The Sisters Ch. 03


Corinthia decided after work to pop over. She couldn’t wait to get there, she was so horny today. Watching Joseph walk around the office in his tight ass dress pants showing the world his package was not helping her at all. She had to go into the copier room and make some copies for the boss. She hated that room it was so dark in the Corners cause of poor lighting. She didn’t shut the door tight behind her when she went in and didn’t think anything of it when it automatically shut.

Putting the paper in the copier was easy, it was the waiting for it to print that sucked. At that very moment a voice whispered in her ear asking her if she wanted to fuck. She turned around quick and noticed it was Joseph. She asked him what kind of crap he was trying to pull but he told her that he had seen her checking out his crotch.

She laughed and asked him if he was serious and he looked her dead in the eyes and said yes if you are. She thought what the hell and pulled him into one of the dark corners, kissing him with her tongue all the way. He began to yank her blouse up pulling at her bra at the same time. Finally reaching her 44DD tits he couldn’t keep his mouth off them.

They were huge and he loved big tits, kissing and licking them he told her that he wanted to fuck her and she told him that was the whole idea with the dark corner. If anyone walked in they would have a hard time seeing them. He managed to pull her underwear down and sat her up on top of a small desk that was filled with papers. Sliding the papers to the floor with one sweep of his hand, he helped steady her so he could enter her. As he shoved the head of his cock in her now wet pussy he told her that she was tighter than anyone he had ever known.

She gave a little laugh and said thank you. She lay back on the Betturkey desk giving him more access, with her arms over her head, holding the other side of the desk she let him have his way with her. He began to kiss down her body while pumping her full of his enlarged cock. Holding onto the desk, she began to pump also and between moans told him that she was surprised he was this big. Most men she had been with, outside her husband, had been small and she found that disappointing because most of them were black also.

At this he laughed and told her he was going to fuck her fast and hard before anyone realized where they were and that way they could be done and get back to work. She told him to go ahead that was fine cause thats all she wanted, faster and harder. Standing there grunting and fucking her pussy as hard as he could, he began to feel her pussy muscles tighten. He told her that it felt so good and if she kept it up he was going to cum in no time. She smiled that delicious smile at him and licked her lips. Then told him that when he thought he was going to cum he had to pull out, after all she was married. Besides she liked to suck off coming cocks and with that being said, she tightened her muscles.

He grabbed her legs and lifted them up into the air to get further penetration and she told him that it felt so good she didn’t want him to stop. With her legs on his chest and shoulders he pumped her even faster and it felt like she could feel his cock in her throat, that was how hard he was fucking her. She began to cry from the intense feeling that was starting to overwhelm her, she told him that she was okay when he asked but she knew that she was going to have one huge orgasm.

She asked him while holding onto the desk for dear life if he did this Betturkey Giriş with anyone else at work and he told her no. Huffing and puffing he told her that he had been watching her for the last month or so and really wanted to fuck her bad. He saw her come into the copy room and decided this was going to be the day.

At that she laughed and told him that he was pretty sure of himself and he said yes because he saw her look at his cock every time they walked by each other. At the thought of this he asked her if she was ready to suck his cock and with a sly smile she said of course. He pulled out of her beaten pussy, as she slid off the desk onto the floor, taking his cock with her.

She slipped his cock right down her throat with the first take and he loved it. He began to fuck her mouth, grabbing her hair by the fistfuls. Ramming his cock down her throat she made room for all of him while playing with his huge balls. He was moaning now saying something in his first language that she didn’t understand but knew that it was softly spoken.

As she tasted the pre cum she looked up into his eyes and saw that he was now watching her. He smiled, withdrew his cock and then told her to open wide. She did as she was told and he forced his cock into her mouth down her throat with one grunt and blew his load. She grabbed his cock to stop herself from choking but he had the control. He forced himself down her throat and told her to open herself more, trying to accommodate him she sucked him ever so hard.

He was enjoying this part and lifted her off the floor telling her he was going to fuck her ass, she smiled and said finally. He threw her over the desk and asked her if she liked it rough. She answered him with a sigh and asked him if he was going Betturkey Güncel Giriş to be hard enough. He laughed a hearty laugh while putting his cock on her backside. Feeling him still hardened she told him to fuck her then.

He shifted himself so that he could enter her wide hole and grabbed her waist while fitting his cock in. She pushed back onto him and groaning played with her clit. He knew what she was doing and it turned him on even more. Telling her to play with her clit faster he kept up the steady rhythm of fucking her ass.

Crying out she could feel the sensations building again, bending forward even more, she was able to put two fingers into her pussy while he was filling her ass. Fucking her wet pussy with her fingers and then taking them out and sucking on them made him pump her ass so fast that he thought for a single moment that he was going to drop from exhaustion.

She hurried and rolled her enlarged clit between her fingers and told him that she was ready. He pulled out of her ass, lifted her up on top of the desk again and watched her play with her pussy. All of a sudden he reached down and began to help her by entering his four fingers into her pussy while she was doing her clit.

The next thing he knew she was shrieking, convulsing and squirting all over the copy room. He leaned down and placed his mouth over her oozing pussy, sucking her clit until she was done squirting. He had never seen anything like it and asked her if they could do it again sometime. She just smiled at him grabbed his head and forced him back down between her legs. He laughed and licked her from ass hole to pussy hole clean.

They were soon dressed, the copies were done and so was their day at work. They walked out of the copy room one at a time and no one was the wiser. Corinthia began to wonder about the girls and their mother again and knew that she most definitely had to stop today after work. Being fucked like she was still was not enough, she needed to see Chris and the other girls. Hmmm she thought, perhaps I have a few things to show them after today.