The SPA – For my Kitten

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Hi Kitten. Yes that’s YOU!

I decided last night I would like to call you Kitten. Your muscles seemed so tense last time me met it made me think you needed a massage. I know how stressful the past few weeks have been for you so I decided to write you this story.

This story is a bit unique in that it has instructions. These instructions must be followed. It’s very important that you don’t read below the line unless you have adequate time to follow my instructions (So ideally when you would not be disturbed). Please don’t disappoint me!

One very important instruction is that you can’t come until it says you can near the end of the story. I would allow about 30 mins at least to be sure. You will need to jump in the shower as part of the instructions, so keep that in mind. I hope you like it.



Stop reading now if you do not have time to follow the instructions – Don’t disappoint me! I particular would love to hear what you think after you finish my story. Of course I do expect you to tell me that you followed the instructions and what you thought about as you reached orgasm! This is my first story on here so hopefully I’ve gotten the formatting right!


The Spa

You received a gift certificate from your friend for a massage for your birthday. She joins you and is getting a massage in the next room. As you sit in the steam bath, you can feel stress melting away as hot water droplets roll down your naked body. All your friends have highly recommended the handsome masseuse at the Spa. So far you have not been disappointed by my looks, bahis firmaları and you are wondering if they might be up to something. I met you when you arrived and you immediately ran your eyes up and down me slowing at my groin. The white shirt and pants I am wearing are to your liking and I fill them well. I lead you to the steam bath and then I ran off to get a towel for you. The sensation of hot steam condensing on your skin, rolling down your breasts, and working down your pussy is beginning to make you feel horny.

Kitten – now is the perfect time to go jump in the shower if you are able to do that. Make sure it is hot… you should start to rub yourself a bit… but not too much! You should continue to rub after the shower as well

I ask you to come out of the steam bath. You wrap the towel around you and notice that it barely covers you. You realize what I was up to when I ran off to get a “special” towel for you. It just covers your nipples, and it just barely covers your pussy. As the sweat rolls down you coming out of the steam, you see my cock start to enlarge. I cannot take my eyes off your breasts. A coy smile hits your lips as you see me start to fumble at the site of you. I had not anticipated this. I shift my dick around and you can see I’m uncomfortable with my situation. I urge you over to the table and ask you to lie on your back and I put the sheet over you.

It is a bit unusual to start off with you lying on your back. When you look up you know why, as you see me peeking at your breasts, though I try to hide it. You lie on your back as I stand at your head. As I work your shoulders kaçak iddaa you can feel your breasts moving and rubbing against the sheet. You close your eyes and begin to relax, but your thoughts linger to how obviously attracted I am to you. You notice your nipples begin to harden. Just when you think they might be starting to show through the sheet you hear a sigh from me. As I work on you my groin accidentally rubs against the top of your head. From this moment all you can think about is that you want to see my cock. I move down and work on your legs. You can start to feel yourself start to get damp. I ask you to turn over.

I start to work on your shoulders at the top of the table, and I can sense your stress. I have the massage table up high so you can see the bulge in my pants through the face hole as I work on your shoulders. My cock is inches away from your face now, and as you begin imagine it in your mouth, you feel your pussy start to get wet. At that moment, you know that you are going to have my cock in you in a matter of minutes. You begin a seductive moan as I massage you. I’m immediately aroused to the point that I cannot continue with the massage. I begin to slide back the sheet. Sensing this you lift your head and begin to unbutton my pants and slide down my zipper. As my cock falls, you move forward and begin to suck on it. The sheet falls away and I can see your perfect ass as you suck me hard. You can feel me getting harder in your mouth as you play with my balls. I begin to moan and you look up at my face. The look of ecstasy on my face drives you wild and your pussy finds its way over to me.

Kitten kaçak bahis – at this point start to slide a finger or two inside of you if you haven’t already… slowly at first

As you sit on the side of the massage table, I move one hand on to your breast and then suck on the other. I slide my hand down and rub your clit for some time. Then I slide in very slowly and you moan softly with each change of direction… In… Out … In … Out

You think you hear giggles in the next room. We are obviously making a little noise but your friend seems to like listening. You writhe a bit as you body tells you that you want me to go faster. You try, but your body won’t let you be quiet.

I go like this for a while until your face seems pained… you want it faster and can’t take it anymore. I start moving faster. I’m standing still and I lean you back onto the table. Now I can see how wet your pussy is. I put my thumb on your clit as I move in and out of you. Your pussy is fully stretched as I get 3/4 of the way in … and I push further. You pull yourself up and push your nipples onto me. You grab my shoulders with both hands and start to thrust. Your nipples are rubbing hard on me, just the way you like. You need to come soon. You can see from my face that I’m holding back my cum until you finish. As I sense your moaning getting faster I let out “Uh” with each thrust. Softly at first then getting louder each time. I move to your ear, and whisper “I want my good girl to come for me now”… you come and let out a long squeal. Seeing the look on your face I go deep and I squeeze every drop of come I have into you.

Kitten you now have permission to come.

We lie there for a while then get dressed. On the way out you smile at me as you book me for another appointment next week…your friend wants to know all about it.

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