The Soldier

Anal Solo

Jake woke up in a hospital bed it was cut up pretty bad. His uniform was still on so he couldn’t have been at the hospital for very long. Other men in uniform, body casts and worse were scattered around on crappy make-shift beds. Jake realized he didn’t even know what state he was in. Didn’t know if the war was over. It had been a tough battle and he had fought with his platoon for over three years. The last thing he remembered was being thrown to the ground by a fellow soldier and hearing the explosion of a grenade.

He looked around the hospital at all the hundreds of pretty nurses in blue & white striped dresses. They bopped around tending to the injured men, bringing them water, changing their bandages, listening to their woos and cries. Finally it grew dark. Most of the men drifted off to sleep. Jake couldn’t sleep. Not that he wanted to anyway. It was nice to just lie down. He fiddled in his pocket for an old photo he had of a sweet young girl he had once loved. She was pretty, with short yellow hair and green eyes like spring grass. She looked innocent in the picture. Like the kind of girl who didn’t know war. Jake looked up at the nurses tending to the sick, to the wounded, to the dead. They knew war. They knew pain. How could Jake return to the yellow-haired girl in the photograph when she could never relate to his experience? Jake tucked the picture back in his pocket and put his hands behind his head. He winced in pain. He looked at his left arm which had been the source of it and noticed for the first time a thick bandage. It was seeped to the core with red blood.

“Would you like me to replace that?” said a voice to his right. It was dark, but Jake could make out her entrancing brown eyes. Her hair was tied back into a long brown pony tail. Her lips set in a straight line as she sat on a stool beside his bed and reached for his arm. Jake held back a cry as she undid the bandage.

“You probably don’t remember. You came in yesterday. Gun shot wound,” she said & pointed to the injury. “You’ll be okay. The doctors extricated it, no infection.”

Jake attempted to smile at her but his lips were too chapped.

“My name is Maggie, by the way. Maggie. If you need anything, just ask!” she said perkily.

Jake opened his mouth as far as he could and whispered dryly, “water.” Maggie finished tying the new bandage Uzun porno into a neat little bow & reached for the stand next to her. She filled a tin cup with icy cold water and leaned over Jake. With her left hand she supported his head while her right hand held the cup up to his lips. She slowly tipped the cup and Jake closed his eyes with relief as the ice water trickled into his lips down his throat. The sight of Maggie leaning so close to his face was slightly arousing, but Jake was a Southern gentleman, & he would never make a move. Maggie smiled.

“You’re probably pretty handsome under all this blood,” she said as she started to peel away Jake’s sticky uniform. She started with his jacket. She noticed he had some medals pinned on. She fingered a particularly important looking one. “Your wife will be proud of that one.” Maggie looked deep into Jake’s piercing green eyes for any sign of negate. She found it. “No wife, huh? Well then your girl…” she let the words sink in.

“I…have…no one…” Jake managed to say. Maggie happily continued to remove his clothing. The jacket was off, & she folded it neatly on her lap. Next, she unbuttoned his soldier blouse and shook it out. That also went folded on her lap. Jake was now topless & Maggie took in the sight of him. He was indeed very handsome. Strong, sturdy shoulders, a muscular stomach, tan skin, masculine scruffy brown hair…Maggie, subtlety excited, began removing his trousers. His thighs were strong and so were his calves, the shape of them sent a spark of excitement deep into her lower stomach. Down to an area she had never explored. You see, Maggie was a southern belle, which meant she was still a virgin at the age of twenty. But seeing Jake, this hurt soldier, made her want to try something dangerous. She wanted him to take her.

“Well now” she said, when he was down to his boxers, “I still don’t know your name.” He looked at her. She really was very sweet.

“Jake Jim Linder.” Maggie smiled.

“Jake J. Linder. That has a nice ring to it.” Jake smiled & tried to sit up.

“Oh no, no you will not be moving Mr. Linder. It is my responsibility to keep you flat on your back.” Maggie said, and Jake could feel the sexual energy oozing out of that statement. Jake couldn’t help but feel a little excited. “More water?” Maggie asked and Jake nodded. Öğrenci porno Maggie reached for the cup again and tilted it to his lips, she let some water pour into his cracked lips but then she moved the cup away and stuck her tongue in instead. Jake gasped. She tasted like spearmint leaves and a candy he used to eat as a child. Jake savored the kiss and Maggie pulled away, feigning surprise.

“I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” “It is okay,” Jake said temporarily restored.

“I liked it.” Maggie looked around. The soldiers were all asleep & the nurses had all retired. Why not go a little farther?

“You look so tired and sore. I am good at rubbing out pain.” Maggie didn’t wait for Jake to say yes, She started with his shoulders, kneading them out. She was careful with his left arm and the wound. She made her way down his chest and made him sit up so she could get at his back, working her hands until he sighed with release. Maggie then went down to his legs, she massaged his calves and thighs, watching hopefully at his boxers to see if she could arouse him. The higher up his thigh she got, the more movement she could see in his boxers. She was massaging up his leg so comfortably, Jake had closed his eyes. He let his body go. He was drifting into a comfortable sleep until suddenly he felt something so superb, he though it was a dream. Something tight and wet was wrapped around his cock. A feeling he hadn’t felt in three years. He was afraid to open his eyes incase it was a dream, but he did. Maggie had the base of his cock in one hand and was sucking on the tip with her mouth. Jake looked around frantically, was she crazy?! But then he looked down at her, this adorable, tough, lovely girl & all he wanted was for her to continue.

“Does that feel good?” she asked softly as she rubbed his cock up & down with both hands.

“Yes, don’t stop, ” Jake said and closed his eyes again. It felt glorious. Images of Maggie naked flew around his mind and he bit his lips which were now wet and soft, wanting to get a taste of her. His eyes were still closed and he felt something, could it be, even more amazing on his cock. His eyes opened & there was Maggie, on him, with his cock in her pussy. He hadn’t made love to a woman in three years. He had forgotten how sweet it was. How beautiful it felt. He noticed she was wincing in pain.

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly.

“I am…was…a virgin. It just hurts a little, that’s all,” she whispered back as she adjusted herself more comfortably on top of him. She was straddling him & he caught sight of her pussy. It was white & smooth as a peach. The sight of her second pair of lips spread with his dick in the middle made him hornier than he had ever been in his life. He started to thrust his hips into her, slowly so as not to hurt her & not to wake anyone else up. She had her hands on his chest and she was licking her lips. She looked more beautiful with each second. Slowly she leaned up and started to unbutton her blue & white striped nurse dress. Each button revealed a smooth, peachy patch of skin. Jake reached up with his right hand & touched the exposed skin. Maggie closed her eyes with pleasure. She removed her dress behind her shoulders & her sweet, perky breasts danced out in front of him. He cupped one in his hand. It felt like a light pillow that he wanted to sink his head onto.

“It feels good now,” Maggie said as she started to more aggressively fuck him. She moved her hips around and felt his dick on all sides of her pussy. She cried out and rubbed at her clit. Jake beat her to it and used his smooth, masculine hands to find her spot. Even though he was weak, he felt suddenly restored & back to total health. He grabbed her bottom and squeezed it. It fit into his palm. He smacked it and felt it reverberate off his dick. Jake moaned with pleasure as Maggie stuck her tongue in his mouth again. He bit her lips & she licked his. He touched her hair, her face, her neck, and finally rested his hands on her femininely sexy back. She arched it and he felt her bones contract. Every little move she made created more pleasure for his dick. He moved it out of her and only stuck the tip in to tease her. She cried out and he plunged the whole thing into her. She had to kiss him to stop from crying out. She was so wet, so tight and so perfect. He was going to cum. She spread her legs more so he could get his dick farther up her. One final push sent him over the edge. His body spasmed as he felt his first orgasm in three years. It took over his whole body. Maggie rode him until he was done cumming. She let him cum inside her. He felt more masculine than he ever had in his life. Maggie lifted off of him and lay next to him on the small hospital bed.

“You’re going to be just fine.”

“Now I will be, “Jake said and wrapped his arm around her. He settled into a deep and happy sleep.