The Summer I Became Mom’s Lover

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Author’s note: Welcome to my latest story. Now in addition to being my Summer Loving contest entry this story has a purpose. As many of you know the category of incest has a bad rap. It is certainly a love it or hate it subject. I’m sure these stories are a guilty pleasure for many and most of us would not tell too many people that you know that you read them. On the lit forums incest is especially critiqued by authors of other categories who act as if all incest stories are meaningless stroke and have no substance. Well I have always worked hard to prove otherwise and this story is a statement to those who don’t think incest can be romantic or have a real story to it. So for lack of a better term consider this a picking up of the gauntlet, to prove our favorite category is as legit as any other. Now, as most of my work is, this one is long and has a buildup. It is also as I said, a romance, albeit one with a touch of sadness. So do read on and if you like it, vote for it. It’s time we were taken seriously. LC68


I leaned against the railing of the deck and taking a sip of my beer, looked out across Easton’s beach. By far the largest beach in Newport and the only one that had cabins for rent, it was still fairly crowded despite the fact it was after eight o’clock. I heard a female voice call out “cheers” and looked over to see an extremely attractive blonde walking with an equally hot brunette. They were both holding bottles of coke that I’m sure were spiked and when they saw me looking; hoisted them at me.

Giving them as much of a smile as I could come up with these days, I lifted my bottle of Heineken, before tipping it back and finishing it. I lowered the bottle to see them walking over to stand below the deck. I may not be in the best of moods these days, but was still a healthy twenty one year old guy and took my time checking them out as they sauntered over. They were both wearing string bikinis, the blonde in black and the brunette in red. The blonde had a pretty ample set of tits and was drop dead gorgeous. The brunette was a little thinner with small tits that were propped up nicely and upon closer inspection was more girl next door cute, than outright hot. Most guys would disagree, but to me the brunette was more appealing and just happened to be the one to speak to me.

“Hey blue eyes, you just get here today?”

“Yup,” I nodded, and then shook my head, “You got some good eyes if you can see mine from there.”

She laughed, “I was in line with you at the chowder house, guess you don’t remember me.”

I made a show of looking at her and snapped my fingers, “You know, now that I look closer, I do!” I gave her a wink, “Guess it wasn’t your face I was looking at when you walked over.”

“Honesty!” She laughed again, getting me to give her a genuine smile, “I like that!”

“I do what I can.” I shrugged.

“Well anyway blue eyes, we’re in the last cabin towards the rocks, a bunch of us came down from UNH and we’re having a clam bake tonight, feel free to come on down.”

“I’m not sure I can.” I said, “I’m here with my folks.”

“So come over when they go to bed,” she winked, “And sneak in before they get up!”

“I don’t know,” I told her, thinking that fun really wasn’t what I felt this week was about, “Maybe another night.”

“Oh,” she said, obviously disappointed, “Well okay, I’m here all week so stop by,” she gave me a big smile, “My names Tammy, by the way and this is Julie,” she indicated the blonde who had stood there pretty much looking me up and down the entire time.

“Jason, and I’m sure I’ll make it down there, just not tonight.”

“Cool!” Tammy exclaimed and with a wave, the two walked away.

I stared at their long legs and well shaped asses as they made their way down the beach. I sighed and folding my arms on the railing changed the direction of my gaze to take in the sun set which is what I’d come outside to see in the first place. I’d done my share of girl watching when I’d gone out for a swim then brought my parents back some clam cakes. If this were any other year, I’d be thrilled to be out there ogling the bikini clad hotties and flirting my ass off. This week could have been about doing more than looking seeing I’d broken up with Jennifer a couple of months ago.

I’d been working at UPS at night loading trucks for the last year and a half and between my fairly impressive build, and the blond hair and light blue eyes I’d inherited from my parenst, had seen quite a few of the girls checking me out as well. Tammy certainly seemed to like what she’d seen. I shook my head disgustedly, invited to a cabin full of college students by a pretty girl who was obviously into me, and it hadn’t even bothered me to say no. That’s because sadly this wasn’t any other year. After coming here for a week every summer for as long as I could remember, this would most likely be my last year here.

A more upsetting thought and one that I couldn’t keep out of my mind, was that this would most likely be my father’s last gaziantep escort telefonları summer period. Dad’s cancer was resisting the chemo and things weren’t looking good for him. He’d had to quit working six months ago and had been steadily losing weight. I’d thought that we wouldn’t be coming to Newport this year, but a couple of weeks ago Dad booked the cabin. He’d said some of our best memories as a family had occurred in the cabin and he wanted to see it one last time.

I felt the tears start to burn in my eyes at that thought. He’d said it so matter-of-factly. Although he was the one dying, dad seemed in much better spirits than me and mom. Wiping at my eyes, I thought for the thousandth time since dad had been diagnosed with liver cancer, that wasn’t fair. I knew that sounded immature and that life usually wasn’t fair, but I’d just turned twenty one and soon will have lost my father. Thank god for Mom, if the two of us weren’t so close I don’t know how either of us would be coping right now.

“Making friends already I see.”

I lifted my head from the railing at the sound of Dad’s voice behind me. I heard him walking across the deck towards me, but didn’t turn around. Trying not to make it obvious, I brought my hand to my face and quickly wiped at my damp eyes.

“Yeah, she seemed really friendly.” I answered softly, making sure my voice sounded okay.

“Any friendlier, she’d have been up here on your lap!” Dad laughed.

The laugh turned into a dry cough and I closed my eyes as if that would somehow shut out the sound. Fortunately this didn’t turn into a prolonged jag, and a moment later he leaned his arms on the railing next to me.

“Yeah, I think I’d have a good time if I went over there tonight.” I nodded as I turned my head to look at him.

“I think that good time may have carried into the morning.” Dad reached up and clapped my shoulder, “She looked into you Jason.”

“I think so.” I said and shifted my gaze, “Sunset’s beautiful.”

It was, but I had looked away from my father because I was still trying to get it together and seeing him this way got to me when I was struggling. At one point my father was heavier than my hundred and ninety pounds and although not quite as built, was a rugged guy. The last visit to the doctor he was down to a hundred and forty pounds. He was shirtless in the heat and I’m sure to a stranger just looked skinny, but I knew the proper word was wasted. The disease and the so far ineffectual cure had taken their toll on him. Dad’s formerly thick hair was thinning to where I could see his scalp through it and there were huge dark circles beneath his eyes. Those blue eyes used to be as bright as mine, but were now permanently red rimmed and seemed faded, as if the color were being bled from them.

“It is.” Dad nodded, “And no doubt about it kid, that cute little thing liked what she saw.” He laughed again and mercifully it didn’t turn into a cough. “Can’t say I blame her, you did get your old man’s looks.”

“Nah,” I said, forcing a smile, “I got a lot more hair than you.”

Dad smiled and punched me in the arm. “Smartass!” he then sighed, “Okay maybe you got it over me now, but back when you were a kid I was good looking enough to land my little trophy wife!”

“You did all right for an old dog.” I nodded.

“Tell you what,” Dad waved his hand at the beach, there’s a lot more to look at out here than the sun, no?” he let out a low whistle, “Some damn good looking girls out here!”

“That there is.” I agreed looking at some of the bikini clad women still lounging around.

“Damn, look at that.” Dad pointed, “That’s a view for you,”

I followed his finger to see a woman in a skimpy black bikini bending over to pick up her towel. She appeared to be folding the blanket and her ass was moving back and forth quite nicely.

“What do you think of that ass?” Dad asked.

“Damn fine,” I told him.

“Showing off too, look at her.”

The woman stood up and made a show of shaking out her long blonde hair. Her legs were pretty damn long as well and I found myself eagerly waiting for her to turn around.

“Wonder what the top’s like.” I nudged him.

“Little on the smaller side, but perky.” Dad laughed.

“How do you….” I trailed off when the blonde turned around and waved at us.

It was mom. I looked over at dad and rolled my eyes, “You knew that was Mom?”

“Of course, after all these years, I’d know that sweet ass anywhere.”

“The meds getting to you?” I asked, annoyed he’d had me checking out my mother.

“Not at the moment, why?”

“Because, I…”

“Oh, come on Jason, she’s got a nice ass, no?”

“I don’t think of it like that!” I snapped, “She’s my mother.”

“She’s still a good looking woman,” Dad began, “And…”

“She’s my mother!” I snapped, a little more forcefully than I meant too.

“Touchy.” Dad shook his head. “Look, just humor escort gaziantep telefonları me okay?” Dad asked, “Before you knew it was her, what were you thinking?”

“Knock it off Dad.”

He rolled his eyes at me, “If that ass was on anyone but her, what would you think? Be honest.”

I sighed, “She’s a good looking woman Dad. Is that what you want to hear?”

“Not quite,” he grinned, “her ass, hot or not?”

“For Christ’s sake,” I exclaimed, “Fine, she has a nice ass.”

“They think so too.” Dad laughed.

I looked back to see that Mom had walked by a few guys around my age. They all turned to watch her walk by and I heard one of them whistle. Mom turned to look at them and laughing gave them a little wave.

“She is a damn fine woman.” Dad said softly, “and beautiful, and sweet.” He looked over at me and said, “That’s the best thing about her, most women that attractive aren’t as sweet as she is.”

“Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet a girl just like her.” I said seriously.

“Speaking of Jason,” Dad put his hand on my shoulder. “Thank you for not going down with those kids tonight.”

“No problem Dad,” I put my arm around him, trying not to notice how bony he was. “We’re here as a family, I’ll meet plenty of girls when I start senior year.” “I appreciate that.” Dad said softly, “I really do. It’s tough Jason because part of me says the kids twenty one and good looking and you should be down there having some drinks, making friends,” he grinned, “Maybe even making a special friend with Tammy over there.”

“That’s okay.” I shrugged.

“Not really, because the other half of me, wants to be selfish and wants the three of us to spend this week together, it’s the last one here, at least for the three of us.”

“You don’t know that Dad.” I said, trying to sound confident.

“Please Jason, don’t bull shit a bull shitter.” Dad gave me a sad smile, “I won’t be here next year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy the here and now.”

“Anyway dad I…”

“And the present has never looked better!” Dad exclaimed, then yelled, “Hey sexy!”

I looked down to see Mom had reached the front of the house. My eyes narrowed when I took a close look and realized just how skimpy her bikini was. The sides were just strings tied over her hips and there was not a whole lot of material between her legs. The top was just as flimsy, the cups were cut at an angle and showed the entire inside of her tits to the point where just a little movement would expose a nipple. As she smiled and waved up at Dad, I had to admit she was pretty hot. Mom went to the gym several times a week and her long legs were well shaped. Her stomach was surprisingly flat and although a little thin, her hips flared out enough to give her a nice figure.

Mom’s face was no let down from her body, her long naturally blonde hair was lighter in places from the sun and her big wide baby blue eyes were enough to melt anyone. She had a big easy smile, the kind that made you smile back and as several of my friends had been kind enough to point out, she had perfect, full blow job lips. Mom walked beneath the deck to enter the house and I found myself looking down her top. I could see even more of her tits from this angle and noted how they were glistening from the suntan lotion. Dad really had done alright for himself.

I shook my head as I realized I’d been checking her out. Goddamn Dad, getting me to look at her. My thoughts then strayed to what would happen when he was gone. My last year at URI was paid for and Dad’s insurance would not only pay off the house, but leave some in the bank as well. Mom had a decent job as a high school English teacher and I planned on living with her for at least a couple of years.

Financially we would be all set and I had no worries about meeting someone at this point. Jenn and I had dated two years, but things had seemed to die out and I suspected her cheating. I felt bad, but I had my life ahead of me and there would be plenty of girls to have fun with until I met the one. Hopefully I would do as well as dad and get a real sweetheart like Mom. That was where I was concerned. For lack of a better term, my mother was kind of needy. Despite her looks, she seemed nervous around people, especially men, and always needed to be reassured that we loved her.

Mom had always been very affectionate with me and all but hung on my father, who doted on her as if they were newlyweds. I found myself worrying about what kind of guy she would meet next. Mom was only forty one and way too pretty to stay alone and I know dad would want her to be happy with someone. Unfortunately, Mom was the type to be easily taken advantage of and….

“Hey Jason, you still with me?”

“Yeah sure.” I replied, coming out of my fog.

“Yeah? You done staring at your mother?”

“I was not!” I exclaimed, but as he smiled at me, I could feel myself blushing.

“Hey it’s okay gaziantep escort bayan telefonları Jason,” He gave my arm a squeeze. “More okay than you know.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“What?” dad looked confused for a moment, and I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach again, this had been happening a lot lately. Nothing severe, but dad was losing a minute or two here and there.

“You said…”

“Never mind, I was a little mixed up just then.” He sighed and turning to face me leaned his elbow on the railing. “Speaking of Jason, part of why I brought us here one last time, is I need to talk to you about something.”

“Go ahead.” I nodded.

“Not just yet, but I’ll tell you that it’s very important. It’s going to be something I’m going to make you promise me.”

“Anything you want dad.” I put my hand on his shoulder. “You know I’ll do anything for you.”

“And mom?”

“Of course!” I told him. “I know you’re worried dad, but try not to be, I’m going to make sure I’m around and try to take care of her.”

Dad put his head down and I saw his eyes were misting up. “Thank you Jason,” he said softly, “I knew you’d say that because you’re a good son and a hell of a young man, but I’m going to need you to remember that promise.”

“Okay.” I wasn’t sure what he meant, but could see he was upset and didn’t want to play twenty questions.

“We’ll talk tomorrow, but in the meantime I need a favor from you tonight.”

“You want me to make myself scarce, you dirty old man?” I laughed.

Dad gave me an odd look for a moment then broke into a smile, “No, but your mother is looking good tonight so I wouldn’t wander out of your room in the middle of the night.”

“You guys have a room.”

“Where’s the fun in that when we have an entire beach house, hell we have the beach!” he laughed.

“Ugh.” I made a show of shuddering.

“Seriously Jason, I need you to do exactly what I tell you.”

The smile was gone from his face and I nodded to him. Dad paused and looked as if he were trying to think of what to say, then pointed at the small screen door behind us.

“You know the little tiny sun room right there?”

“Yeah, I used to hide in there all the time when we’d play hide and seek.”

“Yeah, you were really clever,” Dad said and laughed when I rolled my eyes.

“So what about it?” I asked.

“I want you to go in there at eleven thirty tonight, and wat…”

“There’s no light in there.” I pointed out.

“I know, you won’t need it.” He paused again, then continued softly, “Look this is going to sound weird, but I want you to go in there and wait and…watch.”

“What am I watching?” I was confused, were the meds getting to him?

“You’ll see, but here’s where you promise me something.”


“That no matter what you see, you keep watching. You don’t look away or close your eyes, you watch.”

“Why do I feel a joke coming on?”

“No joke and I want your word.” Dad said pointing at me.

“You have it dad.”

“Good now remember, no welching, you’re making a promise to a dying man.”

“Dad, stop that I…”

“I mean it Jason. Trust me you’re going to think I’m nuts and there’s something wrong with me later, but you need to keep your word, because it has a lot to do with our conversation tomorrow.”

“Hey, whatever you want dad.”

“Good.” Dad clapped my shoulder, then gave me a wicked smirk, “Now I’m going to go downstairs and see if your Mom’s still parading around in that bikini.” He sighed, “Have to get while the getting is good these days.”

It was an offhand remark, but one that hit me hard. Making sure dad had gone downstairs; I put my head down on the deck and let the tears flow.


I sighed and flipping open my phone looked at the time, it was quarter to midnight and I wondered what the hell I was doing sitting there. The ‘reading room’ as we called it wasn’t a lot bigger than a closet with a little sun roof and a screen door that faced the deck, and I felt like an idiot sitting there in the dark. I’d gone out on the deck at eleven fifteen to take in the smell of the water and look at the full moon. I had looked to the left and at the end of the beach saw a large bon fire in front of the beach house that Tammy was staying in. There were several guys and girls out there laughing and carrying on. I wondered if Tammy were by herself or had found some other cute cabin resident to hang out with.

Although I’d had no issue promising Dad that this week would be about family, I watched longingly for a few minutes. They were all having a blast as I should be. I’m sure none of them were dealing with the impending death of their parent. I shook that thought off; I was working hard not to be bitter. Dad had always told me that something good always came out of something bad and love could often spring from tragedy.

I’d then gone and sat in the room where a half hour later I was really starting to feel as if Dad had just put one over on me. What the hell was I supposed to be watching? The cabins on either side of us were in darkness and the moon was only half full. The tide was low and there were no fireworks scheduled. I figured I was supposed to see this alone as Mom and Dad had gone to bed early. These days Dad didn’t make it much past nine o’clock and I’d made the connection that if Mom went soon after it meant he was up for something.

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