The Spy Who Loved Him

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Maria and Tom were happily married and in a stable relationship. Well not just the stable actually. They liked to do it in the barn, in the tractor or on a haystack in a field. Maria’s parents had been farmers and she and Tom lived in a converted farm building and had done for the last twenty years. They enjoyed their social life, had no family ties as such and lived comfortably on their inheritances and some consultancy work they did, more for a bit of fun and to keep their hand in than anything. Tom’s parents had been very well off and as there were only two kids, he and his brother had been extremely well looked after when his parents passed away. Maria’s parents had sold a lot of their land to other farmers who would keep it as farming land on the whole and not do any building of houses, factories etc. The house Maria and Tom lived in therefore felt safe, quiet and fairly secluded considering its proximity to the nearby village.

Both were 40 years old, extremely fit and healthy and extremely adventurous when it came to certain matters.

Their social life came into this a lot and they had a wide circle of friends close to home and abroad. The majority were old school friends, ex colleagues and general mates but included in the group were what Tom and Maria liked to call their ‘Magic Circle’, a group of friends they had built up over many years. Few had left the circle and many more had joined. The circle consisted of men and women, couples and singles and a variety of ages from 20 to 65. They varied in looks, personality and nationality but the things they all had in common were discretion, loyalty, attention to detail and hygiene and most importantly, the urge to broaden their sexual horizons, experiment and have fun.

Maria and Tom had known from an early age they were different from some other couples. They knew before they were even married and could often be caught performing anything from oral sex to full on fucking each others brains out in places like pub toilets, car parks, on coach trips or just out in the countryside. They made it an art form and it seemed to them and others there was no place they would not get down and dirty.

Maria had been a bit of a late starter and not been with her first man until after her 18th birthday. She had a sister, Mandy, who was four years older and by the time Maria was 18 Mandy had been at it with the lads for years. They were close as sisters but the age gap made it awkward for Mandy and she would disappear off with boyfriends rather than hang around the house with a little sister in tow.

Not that Maria was a stay at home girl either and as she bloomed into a young woman she would often take college homework out to the barn and sit in the top hayloft swatting for exams and dreaming of boys.

It was on one of these occasions, just after her 18th birthday that she got a surprise visitor, or rather a pair of surprise visitors.

The barn was on three levels. Ground level had machinery and everyday farm stuff. The next floor could be reached by a wooden staircase and was where the hay was stacked. Above that was a small level accessible by ladder and this was where Maria hid and dreamed with the ladder pulled up so nobody would know she was there.

A few bales, an old settee and armchair, a rocking chair and a small table were the only things up there and Maria would sit or lie wherever took her fancy. An old angle poise lamp gave enough light when the days were dull but today enough light was streaming through the skylight in the top of the barn so the lamp remained switched off.

The visitor was her sister Mandy who trotted up the stairs giggling and chatting with one of the lads from the village.

Graham was a similar age to Mandy and Maria had seen them together on and off for a while. Mandy was careful never to get too serious with any one lad and always kept her options open. As they reached the middle hayloft Maria realised it was going to be Grahams turn today as they instantly embraced and started kissing and fooling around. Maria was stuck now as the only way out was to put the ladder down and disturb her sister but it was too late to do this now.

Maria decided to lay down between the hay bales in her hiding place and see what would happen next. She was not completely inexperienced but was a virgin in the true sense of the word. Her only real contact with boys had been fumbling in the front or back seats of cars although one lad had given her what she thought was her first orgasm at someone else’s hand by rubbing her clit and sucking on her nipples. She had also given a couple of fumbled and quick blow jobs and had allowed the boys in question to cum in her mouth and she had actually quite enjoyed the feel of their cum sliding down her throat. But that had really been about it.

She had once found a vibrator in her sisters bedside drawers and plucked up the courage one afternoon to use the lube that was with it and insert it in her own pussy. After a gaziantep escort ilanları couple of attempts she managed to take it all, or most of it, and spent a pleasant half hour rubbing her clit and dreaming it was one of the lads she knew with his cock in her. That was about the sum total of her sexual experience so far as she never found the vibrator again.

As Maria peered down she saw Mandy wasted no time in getting Grahams cock out of his jeans. He kicked them off with his trainers and sat down on the nearest bail. Mandy dropped straight between his knees and her head dropped to his already hard shaft in an instant. Maria had done this to a couple of lads but this was different. Her sister was obviously much more experienced in these matters and started by sucking the tip, then the whole end into her mouth, one hand grasping his thick shaft with the other one cupping his loose balls, gently squeezing and releasing them.

Mandy’s head got even lower down his long shaft and then came up again, coating the strongly veined surface in a thick layer of saliva. She wanked his shaft off with a tight grip for a few seconds then returned her mouth to it, this time taking even more of the shaft into her throat until Maria, from her spot just 10 feet above thought her sister would surely choke.

This was not the case and as Maria found out at a later date, Mandy was deep throating Grahams big cock, coating it with saliva and sucking it into the very back of her throat.

Maria was very turned on at the sight and her hand went to her pussy to feel the warmth down there and the tingle as her fingers passed over her clit. She silently slipped her knickers off at this point for fear of soaking them through, chucking them carefully onto the rocking chair before returning her hand to her rapidly moistening pussy and her eyes to the sexy scene just below her.

Grahams back was arching now and from her own limited experience Maria realised he was about to cum. Mandy stopped, pulled her own dress over her head and standing, quickly stepped out of her knickers which joined the dress on a bail. She flicked the clasp of her bra which joined the rest of her clothing, revealing large full breasts that still had youth on their side and stood proudly off her chest. Graham shuffled backwards on his bail until his bum was at the back of it and Mandy straddled him with her legs either side and dangling behind him so she was sitting in his lap and facing him. As she lowered herself fully Maria realised her sister was taking Grahams cock into her pussy. Deep into her pussy by the look of the size of it and the angle they were at. Maria had never seen this and certainly never experienced it and she had a great view of his stiff saliva covered shaft entering her sister’s pussy inch by inch.

Mandy took it all in about 30 seconds then moved about a bit to get comfortable in his lap and make sure she was fully impaled on his enormous member. Her feet were on the ground so she could push up a bit and drop back down. She did this and almost all the slippery cock came out of her before she relaxed her legs and literally slid back down his pole. She did this slowly a few times and then started to increase the tempo.

Graham now had both his hands under Mandy’s ass and he was helping her up and down his cock faster and faster. The hayloft was full of sexual moans, smells and atmosphere as Mandy rode her man to her orgasm.

As she started to cum Mandy threw back her head, forcing her pussy down hard onto his cock. This prompted Graham’s orgasm and he held her down tightly onto his throbbing shaft as he pumped his seed deep into her panting and sweaty body.

Maria did not realise it but she had rubbed her own clit to orgasm while watching her sister being fucked below and she let out a clearly audible moan of pleasure from directly above the two lovers.

Mandy caught sight of Maria’s face in an instant and froze. At first she was shocked at having an audience but quickly realised who it was and that her sister must have been there all along. She pointed skyward to show Graham who was up there and he looked towards Maria in a firstly surprised and then a more interested way.

“We seem to have a spy”, Mandy called in Maria’s direction. “Is she learning about the birds and the bees or has she learned enough from playing with my toys I wonder?”. Maria flushed with embarrassment at the realisation that Mandy knew she had been pleasuring herself with her sister’s toy. She had also now been discovered spying on her sister and was unsure how she or Graham would react.

Mandy disentangled herself from Graham and stood looking up at her sister. Maria could see some drops of cum dribble onto the hay covered floor between Mandy’s feet and wondered what it felt like to have all that juice inside her.

“Get down here now you little sneak”, she called up to Maria. “Put that ladder down and gaziantep escort bayan ilanları get down here now, you have to be punished for spying, right Graham?”

“Ah, but what are we going to do with her, spying is a serious crime in this country” he joked “people have been shot for it before now” he continued.

“Well I’m not a spy and you just shot me” laughed Mandy as Maria pushed the ladder over the edge.

“How many times have you been up there watching me anyway?” asked Mandy and Maria realised this was not the first time her sister had entertained men in the hayloft.

“It’s the first time Mandy, honestly” replied Maria. “I didn’t know you came in here” she continued as she swung her feet onto the rungs and started down the ladder.

“The thing I like about this hayloft is the view” said Graham and Maria suddenly realised Graham was looking straight up the ladder, up her short dress and getting a perfect view of her ass and now very wet pussy. She had completely forgotten removing her knickers and now Graham could see everything as she descended towards his upturned and grinning face.

As she approached he made no attempt to cover his nakedness and Maria completed her descent, smoothed her dress and stood there shyly, unable to take her eyes off his still rock hard and fully exposed cock. It stood to attention, glistening in the light with a mixture of both lovers juices and up close was bigger than anything she had seen before. Bigger even, she was fairly sure, than her sisters big vibrator she had once toyed herself with.

“So what do you think Graham?” asked Mandy. “Should we put her up against the bails and shoot her? I think she should be punished for watching us. Are you looking at Grahams cock little sister? Do you want to touch it?”

With this Mandy put out her own hand and grasped the stiff shaft firmly, wanking its length slowly in front of her sister and giving Maria a naughty wink. “Go on, touch it if you want, Graham won’t mind will you Graham?”

Graham now stood with his hands proudly on his hips displaying his manhood and giving Maria a sort of ‘I dare you’ look.

“I don’t mind at all” he said “go on Maria, touch it if you want, it won’t bite you know”

“Yeah but I might” and saying that Mandy again got on her knees and took the length of Grahams big shaft back into her throat, coating it with another layer of slippery saliva to go with the slippery love juices that still covered it. “I’ll keep it warm while she dilly dallies and decides what to do” Mandy slurped between mouthfuls.

Maria was unsure what to do. On the one hand she was nervous of the situation she found herself in. Her sister was naked in front of her and sucking a guys cock and he had just said it was ok for her to touch his manhood. She had to admit it was very tempting and she was extremely turned on by the whole situation.

Mandy reached out her left hand towards her sister as if to take hold of it and Maria placed her right hand in it. Mandy switched position slightly so she was now sitting on the floor and drew Maria a bit closer. She used her right hand to cup Graham’s big balls and took them into her mouth with a slurp, at the same time drawing Maria’s hand towards Grahams cock. Maria opened her hand as it neared the large shaft and suddenly she was holding it. It twitched in her hand a bit and she gripped it more firmly so as not to lose her grip of the slippery rod.

Maria had held a mans cock before and knew what to do. She started to slowly but firmly wank his long shaft in the way she thought best, presuming she was doing something right as Graham let out a long sigh at the attention his cock and balls were now receiving from the two sisters.

Graham lowered his right hand to the hem of Maria’s short dress and started to lift it up. Her pussy was once again exposed to his and her sister’s view but Maria gave no resistance as he tugged the dress up over her belly and towards her shoulders. Maria had to reluctantly let go of the throbbing cock for a moment as she raised her arms and allowed Graham to pull her dress up and over her head and throw it on the growing pile.

Maria instinctively returned her grasp to the hard pole in front of her and did not feel as exposed as she thought she might under the gaze of the onlookers.

Graham responded to her firm but slow wanking actions by reaching behind Maria and deftly unclipping the clasp of her bra. It dropped forwards, away from her large breasts and she slipped her arms out and let it tumble to the floor, only releasing her grasp on Grahams manhood for a second and returning it to wank him a bit faster and harder.

Graham was breathing harder now as the two women before him performed their tasks with skill. Mandy was really sucking his big balls and licking under them, towards his ass, causing him to twitch uncontrollably in her little sister’s grasp which escort bayan gaziantep ilanları was getting firmer and harder by the second. Maria was really wanking him hard now and Graham moved his right hand to her breasts, massaging them, then rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger to make them harder still.

Maria was at a stage where she was starting to feel the need for more stimulation and her sister realised this when Grahams hand dropped to her pussy, slid between her slightly open legs and emerged soaked with her love juices.

“I think she might be ready for a bit more than a finger Graham” Mandy ventured. “It looks like she might be ready for a lot more actually, what do you think little sister? Do you think you can handle this thing?”

“I, I, can try” Maria stammered, unsure what to say. “It’s big though, bigger than your toy Mandy, I’m not sure”

“You’ll be fine, Graham will be gentle won’t you, well at first anyway, then anything might happen” she laughed and standing up she took Maria’s right hand away from Grahams cock and led her towards the bales of hay nearest to them.

“Just kneel on the bale and graham will do the rest” suggested Mandy and Maria did as she was told, climbing onto the bale and getting into a kneeling position. Her large breasts hung down underneath her and she instinctively placed her knees a good distance apart to expose her wet pussy and puckered ass for Graham and her sister to see. She didn’t know what to expect but she didn’t expect what happened first.

Graham dropped to his knees and placed his face right against her spread butt cheeks. With a flick of his tongue he poked her hard clit and drew his tongue backwards, pressing it into her wet pussy.

Maria jumped at the contact but felt a flash of excitement and pleasure at the first touch. Graham repeated the action, then again and again until he was gently lapping at her increasingly wet pussy, probing into it with a stiff tongue then flicking her clit causing her to jump each time in shocked pleasure. After a while he concentrated just on her rock hard clit, eating it from behind, sucking it into his mouth, gently nibbling it and then pushing his tongue backwards and forwards over it again and again. Maria thought she had been given an orgasm before by a fumbling lad on a car seat so was not expecting what happened next.

A sudden feeling was overcoming her and it hit like a lightening bolt. One minute she was being pleasantly pleasured by her sister’s boyfriends tongue and the next there were flashing lights in her head and an uncontrollable feeling of ecstasy radiating out from her clit and pussy into her whole body. She realised it was a real orgasm and she loved it. It lasted about 30 seconds and left her weakened and panting. Her breath was coming in short gasps and she felt alive in every nerve of her body.

“Bloody hell” was about all she could manage and her sister, watching from her seat on the bale beside her just laughed.

“You don’t know the half of it” Mandy whispered. “Wait till he really gets going” and with that Maria felt something pressing against her pussy from behind and realised she was about to be entered by Graham’s monster cock.

“You need to relax for this bit” said Mandy, “I couldn’t take it all the first time but just do your best and it will be fine.

Graham eased his cock into Maria about an inch and stopped for her to get used to it. Maria could feel its size already, stretching her pussy lips apart and feeling enormous even at this early stage. Another inch and a gasp from Maria caused Graham to stop again.

“Is that ok” he asked and Maria sort of nodded, still getting her breath back from her first real orgasm and unsure if she would be able to get much more of Grahams incredibly stiff cock inside her.

He pressed gently again and Maria, taking Mandy’s advice, relaxed onto and around it and a good 6 inches of slippery cock were suddenly inside her. She let out a gasp of part pain but mainly pleasure as it filled her pussy and caused her to have a sort of, what she presumed was a mini orgasm.

“Wow sister, you took more than I did the first time, do you reckon you can take it all, like I can now, or is that deep enough?” she asked.

Maria didn’t know how much more she could take but as each second went by she liked the feeling of it more and more as she got used to its size in her body.

Graham withdrew a couple of inches and rocked gently forward again, this time Maria relaxed onto it earlier and he slowly inched his thick but incredibly well lubricated cock all the way into his girlfriends sister until his body was resting against hers and she had the whole monster length buried in her hot body. He let her get used to it for a few seconds and withdrew about 4 inches before pushing it all the way in again.

Maria was tight and Graham thought he might not last long in this incredibly highly charged sexual atmosphere. He repeated the process, pulling an inch further out and driving in again, just a little faster.

Mandy was amazed her sister had accepted Grahams big cock so easily and watched in fascination as her boyfriend fucked her little sister, naked, as was she, right in front of her eyes. She was amazingly turned on and a little jealous at not getting her share of Graham’s manhood but pleased her sister was obviously enjoying the experience.

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