The Teacher: Lesson II


He calls me “Angel,” telling me that I am his own little piece of heaven. In class he is Dr. Edgars, but in his office, elsewhere, I call him Alex. I tried to call him Sir, but he laughed and stroked my jaw with his fingers, saying “no.”

Yesterday I was at his house, feeding him bits of food with my fingers, licking the corners of his mouth, and he had me to sit on his lap, facing him. I was wearing white lacy thigh hi hose and a gold necklace. I love the feel of touching my naked skin against his clothes, knowing he is dressed, I am not; knowing he is in control, and I have given my own control to him.

I snuggled into his lap, my legs on either side of his, and Alex smiled, pulling his own legs apart. Sitting there, facing him, I pushed against his crotch, rubbing, until his eyes closed and he moaned. I kept licking at his mouth, kissing him, nibbling down his neck, until I felt my hands suddenly grasped and pulled behind my back, held there by one of his hands. I loved his strength.

I waited.

“Turn around,” he said.

I turned, my back to him, leaning against his chest, smelling coffee and musk and excitement. My hands held behind my back by his one hand, my legs once more spread on either side of his, open, waiting, wet.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered, and I felt his mouth on my neck, moving along my shoulder, and his other hand…ohh, running lightly up my ribs, up, between my breasts until I pushed back against his chest, my head going back over his shoulder, completely open and waiting for his touch.

The hand moved along my breasts, touching, stroking…moving along my skin and then down until my legs jerked with wanting. Fingers touching inside my legs, pushing a little, stroking, finding my clit…

My clit, escort bayan pinched, pulled; the lips rubbed, then pushed gently together.

I was waiting for more, more…

“Look what I’ve bought for my little angel,” he whispered, and my eyes opened. A clamp? In the shape of a large U, with bits of jewelry and bells? I turned my head, looking at him, frowning. He rubbed the thing on mouth, my nipples, then ordered me to keep my hands behind my back. He pulled up my clit and lips, sliding the U over the whole until all of it was pushed together and I could feel the beat beat beat of blood in my pussy.

“Walk around,” he said, that delighted smile that promised pleasure and pain.

I walked, finding that the blood rushing and throbbing there was worse when I moved; that the jewelry and little chains and bells beat against my wet pussy when I moved, making me shiver and want to be taken there, then, fast and hard. It was relentless.

And then – he ordered me to dress in my skirt and blouse.

In the car, I would feel the metal on my skin, there, and try to push against it, seek some relief. It was keeping me on the edge of orgasm but not allowing it, and I was almost miserable with wanting it. I whimpered, and he grinned, patting my leg as he swung the car into the parking lot of a restaurant. I groaned.

We ate, or rather, he ate and enjoyed, talking about how wonderful the food was, whispering comments about how wet I probably was. I ate little and moved my hand under the table once, trying to push against the clamp because I was feeling that prickly hot urge to fuck something, now. He laughed, drawing my hand out, kissing the fingers, and telling me to eat.

In the car, I said “please, oh please take it off, please fuck görükle escort me, please,” and he smiled, reaching under my skirt and running his fingers along the trapped flesh, pushing a little so that it hurt and throbbed and twitched and my hips lifted up, wanting him in me now, please now.

“not yet, little slut,” he said.

A long drive back, with Alex describing the lights, the trees, the scenery, and I didn’t care. Everything was focused on my pussy and wanting and needing some hard fast sex. No foreplay, just take me.

At his house, I was told to undress and wait, but the clamp remained. It was hurting now, and every movement meant the bells and little chains slapped against my lips, dangling bits of torment that bounced and tortured and tantalized. He returned, wearing a robe, and ordered me to kneel, my weight on my heels, my legs open. He looked at me, leaning down and pushing with his thumb against engorged lips and a clit that was on fire. He stood, opening his robe.

Oh, he is so beautiful. I knelt, my legs open wide, the bells quivering against wetness, and I looked up at him. He gently took my hand and placed it on his cock, his eyes half-closed.

My hands, gently stroking him at first, gently touching, but I was so hot and wanting that inside me so much, I became greedy, grasping his balls in my hands, stroking, squeezing them gently until he moaned, pushing his cock against my mouth. My tongue flicked on the head, licking at the slit, while my hands stroked under the balls, around, up, and down the cock, my mouth nibbling now on one side, then the other, of the cock.

I leaned forward and he began to stroke my hair, pushing on my head, and I pulled him into my mouth, my hands going bursa elit escort back to touch his butt, squeezing his cheeks gently, pulling him towards me, my tongue licking his cock as my mouth tightened on him, moving, sucking. He began to rock into me, hard, thick, and I was excited. I felt my clit burning from the clamp, could faintly hear the little bells moving and bouncing as he fucked my mouth, pushing himself into me more and more, until he froze, groaning, his hands twisting in my hair, and he came…

I cleaned him, wiping him gently with a cloth, touching him with my fingers when I could, wanting him to be hard again, until he began to push into my hands with his cock, then knelt beside me on the floor.

He took the cloth, wiping my mouth, smiling at me, touching my face, moving his hand down to the clamp, and gently easing it off. I jerked my head back and pushed up, because it hurt, but the pressure being gone felt so much hotter, so much more intense…he rubbed his palm over my clit, gently, slowly, until I was crying and pushing against his hand, saying “please, ohhh please please.” His hand stopped moving, and I shut my eyes and waited, knowing the lesson of patience and of waiting for what he wanted.

And ohhh, he wanted me, because he rolled on top of me, rubbing his cock against my sore clit, his mouth sucking on one nipple, then another, while I opened my legs wider for him. And he fucked me, took me hard, harder even than I knew I could want it, shoving himself into me, and it was what I needed and wanted and shook against him, my legs closing around him, drawing him into me more and more…

I was lying on the floor, with him still inside me, holding him as he slept; I watched moonlight through the slats of the blinds and knew my second lesson was one of reward.

And tomorrow, my next lesson will be one of trust, he says, and I think of it and tighten around him until he moans in his sleep, and I hold him and wait, feeling the soreness from the clamp and the heat of him inside me, and wait…