The Thai Maid: Notes from a Fan


(Dear Readers: When I lived in Thailand I fell under the spell of my beautiful Thai Maid named Bee. While “The Thai Maid” is a true story, it inspired many wonderful fantasies and emails from fans. This is the sexiest email I received, and I’m posting it as a story with the author’s permission.)


Bee and a girlfriend play footsie with you.

It begins with a steamy bath. You shave one another’s underarms, legs and pussies. It’s powerfully intimate. You’ve never felt more feminine and sensual. The scents of teak wood, fine soap and excited females lace the air.

The girls relax on a sofa and gaze knowingly at you. The atmosphere becomes more charged. You notice a small stand holding dildos, butt plugs, anal beads and lubricants.

With intricate detail, the girls direct you though all kinds of anal exposure and self-manipulation. They masturbate but you are not to touch your pussy. It’s a wicked mix of excitement and embarrassment. For anal beads, you are on the teak coffee table in front of the girls. They exchange excited words in Thai as each bead enters you and when they pop out. “Slowly, Victoria,” Bee says. “Pull slowly.”

A short but thick pink dildo is last. It looks manageable but it helps make the most humiliating experience for you yet. It’s rounded on both ends. One end has an attached pull chain. You are to insert the dildo and then excrete it back out into Bee’s hand. The girls get very close to observe your contractions. The safety measure of the pull chain is unnecessary.

By now, the urge to play with yourself is almost too much. The girls put you to work tonguing their anuses. You discover that Bee’s friend uses whatever anus muscles there are to open her hole unbelievably wide. Your tongue slides deep inside her. How Betturkey does she do that? What control!

The girls bind your wrists and connect them to a rope from a hook in the beam in the ceiling. They attach your ankles to both ends of a pole so that you stand with comfortably spread legs. The girls pause to admire your sexy lean body. Its stretched and vulnerable, unable to escape whatever the girls may do.

The two friends lie on their backs with their feet towards you, one facing you in front, the other behind you. Their heads rest on silk cushions, smiling mischievously as they regard you. Delicate feet rise, your breath catches, and the bizarre spectacle of being masturbated by two women’s feet begins.

The girl behind you massages your ass, distorting your cheeks and working her toes into the humid crevice of your bottom. She also saws her feet in between your nether lips. The girl in front uses her feet to stroke and prod your cunt. Eventually, a big toe, slick with excitement, snakes into your ass. It’s long and narrow for a big toe, and it prods and wiggles powerfully.

How can feet be so talented and dexterous? The girls pleasure you at their leisure, laughing and sharing giggles and comments in Thai as you get closer to orgasm. Are you incredulous, humiliated, excited? Isn’t it demeaning to be coaxed to orgasm by two girls who use only their feet? You are like a fun toy to them. They’re laughing at your torment, making comments only they understand about your reactions.

You’re getting closer to orgasm. Too close. They exchange words in Thai and withdraw their feet. Gasping in frustration, you try to squeeze your legs together to gain the slightest friction. Your jaws go slack. You look like a monkey in heat. The girls become Betturkey Giriş giddy with conquest, jabbering in Thai while grinning at you. They ignore whatever you say and speak only Thai.

They settle into a 69 in front of you, both peering at you almost the entire time, smirking, relishing your frustration.

When they are satiated, the girls exchange more Thai while regarding your plight. You sense that the friend apparently wants to leave you frustrated. But Bee seems to convince her to continue with you. They settle onto their backs again, more relaxed now, their hands laced behind their necks. You are sweating. Your thighs are shinny with your juices. You moan and thrust your pelvis out for the rising foot in front of you.

Moans. Ragged breaths and whimpers. But the friends are slow and careful now, practiced at this. It becomes clear that they have agreed to keep teasing and denying your climax. The girl at your pussy studies your face and body for signs of an approaching orgasm.

The girls use slow and soft strokes, and then, exchanging quick words, they stop when you get too close. Your head jerks. You sputter. You hump the air and the rope above you creaks. At this, the girls quickly stand. The friends are exhilarated, bursting with devilish triumph.

You usually tire of persistent teasing because your pussy can become unbearably sensitive. Not now. The girls’ games are wickedly thrilling. The scene is edgy and wild and you are shaking with excitement.

More breathless Thai conversation. The enthusiastic friends want to prolong the fun even more. They have you cool down a bit. They mop your face and give you a sip of iced tea from a straw and slices of mango. They’re encouraging and cheerful, but you know it’s Betturkey Güncel Giriş only so they can toy with you more. They look at you appraisingly.

“Her clit is stiff. Her whole cunt is swollen and inflamed. It’s angry,” Bee says in Thai.

“Let’s make it more angry,” said the friend, and the two girls laugh. They lie down again on their backs.

Much later, Bee kisses you deeply while pinching your nipples. She breaks away and watches you pant and sweat. She traces her finger along one of your raised arms, down your armpit and down your side. As hot as your are, the touch makes you shiver. Bee kisses you again and lightly places the back of her hand at your cunt. You try to hump it and she backs away.

“You want happy ending? She asks in an exaggerated Thai accent. Her friend titters.

You are confused and then mortified. Bee is deliberately mimicking the Asian hand job parlor girls. She is goading you, mocking the frustrated lust in you she helped create.

You look away and chew your lip. Bee gently guides your head back and her eyes burn into yours.

“Happy ending?” she repeats. “Yes? You want happy ending? Yes?”

“Yes!” you hiss. “Happy ending. Please.”

Eventually, they allow your orgasm. They watched in awe and glee as you strain through the powerful spasms.

They refresh you once again with fresh towels and tea. Your pussy is raw but you begin to regain your composure. Bee smoothes tendrils of damp hair from your face and kisses you deeply again. She slips away. A happy ending indeed, you think, exhausted, slack in the bindings.

Bee returns holding an Hitachi vibrator with a head like a baseball . She plugs it in. She’s grinning evilly.

“Oh, God, Oh, God, No! Please!” you cry. “I can’t!”

Bee places one of the silk cushions in front of you and sinks to her knees on it.

You’ve forgotten Bee’s friend behind you. Your tense bottom cheeks are parted and her tongue plays at your anus. You sigh and Bee flicks on the powerful vibrator….

The End