The Takeover of Brooke , Co.


Her name was Brooke. She was a fan of mine and had corresponded with me several times telling me of her sexual experiences and desires. It was through these email communications I learned of her desire to be forcibly controlled, her love sex with both men and women, of how her Auntie Mischelle used to come to her room to make love to her after her husband had fallen asleep, of her nipple rings, of how she’d had numerous relations with women and how they came about.

Brooke was gorgeous. Gorgeous and horny, as her emails indicated, what a mix. After seeing the pics she’d sent me in her emails there was no doubt if I met her that I would make her my submissive, bisexual slut. Thankfully over the course of our correspondence she’d given me all I needed to find her.

Finding her on the dance floor of her favorite club I could not resist watching her dance up a storm. It was quite a sight as her loose sundress spun around, especially as it was obvious to anyone watching that she didn’t care who saw that she was balder than Mr. Clean down below. Apparently underwear got in the way for her dress was cut in a “V” in front so a bra was not possible to wear properly with it either.

A sheen of sweat from all the exercise gave her mocha skin a very healthy glow indeed. She moved like a lioness on the prowl and lucky her I was there for her. Stealthfully approaching her from behind as she left the club (probably to go to the next one) I let her approach her car and then I took control. Forcing her over the hood of her car I took the plastic, disposable handcuffs from my pocket, pulled her arms behind her back and locked them together tightly.

Her nice sized breasts were the only thing holding her weight on the car and the skin flattened against it as I slipped my right hand slowly up her smooth leg until it reached her equally smooth pussy. Slowly I diddled her clit watching, listening to her to see how she reacted to everything I did. True to what she’d written me she liked to be taken and she complained not at all as I felt her up.

Leaning into her ear I whispered, “So you like to be taken and used like a slut? So you like big cocks huh? Well you lucked out love because you are about to get all your wishes fulfilled. Not to mention that valley between your breasts, your mouth, ass and pussy.”

Brooke wiggled her lovely butt into my cloth covered cock as I stood firmly against her. My hand, stroking her clit slowly at that moment, slipped out of her and up her body until it was under her nose. Without a word being said she immediately tasted her juices off of my fingers. Meanwhile my left hand was busy pinching her nipples viciously as an example of what was to cum.

Turning her over I let her look into my hazel green eyes before letting her slide off the hood of the car to her knees before me. Then, pulling my cock from my jeans, I placed the head of it upon her lips smearing the blood red lipstick just a little as I did so, although it would be more than a little smudged when she was finished sucking it off.

“Sluts suck cock and they don’t care who watches,” I said, “So get to work and let me see how skilled a fellatrix you are dear.”

Immediately her head went forward over mine and I enjoyed the feel of her breasts brushing against my leg. A small tug upwards on her arms caused her a slight amount of pain and leveraged her mouth further down on my hard prong. The hand holding her arms stayed there but my other arm shot out to grasp her head in my hand to encourage her. “Don’t stop until you have swallowed every drop of my essence slut. And remember good sluts show it to their Masters first, swallow and then show their Masters their empty mouth,” I said as she worked me over like a pro.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” came from her mouth as she ate me slowly but surely trying to take every inch of my wrist-thick member to the back of her throat.

“Remember me now dear,” I said jokingly, “You should I sent you pics of what you are eating right now.”

Something in her eyes gazing longingly and lustfully up at me at that moment told me that she did although not yet fully at that instant.

“Oh come now dear,” I said chidingly, “just how many men do you correspond with who send you pictures of their hard cocks?” A grin crossed my face as I said it because with her looks I suspected it was a lot.

The words that came from her mouth sounded like “more than you’d guess” but were muffled by my large tool buried in her as she spoke the words. Slowly I pulled her grudgingly off of my cock, took her close to my face and whispered in her ear, “I am Mr. Deviant from and you are my property from now on slut.”

A gasp escaped her lips as she realized everything she’d ever told me the instant she heard my pen name. My gaze told her we were going to have a lot of fun together. Reaching out to the ground I picked up her small black purse and took her cell phone from it.

“Now tell me dear which of the other sluts you told me about excites istanbul escort you the most?” Her eyes told me there was no way she could choose just one. She needed to be with them all. She needed the love, the sex and maybe even the domination or submission or humiliation each offered her. How was I to choose between them? Simple! Don’t!!

Finding the digits I needed I called several of the women she’d sent me pics of and told the slut to have her friends come to the club ready to party. Even her Auntie was invited. Apparently Brooke is better than E.F. Hutton because within 15 minutes her friends started to arrive. Of course by then we were already having lots of fun.

While she was making her phone calls I had Brooke strip off the only article of clothes she had on other than the 9″ fuck me pumps she was wearing—her dress. I removed the cuffs for that purpose only to replace them with a new set afterwards. Brooke was lying backwards on the car getting plowed by me when her first admirer showed up. I don’t know who the blonde was and it was a sure thing Brooke didn’t either based on the look of confusion on her face.

The blonde began to massage Brooke’s naked tits right there as she asked me if I would share my slut with her. I told her I would but that she could only touch her and not fuck her in anyway. The blonde agreed without finding out the cost and then lowered her head down, pushed both breasts together and began an erotic tongue dance that included occasionally sucking both nipples together.

I instructed my slut not to speak or even open her mouth unless it was to take a cock or cunt between her lips. The blonde sucked both nipples together for a moment before taking both nipple rings together between her teeth and teasing Brooke with how she pulled on them. When I had all the women in place those rings were going to be the basis for a lot of fun indeed.

Turning Brooke over, hoping that a large crowd would gather around us, I took my moistened member and aimed it at her brown eye. The velvet softness of her skin in my hands excited me all the more as I spread her asscheeks wide and entered her for the first time anally. Her bubble butt wiggles in response to my cock as she worked to get it buried deeper and deeper in her. Each sensuous shake of her hips was designed to try and bring me off but I held firm and did not release as she so wanted me to do.

I was enjoying the contrast of the blonde’s alabaster white skin against the darker skin of Brooke’s 36D’s when the first person she’d called showed up.

“There is my slut sister!” she said loudly, “I knew you’d be getting a nice hard one when you called but I didn’t know you’d be putting on a show as well.” Aileen’s short bob of dark hair created a halo effect around the top of her head, a head that was soon enough under me giving my balls a good licking so she could taste my cum and her girlfriend’s simultaneously.

Aileen was definitely not like her friend. In fact they were opposite each other in most ways, especially when it came to the breasts. Aileen had orange-sized breasts whereas Brooke’s were definitely melon-like but each shared one thing in common, beside my cock at that moment, and that was their abnormally large sex drives. Oh, ok, two things—they each loved to suck cock like there was no tomorrow (I’d seen the photo of Aileen with a bull’s-eye in lipstick over her mouth and Brooke had told me of her love of that act as well).

So it was that I was thoroughly enjoying the sweet nectar of Brooke’s pussy around my cock as her friend ate it off of my rod from below and an unknown blonde devoured her nipples at the same time. By now word had spread of our exploits in the parking lot so a crowd had gathered to watch. The hood of the car was bouncing with my deep thrusts as Myra was finally able to break through the crowd to join us.

Myra’s hair was long, dark and had streaks of blonde in it. Though I’d been told her heritage was otherwise looking into her almond-shaped eyes I would have sworn she had some Oriental heritage in her. Her eyes had a penetrating glare to them as she pushed aside the unknown blonde and told her to watch how it was done properly. For her part the blonde decided to “watch” by kissing Brooke with a vengeance as her friend began to tease the nipple she’d attached her mouth to. Myra’s tongue slipped inside the center of the small hoop in Brooke’s nipple and started pulling on it rhythmically.

It was getting tough to keep track of exactly who was doing what to whom as I now had 4 women to keep track of—Brooke, Aileen, Myra and the unknown blonde—as well as keeping track of what they were doing. My cock was stroking into Brooke deeply as the crowd cheered us on. With all that was happening it wasn’t too long before we had to end things. When the club owner came outside to complain about taking his business, threatening to call the cops on us as he did so, we beat a hasty retreat. Grabbing Brooke I led her to my car along with the escort bayan other women. Once in we were quickly out of there and headed back to my place.

“Suck my cock slut,” I said pushing Brooke’s head to my groin forcefully. The women in back watched as I used her face as a cum dump. I’d been right on the edge of release when we had to leave so I came rather quickly when she started bobbing on my cock as we drove down the road.

All too soon, or not soon enough, depending on your point of view, we arrived at my residence and together the five of us entered. “Enter freely and of your own will,” I said in my best Bela Lugosi ‘Dracula’ voice. As each passed the threshold I grinned knowing that I was in for a memorable time with these women.

Suddenly Brooke’s phone rang out. It was her Auntie Mischelle whom she’d called but forgotten to tell that we had to leave the club in a hurry. Giving her directions, at my prodding since she couldn’t see where we went from her position on my cock on the trip over, she hung up telling me she’d arrive in a few minutes.

The idea of 5 women and me was overwhelmingly erotic and my hard member was throbbing in my pants begging for the freedom to bury itself in something warm—a mouth, an ass, a pussy or even between a set of breasts. And release it did! Taking control immediately I ordered all the women to strip down to their birthday suits and line up so I could check them all out. Like an erotic drill sergeant I inspected each of them carefully for any defects that I needed to be made aware of (No use inviting someone who turns out to be a man over. Straight as an arrow that is me). Lucky me that was not an issue. However, there was one defect that needed to be rectified. The shaven women needed to do a little more to remove some stubble and, as it turned out, Auntie Mischelle had a large bush that needed removal.

Obviously Mischelle was older than the rest but her large breasts were just as firm as the younger women. Once I got her on the kitchen table and took my sharpest razor blade to her pussy and surrounding area I realized she was even tighter than one would expect. A wink from her eye told me that she had been exercising her pussy a lot.

“Watch carefully,” I said, “as I inspect her pussy and ass for smoothness because I plan on doing this to each of you soon enough!” Licking slowly, carefully, tantalizingly slowly even across her now fully shaven conch I looked into her eyes to gauge her reaction to my ministrations. Mischelle’s eyes glazed over with lust as she pulled my head to her tightly.

The other women were enraptured by the sight of my tongue as it did its job well on her and quickly had her moisture pouring over my face and her womanly scent permeating the room. My face was covered in juices as I crooked my finger toward Brooke silently summoning her over to me to help me eat out the aunt who had once seduced her and made love to her with her uncle down the hall asleep. Instantly her tongue joined mine in a dance across her aunt’s freshly shaven cunt and she took to the task like a duck to water.

I was so consumed with consuming the sweet smelling, freshly shaved cunt before me that it took a moment to realize that Brooke’s hand on my cock was guiding it to the mouth of another woman whom had slid underneath me. A gasp escaped one of the ladies’ mouths but only for a moment. It was as I entered that mouth that I noticed that was when the gasping stopped.

“Join us,” I said to the rest of the women. Aileen, her short hair bobbing around her head, began to practice her own version of fellatio on Mischelle’s left breast. The unknown blonde did the same thing to Mischelle’s right breast that Aileen was doing opposite her as Myra went under the table.

Myra, though she was not always visible to me was easily revealed as an insatiable woman who must have been going from pussy to pussy to cock like a bee pollinating flowers. When she started licking me I realized that it had been her whom Brooke fed my cock and who was moving underneath eating Aileen and the unknown blonde out.

Moans of orgasm came from Mischelle as my tongue slipped in and out of her like a cock on a rampage. Brooke ate at her auntie’s ‘y’ with me and her moans were in unison with the flow of cum from her auntie and the stroking she was giving my cock. Together she and Myra were working my cock into a lather. A grin crossed her face as she looked at her auntie right before dropping to her knees beneath me to join Aileen in a double blowjob that was mind-blowing in its intensity. The two women kissed over the head of my member and their entwining tongues were driving me to distraction.

The two women working over Mischelle’s breasts had extended their range of carnal explorations and both were licking down toward her pussy where I awaited them. “Stop,” I said, “time to change positions.” Then, taking the one who started all this, Brooke, in my powerful hands I lifted her off the floor, turned her upside down Kartal escort and began to lick her smooth pussy while presenting her with my hard cock to eat. The other women watched in earnest while also alternating eating Mischelle out.

My powerful legs and arms held Brooke in position as I enjoyed the warm, honey sweet taste of her pussy. I needed to taste her more, to have her taste me and herself off of my cock. “To the bed slave. Crawl there now,” I pointed showing her the way. Her lovely bubble butt wiggled and tantalized me as she slowly worked her way to the destination with me pointing out where to go.

She looked back at me, a sexy, seductive, slutty smile upon her face. “Yes my dear,” I said to her unspoken questions, “I am going to fill all of your holes, but the one that really has my attention at the moment is your tight ass. I am going to spread it wide and fill it deep for you.” I was about to call out to the other ladies to join us but they had beaten me to the punch and joined us already.

Reaching into my drawers alongside the bed I pulled out a number of toys. “On the bed, ass in the air, head down, arms and legs spread wide,” I said to Brooke. Then, turning to the other women I began to figure out what to do with them.

Two chairs and four women determined how they ended up. Pairing off Mischelle with Myra and the unknown blonde with Aileen I took each pair and tied them into the large, overstuffed chairs in a 69. The blonde and Aileen were tied head down as Mischelle and Myra were seated in the chairs and bound as tightly to the chairs as the other women were bound to them.

“What do you think my slut,” I said to Brooke, “do they look comfy?”

Brooke turned her head to see my handiwork and smiled, “Yes Master.”

“Good. Go back to your position and I will be right with you,” my response. Then, turning to the bound women I told them what they did there was up to them, but they may want to eat as it would keep the blood flowing.

“You told me once you had no limits slut. Does that still hold true?”

“Yes Master,” her submissive reply.

“Good.” Wetting my cock in her damp center I then pushed my way into her ass. My apple-sized cockhead split her starfish wide but she took it like a good little bitch with nary a grunt. Suddenly I felt something I had not expected, her anal muscles began to work me as well as her into a lather, and I was being given a cock massage with her ass. Inch by inch I slid into her enjoying a pleasure I had been all too long without.

Knowing she would enjoy what would come next I reached into the side table drawer and pulled out a few more toys without her noticing what was removed. “Don’t move,” I told her as I put the blindfold on her, then I put the cock and ball harness upon myself. The harness had the effect of both increasing the girth of my member as well as lengthening it. Now she knew my normal size was 9.5″ long and almost as thick as one’s wrist, but with the harness on my length increased to 13″ and I was increased in girth to thicker than my wrist.

As soon as I put the harness on I knew she would know what I’d done. She had told me previously she wanted to see me in it, to eat me as I wore it and to have me come down her throat. She was going to get her chance.

The first thrust that she felt after my length was buried inside her was not a gentle sexing but an outright animalistic fucking thrust and there were more that were going to follow. Though I had several slower strokes in her to start, to enjoy the feel all the more, rapidly I began to increase the intensity and speed of each plunge within Brooke’s warm, inviting ass.

Holding on to Brooke’s asscheeks, squeezing them tight around my member, I rode her mercilessly while listening to her grunts and groans of pleasure. The noises from the other women also added to my pleasure as well. The mere knowledge that I had so many women at my command, who would obey me, was an extreme aphrodisiac. Add to that fact that these women seemed to all be bi, to want to go non-stop no matter where we were and my satisfaction increased exponentially.

Brooke moaned into the pillow that her face was on as I shot my first blast of cum up her spasming anal orifice. Then, pulling out quickly, I flipped Brooke around and thrust my member deep in her mouth before she could react and dumped the rest of my juices down her throat. A gasp escaped one of the women in the chairs as she’d seen what I’d done while eating the pussy before her.

Brooke took the act in stride as a good slut would and began to fellate me cleaning me of my cum and the juices from her ass. Gulping me down as much as she could she worked to bring me back to full hardness after my painful release (shooting through a cock that is tightly bound is quite painful and pleasurably so).

“Slut what would you like to do next and with whom?” I inquired.

Her eyes moved around the room after removing her blindfold and what she saw surprised her. The women tied together excited her, but it was the idea of being restrained more than watching them that did it for her. Brooke almost seemed as if she was ready to salivate when she saw the intricate bonds that bound the other women together and to the chairs.