The Taxi Controller, fucked both of us.


The Taxi Controller, fucked both of us.I find sex such a powerful rush, that even when I don’t care for a fuck, I can’t resist watching others do it.Michele was celebrating her 21st birthday bash, just three months before her wedding. She was staying over at mine so we got dressed there and went out on a bender with another ten ladies, all dressed like sluts, in the teasing mode style of dress.Our skirts were ridiculously short enough, to let a man touch our bare thighs above our stockings tops, and see our panties disappear into our thigh gaps, oh yes, we were outraged, but fuck it felt good being fingered in a public place.At the end of the evening as we all disappeared home, I was left with Michele, who by then was legless and to all accounts, brain dead. We went to a taxi rank and sat down, where she fell asleep on my lap, with her legs stretched out on the bench.I dozed off myself due to the electric heating, then woke up and caught the old controller bending over Michele. I watched through my thick mascara, as he fingered her, and occasionally glanced at my supposed sleeping form.There was no doubting I was getting off watching him take advantage of Michele, especially as she was to be married, and she was obviously enjoying it as she was responding in her drunken state.He straightened up and and un-zippered his pants and eased his cock out. My heart was pounding as the Çankaya Rus Escort thought of him penetrating her and making her pregnant, before she married.He stood over her prostrate body and slowly jacked himself, and I remember thinking he had a nicely shaped cock, and wondered which part of her exposed body he would cum on.He stopped jacking himself and bent over her again, reaching up and pulling her panties off, just seeing how easily they came off, made me realize the skimpiness and pointless protection they offered a woman, especially since they were meant to protect our cunts from penetration, and now here he was, a perfect stranger, now putting Michele’s into his pocket, and opening her legs to expose her cunt for him to abuse.He took hold of both her ankles and eased her down the bench so her head slipped from my lap, and a little bit more to put a little distance between us, I guess he was scared he might arouse me as he fucked Michele, which was what I had decided in my drunken state of mind to allow him to do.To my surprise he came right up to my face and stared at me, and being satisfied I was out for the count, opened my front and eased both my breasts free form my brassiere.Feeling him tug on my nipples was sending waves of sexual pleasure to my clitoris, ‘Fuck it’, I thought, this was an Keçiören Rus Escort unexpected grope session I was beginning to enjoy, and I guess he sensed that, as he reached down and began to pull my panties down.I hate to admit it, but mine came off as easily or better then Michele’s, now he was stuffing mine into his pocket along with her’s, this old boy was succeeding with two of us, where most of the men were failing all night long.He turned the lights out and locked the door, taxi service suspended I guess, as he eased a finger into my pussy and the other into Michele’s.I suppose it was only a matter of time before my pretty face and mouth were to be abused in a similar fashion, I mean two beautiful young girls with six very sexual orifices to put his old cock into, so for the next ten minutes I sucked on his cock, and much to his pleasure he saw I was giving it a good blow, as I had by now, reached up, and held onto his shaft as he went in and out. He was making all those silly little noises, like he was in pain, as he held the back of my head and under my chin, as he thrust in and out of my mouth, occasionally letting go of my chin to play with my breasts and pull and twist my nipples.Then he moved to Michele and did likewise, as she lay open-legged and he fingered her, with all the sloppy noises Etimesgut Rus Escort a wet cunt makes, that’s when she woke up, and guess what, one look at me, and she was in his arms begging to be fucked proper.I saw a side of her that surprised the shit out of me, she was bending over like some obedient slut, directing him to fuck her, and when he was inside her, the noises she was making were embarrassing, Michele was a really hot fuck when she was drunk, and she had a mouth to match.I really wanted to wake up and join in, as I sat there in my pretence sleep, my cunt ached to be violated, and I was jealous of Michele’s cunt getting all the attention.She was screaming as she orgasmed and the bench shook with the v******e of her bodily eruptions, after which, she stood bent over breathing heavily, ‘Fuck old man’, she remarked, ‘you ain’t cum yet’?He laughed breathlessly, ‘No sweetheart, too much good pussy here to waist cumming inside’. Michele finally stood upright and and let his cock fall from her, ‘Let me see you fuck her now’, as she pointed to me.This was my opportunity to awake also, but I needed to let him penetrate me me first, which I did as he flung both my legs oner his shoulders and began humping me in my seated position, egged on by Michele dirty mouthings, the bitch was rubbing her pussy as she watched, this was all bare-backing sex, and she, like I was earlier, wanting him to cum inside me.What is it about women wanting so witness their friends being impregnated?’Are you cumming old man’ she cajoled him, ‘No he is not’, I replied, as he banged into me, Michele laughed, ‘What a nice way to wake up’, she said, just as he gasped and I felt the reason why, he was squirting his load into my pussy, as I causally remarked, ‘He is cumming now’.