The Tangled Web Ch. 17

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August 2004 – Summer Holiday

© JGUK2004

The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years and is based on the complicated lives of Sara and Sam, lovers who are brother and sister, and those they live with. Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories. Although designed to be read in sequence, I have tried to make each chapter stand as a complete and satisfying story in itself.

* * * * *

Sam stood in the cool shade of the doorway of the bright, white painted villa. He looked across the hot, sun-drenched patio towards the swimming pool, sipping his cold beer slowly, feeling the icy liquid cool his mouth, throat and chest as he watched his sister Sara lying, stretched out motionless, face down in the hot sun. Her glossy brown hair was swept back into a pony tail which nestled between her shoulder blades. Her skin glistened with sun oil and tiny droplets of perspiration.

A thick, white beach towel spread out over the sun bed’s wooden slats highlighted the bronzed skin of her long, slim legs. The straps of her small, dark blue bikini top were undone and hung down over the sides of the bed to let her long, smooth back soak in the sun’s warming rays. The tiny triangle of cloth that passed for her bikini bottoms was pulled up between her taut cheeks, allowing her firm, slim buttocks to darken beautifully.

After seven years as lovers, Sam still found her totally irresistible. And now that they were properly engaged, their closeness had reached new depths of understanding.

Despite her 29 years and bearing two children – his children – Sara was still the most beautiful, most desirable girl Sam had ever encountered. The fact that she herself did not realise this only made her all the more desirable in his eyes.

He let out a low whistle and reluctantly turned into the coolness of the kitchen.

This holiday in Spain, almost seven years since the magical evening when their affair had begun, had been simply wonderful. Their parents, on holiday with them, were fully aware of how exhausting young children can be, and had gone out of her way to make it enjoyable and relaxing for them both.

Sara and the twins, Simon and Samantha – children she and Sam had secretly but deliberately conceived – had lived with Sam permanently since Sarah’s separation from her boyfriend David. The two lovers occupied separate bedrooms for appearances’ sake but seldom slept apart.

The twins, like all twins, were very demanding, vying for their parents’ attention all the time, and had been taken away and entertained by their Grandparents for at least half of every day since they had arrived in the villa ten days ago. Today they were spending the whole afternoon at the nearby port, looking at the millionaires’ yachts and searching for souvenirs at the market.

This left the two lovers alone in the house.

Their parents continued to be worried by the fact that Sam still hadn’t had a girlfriend since his wife Lynn had left him nearly two years before. Sarah had been detailed by her father to try and find out what was on his mind and to try and take him out of himself – perhaps to a club or bar so he could meet girls his age.

Sarah had agreed through clenched teeth. She had very different plans for her tall, dark, slim and athletic brother that day.

Sam returned to the doorway with two long, cool glasses in his hands, ice clinking temptingly against their rims. To his delight, Sarah had turned onto her back to face the hot sun. Her deep brown eyes were protected by slim, mirror tinted sunglasses; her bikini top abandoned to allow her small, firm breasts to absorb the full impact of the early afternoon sun. Beads of sweat had formed between her breasts and, as Sam watched, they began to merge and run over the soft pale skin of their sides and down towards her smooth armpits.

Sam stopped for a moment as the single cloud in the sky crossed the sun, briefly casting a shadow over the pool and over Sara’s still body. With it came a light, fragrant breeze which wafted over the surface of the pool. Sam watched in amusement as Sara’s breasts firmed and her nipples hardened at the shock of its sudden coolness.

Shivering slightly, Sara raised her head from the bed and swung her knees round until her feet touched the hot tiles alongside the sun bed. She stood quickly up, wrapped the fluffy white towel around her bare breasts and, scooping her bikini top in her left hand, walked slowly towards the house and the doorway in which Sam was standing.

The brightness of the sun and the depth of shadow in the house had prevented her seeing her brother as he watched, but as she approached the house she caught sight of him waiting in the deep shadow. She smiled broadly.

“How long have you been there?” She asked playfully.

“Long enough!”

“Long enough for what?” She pressed him, coquettishly.

“Long enough gaziantep escort kadın to see how shameless you are!”

Sara took the cold glass of sparkling water from him and sipped it, staring straight into Sam’s eyes. Her own eyes glistened behind her sunglasses and Sam could feel the heat of her body radiating towards him. She raised her lips from the glass and he quickly covered them with his own. Sara immediately responded; her soft, active tongue slipping between his lips and dancing over his straight white teeth before diving deep into his mouth. Sam pulled her body into his and wrapped his strong arms around the hot, slippery skin of her brown shoulders. Their tongues sought each other and writhed together as their passions rose and Sara’s white towel fell to the floor.

Sam’s head was filled with the intoxicating aroma of sun cream and swimming pools. Sara pressed her soft belly against his flat stomach and her breasts against his muscular chest. Her hot skin made his flesh tingle from his knees to his neck.

Sam felt Sara’s free hand cup his tight scrotum and his almost painful erection through his damp swimming shorts in the most obvious, most welcome most open invitation possible. His fingers slid slowly down her smooth, hot sides to reach the thin tight straps of her bikini bottoms. He pulled until the bows gave way and the tiny scrap of blue cloth fell to the floor beneath them.

They parted for a second, then Sara took Sam’s hand in hers and, entirely naked, led him silently to the bedroom.

Back in England, David tried to relax as he lay back in on the leather couch in his psychiatrist’s consulting room. He closed his eyes and listened to the soft female voice as she spoke to him softly and reassuringly.

“David, believe me it’s not at all unusual for victim’s of a trauma such as yours to have recurring nightmares. I’m afraid in my experience they can last for years – some unfortunate victims are never free of them – but in most cases they fade away eventually.

“It’s also quite normal for you to have difficulty distinguishing between fictitious nightmares and actual memories of things that really happened.”

David looked uncomfortable.

“How can I ever know what’s real and what’s just my imagination, then?” He asked.

“Well, we can help work it out.” The young doctor replied. “For example, we know that the truck actually struck you in the back. You never really saw it at all. So we can be certain that this particular image is imaginary. It’s quite likely that the other visions are imaginary too, but not completely certain.”

“It just seems so real.” He responded. “I wish I could be sure.”

David hadn’t told the psychiatrist all of his nightmares; the images that troubled him most. The crystal clear ‘memory’ he now had of finding his girlfriend Sara having full, noisy and passionate sex with her own brother on their lounge floor was, he now realised, part of the reason behind the strange unexpected coldness he couldn’t help feeling towards her and their children. He wished he could simply dismiss it as a bad dream and become a good, if rather absent father. But the image was too clear, too vivid to be brushed aside.

He had also started seeing all too clear images of himself before the accident. He had a new, clearer perspective on his own behaviour and didn’t like what he saw one little bit. When he awoke in the early hours of the morning after having this dream, he felt dirty, unclean and ashamed of himself.

Had he really been so amoral? Had he really cheated on Sara so often? Had he really cared so little? He hoped that this was merely a dream too, but feared it was not.

But the psychiatrist was talking again.

“David, I’ve discussed this with my colleagues and we think we can be a little more certain about some of the other symptoms you’re experiencing.” She was smiling a slightly condescending, knowing smile.

“How do you mean, Doctor?” He asked, hoping for at least one crumb of comfort from this session.

“Your lack of appetite; your inability to concentrate; your anxiety attacks; your sleeplessness all point to a single, inescapable conclusion, I’m afraid. And you might not like it!”

David steeled himself for bad news. Brain damage? Internal bleeding?

“What is it, Doctor?”

“I think I can confidently say that you are officially diagnosed as being head over heels in love. I suggest you relax and enjoy the feeling. There’s very little you can do about that, either!”

In the stiflingly hot Spanish bedroom, Sam lay back on the white counterpane as his sister Sara knelt naked alongside him. His cock ached as it strained against the constraints of his swimming shorts. Sara grinned at the ominous bulge, then looked Sam full in the face and smiled cheekily.

“I think we’d better let him free, don’t you?” She asked.

Sam escort gaziantep kadın grinned and nodded, then watched in silence as his sister eased the tight waistband of his shorts over the head of his swelling erection. Its smooth rounded end sprang upwards and slapped against his flat belly. Sara giggled. Sam clenched his buttocks and raised his hips slightly from the bed as his sister slid his shorts over his tight cheeks and down to his thighs. She paused, then with a coy smile, drew her fingernails along the full length of his cock, from its shiny head, down its sensitive lower ridge to the tight scrotum at its base.

Sam shivered with anticipation.

Seeing his excitement, Sara swiftly whipped his damp shorts down his calves, over is feet and threw them to the corner of the bedroom where they hit the floor with a slap. She ran her fingers lightly once again down the length of his cock. His skin felt cold and delicious. Sara lifted the head of Sam’s cock and took his shaft in her warm hand, cupping his tight sack in her other palm as she knelt beside him.

Sam closed his eyes, feeling his sister’s hot skin against his cold flesh. Sara lightly grasped his shaft in her hand and gently slid her fingers up and down, feeling its firmness, its hardness, its strength. She felt a yearning between her thighs, and fought to control her own body as she now controlled her brother’s.

Sam opened his eyes and watched as Sara slowly lowered her chestnut brown head to his waist. Her hair fell forward over her sweet face and brushed against the skin of his upper thighs and lower belly, making him shiver once again at the almost unbearably arousing sensation. Then his arousal rose to a new plane as Sara opened her lips and slipped just the head of Sam’s erection into her mouth.

Sam exhaled noisily as her lips closed tightly on the sensitive groove just behind his smooth tip and her teeth played lightly with its hardening ridge. His head fell back onto the bed and once again he closed his eyes as Sara’s expert mouth brought wave after wave of pleasure to his loins. Her hot, active tongue danced over his smooth head, first tickling him on its underside with its tip, then soft and flat, wrapping itself around the whole of its surface.

Sara felt her brother’s erection swell in her mouth and loved the feeling. She loved his size, his strength, his taste. She loved the way her small, slim body could bring such obvious pleasure to this strong, loving man. She tightened her hand around his sack and felt his body tense then relax again. She loosened the grip of her lips on his head, and slowly slipped more and more of his shaft into her mouth. Sam quivered beneath her touch and Sara felt herself lubricating rapidly, the wetness of her juices driving away the dryness the swimming pool water had induced.

Without letting Sam’s erection leave her mouth, Sara raised herself onto her hands and knees and with a slightly clumsy motion, lifted one tanned knee over his head so that she straddled his face, kneeling. Sam felt her movement and opened his eyes, still dreamy with pleasure. What he saw astounded and delighted him. As he looked down his own body he could see Sara’s slim flat belly, her breasts dangling downwards towards his waist, and her mouth, framed by her sleek brown hair, sliding smoothly up and down his cock.

Directly above his face was his sister’s neatly trimmed vulva, the dampness of her arousal almost glistening in the reflected sunlight. He could see her, smell her and if he raised his head, he could touch her. Sam, his body trembling lightly from the wonderful sensations emanating from his erection, lifted his arms upwards until his palms were placed on Sara’s firm buttocks. His biceps flexed as he raised his head, drawing his mouth towards her inviting vulva, its pale triangle nestling between her slender tanned thighs.

Sam felt his sister’s inner thighs brushing softly against his face as his mouth neared her vulva. Sensing this, Sara spread her knees a little wider and suddenly Sam’s mouth was upon her. The tip of his nose brushed lightly against her distended clitoris and she jumped, her sharp teeth involuntarily nipping Sam’s shaft. Sam moaned with pleasure and adjusted his mouth until his the tip of his warm tongue slid downwards under Sara’s hood to find the hot, hard nub of her clitoris. Sara jumped again, then as the flat of Sam’s warm tongue was drawn smoothly across her nub, her hips writhed above him and her mouth sucked hard on his cock.

The low, writhing of her hips pressed her inner lips downwards onto Sam’s face and his nose slipped the full length of her slit. Sam’s skin was alive with sensations. Sara’s already glistening vulva was now lubricating faster and faster as her arousal increased. Drops of her juices were dripping into his open mouth and he lapped at them like a cat with a saucer gaziantep kadın escort of cream. He could smell her excitement, mixed in with the sweet aroma of the sun tan lotion on her thighs, and the saltiness of her sweat as it ran down the crease at the top of her thighs. Sam raised his head further until his long tongue parted her inner lips and dived deep into the entrance to her eager vagina. He moved the hard tip of his tongue in circles, stretching her entrance; making sure no part was left unattended and was rewarded by the unmistakeable sounds of his sister’s body building towards climax. He smiled despite his increasing passion, thinking how noisy Sara usually was as she came, and realising what was muffling the sound.

Sara felt Sam’s tongue invading her body and fought to keep her thighs from spreading so wide that she would be in danger of smothering him with her vulva. Her body shook – pulsed – in time with the thrusts of his tongue while his slightly rough chin rubbed lightly against her clitoris. Her moans grew louder and louder and she drove her head downwards onto Sam’s huge erection, forcing it to the back of her throat, then drawing her upper teeth along its ridge as her head rose again.

Her tongue writhed over the swollen head of Sam’s cock lapping energetically around its rim and diving underneath, eagerly tasting the drops of precum that emerged from the tiny lips on its tip. Her hair brushed against his stomach and, as her body grew more ecstatic, her small, dangling breasts swung from side to side with every dip of her head.

Suddenly she could control herself no longer. As Sam’s tongue dived one more time into her vagina, she pushed herself upright, her body trembling and shaking, abandoning his cock which once again slapped against his belly, and sat back onto her brother’s face. Sam gasped for breath but barely paused in his tonguing. His palms slipped underneath her buttocks, taking some of her weight and at the same time spreading her wide open above his face. With an almost frantic desperation, his tongue moved like lightning over his sister’s hugely swollen clitoris, under its hood and than down the full length of her slit. Pausing for a mere second to dip into her gaping vagina, Sam drew his tongue back over Sara’s tiny, puckered anus and in a rapid circle around its rim.

Sara almost screamed in delight at this totally new sensation. Her hips ground downwards onto Sam’s face and he needed all his strength to prevent himself from suffocating under her heaving body. He repeated the action, firmly, positively, driving forwards to her clitoris with the flat of his tongue, then back between her open lips with its tip. He dived deep into her vagina once again, round and round its sweet tasting entrance and finally pulled back to slide over and around her anus.

Above his head, Sara was in frenzy as wave after wave of her climax washed over her. Her legs felt like jelly, her skin tingled all over and red hot ripples of pleasure spread throughout her body from the depths of pleasure between her thighs. She grasped her own breasts and kneaded them; she pulled at her hair; she sank her fingernails into her soft buttocks; she scratched her thighs as she came with an intensity she had never experienced before. And all the time the room was filled with the high pitched wails and squeals that Sam knew so well and loved so much.

Sara’s cries were mostly unintelligible, passion filled wails of joy, surprise and delight, and Sam was driven onwards by a true, heart-felt desire to bring his beautiful sister to new levels of pleasure. Caring nothing for his own satisfaction, his mouth and tongue worked eagerly until his jaws ached. He felt Sara’s juices running down his cheeks and he filled with pride when he finally tasted the sudden change in her smell and flavour that announced the arrival of a real, earth-shattering climax. He loved the feel of her body all around him; the weight of her buttocks on his palms; the smell of her weeping vagina, the taste of her juices as she came. He even loved the taste of her clean, swimming pool fresh anus as he lapped at it.

Finally Sara’s cries grew quieter and her breath caught in her throat as her chest heaved. Beneath her, Sam felt his sister’s body grow heavier on his hands and realised she had taken almost as much as she could bear. He slowed his tonguing until he was simply lapping at the soft, hairless skin that surrounded her swollen vulva. Her pulsing slowed and slowed until Sam could feel her whole body trembling above him. Taking more of her weight on his hands, he slid himself forwards and out from underneath her. Sara’s legs spread wide open and she slumped forwards onto all fours, panting.

Sam sat upright, his cock still hard, and turned to face her. Sara looked like a wild woman. Her hair was rumpled and unkempt where she had torn at it with her hands. Her face and chest were flushed almost scarlet from her climax and there were tiny red lines on her thighs and buttocks where her fingernails had found their mark. Her whole body was bathed in sweat.

“Sam! I want you. Please!” Her voice was a croaky whisper, but Sam heard and understood her well.

“Are you sure, Midge?” He asked, earnestly. “Can you manage it?”

She was breathing heavily but her voice was clear if quiet.

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