The Sex Express Ch. 01

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It had been another long and tiring day at work. Carl found himself rushing to get up the stairs and to the platform before his train left without him. As he brushed past a few people who were lazily standing around the platform entrance he thought he caught a glimpse of someone he knew. But not wanting to dwell on the point and miss the train he cut through the last of the crowd and ducked past the conductor, hopping on the carriage just as he blew his whistle.

As he walked up the carriage aisle he noticed a handful of people spaced out in the high backed chairs. It was late night, and few people caught this particular train which was always good because it meant Carl could relax in relative solitude and catch a brief nap on the nearly two hour ride out of the city.

Carl extended his long lean frame, reaching up to push his suitcase into the overhead rack. As he reached down to pick up his rucksack he thought he noticed someone sitting in the opposite aisle, watching his every move. With a brief shake of the head he pushed the rucksack into the overhead. He eased himself back into a well worn high backed chair, with its ugly stained maroon pattern.

He never did like the interior of the trains, they were plain and antiquated, once you had seen one, you had seen them all. The blinds on most of the carriage windows were drawn shut and only a tiny amount of the outside night was visible. As Carl leaned back into the chair he noticed the person across the aisle again, it was a woman. But not wanting to be rude he refrained from looking over and disturbing her, she was probably as tired as he was.

Carl had an entire block of four seats to himself, the two in front of him turned to face him so a group of people could sit together facing each other. Because the train was usually empty he liked to have the extra space and put his feet up on the seat facing him. As he settled his feet onto the opposite seat he loosened his tie a little and drew back his sleeves to let some air in. As soon as the train got outside of the city limits the train would only have a few people left on board and that was when he normally took of his suit jacket and tie and unbuttoned his shirt so he could relax for the last hour of the trip.

With a few moments to catch his breath and get comfortable Carl began to nod off into a daydream. He remembered a gorgeous blonde woman who had come into his office that morning. She was a real stunner with a long lean frame, gorgeous legs and sparkling blue eyes which were enhanced by her long flowing strawberry blonde hair. During his discussion with her, he found himself losing his concentration and admiring those blue eyes and that soft sexy voice.

Even though he was drifting in and out of consciousness, Carl knew that a big beaming smile had spread across his face. It was a shame that the woman was a client or he would have jumped at the chance to ask her to dinner. The firm had a zero tolerance policy to dating clients or within the office, which meant that just about every woman Carl met during the day was unavailable. He liked his job, but the long strenuous hours had robbed him of any social life, and that left him less than satisfied.

The warm daydream was broken by a garbled announcement over the train speakers. Again he felt as if someone was staring at him, but didn’t want to turn and stare back. He looked out of the window, peering between two of the blinds to get a small glimpse of the station they had just pulled into. The mixture of the well lit interior and the dark night made for a familiar glare which bounced off the windows, creating a mirror like reflection. Carl was sure that other people had noticed this and he often had used it to spy on other people on the train without looking directly at them.

He leaned back and twisted his head slightly, if anyone came past him they would just think he was looking out the window. In reality he was trying to get a better angle to see who it was that was sitting across the aisle from him. It was a blonde haired woman. She was digging through a paper file and seemed to be struggling to grapple with the amount of work laid out on her lap. He couldn’t quite see her face but surmised that the woman was a fellow professional from the smart business suit and skirt that she wore.

She turned while she was flipping through her papers and Carl noticed she had a pen wedged firmly between her teeth. For a brief moment he thought he recognized her but wasn’t certain it was the same person he was thinking of. He remembered that he had the same feeling of déjà vu when he was rushing across the platform. The woman seemed intent on getting her work done and refused to turn towards Carl so he couldn’t see a clear reflection of her face. He gave up, too tired to make the mental effort of determining who she was. He just wanted to relax and catch a well deserved nap.

Somewhere in his daydream he again sensed someone around him and found it hard to quell the thought and free spin get any sleep. Just as he was about to give up on his efforts he remembered who he thought he saw back on the platform. It was Kelly. Kelly was another frequent traveler on the same route and the two of them had often found themselves alone, chatting the time away.

Kelly was a short woman with a voluptuous figure and straight shoulder length blonde hair. She would more often than not wear it in a simple pony tail which revealed her elegant cheekbones and soft jaw line. Kelly wasn’t a supermodel by any means but Carl guessed she did alright, what was a certain, was her warm bubbly personality.

She had instigated their first meeting when it was clear to both of them that they were stuck with the same kind of schedule, she was going home from college, he was heading home from work. During those many conversations that they shared Carl was left with the faint feeling that Kelly may have been interested in him. He could never be sure with any woman, so he would often dismiss the idea as ridiculous, but that same feeling returned every time they talked. From Carl’s perspective he had tried once or twice to find out if she was single, but had never been successful. He made it known that he wasn’t seeing anyone and hoped that maybe that very subtle hint would lead somewhere. In the end he was resigned to being single for the rest of the foreseeable future. His sex life was terrible, he was working so much overtime and doing so many projects around his new house that he rarely could go out on weekends and see his friends or meet new people.

He remembered that it must have been at least two months since he last saw Kelly on the train, she was getting close to graduation, chances were she had got a job and moved away. Another missed opportunity.

All the reminiscing had left a comfortable warm feeling spread through Carl’s body, his sexual desires weren’t as peaked as the strawberry blonde bombshell that came to him at the office today, but the thought of Kelly left him feeling strangely content. With some trepidation he had to admit to himself that he really liked Kelly. But in the end her disappearance had left him high and dry.

A cough and stirring announced the presence of a person a couple of rows ahead of him. He tried to see through the gap between the chair backs but couldn’t make out who was causing the disturbance. Again he leaned back into his chair and relaxed, noticing his own reflection in the window mere inches away from his face.

Carl had a clean cut angular face, with a stern jaw and close cropped sandy blonde hair. He dark green eyes were barely visible in the window reflection. A rogue hair stuck out of place and he reached up to pluck it. He was about to check a small blemish on his chin when he realized a pair of eyes were looking over his shoulder.

It took a moment to realize whose face it was, but a familiar smile spread across the business woman’s face. It was Kelly. Carl was a little embarrassed at being caught grooming himself, he sheepishly turned to face her.

Kelly shuffled her papers into a rough stack and slid them back into her soft leather bag. She returned her gaze to Carl who greeted her with a warm smile. “Hey Carl, long time no see.”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen you on the train for months, been busy?” he replied politely. The two of them made small talk, updating each other on what was happening with their careers and how life in general had been going.

Carl found himself slipping into autopilot, talking about nothing in particular whilst thinking about something entirely different. Kelly’s black business jacket betrayed her curvy form. She had shapely hips and thighs which were accentuated by her knee length skirt. Her sizable chest safely covered by a conservative white blouse. Her hair had a slight crimp in it now, which had fooled Carl when he was trying to figure out who she was.

“I got to say the suit looks great,” complimented Carl.

“Thanks, a big difference from the lazy college attire.” Kelly’s smile was warm and welcoming. Carl took his feet off the seat in front of him and tried to look as inviting as possible. Kelly’s eyes followed his momentary shuffle and it was obvious that Carl was enticing her to join him.

Both of them continued to chat about life in general. An older woman had gotten on at the last station and sat behind Carl. She cast a few angry glances at the two friends as they got a little loud and laughed hysterically at each others stories. Kelly looked back at the woman every now and then, but she refused to say anything.

Carl knew what was happening and thought it was a good opportunity to usher Kelly to sit in the booth he occupied by himself. With a cursory shake of the head Kelly caught on to what Carl was proposing and put away the last of her work. She left her bag sitting on her now unoccupied seat and effortlessly crossed the aisle taking the seat opposite bonus veren siteler to Carl so she could face him.

Once again Carl couldn’t help but look at Kelly’s soft curves, she was a little on the short side, but her business attire really accentuated her shapely hips and bust. She gracefully climbed into the seat, her knees only inches away from Carl’s, he could make out her sweet perfumed scent.

“So where were we?” posed Kelly as she got comfortable. Her jacket fell slightly open, giving Carl an enticing look at the outline of her ample bust. “Ahhh, that’s right we were talking about how bad our social lives had become recently.”

Kelly giggled at her own suggestion and Carl smiled back. He wondered if she knew that he was interested in her. He was a little hesitant to conclude that she was interested in him. He had seen signs such as her warm welcome every time they met and a couple times she had been touchy towards him, gently touching his arm or leg during a conversation.

She had suggested that they meet up for drinks in the city a couple of times before they parted, but he always dismissed that as being a throw away line most people said out of friendliness. What he wanted to know was whether his interest would be reciprocated. Carl quickly reordered his mind trying to think things through clearly and objectively. First he had to find out whether Kelly was even available.

“So what about your social life, is it going well?” Carl said with a polite smile.

“It’s almost non-existent at the moment. I’m just swamped with work. You know how it is starting at a new job. They always look to give the new people all the tedious jobs to handle.”

Carl knew exactly what Kelly was talking about. He was still suffering through all those menial jobs that the new guy had to handle. “So no time to get out and party?”

“No, I’m up early in the morning. Catch the train straight to work. I get maybe twenty minutes during the day for coffee break and half an hour for lunch, which I usually have to eat in my office. Then it’s meetings in the afternoon and back to the paper, before I do the mad rush to get to the station and jump on whatever late train I can get.” Kelly sighed audibly to emphasize her point. She smiled and Carl would have sworn she winked at him. “The closest I’ve been to socializing in the last month and half has been right here and right now with you.”

Both of them shared a chuckle at how absurd life had become for them. Carl wanted to press on though and try to answer some of the questions which plagued his mind. He found Kelly so attractive. Her personality so energetic it really brought life to what would have been an otherwise dull ride home.

“Must be hard on your partner,” Carl said coyly. He didn’t know if she had a boyfriend but it was the easiest and most inadvertent way of bringing up the suggestion.

Kelly giggled and clapped her hands together as she leaned forward trying to compose herself. Carl tried to play it cool like he didn’t know what was so funny. Kelly lightly touched his knee with her hand as she looked him in the eyes having finally stopped laughing. “Partner, when did you get the idea that I had enough time to keep a boyfriend? It’s my very schedule which is going to ensure that I never go on a date ever again.”

Carl could feel the adrenalin course through his veins when he heard her reply. She was single, now he just needed to find out if she was interested in him. “Well I’m in the exact same boat. In fact I usually end up reflecting on that very issue on my way home every night. Terrible isn’t it?”

Again they both laughed at their misfortune. Carl noticed Kelly rub her knees against each other as if she was clenching her thighs together. Her body language seemed to suggest she was interested but Carl just couldn’t be sure. Both of them stared at each other for a moment, caught in one of those awkward silences where neither person knew quite what to say. Carl wondered if Kelly had caught onto the topic of the discussion and was now caught in the same self-conscious state that he was.

“Well,” Kelly finally broke the silence, “I’ve got a funny story about romance and this very train.” She paused to get Carl’s attention. “One night I was in a huge rush to catch the train. Anyway I made it but was absolutely spent from the day, so I ended up falling asleep with my feet up. Absolutely dead to the world I was. Anyway we must have been getting close to home when I suddenly woke up. I was a little startled that I had been asleep for such a long time.”

Carl nodded along, giving her his undivided attention. His eyes would occasionally sneak a quick glimpse at her chest or the tight fabric of her skirt or her well manicured hands.

“So I had a quick look around me to see if anyone was on the train, and there was nobody around me. So I thought I had the entire place to myself so I stood up in the aisle and did a few stretches to get the deneme bonusu veren siteler blood supply going. And that’s when I heard a mumbling noise and what sounded like someone occasionally pounding against the back of their seat.”

Kelly stopped to take a breath and was reassured to see Carl was hanging on her every word.

“So I crept up the aisle to where all the noise was coming from. And you would not believe what I saw …”

There was a momentary silence as Carl realized Kelly wasn’t going to finish the story without him commenting. “What? What did you see?”

“I looked over the back of the chair and I found a young couple right in the middle of … you know … doing it.” Kelly was keeping a straight face. Carl took a second to digest the story and determine whether Kelly was joking or not, but she appeared certain of what she had seen.

“Really? You saw them, like doing it all … or”

“Let’s just say I saw the girl with her dress pulled up around her waist straddling the guy whose clothes were all ruffled and falling off him,” she stopped as Carl let out a surprised chuckle then signaled her to continue. “Anyway, I must have been right because they stopped immediately and just looked straight at me. They were absolutely embarrassed by the whole situation, so was I.”

“And that was that?” asked Carl. Kelly nodded in reply. “Wow, you would imagine that people would have a greater sense of decency on public transport.” Carl laughed at his own statement.

“Well I guess when the mood strikes there is no holding it back,” giggled Kelly. Her comment intrigued Carl. He had thought her to be a more conservative type, despite her bubbly outgoing personality. Then again she had only just finished college and was young enough that little sexually would surprise her. “I actually apologized and felt really bad about breaking them up when they were having such a good time.”

“Really?” Carl said with a long drawn out tone trying to probe Kelly for more information. Kelly just smiled, her soft hazel eyes catching his attention, as if they were suggesting something along the same lines. He shook his head in an effort to clear his mind of the thought.

“Yeah, I mean it would be great to be in love and be reckless …”

Carl cut her off before she could finish. “You mean get off! I don’t think that having sex on a public train is quite in the realms of classic romance.” His stern demeanor melted into a fit of laughter which was reciprocated by Kelly.

Kelly fought to compose herself, “well I suppose, but it would be great just to get some, even if it is on a public train.”

Carl’s jaw almost hit the floor, he was half sure that Kelly as joking, but the comment provoked thought. Would Kelly really be that kind of person who would just throw caution to the wind and do something so wild?

“You look like I just asked you to marry me,” giggled Kelly. “What’s so shocking?”

“Just the idea that you would think that was an appropriate thing to do,” responded Carl still a little unsure. Kelly’s soft brown eyes belayed a strange sense of wildness. She grinned and twisted in her seat. Carl could see her thighs rub up against each other through the tight fabric of her skirt. Was he reading the signals wrong?

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was an appropriate thing to be doing. But it certainly is intriguing and well … a little … arousing.” Kelly’s voice had a lusty undertone which was matched by her soft subtle body language, she eased open the bottom of her jacket giving Carl a better view of her chest.

“Really …” was all a stunned Carl could say. He stuttered trying to finish what he was going to say when the train came to a stop. Both Kelly and Carl broke their gaze of each other and looked out the window. The woman sitting behind them got up and cast a scowl at the amount of noise they had made as she exited the rear door. Carl propped himself up on the arm rests and looked over the top of the seats.

The train pulled forward and slid slowly away from the platform on its journey north into the night. Carl lowered himself back into his seat, Kelly watching him with unbridled attention. “Looks like we are the only people left on board.”

Another garbled announcement by the train driver blared out. Carl glimpsed at Kelly who kept her unnerving stare on him. He felt a little uncomfortable, but also a little curious about where things might be headed. He leaned over the vacant chair which separated him from the aisle and looked up and down the carriage. They were indeed alone.

“So what were we talking about?” stuttered a nervous Carl. There was an immediate silence, only broken by the rhythmic clacking of the rails under foot.

“Let’s see, we were talking about our lack of a social life. How hard it was to meet other people we were interested in. Then I told you the story of how I bumped into two people having sex on the train. Then you thought I was somehow endorsing that kind of behavior. Then you went totally clammy about the subject …”

“Hang on, clammy! I did not! I’m no prude but I was a little shocked that you … you know … thought that kind of thing was …” Carl was struggling to keep his mouth in tune with his mind, which was racing a million miles a minute.

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