The Softest Skin


She had the softest skin. I knew that before I even touched her. Her lips were soft. A little wet. Red. Our tongues wrapped around each other. A long kiss. She gave herself without holding back. We kissed again.

I’d seen her around. Someone pointed her out to me. A friend. Of mine. Of hers. She said we ought to meet. To play. She knew us both a little too well. She knew how to keep her mouth shut. At the right times. And to speak at others. A good friend. I agreed. She did too. Let’s play, we said. This is our story.

I didn’t know how long she’d been sitting there. Our friend had told me to wait in the hall when I arrived. They’d arrived earlier. A grand hall. High ceilings. Late 18th century. It’d been cold in the hall. Like it was outside. Early February. But not in the room where she was wait-ing. There was a fire in the fireplace, some wine on a little table next to it, a blue sofa in the corner and she was sitting in a simple chair. Not one from the good rooms of the mansion. One from the kitchen perhaps. I don’t know why I noticed this.

She was naked. Except for black panties and a black blindfold. In front of the fire. Sideways. Facing me. Back arched a little because of the way she was tied. Black ropes. Yet not un-comfortable. Her breasts jutting out to me. Light and shadow played over her body. From the fire at one side, from the window on the other. Red light versus blue. The room was warm. Yet her nipples were erect. Little shadows. She breathed slow. Relaxed. I tried to walk up silently. A more relaxed pace than I thought I could master. Wooden floors are treacherous, they creak. She smiled. I kept my pace. No need to hurry. Our friend had left. Or Pendik Escort at least left us alone. I circled her. She looked divine. A shiver ran down her body. It couldn’t be the cold. Excitement. A shiver ran down my body. I smelled her perfume. She smelled good. I touched her hair. It was soft. I let the her black hair run through my fingers. Soft like satin.

Our friend had made us promise not to speak while we played. I kissed her lips. I kissed her neck. The back of her neck just above the back of the chair. I kissed her chin. I kissed my way down to her collarbones. Tenderly. Hardly touching her skin. The ropes were wrapped around her torso. Dividing. Hiding. Revealing. I kissed her skin just above the first rope. Three coils ran just above her breasts and under her armpits. I kissed the skin just above the second set of coils wrapped around her torso. Just under her breasts. Kissing the soft skin just where her breast met her belly. Seven coils next. I kissed her bellybutton. My tongue played with her piercing. A little ring. Hanging over the third set of coils. Five coils. I kissed my way to the top of her panties. Cashmere. Smooth. Skin. Sensitive.

I kissed the skin of her inner thigh. As high up as possible. I kissed her skin just above the ropes that tied her legs. Each tied to a leg of the chair. To the outside of the legs. Spreading her legs just a little. Rope wrapped around each leg top to bottom. I kissed the skin where the leather of her high heeled shoes wrapped around her feet. I kissed her fingers tied behind her back. Pointing down. A perfect V. I kissed my way up her arms. Kissing left and right. I kissed her shoulders. The back of her Kurtköy Escort neck. Turning around her. Back to her front. Kissing. Tenderly biting down on her nipples. One by one. Pulling away and holding on. Letting them escape through my teeth. She grasped a little and moaned softly. Her white skin blushing. Her black panties clung to her body. My erection pushing hard against my pants. I felt a little drunk. I guessed we both did. But we had no need to rush things, I decided. I stepped back.

In the fireplace the fire softly crackled. I poured my self a glass of red wine. The glass was made of crystal. I like details like that and took a sip. Good wine. Red wine days. I brought the glass to her lips. Red like wine. She sipped the wine. A drop ran down her chin. I kissed it away. Then I kissed her again. She tasted like red wine. I must have tasted like red wine. Our tongues tasted red wine. And us. I brought her the glass again. This time a little more wine escaped her mouth and dripped down her lips. Down her chin. Falling to her breasts. Involuntarily she shivered, spreading the drops of wine over her breasts. I kissed the wine from her lips. I kissed the wine from her chin. A drop handing on it, just about to fall down. I delicately licked the wine from her breasts with the tip of my tongue. Missing not one drop. Spilling a bit more from the glass. Red lines running down her breasts. Drops hanging from her nipples. Reflecting fire. I smiled a secret smile she couldn’t see and bent into her, kissing her lips smiling back.

She’s still tied to the chair. I hooked my fingers behind the thin fabric of her panties. When I pulled the fabric gave way. Easily. Maltepe Escort Prepared. Naked now. Apart from the blindfold. And the rope. From her lips I kissed, slowly, down to her pussy. Stopping at her breasts. Her belly. Her bellybutton. The little mount just above her pussy. Her black hair triangle. Her fleshy pussy. Soft. Wet. Hot like a fever. I too felt feverish. But the way she’s tied down limits access. Neither of us wanted that anymore. I untied her legs. She slid to the edge of the chair. Thrusting her pelvis forward. As much as the ropes around her torso and arms would allow. Spreading her legs. Thrusting her pussy forward. Meeting. My fingers. My lips. My tongue. Her labia. Her clit. Her orgasm.

I freed her arms. I untied her torso. She stood up. Swayed. Into my arms. Our tongues meet. A fiery kiss. I stopped her hands reaching for the blindfold. Do not remove the blindfold just yet, I whispered. I pulled her close. Her naked body against mine. In her high heels she’s standing a little taller than me. Her slim frame. Breathing a little fast. I take her in my arms and carry her to the sofa in the corner. Her white skin contrasted with its blue fabric. We kissed. I felt her hunger. Locked in her kisses. Locked behind the blindfold. My tongue trailed a way to her breasts, to her pussy. She pulled me up by my hair. Time to finish the game. This first part. She pulled me into her, guided me into her. We fucked. Hungrily. Like there was no tomorrow. Explosive. Eager for an orgasm. Hungry for each other.

Cradled in my arms. She was still wearing that blindfold. Her hair a mess. Red blushes on her skin. That soft skin. The softest skin. I removed the blindfold. Sparkling blue eyes I never realized she had. We kissed. The cool light of the day turned slowly red as we watched the evening begin. Hearing our friend setting the table for dinner in the other room. It was going to be a good weekend.

To be continued…?