The Sisterhood Ch. 01


Lucy, Sharon, Patty, and Simone were the best of friends. They had all grown up on the same street and were inseparable. The girls had sleepovers at each other’s houses during the year and spent the summer at either Simone’s cottage or Lucy’s beach house. Each one of them was very unique and as they got older many things in their lives changed.

During high school Lucy had a steady boyfriend. She always made time for her best friends, but was seriously in love with Chad. No one was surprised when he proposed after graduation. It had been a complete surprise to Lucy though. He had gotten down on one knee in front of all their friends and family members and sobbed his way through a romantic proposal. He had placed a large diamond engagement ring on her finger and soon, all four girls were crying uncontrollably with happiness.

Sharon and Patty were the quiet ones. They never really dated a lot, but enjoyed hearing the stories that Simone shared. Simone had declared herself a sex maniac and the stories she told were crazy.

After high school, the girls stayed in touch. Sharon and Patty went off to university together and Lucy stayed in town to plan her wedding. Simone moved to Los Angeles and hooked up with a rich television producer. A year later the girls were reunited when Lucy and Chad finally got married.

“Come on do it harder. Fuck don’t be so gentle.” Simone was laying flat on her back in the back seat of the car as the limo driver plowed into her. Her puffy pink bridesmaid dress was up around her hips and she was begging for him to go bursa escort bayan harder.

“Shit I’m going as fast as I can.” Joey had flirted with the cute bridesmaid all the way to the church and then to the reception. When she had whispered in his ear as she left the limo that she wanted to fuck him, he couldn’t say no. She had stayed behind and her best friends smiled as she climbed back into the limo.

“Fuck, then give me my bag. I need my vibrator. Just do it!” Simone had become very aggressive when it came to sex. She needed sex all the time and the rougher and harder it was the better. Joey handed her her matching pink purse and moaned when she pulled out a small pink rabbit vibrator. He just stared. He had never seen one before. It was bright pink with a ring of white beads around the base. It was small and feminine and he imagined watching it sink deep into Simone’s pussy. He didn’t have a chance to continue his daydream because she turned it on high and pushed the clit tickler against her clit.

“Oh yeah!” Simone arched her back and began to cum. The vibrator hummed against her clit and Joey could feel it. He grabbed her hips and yanked her hard against his cock. His cock exploded inside her and when he was done, he pulled out and fixed his pants.

“Thanks for the fuck Joey. It was fantastic.”

“You’re welcome. I bet you have lots of fun with that little rabbit of yours.” Joey was grinning.

“Oh yeah.” Simone fixed her dress and then rushed into the reception hall.

She entered the hall and snuck into bursa bayan escort the receiving line between Sharon and Patty.

“Where were you?” Patty whispered under her breath. She had an idea, but asked anyway.

“Limo driver.” That was all she needed to say and both of them went back to smiling and welcoming the guests to the wedding.

The wedding reception was perfect. The girls danced the night away and soon there were only a few guests left. Chad was over saying goodbye to his grandparents and the four girls were sitting around one of the tables.

“Did you fuck the limo driver?” Lucy was the perfect blushing bride. She was sipping water, waiting for Simone’s answer.

“Yeah. I needed my vib to get off though. I knew I was going to get addicted to it when I bought it.”

“Vib? Like a vibrator?” Sharon blushed. She was still shy and innocent.

“Yes Sharon. A vibrator. It’s the most amazing thing in the world. I could cum for hours with it humming away.”

“You should lend it to Lucy for the summer. Isn’t married sex boring?” Patty grinned and gulped back her fourth tequila shot of the night.

“It is not! At least, I hope it isn’t. Plus I think Sharon needs it more than me.” Patty flipped her blonde hair back and smiled at Sharon.

“Girls, girls, girls. We could all share it. Sort of like when we wrote letters to each other that summer we were apart.”

Lucy, Patty, and Sharon stared at Simone wide-eyed. She was the wild one in the group, but this was a crazy bursa merkez escort suggestion.

“Eww gross. I’ll get all diseased.” Lucy covered her mouth with her hand the moment she blurted that out. Everyone knew that Simone had slept with half of Hollywood.

“Actually you’re supposed to clean sex toys after each use. I have special cleaner for that reason. This vibrator is non-porous which means that no germs or bacteria can attach itself to it. Once it’s clean it’s as good as new. And for the record, other than the limo driver and the airline attendant, I’ve only been fucking Steven since going out to Hollywood.”

The three other girls just stared and listened. What had happened to their best friend? This was not the same wild and crazy girl that had left their small hometown. Lucy was the first to blurt out “Who the hell are you? What did you do with Simone?”

Simone stuck her tongue out at her best friends. “I’m serious. I worked at a sex shop for a few months. I think it would be fun. We’ve been away from each other all year and we’ll be apart all summer as well. Why not pass it around and then get together at the end of the summer to swap stories?”

“I am not sharing any stories with you. I can’t even have sex with the lights on yet.” Sharon was blushing again.

“I think it’s a great idea. It will keep my boring married sex life exciting.”

“Yeah why not? It will mean my fingers won’t get so tired.”

Sharon just nodded. Simone squealed with glee. “Awesome. We can call ourselves the Sisterhood of the Traveling Vibrator. I’ll keep it for the first two weeks and then send it to Lucy. Lucy you send it to Patty and then Patty you send it to Sharon. Sharon, bring it with you when we go up to Lucy’s parent’s beach house for Labor Day weekend.

The four girls grinned and laughed. This was going to be a fun summer.