The Stranger on a Train

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Huge Ass

My boyfriend Justin and I found ourselves travelling by train overnight to visit family. It’s late, we’re exhausted but not sleepy. My head’s on his shoulder and my hand starts tracing his inner thigh. I feel his cock make an involuntary shift which makes me smile in the dim light of the passenger car.

“I’m feeling very bad.” I whisper.

I can feel him smile at my confession without even looking at him. I start to run my fingertips up further to begin massaging his cock through his pants, helping it grow. I want it, and I’m too impatient to wait.

“Unzip for me baby.” I whimper softly.

I hear the zipper and I start to salivate. He retrieves his cock from his pants, already hard for me. I start to stroke him with long slow motions and he exhales deeply. His reaction is always an unspoken compliment I love to hear. His head tilts back and his eyes close in his pleasure.

I notice across the aisle, a woman sitting in the same row, window seat. In the dim lighting of the car I see her form and her deep Auburn hair. She’s wearing a skirt with her legs crossed, my eyes scan them as I stroke Justin’s cock and he makes his little whimpers.

Her legs shift to uncross, but I don’t stop. I actually become a little excited by the idea of possibly being watched. She starts to slowly run her hand up her leg, almost seductively, a tease of sorts. I look at her and can tell she’s been watching us. She looks away, then takes a glace occasionally. She’s curious, and her hand trails further up to her thigh.

She keeps looking over, istanbul travesti trying not to be obvious. I think it’s sexy and put on a little show to arouse her further. I lean over his lap to taste him, my anxious mouth draws a sexy groan from his lips. While I suck his cock, I make eyes at her. I feel her hunger.

As she watches, now not turning away any longer, she spreads her thighs open. She starts to slide her finger tips up her inner thigh, then to her clit.

Right then, Justin looks at me, sees me locked eyes with a new friend. I look up at him and he smiles, then looks over to her.

She’s circling her clit, legs have opened further putting her tasty cunt on display. She’s already soaked from her voyeurism and she starts fingering herself. She meets me at the pace I’m sucking his cock and I can feel my pussy seeping into my panties so turned on by it.

I speed up, as does she. Then allows a little soft moan to escape her.

“I think it’s time we get acquainted with our new friend.” Justin says

I back my mouth off his cock, my lips pull back a string of saliva that settles on my chin. I wipe it away with the back of my hand, my eyes never leaving hers.

I scoot over to the window and pat the middle seat inviting her to sit between us.

After squeezing through and taking the middle seat, she leans into Justin and starts kissing him. Sucking on his ear lobe, moving down to his neck. As she does this she’s lightly stroking his shaft. She then shifts to kneel into the seat leaning over Justin’s lap istanbul travestileri so her ass is facing me.

I quickly survey the car for other passengers.

She leans in and puts her sweet lips around his throbbing cock head, then trails down his shaft making it slick as she moves. He whimpers and I’m so turned on at his pleasure, I have to touch her.

“Touch her babe, she’s beautiful.” He says.

As she’s gliding her sweet beautiful mouth down his shaft, I pull her skirt up to the curvature of her ass. It’s spectacular, round and juicy. When I reach under her skirt I find her amazing pussy drenched. I begin dipping my finger tips inside her, she moans softly through her mouth full of cock. I massage her nectar over her clit and start circling. She twitches as I move and has to briefly stop sucking to let out a moan, but still strokes him during her break. I plunge my fingers inside her and start moving them in and out of her with such ease.

I pull them out and bring them to my mouth to taste her honeyed cunt. She’s so sweet, I want to put my tongue inside her. I slide off the seat and kneel at her ass, lift up her skirt further exposing how beautiful her pussy and asshole is.

I start kissing her, letting my tongue find her wetness, using the tip to tease her.

Justin is releasing his deep moans, unsure where to look, at this beauty who is sucking his cock harder now in her excitement, or me eating her pussy.

I have a tight hold of her hips as I tongue and kiss her sweet cunt. She’s dripping wet, I travesti istanbul have her nectar all over my mouth and fingers from massaging her. I use my wet fingers to touch her beautiful groomed asshole.

She makes her way down to Justin’s smooth balls, now stroking his shaft.

I put my tongue on her asshole, flicking it back and forth to toy with her. She doesn’t flinch or indicate she’s opposed, so I circle around it with my tongue more getting it wet. I penetrate her ass with my finger and she squirms for me while I fuck her like this fingering her pussy with my other hand.

When her arousal was piqued, I stand up, give that perfect ass a little spank and squeeze saying, “Take him for a ride. You’re ready for him.”

She stands up, turns and lifts her leg over Justin’s lap straddling him. Facing the back of the seat in front of them, she grips it for leverage, then lowers herself down on his slick cock. He moans out his lust, loudly making me have to shush him and put my mouth on his, kissing and sucking his tongue as she grinds his cock in her wetness. I reach over, rubbing her clit while she fucks him.

Justin glides his hands up her shirt to caress her supple tits as I massage and rub her clit. She’s rocking her hips faster. She’s going to cum, I feel it building.

“Let it consume you.” I purr.

Sweet release, she reaches her climax, her warm cum seeps down his shaft as she keeps fucking him through her orgasm, reaching for more. Justin reaches up to tug her hair making it more intense.

With my tongue in his ear, I whisper “I want you to cum inside her.”

He cums so hard pulling her hair harder, his other arm wraps around her waist to keep her close as he empties into her. I finger myself watching them spasm, so aroused by this intense and erotic moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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