hands are wonderful on my cock. I like the way you slowly fuck me with your fingers” I whisper as my desire begins to grow. Taking a nipple in each hand, I pull them outward until the slippery oil on my hands makes me lose my grip on them. Pulling them outwards again I slowly twist them between my fingers bringing a gasp from your lips. “Ohhh yesssss baby play with my hard nipples, make them stand up ready to be touched and sucked” you moan loudly.

Moving downward on top of your thighs makes you lose my hard cock from your hand. I feel your body squirm under mine trying to satisfy a sexual urge. Grabbing your hands, I place them over your head kissing you hard on the lips. I pull out a scarf I had hidden under the pillow. Tying your hands securely together, I fasten it to the headboard. “What are you doing?” Asking half from fear and half from desire. “I want you to feel the full effect of this massage and know that you can’t get away until I’m done pleasuring you” I say smiling as I grab more massage oil. “I’m leaving your legs untied so that you can move as I touch and feel you all over before I plunge my hot hard cock into your steaming pussy” I say as I begin rubbing more oil onto your breasts. “Ohhh baby make me so horny until I start screaming” you call out … wiggling your body and testing your bonds.

My hands and fingers roam over and under your breasts … pulling … pinching … as you move slowly under me. Sliding my fingers along each side of your body makes you jump from the ticklish feeling. As you struggle to move away from my touch, I find another area sensitive to my touch. Slowly and with a deliberate stroke, I slide my nails along your skin watching your body reacts to the sensitive pleasure. I pull my fingers along your stomach to your waist before I retrace my route back up your body. I trace my way up your sides and over your breasts, feeling them expand and contract with each deep breath you take. Moving to your neck, my fingers lightly trace upwards to your chin and then to your waiting lips … lightly touching them as you give them soft little kisses. Pushing lightly against your lips, one finger slides into your mouth. I feel your lips engulf it and then make room as another one enters. I watch as you struggle with your bonds trying to move so as to take my finger deeper into your mouth. “You’d like to suck my fingers wouldn’t you Carol. You’d like to feel them deep in your mouth sucking on them just like a big hard cock. Taste the cherry oil baby. Lick my fingers clean.” I whisper to you. “Mmmmm ohhh yes fuck my mouth with your fingers Rick. Your fingers taste so good. Slide them deep into me. Mmmmm” you moan as I slip them a bit deeper. “That’s it baby suck my fingers like they are my cock baby. Mmmm your mouth and tongue feel so fucking good” I say pushing them deeper and then sliding them out slowly until they are almost out. I feel your tongue wrap around them and then your teeth softly scrap against them as I slide them back inside your hot mouth farther and deeper. I start a slow rhythmic fucking with my fingers slowly entering and exiting your mouth. After a short time I change hands letting you lick and suck the juices from my other hand and fingers. As you suck on my fingers, I move up alongside and begin rubbing my cock on your nipples. I move my hard cock slowly over and around your hard nipple. Your back arches trying to touch my cock but I move back slightly so that my cock is just grazing against your hard extended nipple.