The Stepbrother – PART 3

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Anyone who has gone through a divorce can tell you it’s no picnic. For me, it was losing my family that was the worst part. Most of it anyway. At least Matt stayed with me through the tough times. We did the best we could living as bachelors in less than glamorous Reseda. Just…not fun.

I finally gave up hoping for luck in the produce department of the grocery store and signed up for an online dating site. And there, I met Cynthia. Smart, beautiful and sexy as all get out! In the nude, she made my ex wife look like a boy! Okay, enough sour grapes. My ex is looking after my daughters and she does a decent job of that.

But Cynthia was way more sexually adventurous than my ex. She took me to bed on our third date! We’d gone to Santa Barbara for the afternoon and had a wonderful time tripping around that quaint coastal town. Cyn said she knew of a great Italian restaurant off the beaten path and so we drove over there. Arnoldi’s, it was called and you would never think to go in there from the looks of the place outside. But the food was authentic Italian and Cynthia even picked a fine bottle of wine. She was the complete package!

So, yeah, I suggested we find some place to stay the night and she was all for it. We found this place over on Bath street and it was like your grandmother’s old victorian house. Very tastefully decorated and comfortable to say the least. Well, I went in the bathroom to take a leak and, when I came out, Cynthia had undressed! My eyes beheld my date for the evening lying on the bed dressed in only ridiculously brief white panties! Her large womanly tits were capped with rosy pink nipples and she had this silly little smile on her face, like: “Oh gee! I don’t want to play around…I just want to get fucked!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice! I jumped out of my clothes and was all over her in a New York minute. I sucked on her nipples which she really seemed to like and then I felt her little panties! They were soft and warm and I could feel the heat emanating from underneath. Thinking the time was right, I grasped the waistband of her panties and began to tug them down but Cynthia grabbed my hand and complained “No! Don’t take off my panties!”

Well, I was surprised by that but I didn’t back off. No, I kissed her and hugged her and did my best to get her excited. She was moaning and I could feel her breathing quicken and then she gave me those bedroom eyes! Wow! Deep blue and full of promise! She was just stunningly beautiful and I found myself thinking “How is this possible? That I’m here with this gorgeous woman and, hopefully I’m going to fuck her!”

Cynthia didn’t speak. She let her eyes do the talking. She gently guided me onto my back and then she began to slide slowly down, keeping her body in contact with mine until she was facing my now fully erect cock. I didn’t have to guess what was to come next. No, I felt Cynthia’s soft warm mouth on my penis and then she began to softly suck me! I had to resist the urge to stuff all of my cock into her warm wet mouth but I figured I would let her move at her own pace. She then licked my shaft from balls to crown and then she moved her tongue even lower! Cynthia laved my balls over and over and used her thumb and forefinger to slowly masturbate my shaft. Then she went down lower, tasting my anus! Oh, that’s so nasty!

Then Cynthia climbed up on top of me with her lower body in my face, her legs on either side of my chest. She licked and sucked my prick before looking back at me and quietly instructing me to “Lick my panties!”

My penis jumped when I heard her lewd request! I stiffened my tongue and swiped it up and down her barely covered pussy! Her skimpy little panties had no cotton liner that would protect her pussy lips from irritation. No, the fabric was pure white and completely diaphanous! I licked all over the baby flesh just outside the leg bands of her panties and then used my fingers to open her pussy lips beneath her underwear. Now I was able to really get at the fabric covered core of her vagina, and it was sweet. I felt Cynthia going to work again on my cock, her mouth sliding up and down my shaft, doing her best to please me as I continued to tongue fuck her panties.

I came to understand that this was part of her sexual trip. She wanted her panties to stay on but, other than that, she was all gung ho! And so I licked her pussy the best I could until I couldn’t stand it and pulled the leg band to one side and exposed Cynthia’s bare pussy! Soft and pink, it was a delight to behold! I just hesitated briefly, looking longingly at her pussy, then I went to work licking it! Cynthia cried out in pleasure when she felt my tongue working on her bare vaginal flesh. She then gave me a little smile and returned to the lewd blow job she was performing.

It wasn’t long before the combination of the sensation of Cynthia’s lips on my cock and the fragrance of her excited little pussy had me ready to cum. And cum I did. I gave the pretty black haired mother no warning, I didn’t have time really. All of the sudden I was overcome with pleasure and my sperm went splashing into Cynthia’s hot sucking mouth!

“Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph!” She complained as she felt my seed filling her mouth. I guess she wasn’t expecting it but she subserviently swallowed, knowing it was what I wanted right then. And she was right! My ex wife would begrudgingly suck me but never to completion and swallow? Hah! Dream on! My God! That was good! I was hoping to fuck her but Cynthia had another little surprise for me. I got up off the bed thinking the fun was over but Cynthia shot me those bedroom eyes again and then reached down and removed her little white panties! With me looking on she covered her hand with her still warm panties and then rolled onto her belly and opened her legs. She then moved her panty covered hand down and began to work it into her frustrated little pussy! Not to keep bringing my Ex into this but, again, allow me to watch her masturbate? Never in a million years! But here was Cynthia, now completely naked, working her panties into her vagina while squeezing her butt cheeks together and driving them down onto the mattress. It was like she had forgotten I was even there as she moaned and cried out “Oh! Oh!” as her pleasure increased until, at last she gasped and sputtered and had an orgasm right there in front of me!

Okay. My mind was made up. We’ll get married. We can figure out all that marriage stuff and learn how to respect each other and all that other bullshit. We can figure all of that out! No, I’m no dummy, the quality of the blowjob was enough for me. And then that little extra show afterwards…well, that was too much!

As you might imagine my cock hardened while Cynthia was busy pleasing herself and, when she was finished I promptly moved her to her knees and shoved all the hard on I had into her now furiously aroused pussy. “Oh Don!” She gasped when she felt me roughly entering her and then she began to fuck back at me and the two of us just went at it in that cute little bed and breakfast bedroom. I just grabbed her hips and pulled her into my hard working cock. Over and over, she took all the cock I had and moaned in pleasure all the while. Were there any other folks staying in the adjoining rooms? I don’t really know, but if there were, they heard hot sex going on in our room! Having just ejaculated into Cynthia’s mouth, I was able to give her several minutes of ball jarring strokes which she seemed to appreciate very much!

“Ahhhh! Oh Don! That’s it baby! Fuck me good and deep honey!” She whispered to me. And, as I was finally getting ready for my second shot of the evening, she begged: “Please fuck me Don! Please fuck me with your big beautiful cock!” That sent me over the edge and I sent what was left of my semen jetting into Cynthia’s now thoroughly satisfied pussy! We collapsed onto the bed and I had to stop myself from proposing right on the spot. I knew I wanted her for me but I figured I could come up with a more romantic spot to propose. And I did. We went over to D’Angelo’s bakery the next morning for breakfast and I popped the question there. She said she had to think about it but she told me yes in the car on the way home. I was thrilled.


I was happy for mom when she told me she was going to marry Don. I could tell she liked him right away and I knew she wasn’t happy living as a single woman. She’d had a date here and there but nothing serious. And she wasn’t looking for “A Father For My Daughter.” No, I knew my mom well enough to know she had physical needs just like I did. She would retire to her bedroom from time to time and I could hear her getting off in there. The headboard would bump against the wall to my bedroom and it wasn’t hard to figure out what she was doing.

Then, one night I got a call from Mom advising me that she was spending the night in Santa Barbara with Don. I was tickled to hear her almost embarrassed tone of voice when she told me the news. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do Mom!” I kidded her. And, when she got back the next day she had that glow about her. Like she finally got fucked and I was glad for her. Just a couple of weeks later, mom took me to meet Don and his son Matt at a restaurant nearby and they told us they were izmit escort planning to marry. I saw a big smile come over Matt’s face and I realized he was happy for his dad too! Maybe this could work out!

Well the four of us moved in together and, of course, over the next several weeks I got to know my new step brother. He seemed to be familiar with all these cool bands I’d never heard of. He even took me to a couple of shows with his favorite band: Arcade Fire. I became a fan of them too! I was a virgin then, I think because my mom had made such a big deal out of not Getting in Trouble like she did even though she had a good marriage to my dad. It was hard not to think of Matt as my first sexual suitor. I could tell he liked me. He would be checking me out in the kitchen first thing in the morning when I was just wearing PJ bottoms and a little undershirt. Sometimes I would bend over to get something out of the cupboard knowing he could see my nipples under my shirt. Yes, I liked teasing Matty. And I think he liked being teased too!

This one night, I’d forgotten my I.D. card and I went back home to get it and I caught my step brother sniffing my panties in the bathroom we shared. I was embarrassed and I know he was too. The next day I tried to make light of it and he seemed relieved that I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it.

Well, our parents went to Vegas one weekend and we had a little party, just Matty and me. We sipped a beer or two and had pizza and we were having a great time together. I didn’t really make a conscious decision to seduce my step brother but, well, I laid down on the sofa and let him see my panties. I knew he liked white panties and I was wearing my sexiest pair for him. I pretended to be busy on my phone but it was all just my way of getting him to pay attention to me. I really assumed he would take the initiative and, you know, try to kiss me or something. I was a virgin so maybe I just didn’t know about these things.

I finally just lifted my skirt and showed Matt more of my white panties. I pretended to be engrossed in my phone but I knew my step brother was now looking at me as someone other than just his “little sister.” I carried on my charade with the phone and Matt moved closer and then he dropped his sweat pants. Yikes! My step brother was quite the man down there! I was a little scared but still turned on and, knowing what it would probably lead to, I opened my legs even further, bringing all of my little white panties into view. Now Matt was truly captivated! He got closer and closer and then finally he touched my panties with his big hard cock but still he didn’t make me his girl. I had to ask him to take off my panties, figuring when he saw my bare pussy, he would get the hint.

Matt, instead just rubbed his bloated hardon all over my naked vagina until, in frustration, I tried to take hold of his cock and put it in my pussy. I guess I squeezed a little too hard.

The next thing I knew he was squirting hot cum all over my hairless young pussy! I was all hot and ready to be fucked and then he came before he could get it in me!

Well, I’m too embarrassed to tell what I did after he spurted his semen all over my pussy but it really wasn’t what I wanted.

I thought about it later and I realized it wouldn’t be a good thing to be screwing my step brother when we were living under the same roof. We would have endless opportunities to get together and who knows how it would all play out?

I was at home early one afternoon and I got to thinking about that night when Matt almost fucked me. I remembered the look in his eyes when I asked him to take off my panties. More to the point, I remembered the look he had when he saw my bare pussy. I felt this…this power inside me. I know women have power over men but that was the first time I really experienced it. I knew then that, at eighteen, I was really becoming a woman.

I decided to write to my cousin who lives in northern California and with whom I have a very close relationship. We can talk about anything without any fear of embarrassment. I told her some shocking details about my encounter with Matt and then I thought maybe I’d send her a picture of my big brother. Well, step brother but, you know. Matt wasn’t home yet but I seemed to recall Don taking some pictures of all of us one day out by the pool so I went upstairs to fetch his digital camera.

This camera was Don’s favorite toy for a long time but he seemed to have lost interest in it lately. Well, I started scrolling through the pictures and right away I saw something I certainly wasn’t expecting to see! There were pornographic pictures of my mom on his camera! And not “peek a boo” shots either! These were lurid nude shots of mom with this “Come and get it!” look on her face. In one shot she was actually holding the leg band of her panties to one side completely exposing her pussy!

I know, I know, married people do these things and, after all, my mom and Don were kinda newlyweds. After the initial shock started to wear off I found myself thinking how pleased I was that this whole remarriage thing had worked out so well. My mom was truly happy and that she had allowed her new husband to take nasty photos of her just showed how much in love they were.

I still missed my dad and that will never change but I’d come to love Don too. He was a good man with a fine sense of humor and he was keeping my mom happy and that was important to me. When mom and Don came back from their “Honeymoon” in Vegas, Don had set me down for a little heart to heart talk in which he told me that no one could ever replace my dad but he would always be there for me if there was anything I needed help with. He was a swell step dad, that’s for sure.

I decided not to pursue the pictures I was looking for because I didn’t want him to know I’d seen the lewd photos he’d shot of my mom. Instead, I decided to go for a swim. It was getting hot again, like always in the San Fernando Valley, and a cool dip in the pool always managed to change my mood for the better. I started to put on my bikini but…but then I started thinking about that night I’d showed my pussy to my brother and decided to go skinny dipping. Naughty girl! No one was home and I had the house to myself so I undressed and grabbed a towel and headed out for the pool.


No one was home when Kristin padded softly out to the sparkling pool in the back yard of her Porter Ranch home. And no one was home when she jumped in the cool clear water. But shortly after that, Don, having forgotten a critical phone number, pulled up and parked his truck in the driveway. He quickly headed upstairs intending to grab the notepad next to his side of the bed. As he passed the window that looked down on the back yard, he stopped. Swimming in the pool below, was his beautiful step daughter Kristin. He just had to take a minute to admire her shapely young form. Of course he loved Cynthia and was looking forward to their life together but her daughter, well, she was something else! Like a firmer and younger version of her mother, Kristin was just plain hot! He knew it was wrong to be thinking about his little step daughter in sexual terms but it was hard not to! And to see her dressed in only that tiny black bikini she always wore out by the pool, the one where her gorgeous little tits were barely covered and her ass was all jiggling like there was no tomorrow? Well there was no passing up that opportunity!

The burly contractor moved closer to the window and watched as Kristin swam several laps lengthwise in the pool until she finally made her way to the shallow end when she began to exit the water. Don gulped in shock when he saw little Kristin stepping sensuously out of the pool completely naked!

“Oh my God!” He gasped when he realized what he was seeing. His dream had come true! Here was his overwhelmingly erotic step daughter now toweling off after her nude swim! Tiny rivulets of water continued to cascade down her tanned and toned body as Kristin dried herself off, unaware of the show she was inadvertently putting on for her step father.

Don’s cock had stirred and then quickly filled with blood bringing it to full erection as he watched Kristin moving to the padded chaise lounge nearby. The pretty blonde bent over to cover the cushion with her beach towel. In doing so, Kristin provided her step father with an unobstructed view of her gorgeous teen aged ass!

Don Singer had seen lots of ass in his life. Ninety nine percent of it in photos and videos. Never had he seen anything like what he was viewing now. Kristin’s rear quarters were unspoiled and shining from her dip in the pool. Don’s cock was now demanding attention and he quickly opened his pants and pulled his fully erect cock out and began to softly stroke it. But…But he desperately wanted to see more of his virginal step daughter. Don wished he had binoculars available, but he didn’t. Then, thinking quickly, he remembered the zoom lens on his digital camera would serve the same purpose! Trembling with lust, Don grabbed his expensive Nikon camera from its resting place on the dresser and immediately turned it on. The camera buzzed to life and Don promptly brought the view finder to the lurid image he sought so desperately yahya kaptan escort lying in comfort below.

Kristin, meanwhile, was enjoying the warm sunshine having cooled off in the pool. She put her sunglasses on and clicked on the nearby radio to bring some music into her afternoon. Feeling adventurous, Kristin opened her legs and then dropped her feet to either side of the chaise, thereby opening her vagina to anyone who cared to look. And Don cared to look! The recently wed contractor began to shoot photo after photo of his step daughter’s nude body, focusing on the sweet little hairless pussy she was now showing. The zoom feature did a wonderful job of providing him with a close up view of Kristin’s shaved vagina which was furiously arousing to her step father. Click! Click! Click, Don recorded the salacious show his little step daughter was unknowingly putting on until, at last, his rock hard penis demanded attention and he put the camera down and began to stroke himself, his eyes locked on Kristin’s incredibly erotic nude body down below.

It wasn’t long before Don began to experience the thrilling sensation of his manly sperm racing to freedom and he softly called out his step daughter’s name as he ejaculated wildly into his hand. Gasping for breath afterwards, Don struggled to replace the camera to it’s normal resting place and then, of course, he returned his gaze to his step daughter sunbathing nude right next to the pool below.

What a doll!” He couldn’t help but think. “What a luscious piece of ass!” He knew this line of thinking was wrong and could mess up the good thing he’d found with Cynthia, but What a fucking doll!

Just then, his little step daughter stirred and then began to gather her things. Apparently, the little show she’d been putting on was over. Reality began to sink and and Don realized Kristin would know he’d been spying on her from the bedroom above. He quickly composed himself and raced down the stairs and out the garage door. He waited a few moments and then noisily reentered the house. Kristin, wearing only a beach towel was just coming in the screen door to the kitchen. She spotted Don and gave him a little wave.

Don’s recently relieved cock began to stir anew as he saw that vision of loveliness dressed only in a towel. He self consciously tried to make a little small talk but Kristin quickly excused herself and went to her bedroom to get dressed. Once she was alone in her bedroom, Kristin’s thoughts again returned to the lewd photographs she’d discovered earlier. She’d come to appreciate the sexual nature of her new step father. No, he wasn’t just some old guy who’d married his mom. He was busy replacing the pornographic magazines he kept hidden under his bed with real life pictures of his new wife!

Without really thinking about the whys and wherefores, Kristin slipped into a well worn pair of white cotton schoolgirl panties. She pulled on a sleeveless top and a little skirt she hadn’t worn for years because it was too small for her rapidly developing body. Then, she went out to have a little talk with her step dad.

Don had poured himself a glass of wine and was relaxing in front of the TV when he saw his fresh young step daughter approaching him. Her firm little tits were doing a wonderful job of filling out her shirt and her nipples were poking out salaciously, each pointing in a slightly different direction. His cock stirred again as he recalled masturbating earlier while viewing her spectacular nudity by the pool.

They chatted about little things for a new minutes and then Kristin moved to the sofa where she sat down right next to Don. The move wasn’t wasted on him.

“Wow!” He thought, “She’s right up against me!” He looked longingly at her long tanned legs and found himself wondering what kind of panties she might be wearing underneath. Don took a deep breath and asked Kristin how school was going.

“Well, the schoolwork is going fine.” She began. “But, well, my social life has been kind of a struggle.”

“Oh, what do you mean?” Don replied.

“Well, I like the boys I meet and they seem to like me but, well, it always comes down to them… demanding things of me. You know…sexual things.”

Don was not at all surprised to hear that! You’re 18 years old and sporting a fantastic body and drop dead good looks. Of course they want “Sexual Things!” But, thinking that maybe she was seeking his advice in these matters Don thought before replying.

“Well honey, you have to understand that men, boys really, in their teens are focused on sex and they might have a hard time controlling themselves when they find themselves alone with a beautiful girl like you.”

“Oh Don,” Kristin was close to blushing. She turned her head away to avoid his glance.

“No, honestly Kris, you might have to accept that they will want some form of satisfaction when you and hugging and kissing. They say at some point, a man’s penis begins to make the decisions and rational thoughts go out the window. I say this from experience.”

“I know that.” The pretty blonde admitted. “I’ve…I’ve tried oral sex but I’m not very good at it and giving a hand job, well, they seem to want more than that.”

Don shook his head quietly up and down. “Of course they want more!” He thought to himself. “They’re boys!” But he knew he couldn’t say something like that to his little step daughter. Instead he spoke to her about the importance of trying the best she could to use her hands while sucking cock to increase the pleasure of her suitor and don’t be afraid to say sexy things while involved with a man. He emphasized the importance of keeping her panties on as a way of preventing anything that could lead to pregnancy which would be a much bigger problem for her than the fellow she was fooling around with.

Kristin listened attentively and smiled when she heard Don’s final comments. She gazed lovingly at her new father and then thanked him for his advice. They both stood up and Kristin moved close to Don, to give him a little kiss of thanks for caring about her. Just a little kiss.

Of course Don was thrilled at this show of affection and he gathered Kristin in his arms and accepted her offering. Just a little kiss. But, when Don’s lips touched Kristin’s, he felt her mouth subtly open. With the inside of her mouth now somehow available to him, Don slipped his tongue into it and then, incredibly, felt Kristin beginning to wash her tongue all over his. Don’s hands moved down to cup Kristin’s ass cheeks and he pulled her to him, forcing her loins up against his rapidly rejuvenating prick! What the hell was happening? he wondered.

Kristin had no real plan for that little kiss. It just happened, but when Daddy Don put his tongue into her mouth, nature took it’s course and she returned his kiss with reckless abandon! Then she felt his hands on her butt cheeks pulling her body against his as the ferocity of his kisses increased. Her pussy, already aroused from viewing nude photos Don had taken of her mother and then sunbathing completely naked, began to respond. And it was responding more than she wished!

Don felt his penis reach full erection and he pulled even harder on Kristin’s body, making her feel his arousal. He moved his hands from the back of her little skirt and slipped them underneath until they came in contact with Kristin’s soft warm panties! He involuntarily grunted when he felt her skimpy underpants and he kneaded her ass cheeks sensuously as kiss after kiss ensued. Then, it was Kristin’s turn to gasp as she felt her step Dad’s hands travel beneath her white cotton panties to touch her bare ass cheeks!

“Oh my god! He’s really turning me on!” She fretted. And yet Kristin seemed helpless to stop him. Then she realized she didn’t even want to stop him! The pretty young woman pushed her little tits into her step dad’s chest and moved her hands up to his head. She ran her fingers through his curly brown hair and thrust her tongue into his mouth, wagging it around to increase his pleasure!

“Oh, Kris…baby we can’t do this!” Don finally blurted out. He had to say that, even though his body, more to the point, his cock was telling him different.

“I know Daddy Don!” Kristin moaned in return, “I know.” And then Don pushed his little step daughter down onto the sofa and reached for her tight fitting top. Kristin raised her arms facilitating his action and he easily removed it thereby freeing her girlish titties. Don took a moment to view them before returning to the task at hand. He pulled off her little skirt leaving Kristin dressed in just her little white cotton panties!

Don quickly pulled off his cargo shorts before Kristin had a chance to change her mind and then reached for her panties. But Kristin grabbed his hand before he had a chance to complete the task.

“No, Daddy Don!” She looked up at him imploringly, “I can’t let you take off my panties! It…it wouldn’t be right!”

Don understood her logic. And it was his own goddam idea to tell her not to let anyone take off her panties to prevent further problems. “Mr. Smart Boy!” He thought to himself as he gazed down at Kristin. Her legs had fallen loosely apart now and he could see the vertical division of her pussy lying gebze escort just beneath the skimpy cotton fabric of her panties. Some of Kristin’s pink pussy flesh was also now visible just outside the leg bands of her tiny panties. Knowing it was wrong, Don laid down next to his step daughter on the sofa.

“I know Krissy.” He said smiling. “But we can just fool around a bit don’t you think?” With that said, he brought her small hand down to his now menacingly hardened penis and made her touch it.

“Mmmmmm!” Kristin couldn’t help but respond when she felt Don’s now wildly excited prick. “He’s got a big cock just like Matt!” She mused to herself. Kristin began to softly stroke Don’s penis bringing little cries of joy from her step father all the while. Don reached up to fondle her little tits paying special attention to her gorgeous pink gumdrop nipples. Kristin’s pussy began to respond to Don’s attention to her little tits, and she opened her legs a bit further.

“Kris, honey, could you suck on it?” Don pleaded, “Just for a moment, and then we’ll quit!” He promised.

Actually, Don knew if his outrageously sexy little step daughter sucked his cock he would promptly blow all the cum he had left right down her throat! We’ll quit all right. Just take all of my hard on into your sweet little mouth and it’ll be over before you know it!

Kristin didn’t verbally respond but she climbed off the sofa and then let Don recline on it. She then got up over him and took his penis softly into her innocent young mouth! This action left her little cotton panties right in Don’s face. Just like her mother had done that night in Santa Barbara! Like mother like daughter he thought to himself as he began to slide his tongue all over Kristin’s panties!

The two illicit lovers continued to please each other with soft moans of pleasure now filling the room. Don teased the baby flesh just outside Kristin’s white panties and he could tell she was enjoying it by the sounds she uttered, even with her mouth stuffed with cock. Don was stabbing himself up into Kristin’s mouth attempting to force her to take all of his mammoth hard on into it’s butter soft depths. Finally, it was too much for him.

“Kris, oh baby, listen, let me just dry fuck you for a minute and I think I can cum that way! I’ve gotta, I’ve gotta…”

“I know Daddy Don,” Kristin replied, reluctantly letting his firm hard shaft slip out of her lips. The excited young teenager climbed off of her step dad and, after he’d stood up, she returned to her former position, lying on the sofa cushions, looking up at him. Don stroked his hard prick as he took in the incredible sight before him: His little step daughter, the spittin’ image of her mother lying before him, just a well worn pair of white cotton panties covering the hairless young pussy he’d viewed just a little white ago. Kristin’s face wore an expression of pure lust, her eyes heavy lidded in anticipation of the lewd act her step father was about to perform on her unspoiled young body. She lifted one leg up onto the back of the sofa and let the other fall onto the carpet. Now her soft young pussy was completely unprotected save for the little panties she wore.

Don stroked his penis briefly while Kristin looked on. Of course it couldn’t possibly get any harder but he wanted her to see this action. Then, he knelt between her outstretched legs and touched his cock to Kristin’s panties!

“Oooooh!” The pretty teenager moaned when she felt Don’s cock beginning to stimulate her virgin pussy! “Oh Daddy Don, that feels so good!” Don really needed no more encouragement and began to stroke himself into the soft cotton fabric of his step daughter’s panties. He reached down and kissed her again and again, their tongues intermingling with increasing fervor. Don rubbed his hairy chest against Kristin’s little nipples causing them to firm up and poke him back in response. The two lovers worked together, striving to provide pleasure to each other with a lot of success.

Kristin’s confused young mind was having a hard time reconciling all of this. She certainly didn’t intend for this encounter to happen. But happen it did. And now she felt her pussy demanding satisfaction. The mushroom tip of her step dad’s bloated hardon was tickling her clitoris and sending a message to her brain: “You need to be fucked and fucked hard right now!” Kristin took a breath for courage and then reached down and took the leg band of her panties in her little fingers and slowly pulled it to one side!

Above her, Don felt the unmistakable action and without thinking through the consequences, he put his cock right at the well lubricated entrance to his step daughter’s virgin pussy and began to slowly push it in!

Kristin continued to hold her panties out of the way as he felt Don’s massive prick beginning to slowly penetrate her never before fucked young pussy.

“Oh Daddy Don!” She wailed, “Go slow! Please go slow but don’t stop!”

Don just grunted in response. There was no way for him to stop now. He no longer was worrying about right and wrong. No, now it was just soft sweet pussy there for the taking…and he took it! He slowly moved forward as Kristin whimpered submissively beneath him until all of his manly cock was securely planted in her no longer virgin pussy. And It was tight!

Don Singer could have died and gone to hell at that moment, or heaven whatever the case might be. All he knew was he’d managed to stuff all of his big hard cock into his little stepdaughter’s naked pussy and was preparing to give her a ball jarring fuck she would never forget! He slowly began to withdraw until most of his shaft was outside of Kristin’s body and then slid himself in once again. Over and over he repeated this motion, with Kristin’s moans of protest becoming softer and quieter as she adjusted to her step dad’s big cock in her vagina.

And then, then Kristin came to understand why she had been put on this earth. And it was to be fucked! Yes, it was gloriously obvious to the no longer naive teenager that her body was for her to enjoy and not just by self stimulation! No, men could bring her much greater thrills than she could ever provide herself. And so, she whispered to her big strong step dad “Oh, it’s feels real good now Daddy Don! Go ahead and fuck my panties a little harder!”

Don had thought about removing Kristin’s panties but, in a way, this was even nastier! The little minx had to deliberately hold her panties to one side to allow him to fuck her to completion! And so that’s what he did. Don began to pick up speed, driving all of his big hard cock into the soft warm depths of Kristin’s tight young pussy…over and over while she gasped and moaned beneath him. Her pleasure increasing with each ball jarring stroke.”

“Ahhhh! That’s it Donny! More cock! Oh, fuck my little panties with all you’ve got!” Unable to help himself, Don couldn’t help but ask: “Should I…should I take off your panties sweetheart?”

“Oh noooo!” She quickly responded smiling all the while. Both lovers understood the little game they were playing now. “Don’t take off my panties Don!” She gasped, “Don’t ever take off my panties!”

Don hissed through his nostrils and began to slam into Kristin’s pussy with everything he had now. He could feel the soft white fabric of her little panties touching his fast moving shaft as he fucked his little step daughter with long sweet strokes, burying every inch of his love in her no longer resisting cunt hole. Kristin was panting now, panting and shoving her desire swollen pussy out to meet her step father’s wildly excited prick. Then, a sensation began deep in the core of Kristin’s inexperienced young body. A thrilling sensation overcame her and she realized she was going to cum from this overwhelmingly pleasurable experience.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhh!” The pretty blonde teen gasped as she felt Don rapidly jerking his now erupting prick from the steamy depths of her well satisfied pussy. She continued to hold her panties out of the way so that her step dad could view her naked vagina while he spurted his semen all over her little white panties!

“Oh Kristin…honey…here it cums!” He sputtered and his balls unleashed all of their contents onto the reclining young woman who smiled up at him all the while. Streams of white hot cum splattered all over Kristin’s panties and even a bit landed on her soft pink pussy flesh.

Don collapsed upon his little daughter’s supine body and the two lovers enjoyed a few short moments of afterglow before the serious nature of what they’d done began to settle in.

Kristin’s mind began to reluctantly accept that she’d teased her step father into fucking her virgin pussy and she knew it wasn’t the right thing to do. Oh but it had felt so good! How could it be wrong?

For his part, Don knew what he’d done was wrong. After all, he’d met this wonderful woman, Cynthia and taken her for his wife. Now, he’d put the whole thing in jeopardy. And still, it seemed impossible to not fuck little Kristin after getting so excited viewing her nude body sunbathing outside and then the way she’d opened her mouth while he was attempting to give her a little love peck. But, but taking her virginity while she kept her precious little white panties on all the while was an experience he wouldn’t trade for anything. Somehow, this situation had to be rectified. It was just a matter of how. That was not an easy answer to come up with.

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