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I received a phone call from an old family friend who was reaching out to let me know of an old family friend’s upcoming funeral. It had been several years since I last heard from this old and long-time family friend. We caught up briefly on the phone, but the purpose of his call was just to let me know that a mutual friend had passed away from injuries as a result of a vehicle accident. The funeral service was scheduled for Wednesday the next week, back in my hometown.

I looked into flights and booked one that would see me arrive the day before the service, returning a few days later. I booked a rental car and a hotel room for my brief stay.

After getting settled into my room I felt like getting a beer and a bite to eat. I went to the local pub that I used to frequent, sat at the bar, and ordered a beer from the bartender, and inquired as to the daily lunch special. Deciding on a locally brewed IPA and burger, I sat back with my phone to check on messages. With nothing pressing, I opened up FB and browsed our old friend’s profile. While checking out his profile I noticed a few other familiar names of past acquaintances. I clicked on them to browse their profiles — basically catching up on the local current events.

The local IPA was delicious, as well the burger and fries. Before I had finished all my fries another patron pulled up a stool at the bar across the corner from me. We immediately recognized each other…

Chad stood up, pushed the chair back and relocated to the chair next to me. We had not seen each other in 16 years. We were old buddies and more — close buddies. Turns out that Chad had come home for the service as well, and as fate would have it he was staying at the same hotel as I. I finished istanbul travesti my fries and we both ordered another beer and relocated to a table for some privacy.

After a few beers and lots of catching up Chad asked me about my last 16 years since moving away, and about my wife. We continued to discuss our pasts and then joked about our previous relationship.

Chad and I had been friends growing up in the same small town. Chad was a year and a bit older than me, but he had been held back in an early grade such that we were in the same grade and classes. We hung out after school and weekends. We revisited our past experiences, including our sexual escapades together.

It all started one day when we were 18 while exploring an old barn out in the nearby countryside. We were on top of the barn roof and decided to see who could piss the furthest from this high vantage point. That was the first time I saw Chad’s cock, and it caused and stir within me that I had not felt before. After pissing we stood there with our dicks in hand and looked at each other. I waved mine at him, and he waved his back… I complimented Chad on the obvious size advantage that he had over mine (I am 8″ and thick when hard, but Chad was larger…).

For whatever reason my cock was growing stiff and was soon hard in my hands. Not to be outdone, Chad stroked his and was soon hard as well. We had a “show me yours and I will show you mine” session. Over the course of the next few weeks we mastered jerking off together and progressed to mutual oral gratifications. We enjoyed our early sexual discoveries, some of which I mentioned in my other Cocktale, “Summer Break”.

As we visited, the beers were taking effect, istanbul travestileri and we were both getting horny from the sex chat. We came to the same conclusion at the same time, paying up our tab at the bar, we quickly walked back to our hotel rooms to continue the chat and pick up where we left off 16 years ago.

As I locked the door, Chad went to the washroom to pee, leaving the door open and standing in plain view. His large cock was stiff but not hard yet… When he was done he shook it off and then proceeded to step out of his pants and striped down completely. I followed his lead, and soon we were both naked on the bed in a 69, devouring each other’s cocks. It all came back naturally and the 16-year absence seemed non-existent.

Chad was always the Alpha. I was the submissive one… still am! Chad soon took charge and moved around on top of me, he pushed my legs up and back and dove into my hole with his tongue. He worked my hole with his tongue for several minutes then started probing with one finger, then another. I was squirming from the tongue action; his fingers were opening me up just like they used to. Chad moved up such that his cock was resting on my balls, he dropped a few gobs of saliva on his shaft, worked it along the length and then applied more saliva to my anxious hole.

Chad placed his cock head at my hole and began to force his way in… with steady pressure, my hole relaxed and allowed him access. A few minutes of slow and gentle got my manhole loosened and lubed up. Chad increased his tempo gradually and was soon slamming into me with his large hairy balls slapping my ass cheeks. As great as this felt it could not last long. Chad tensed up and thrust travesti istanbul hard, grunting like a wild animal. He blew his load deep in my guts, slowly sliding in and out to ensure his balls were completely drained. When he did pull out, his soft cock was followed by a stream of fresh man juice. I reached down and scooped some from my hole and used it as lube, quickly stroking my cock to an eruption of cum!!

We spooned for a bit and enjoyed the afterglow of the sexual euphoria, eventually opting to throw some clothes on and going back to the pub for more drinks. Around midnight, we staggered back to our hotel and crashed on my bed together, naked, spooning with only a sheet for cover.

I awoke to the feeling of Chad’s large hard cock slowly humping on my ass crack. My cock responded and got hard immediately, but I had to piss. I mentioned that I too was horny and in the mood, but we needed to get a move on it as the day events were scheduled. I suggested that we should shower together to save some time. After getting the water temp sorted I stood under the water with my piss hard on pointing out and up. Chad joined me and grabbed my cock and instructed me to let go my piss; I did. He directed my piss onto his cock and then squatted down to take the flow into his mouth, engulfing my cock with his mouth while pulling down on my testicles. Oh, the pleasure. Chad stood up and grabbed the soap and lubed my ass with it, then stroked the soap on his big cock before pushing me to bend over, impaling me with his big hard cock. He pumped off his load in short order.

The service went as they do. Lots of hand shaking and catching up, hugs, kisses, tears, etc… Chad was looking at me with a smirk and I knew what was on his mind. We excused ourselves from the Snack session that had been organized and went back to the hotel. We sucked and fucked the afternoon away just like we had so many years previous.

The next day we had breakfast together, then said our good byes, promising not to wait for another 16 years…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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