The Tongue Cleaner


To earn some money for paying my tuition as a college student I was looking for a job. I had been looking for some time, but I couldn’t seem to find anything I liked. Through a friend I had heard of a gym hiring cleaning staff.

Now I wasn’t much one for cleaning service, but I’d heard that if you started working in cleaning you had a chance to work your way up, and working in a gym was something that I thought I’d really like. So I got the address and decided to visit the gym and try my luck.

When I got to the gym I noticed that there was no way of looking inside. I walked into the building and went to the desk. There was an attractive, obviously fit, woman behind it, about 40 years old and she looked at me rather skeptically.

“Can I help you?” she asked, “You do know this is a woman-only gym right?”.

“Well.. I was looking for a job..” I answered “I heard you were looking for cleaning personnel.”

She looked me up and down, then told me to follow her to the office. As we walked the corridor to her office, two girls passed us, also looking me up and down, as they passed us they were giggling. I didn’t really know what to think, I thought they must’ve not been used to guys walking around here.

She told me to sit down at her desk and she closed the door. She also sat down at her desk and looked at me quite seriously and said “Before we discuss the details of the job, you have to sign a non-disclosure form stating you won’t tell anyone about the details on how we run things here. If you could sign at the X, we can discuss your possible employment.”

I was surprised to say the least, but thought ‘what the hell’ and just signed the form.

She smiled “Good, now we can talk freely. So let me ask you, what have you heard about the details of the job?”

“Well, nothing really, just that it was a cleaning job, but with possibilities for working your way up in the company.” I answered.

She laughed “Well that’s true, but this is not your average cleaning job. You won’t be cleaning lockers or sweeping the floor here. As you may have noticed we only have female members here, not just anyone can become a member here. We supply a special service for the women working out here, that service is our ‘hygiene service’.”

“Before I go on,” she continued “let me ask you, do you enjoy the natural essence and flavor of the female body?”

I was baffled, what kind of a question was this for a job interview? But I must say I was a little turned on by her question, so I answered “Yes, as a matter of fact I love the female form and all her smells and tastes.”

And I did, no matter what a girl smelled like I’d enjoy her body immensely.

“Well that’s good, you’re going to need that here. See our ‘hygiene service’ consists of a staff of boys and girls like you that clean up our members after or if needed during their workout. Now they don’t use a wash-cloth or any water for the cleaning, they only use their tongue.”

She paused, seeing my eyes widen. If I was aroused before, I was full on horny right then.

“We have special accommodations for private cleaning or public cleaning in the showers you might be accustomed to at your own gym. The job pays well, 15 dollars per hour and as discussed requires complete discretion. As you said, there are possibilities for advancement in the company, but you will have to start at the bottom.. literally..” she laughed again “This job offer only extends for another 5 minutes, so you can take a few minutes to think it over or take the job right now.”

My mind was reeling I had a raging hardon and couldn’t think straight. All I knew for sure was that this was the job for me.

“Ye.. yes.. I’ll take it!” I said.

“Very good!” she said “We’ll get your contract in order later, for now we should start your training immediately. If you’d come with me I’ll introduce you to one of our trainers.”

She got up and I followed her further down the corridor to one of locker rooms. The sign said “trainer”, she unlocked it and walked in. Inside was what looked like a massage-table and the regular bench and hangers you’d expect in a locker room.

“Wait here, Giselle will be with you in a minute. Glad to have you on board!”

After about 10 minutes the door opened and there was Giselle. She was dressed in only a tight spinning leotard and spinning shoes. “So you must be our new recruit! Welcome, welcome. We’ll get started in a minute. First let me explain some of the rules we have here:

1. Members don’t use deodorant at least 24 hours before workout

2. There are no water using showers in the building

3. Every member participates in hygiene service

4. Cleaners accept every member for service

5. Hygiene service is only complete when the member agrees it’s complete

Are these rules clear to you?”

I said I understood and she smiled.

“Good! Then we can get started.”

With that she started taking her leotard off, I could see the sweat dripping Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort off her body.

“Where would you start on me, if you were to clean me?”

I thought about it “I think I would start with your feet..”

“Very good choice! Maybe a bit of a challenge to start with, but go right ahead.” She sat down on the massage-table and pointed at a stool next to it. “Sit on that, it’s more comfortable.”

I sat on the stool and she put her feet on my lap.

“Go ahead.”

I tentatively took one of her foot and brought it up to my face. It had a strong smell of foot sweat on it. The closer her foot came, the more it penetrated my nostrils.

“Go on, give it a little sniff.” She pressed it against my nose, I inhaled her stink and felt it stir in my pants. I inhaled stronger and she smiled. “We’ve got a live one.. Go ahead, put it in your mouth.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement and started licking and sucking her toes. She had some toe gunk between her toes which tasted most vile, but I loved the depravity of it. I licked away at her entire foot until the taste had dissipated and I moved onto the other foot.

When I had licked that one clean, she asked me what I wanted to clean next.

“Let’s start with your armpits” I said.

She raised them, warning me “are you sure you’re ready for that? I haven’t used deodorant for days..”

She wasn’t lying, as soon as she lifted her arms a wall of smell hit me. Putrid sweat filled my nostrils, but I powered through and dove in tongue first. I zealously licked her pits, tasting the sour, sharp old sweat. I gagged a few times, she snickered and told me I could do it. After what seemed like an eternity the smell had subsided and I deemed her armpits clean.

“Now work your way down to the rest of your job.” she said. So I licked my way to her breasts. Being a fitness instructor she had small but perky breasts, they were salty with boob sweat. I spent extra time on her nipples, on which she moaned a bit, but quickly told me to move on.

I licked her bellybutton where a little sweat had accumulated. I moved down and she opened her legs. It was clear she was familiar with the procedure.

I still felt a little uncomfortable, with this naked beauty in front of me. Getting closer to her hairless pussy, I could smell her sex. There was a mild smell of sweat, furthermore she was surprisingly clean. I licked her clean dutifully, she gave a few moans. When I was done she turned around and spread her cheeks. A smile came across my face; she had a bleached anus.

She saw me smile and said “You like what you see?”

I didn’t answer, I just smiled and dove in, pushing my entire face into her ass.

“Good answer” she said.

I licked her ass and rubbed my nose in her juices. I must have been licking for over 10 minutes when she stepped away.

“Wow, you’ve really found your calling haven’t you?” She dragged a finger across her crack and smelled it. “Perfect!” she cheered “I think you’re ready for your first shift!” She handed me a piece of paper “Here’s your schedule, I’ll show you to your work area.”

She showed me to a small room with 2 doors, a bench and some clothes hangers.

“This will be your office for the first few days. You’ll have some privacy, which we feel is more comfortable for beginners.” She explained. “We have different group classes here and there are always people using the fitness area. Your first assignments will be to the classes, to let you ease your way in. Look it over. As you get more experienced, you can get other assignments.”

She turned around, to leave and said “Enjoy yourself! But remember, you’re here to serve.”

I was in heaven. I could get used to this, beautiful sporty girls, who I got to lick wherever I wanted! I looked over my schedule. There were several classes on it. Spinning, body pump, aerobics and a running class covered my first few days.

There was a knock on my second door, my heart skipped a beat. I looked at my schedule and saw a body pump class just ended.

I opened the door and there was an approximately 21 year old girl standing there, still panting. She looked fit and beautiful, sweat beads were dripping of her head, down her neck.

She smiled “Score! I got the new guy! What’s your name?”

She was a feisty one, I could see that immediately!

“I’m Harry, wh.. where would you like me to get started?” I stuttered.

“Relax, Harry, this is supposed to be relaxing. If that bulge in your pants is any indication, you’ll find it relaxing too! Let me get undressed and you can just work your way down!”

I blushed.. She was right though, my dick was hard as ever.

While she got undressed, I still couldn’t believe my luck. Beautiful girls, getting naked in front of me, without any reservation! There she stood, beautiful, insanely fit. I mean six-pack abs and all.

“Go ahead, slugger!” she pointed to her forehead.

Stuck Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort out my tung and got going. I licked her forehead, her neck, her arms. When I was done with her shoulders she lifted up her arms. I was surprised, there wasn’t that much of a smell there, a little sweaty sure, but no hit of intense rank odor.

I licked her pits perfectly clean and continuing down, I had the same experience with her pussy and ass. Even her feet didn’t smell that bad.

When I was finished, she looked satisfied. “You did very well for a first timer, Harry! Tell me, how did you like it?”

I hesitated “Well.. I was surprised, you were so sweaty, yet you smelled so clean!”

She laughed “Yeah, you got lucky I suppose! I workout twice a day, so I clean myself twice a day!” she paused “.. Or did I disappoint you?”

I blushed “No of course not.. getting to clean a beautiful girl like you.. I loved it!”

She looked at me sternly “Be honest, Harry! You’d like me more smelly wouldn’t you?!”

I admitted “All right, I’ll be honest.. I love the real smell of women.. the more real, the better.”

I could see the glow on her face “Ha! I knew it! You’re a little perv, Harry! But don’t worry, a little pervyness never hurt anyone!”

She winked and got dressed.

As she left, she said “I’ll tell my friends about you, Harry! You have quite a talent… And.. I’ll see what we can do about that little BO-fetish of yours.”

I didn’t have a long time relax, there was another knock on the door. I quickly took a drink of water, I’d been getting thirsty from all the salty sweat.

My next client was about 29 years old and a bit less fit. Lucky for me, that meant she hadn’t been cleaned that often, lately. I loved her smell and taste. I cleaned her up and she thanked me. I cleaned 8 more girls that afternoon, all of them pretty fit, all of them very sweaty.

The next few days I went to work with a big smile on my face and the girls noticed. The lines for my “office” were getting longer and I got a lot of compliments. I also noticed a difference in the types of girls attending the different classes.

Body pump girls were the fittest, they were definitely the sweatiest, but not the smelliest, because the exercised so often and got cleaned as often.

Spinning girls had the sweatiest ass, aerobics girls had the tightest ass and the running girls had the smelliest feet, often wearing socks for several workouts.

I loved them all and when my shift was over, I’d go home and masturbate to all of the hotness.

My second week I was called into the main office. I was kind of apprehensive, maybe they weren’t that happy with me. My boss called me in and told me to sit down.

She started immediately “Harry, I must say, we’re very pleased with your progress! You’ve performed remarkably well for a new guy. So we’re going to expand your duties, you’ll be assigned to different classes starting today. If you continue like this, there might be a nice raise in it for you!”

I was thrilled, I was loving this job and it was nice it got noticed. I had gotten my new schedule and there were a few new classes on there: Yoga, B&B and BBW. Now I knew Yoga, but the last two I didn’t know!

I resumed my routine and my first shift was B Belly and Butt. So you can imagine there were a lot of sweaty butts to lick.

On wednesday I was scheduled for Yoga. Now Yoga turned out to be right up my alley. You should know that all types of girls practice yoga, but we had a kind of spiritual yoga, which attracted a lot of hippies. Now I had never realized this, but hippies were a bit less precise with their personal hygiene.

My first client was a girl named Suzan, I think she was just around 18 years old. She followed the normal procedure, got undressed. I noticed she had quite the hairy pussy, but that wasn’t that new to me, although she had an exceptional bush!

I started at the licking her sweaty forehead and arms, but when she lifted her arms my stomach turned. Big tufts of dark hair filled her armpits and an amazing stench wafted from them. I was taken aback a bit.

She grinned “This is your first yoga class isn’t it?” I admitted it was. “Well the word through the grapevine is that you love smelly girls, the smellier the better right?”

I felt my dick jump, I admitted again.

“Well.. Yoga just might be one of the best classes for you! See I’m not the only one who doesn’t shave her private bits. Now some of us (including me) only have time for yoga once or twice a week. We live a minimalist life, we try to preserve as much natural resources as we can, such as water. That’s why we all love coming here. The showers don’t use any water! So these are pretty much the only showers we use.. This will be my first cleaning in 4 days. So this should be a blast for you.. Go ahead, start licking!”

I opened my mouth, as I got closer to her armpits, I breathed in her smell. It was unlike anything I had ever Ataşehir Ucuz Escort smelled! It was a pungent deep sweaty, somewhat sour, stink. I was so overwhelmed I gagged a bit.

She laughed “Go on! You know the rules, you’re only done when I say you’re done!” She pushed my face in her armpit and rubbed it up and down “Lick, pervy” she laughed.

I licked and it tasted like nothing I had tasted before, there was so much flavor there. I gagged a few more time, sherely from being overwhelmed. She laughed and waited patiently.

I found I had to lick way longer to get the smell out, i must have spent fifteen minutes on her armpits before proceeding down.

The real surprise awaited between her legs. I could smell her pussy when I was at her bellybutton. A mixture of piss and sweat, getting stronger, the closer I approached her pussy. Tentatively licked the fold of her groin, while her bush tickled my nose.

I procrastinated a bit, focusing on her groin when she intervened “Get to it Harry! You couldn’t have a more appropriate name, now could you”

With that she shoved my face in her pussy. I gave a few licks and then parted her bushy lips with my hands, exposing her pink pussy. I couldn’t help but to gag again when I saw quite a bit of white discharge.. I didn’t know girls could have smegma too.. I swallowed and just dove in, licking as quickly as I could.

My tongue got coated with the thick white discharge, mixed with her pungent juices. I swallowed as much as I could, to clear my mouth a bit. It must’ve taken me 10 minutes before it started tasting a bit like a regular pussy.

Compared to this, her ass was a breeze. Sure it was smelly, sweaty, probably the smelliest I had ever licked. But at least she regularly wiped her ass.. so my tongue stayed rather clean.

It was all downhill from there, her legs, even her feet weren’t a problem.. When I stopped and looked at her face, I discerned a gleam of pride on her face.

“Wow, Harry.. The girls weren’t kidding.. You ARE talented!”

I must admit, I felt a bit proud myself.

“You are the only first-timer so far, to complete my service without throwing up or giving up! Congratulations!” out of nowhere she grabbed my crotch “You deserve a little reward… How about a drink, to clear that dirty mouth of yours?”

I felt my cock throbbing “Y.. yes.. I’d love a drink..”

She smiled “Good! On your knees, open your mouth and close your eyes! Right now!” I did. I heard her move closer, as I was sitting on my knees.

“Now grab your dick and start jerking.” she commanded.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I pulled down my pants, and started jerking. God was I horny. After a few seconds I felt something dribble into my mouth. I didn’t immediately know what it was, until I put the smell together with my sitting position. SHE WAS PEEING IN MY MOUTH! I almost came immediately.

The flow stopped and she said “Now don’t swallow till I tell you! This is the first time drinking my pee, so I want you to get well acquainted with the smell. Swirl it around in your mouth.”

So I did, it tasted pungent and quite salty, I thought it must’ve been quite concentrated, probably dehydration from the sweating. It was strong but not unpleasant.

“Now gargle and swallow while your cumming.”

I gargled and it took only a few jerks before I came and swallowed.

“That’s it for this time, maybe there’s more in it for you next time if you keep performing so well. I may just have to skip an extra cleaning a week!” And she left.

I finished my yoga-shift, without a problem. Several other girls were quite hairy and pungent, definitely more than the girls in the other classes, but none more than Suzan! When I got home I jerked again coming 3 more times, just thinking of our encounter and possible future dirtiness.

I was disappointed I wasn’t scheduled to do any other yoga shifts that week, it was just more spinning and at the end of the week the mysterious BBW, which I had assumed must’ve meant something similar to Butt and Belly, maybe with Weights or something.

On Friday I came in for my BBW shift and got ready for my first client. I got a knock on the door, opened and there was a type of girl I hadn’t seen there before. Her name was Whitney, blond, late twenties, but most importantly, she must’ve weighed 220 pounds.

She had on a tight workout outfit, showing off her curves, of which there were A LOT! She saw my surprise and smiled, she stepped into the room, closed the door and started to undress.

“Weren’t expecting a girl like me in the gym were you? Don’t you know what BBW means?”

I said I didn’t.

“BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women, it’s a class for us girls struggling with obesity. We’re all the same here and there’s no one to judge us. Plus we get to be treated afterwards by you and your colleagues, as you can imagine we don’t get as much attention outside this gym as the other skinny women here. Now you have a bit more ground to cover than you’re used to, so I suggest you start!”

She pulled me towards her and guided me to her neck. I licked her neck and her massive, chubby arms. She wasn’t kidding, there was more ground to cover! She lifted her arm and a familiar smell hit me like a shovel. I hesitated and she felt it.