The Ship

Beautiful Dick

Standing at the railing of the ship, I look out at the horizon. The sun slowly drops from view easing the day quietly into night. Red, orange, and yellow flicker off the water making it appear a vast sea of liquid gold. The breeze plays with the gauzy white dress I’m wearing. You walk up to me resting against the railing. In a deep husky voice you ask me if I would like some company. Before I can say anything, my dress, opened from my ankles up to my thigh, flutters reaching out to you teasing your legs. I nod, blushing and whisper softly, “I’d like that very much.”

I turn slowly to fully take you in. I smile liking what I see. You are muscular, slightly taller than I and very handsome. Your eyes are so sexy. The playful look that greets me causes me to melt just a little. Claiming my hand in yours, we walk along the deck talking for a while. About what? I have long forgotten. I lost interest in the conversation the moment I looked into your glittering golden depths mirroring the ocean spread out around the ship.

We sit on a bench for a minute enjoying the last of the sunset in silence. You place a hand on my thigh uncovered by the breeze still wrecking havoc with my dress. You slowly slide your hands up and down my exposed legs commenting on how smooth they are. I stretch out inviting your strong and curious hand to explore further. Tracing circles along the inside of my thigh you feel the heat building intensifying with each caress.

Looking up at you, without words we decide to hold on to the passion we feel not wanting someone to come by and catch us. This time is for us to discover each other. Though I admit I find the idea of someone spying on us very thrilling, right now I want to enjoy you all to myself. We have plenty of time to play.

You hold out your hand to help me up and lead me to your cabin. It has a private balcony looking out over the ocean. We sit out on it treasuring the evening and the company. Prolonging our ultimate pleasure, the moment İstanbul Escort we dive into ecstasy.

You ask me if I would like a drink and pour me a glass of champagne. Bringing it to me, you accidentally spill it on my dress. I jump up. The dress clings to me as the liquid slides down between the fabric and my skin. I have no bra on. My nipples harden and strain against the light wet material. You have full view of my areolas, dark and perky clearly visible through the dress. Slowly your tongue slips out to lick your lips as you look at my breasts hungrily.

Looking into your eyes, I see the desire there, the need. I can feel it in the air. I reach out and pull you toward me. Our mouths find each other. I open your lips with my tongue. You respond by teasing mine, a duel of passion. I bite gently on your lower lip. Aroused now, the wetness between my legs threatens to soak through the thin panties I am wearing. Not that the champagne isn’t already trickling down to them.

You take my hand and guide it to your jeans. Blushing slightly, I have already seen what you have to offer. Now, I can feel you begging for release. My fingers stroke your thickness. As you explore my neck with your mouth and teeth, your strong hands caress my breasts. My need for you overwhelms me. I feel you now urgent powerful hunger sweeps through me.

I leisurely undo the row of buttons trailing down the front of my dress, peeling the wet fabric away from my skin. You say, “Stop.” Leaning forward to take my breasts one by one into your mouth, you taste the champagne on my skin, licking the sticky cocktail off my body. I thrust my body toward you pleading for you to take me in your arms. So thick and strong, I want to feel crushed against you. I shudder in delight as you nip at my breasts and then lick them. All thoughts are lost as my pussy clenches while you bite each nipple, sucking the perky tip savoring all that I have to offer. Your tongue drives me to new heights Anadolu Yakası Escort of passion.

I sit on the bed and remove your pants. Hmm, I take you in my mouth and pleasure you with a passion that threatens to crash upon us like the waves in a storm. I alternately lick and suck working you in and out of my mouth. My tongue traces the ridge of your cockhead. Gently sliding my teeth and then tucking them so as not to hurt you, I move my lips up and down your cock. I take you out of my mouth with a pop. You are rock hard. I slide between your thighs and lick your testicles. I lookup and see you in complete ecstasy. I take your balls in my mouth and caress them with my tongue as I stroke you, very erect. Licking up your shaft, my mouth claims you again. A few up and down strokes and then I open my throat up to accept all of you. I slide you in and out deep taking you higher. Lips tighten around your cock while my fingers gently squeeze your balls. You moan that you are about to cum and I stop.

You strip the rest of my dress off my body. You run you hands over my breasts, twisting pulling pinching my nipples causing me to feel lightheaded. You take off my panties with your teeth. You look lustily at me, as I lay before you completely naked, as if you are about to eat me alive.

I raise my legs to you and say in a sultry breathless voice, “Take me, taste me…NOW.” Without hesitation, you run your hands down my shoulders to my sides to my hips sliding between my legs. You then tease me by licking my inner thighs, nibbling gently. I can’t take it much longer. Oh God, I am burning. You use your fingers to spread my lips and you finally go down on me, tasting me. I explode in excitement. You delight in me, from top to bottom, from left to right. You lick me deeper, your tongue thrusting and pulsing inside me. Reaching up to my nipples you pinch them. Your other hand slips between my thighs easing one finger then two into my dripping wet passage. Kartal Escort Working just so until you find that spot, finger-fucking my pussy. Then sucking on my clit, I come screaming your name. As you move your tongue in and out of me, your fingers keeping time with this movement, another intense orgasm overpowers me and I cry out “Oh yes, Oh GOD YES, FUCK ME.”

Your face comes into view and you smile. You lean over my trembling body to kiss me and I hungrily accept your tongue in my mouth. I can taste myself on you. You position yourself between my legs in front of me. I say to you, “I n-n-need you, I need your cock inside m-me, so deep, hard…p-p-please F-F-FUCK ME.” My orgasm causes me to stutter. I take your cock in my hand and guide you to my wetness. You push slowly. I am very tight but with a little effort and my being soaked, you slide in. With one thrust, you bury your cock deep in me. I cry out in surprise at how thick your cock feels in me. Again I moan with desire as you withdraw then drive into me again. As you begin to slide in and out, I raise my hips to meet you. As your thrusts intensify, I come and break the silence with my cries of ecstasy. I can’t help but bite your shoulder trying to stifle my screams.

Your ravage me, plunging in and out riding me through my orgasm. Your unrelenting thrusts send me to orgasmic splendor once again. My body clutches you as I am racked by one fantastic orgasm after another. I raise my legs and put them over your shoulders. “Harder, fuck me harder!” I grip your buttocks and draw you closer to me urging you to make your thrusts deeper. I feel you grow even harder in me as you prepare to orgasm. You throw back your head and cry out my name as you fill me, spasms racking your body. Spent, you fall on top of me, the weight of your chest against my breasts. My pussy continues to contract around your cock. I wrap my legs around you and draw you closer. You roll me over on top of you, remaining inside me the entire time. I feel full with you.

As we lay quietly, the light from the full moon spills into the room. We kiss and hug as we take a last look at the view together. Holding to each other we fall asleep arms wrapped around our bodies tightly. Dreaming of what the morning will bring.