The Slow Bowler

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Christine Morgan jumped in fright and turned when she heard her name. To her surprise a tall blonde young lad wearing a grocer’s apron stood staring at her in supermarket aisle. “Were you speaking to me,” she asked as the boy licked his lips and stared.

“Yes Mrs. Morgan, I’m Craig Smith you don’t know me but I’m in your daughters class at school. I’m sorry if I startled you, I thought you might need some help.”

Mrs. Morgan looked at the young man who was staring at her chest rather than her face. As she watched he licked his lips and shifted his gaze to look down at her legs then slowly back up to her face. When he saw she was watching he blushed and stuttered, “I’m sorry.”

She smiled to herself when she saw the lump under the apron. My god she thought, he’s excited from looking at me. Later that evening Christine Morgan finished showering and sat in front of the mirror combing her hair. Recalling the episode with Craig she stood up and turned around so she could look at her body from all angles.

A few wrinkles around the eyes and a small tummy were the obvious signs of her nearing forty. She cupped her breasts in her hands and smiled, still good enough to put a lump in a young man’s pants.

Craig Smith finished work and went home. He had lost his parents when the airliner they had joined for a much anticipated holiday trip to Europe crashed on landing in Beirut. He had moved to this small town to live with an aunt.

She had thrown his plans in to turmoil when she met him at the station. “I can only take you for a few weeks. I have sold my home and they settle in two months. I am going to leave but that shouldn’t stop you from finding a place to live. You have a tidy sum of money from the wills and both your parents grew up here so don’t worry I am sure it will work out.”

He was a good student. At his new school he turned out for sports and excelled at cricket soon becoming the schools best bowler. His six foot frame seemed to help him add to the spin and turn his fingers imparted on a worn cricket ball helping him to develop a wicked leg break and flipper.

His success as a student and as a cricketer did not rub off on him socially. He was painfully shy stuttering and stammering with the bad habit of looking down at his big feet when he was introduced.

As he stood in the shower that night his thoughts returned to the episode with Mrs. Morgan in the grocery store that afternoon. PJ the store owner had told him when he gave him the after school job that his business was built on personal service. Welcome the customers talk to them, help them make it a pleasant experience shopping here and they will return,” he said as he handed Craig his apron.

Craig had seen Mrs. Morgan before when she picked up her Daughter Beth after school. At the store he had watched her for a minute or two before trying to speak. When she was startled and jumped at his greeting he didn’t know what to do. In his embarrassment he looked away from her face to her boobs and then when he saw she was watching dropped his eyes further until he was looking at her legs. “She must think I’m a bloody nineteen year old sex fiend,” he groaned.

As he soaped his body he felt his cock harden as images of the firm hard shape of Mrs. Morgan’s boobs and her shapely brown legs came flashing back. He gave his cock a rub wondering why this married woman old enough to be his mother had excited him. He was getting desperate he wanted a woman any woman but a woman like Mrs. Morgan wouldn’t be interested in a boy him. He groaned as he thought to himself that not only Mrs. Morgan but all of the girls at school weren’t interested in him. Nevertheless his dreams that night were all about Mrs. Morgan.

Christine Morgan was a divorced mum; her husband had left her for a younger woman leaving their eighteen year old daughter to live with her in the home she received as part of the divorce settlement. She had always been a looker and worked hard trying to keep her body trim. Since her divorce she had ignored the overtures of most of her friend’s husbands and the few single men of her group. She had been turned off men by her husband’s infidelity. Since then she had immersed herself in her work and family ignoring the singles scene.

Her thoughts that night kept returning to Craig remembering how he stuttered and stammered as his eyes roamed over her breasts and legs. Before she went to sleep she decided it was nice to have someone admire her body even if he was only a kid. As she drifted off to sleep she resolved to talk to him next time she visited the store.

When he arrived at school the next morning Craig was met by the cricket coach and told to report to the head masters office. Craig was so nervous when he stepped into the office that even the Deputy headmaster who had a reputation as a tough hard man was moved to help. He sat him down and asked his assistant Mrs. Jones to give Craig a drink of water. “Don’t worry lad,” he whispered “you aren’t in trouble,” as a number of teachers Manavgat escort joined them in the headmasters office.

When the room settled down the headmaster spoke. “I’ve called you all here to hear some great news. It is no secret that I personally have been disappointed at our schools poor showing in the inter school cricket competition in recent years. As a former member of the national one day side I have always wanted my first school as headmaster to make a name in cricket circles. That was not to be until today. Until now we have never had a student selected in any city or state side.”

“Mr. Barry Hillman of the Institute of Sport came down here personally this morning to tell us what an impression young Craig’s bowling has made on the states selectors. He not only wanted to tell me personally as a former cricketing colleague but he traveled here to meet Craig who I am proud to announce has been selected in the states colts’ squad. They will play the Sheffield shield side in a practice match at the Gabba next week. Let’s wish him every success and offer him the schools support.”

Craig was overwhelmed that morning by school mates and teachers who all wanted to shake his hand and offer their congratulations. Miss Schmidt the buxom physical education teacher who had previously taken a little interest in Craig went out of her way to seek him out and tell him she would talk to school counselors about his shyness.

To Craig’s embarrassment many of the schools most popular girls showed an added interest in the schools new sports star laughing when he blushed bright red and hung his head. That afternoon at the store it was worse as the story of his recognition spread through their small community.

Christine Morgan had heard of Craig’s success from Beth who laughed and told her mother, “He is so shy I think he nearly pees himself every time a girl speaks to him. We had a ball teasing him today.” She slumped down in a chair, “They say he will be on TV and the girls think he will look great because he really is very good looking.” She giggled, “But the people out there will never know because they will only see the top of his head when he mumbles and looks at his feet.” Christine looked at Beth, “don’t be so cruel, he really will need help if he is going to be interviewed on TV like those cricket stars. The school should do something.”

I don’t know what I’m getting excited about Christine thought as she parked her car and strolled into the store, he’s only a boy. Then she smiled to herself, I like the idea of a nice young man growing horny when he looks at me. She had nearly finished shopping when she spied Craig down the back near the cold rooms cleaning up some broken items. She moved down the aisle keeping and eye out to see if he would speak to her again.

Craig had been waiting for Mrs. Morgan; he had been embarrassed yesterday when she caught him staring at her breasts. He had rarely had any sexual thoughts about young girls let alone their mothers but he kept remembering how full and shapely her breasts had looked when she turned side on. He saw her coming his way and knelt down to pick up some broken pieces. When he looked back up he looked straight up her skirt at her legs. Embarrassed he stumbled back, “oh Mrs. Morgan,” he gasped, “I’m sorry.”

Christine Morgan smiled thinking he had deliberately squatted down so he could look at her legs. She knew her legs and her breast were two of her best features and was not unhappy that Craig seemed to agree. “Stop apologizing,” she whispered as she took his hand and helped him stand up. “Beth tells me you are to be congratulated we are proud of you.”

Craig held her hand and couldn’t think of anything to say. He licked his lips and dropped his eyes as he struggled to think of some words that would tell this beautiful woman that he was so very pleased she took the time to speak to him. His eyes fell on her chest. My god she has great tits he thought and licked his lips again.

Christine Morgan knew from Beth’s description that Craig was very shy. She could see he was struggling to think of something to say but could not help notice that he kept looking at her breasts and licking his lips. I wonder what he is thinking she thought as she made up her mind to give him time to speak.

They stood in the aisle with Craig holding her hand for a few minutes until he spoke. “Mrs. Morgan I’m sorry I keep looking at you but you are very beautiful and I would be very pleased to do anything to you… I’m sorry I meant to you… you know anything to help… Oh shit,” he groaned and walked away apologizing as he went, “I’m sorry, I hope you are not embarrassed.”

Christine watched him move into the cold room and saw the lump in his pants under his apron. She smiled he was shy but he was every inch a man.

At the parents and friends meeting that night Miss Schmidt waited until near the end of the meeting to raise the question of Craig’s ability to cope with his sudden rise to local star status. Manavgat escort bayan “We should help with counseling and support, he will represent our school and he is so painfully shy that he hardly says a word. We should provide some training or at least surround him with support before he finds it too tough and gives up.”

The headmaster Intervened, “Craig wont give up he’s shy not weak. He is a fine gutsy young man. Let’s just go to the Gabba on Saturday and support him, if he succeeds then we may need to take on board Miss Schmidt’s concerns.”

Christine Morgan agreed to drive Beth and her three friends to the cricket. “Thanks mum,” Beth said “we really could not go without your help. A trip to town will give us a chance to hit the city shops early and call in at the game later.”

At the cricket things moved fast. The colt’s side was overpowered by the bowling of the states fast bowlers and was all out just after lunch for one hundred and thirty three. Craig batted sixth wicket down and made twenty the third highest score. He was smiling coming back to the pavilion when he spied Mrs. Morgan.

“Come and sit with us,” Beth called, “we’re your local cheer squad.” He took of his pads and sat next to Mrs. Morgan loving the way her tanned body stood out against her plain white dress. He blinked and looked again when he realised he could see the top of her breasts in the square neckline. When his eyes left her breasts she was watching him and smiled.

He licked his lips and stammered. “Thanks for coming up to support me; our side will be bowling shortly, I hope I don’t let you down.” He was thrilled when Mrs. Morgan took his hand, “don’t apologise,” she whispered, “You will be fine, I’m sure you will make us proud.”

The two states openers scored freely and had reached fifty six without loosing a wicket when Craig was handed the ball. “They’ve got their bloody eye in,” the headmaster said as he waited for Craig to bowl. “Its bloody slaughter to bring him on with these two top batsmen in full flight.” Before he finished there was a shout from the field and he turned to see the team gathering around Craig after he had clean bowled the states top opener with his first ball. “My god,” he said as he sat down, “this lad may be the bowler our country needs.”

Craig’s left arm leg breaks and googlies seemed to mesmerize the next two batsmen He quickly snapped up their wickets and had the good figures of three for ten off seven overs at tea. When they resumed the state side started to struggle when Craig kept one end tied down with a series of maiden overs allowing the other young medium paced colts to pick up wickets as the remaining batsmen started to take risks when they were not facing Craig.

The chairman of the state selectors joined the headmaster and the few parents from the school. “That young lad has the best potential of any slow bowler I have seen in recent years. He’s got a ton of guts throwing the ball up and tempting those world class batsmen to hit him in his first big match. Most young men would have taken a more conservative line.” He slapped the headmaster on the back, “congratulations he is an exciting addition to our bowling line up. I think if he continues to develop you will have a future test star in the making. ”

The team manager sat with them for a while and spoke to Beth and the girls, “He’s a good looking kid the media will love his wavy blonde hair and big blue eyes. These days good publicity is vital to the game, if he stops being so shy, holds his head up and speaks confidently they will make him a TV star.”

The girls talked about Craig as Beth drove home. “Maybe his girlfriend will help him,” Christine said when they stopped chattering. Beth’s best friend Sally laughed, “I don’t think he has ever been out with a girl he avoids girls like the plague.” She turned to Evelyn, “have you ever seen him with anyone.” Evelyn blushed. “No but he can slip into my bed anytime he wants, I think he’s hot.”

Beth gasped signaling not to talk about taking boys to bed in front of her mother. “I suppose he is good looking but he stammers, so you would never get him to say anything.” They all laughed when Evelyn groaned, “I wouldn’t give him a chance to talk he’d be too busy.”

When Christine was putting the car away Beth grabbed Evelyn, “be careful,” she whispered, “I don’t want mum to know what we do when we date.” Evelyn laughed, “Stop worrying she knows. Why don’t we suggest that your mum help Miss Schmidt drag Craig out of his shell. I’m sure they would welcome our help and it would give me a reason to spend some time training him to like girls, especially this girl.” She winked and giggled, “We could make him our special project.”

Christine loved the idea of the girls helping to build Craig’s confidence. “I don’t know if I can help, I’m old enough to be his mother. He really needs to spend some time with girls your age but I’ll do it if you all agree to help.”

Miss Schmidt was twenty five and Escort manavgat single. At previous schools she had left after suspicion arose over her interest in very young sportsmen. She had set her sights on Craig from the first day he joined the cricket squad. She had watched him train in the gym and at the nets. She admired the way he took care of his body and made plans to be the one the school appointed to guide him through the gauntlet of media and public attention.

To her dismay the headmaster stepped in and canned any school involvement. “What a stupid idea,” he thundered at Miss Schmidt. “Do you realise that the school would be saying publicly that we had no faith in his ability to weather a little media storm. You’ve read him wrong, he’s not a bloody wimp he is both smart and tough. Stop interfering in the boys life just leave him alone.” He shouted as he ushered her out of his office.

Christine told the girls of the headmaster’s decision as soon as they arrived at her home that afternoon. “Well I think he needs my help,” Evelyn giggled. She looked at Beth’s mum, “he seemed to take a shine to you. I watched how he sat and talked with you when Beth called him over at the cricket. Maybe you could persuade him to join us girls and we’ll do the rest.”

“What would I do? What would I say?” Christine asked as they all started to toss Evelyn’s idea around. “Why don’t you invite him down for a BBQ lunch on Sunday and I’ll do the rest,” Evelyn said as she stood up and swung her body so her skirt swung out and showed her long slim legs. “He won’t have time to stutter when I wrap these legs around him.”

Christine found Craig in the produce section the next afternoon. He had been waiting for her and greeted her with a smile, “thanks for coming to the cricket,” he stuttered as he started to lower his gaze from her face his eyes sliding down to her chest. Christine smiled she had worn a blouse that buttoned down the front and had left an extra button open to tease him. She was pleased at his reaction when he blushed and licked his lips but did not raise his eyes from the tantalizing glimpse of her erect nipple.

She waited and then stamped her foot to get his attention. “Beth and her friends are having a BBQ at home on Sunday there won’t be many people coming just the girls and I.” She looked up into his face, “why don’t you come?”

Craig could feel his cock unfolding and growing hard in his pants. He wanted to get away before she spotted it and stuttered, “Yes, yes I’ll come,” before turning away and moving his body behind the fruit counter. Christine caught a glimpse of the lump under his apron and smiled, “The girls will be pleased see you Sunday morning.”

When Craig arrived at the BBQ he discovered he was the only male invited. Before he could bolt Beth grabbed him and sat him down. “Don’t be such a pussy,” she growled “we won’t bite.” Evelyn and Sally sat either side of him pushing up close so he was sandwiched between them. “Hi,” Evelyn whispered sexily. “I’m Evelyn.” She pointed as she spoke, “that’s Sally, the bossy one is Beth and the redhead helping Christine light the fire is Kathleen.”

“In case you don’t know we all go to the same school. I have seen you around but you have never tried to chat us up or ask for a date. Don’t you like girls?” Craig had been

Enjoying the feel of their bodies against his and took a moment to reply. Beth and Kathleen joined them and they huddled close waiting for him to speak.

“Yes…” he said as he tried to gather his thoughts. ” Yes, of course I like girls. I think I’m no different to any other guy except I find it hard to talk to people.” He added after a second… “Especially girls,” he paused again and took a deep breath, “beautiful girls.”

“Do you think we are beautiful?” Evelyn asked. “Oh yes you’re very beautiful,” he gasped. He shook his head and looked around, “you’re all very lovely.” Sally laughed, “Well you’re talking to us now and if you agree we want to help you get over your shyness.”

“Especially with girls,” Evelyn whispered as she slipped her arm through his and drew him close. Craig felt his cock lurch in his pants as Evelyn’s hard young breast rubbed against his side. “How?” he asked. “What are you going to do?”

“Don’t look so scared, it will be painless,” laughed Beth. “If you agree we will help you to dress in clothes that will make you look good, we will teach you to dance and,” she grinned at Evelyn, “each of us will teach you something we are good at, something we think will make you more confident with people, especially girls. If you agree one of us will always try to accompany you until we are satisfied you don’t need us anymore.”

Craig was overwhelmed. “Why are you doing this?” He stammered. Evelyn squeezed his hand, “because it will be fun, if its not, you can stop us anytime.” She looked at him her breast pushing against his arm, “Ok?” She asked.

“OK,” he replied quietly.

From that day on Mrs. Morgan drove the extra miles to pick up Craig each morning when she drove Beth and her friends to school. The girls had found it surprisingly easy to talk her into doing this daily chore. She agreed when Beth said Craig would become accustomed to being with women if he rode back and forth with a car full of girls each day.

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