The Shave


It still makes me smile to hear your voice from the shower as you sing. Your words echo from the bathroom into the bedroom where I am lying on the bed, waiting for you to finish. The song ends and I hear the water shut off and the sounds of you drying yourself. Your voice rings out with “I’m ready” and I pad into the bathroom where I had placed the chair earlier. I turn and see you slipping your bathrobe on, your hair wrapped up in a towel and set on top of your head like a crown. I still inwardly gasp with delight when I see you naked – you are so beautiful.

You look at me and raise an eyebrow. I have not told you what I have in mind and the chair in the middle of the bathroom floor has you curious. You take the two ends of the bathrobe’s belt and begin to tie them together. Ignoring your implied question, I stop your hands from making the knot and slide mine in around your damp waist drawing you close to me. I am naked, too, and your warm moist body both relaxes and excites me as I press against you. I kiss your cheek, smelling a delightful combination of body soap and shampoo. Embracing you closer, my mouth covers yours and our tongues dance in the way they have always done, teasing and arousing.

As we kiss, I pull the belt from your bathrobe and hold it in one hand. When the kiss ends, I take your hand and lead you over to the chair and motion for you to sit. Smiling at you, I reach over to the countertop and pick up the eye mask you sometimes use to help keep the light out at night as I read and you drift off to sleep. I place it over your eyes, kissing your lips as I make sure it fits snugly. Then I move to behind you, take your hands and tie them gently together.

I look down at you. Your nipples are hidden by the bathrobe cloud storage and the soft fine fur between your thighs is curly and wet. I pull the collar on one side of the robe back, exposing your neck and kiss that spot you so love just under your ear. I bite it a little and lick up, rimming your ear with the tip of my tongue.

I reach to the counter top again and pick up the other three items I will need and move to kneel on the floor in front of you. I place my hands on your legs, letting you get used to my touch knowing you can’t see nor move your hands to stop me in case I tickle. You tense, then relax and I begin to stroke your legs. My mouth moves to your lower calves and I kiss upwards to your knee on one side, then the other. Spreading your legs a little more, I stroke the inside of your thighs, my fingers moving up to but not touching your vee. I kiss the inside of one knee, letting my chin drag along your skin as I kiss upwards, occasionally stopping to lick or bite softly.

I hear you moan as I move closer to your pussy. I kiss around it, up to your tummy and down over your navel, but never touching your mound. I peel back both sides of the bathrobe now, watching as your nipples emerge from under the cloth. I can see they are swelling and I brush one with the back of my fingers.It is time.

I reach between my legs and take the can and shake it. Pressing the top, a long white stream of foam empties onto my palm. I take my fingers and dab it into this fluffy damp pile and scoop it up. I move my foam covered thumb to between your legs and place it at the bottom of your moist slit then wipe it clean as I press in just a little moving upwards. I feel the small bump of flesh at the top of your slit and run my slippery thumb cloud file storage around it, teasing but not touching. I reach back into my palm and gather more, taking my time to spread it over your mound, making sure each strand of hair is covered.

After each application, I trail my fingers back over your clit, smiling as I hear you softly moan.

I pick the razor up from the floor and begin to shave. Expertly I move the sharp broad end over your hair, stopping to rinse it off in the bowl of hot water near your foot. I work down towards your slit and when I reach there, I slide a foamy finger inside of you to press the pussy lip up and out so it can be shaved close. I repeat this on the other side, feeling your thick juice lubricate my finger as I slip it in.

Soon I am finished and I take the sides of your bathrobe to wipe away the last of the foam. I lean back to look at my handiwork and see your bald pussy gleaming in the light. Moving the shaving stuff aside, I move in to feel how good a job I did. I run my tongue into the folds of your pussy, tasting a mixture of shaving cream and your wetness as I do. Then I place my mouth on your slit, my lips against yours and kiss. I shove my tongue into your pussy and French kiss you – my tongue now dancing along the wet warm walls of your cunt, licking and exploring. I pull it out from you and nudge the hood covering your clit. Exposing it, I lapped at it, feeling it get hard from my attention.

My nipples were now also hard. Very hard. I stood and as I did, I held my breast and rubbed my nipple over one of yours then the other. Still cupping my tit, I brought the tip to your blindfolded face. I ran the swollen end over your lips, and your mouth opened, your tongue file upload sliding out to guide my nipple into your mouth. As I felt your lips close around me, I dropped my hands to your breasts and brushed both nipples with the back of my fingers. They were red and very hard. I took one between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it gently as I rocked back and forth, watching your mouth suckle me. As I tugged on your nipple, your tongue ran under my stiff bud, seemingly milking me. Releasing your nipple, I reached behind you and untied you. Now freed, one of your hands went to my breast and the other cupped my mound, gently fingering my slit.

Still unable to see, you pulled my nipple from your mouth and pulled it down. You took my sensitive nip and rubbed it again on your nipples, then pulled it down lower. I bent my knees and watched as you blindly explored your smooth shaven pussy with the tip of my aching nipple. I kneeled down again and, sliding my tongue out, slipped it between your slit. I shoved and was immediately gratified by sinking deep into your hot wet pussy. I slid in and out and watched as your hand moved to your clit and rubbed in unison with my thrusts. My hands moved to cradle your ass so I could thrust deeper, your legs moving to around my ears and locking your ankles. Holding your ass, I felt some shaving cream that I had missed when I cleaned you off. I swiped my finger through it then moved my foamy finger pad to your asshole. I swirled it around your tight button feeling you relax as I massaged. I pressed the tip against the tiny opening and the lubrication of the shaving cream let me slide inside you effortlessly.

As I did, I heard a yell erupt from your throat and felt your pussy churn around my tongue. The tightening of your cunt along with the gush of your hot cum was soooo delicious. You wrapped your arms around my neck as I grew soft inside of you and whispered “this IS you, isn’t it?” I pulled the blindfold off and kissed your still closed eyes as we both laughed.