The Trigger


Jim had told me that he was going to take me to a party and that he expected me to wear my sluttiest clothes. I was excited because I thought he planed to take me to an orgy with his friends. I had chosen a fishnet dress and instead of a bra, I put a pair of crossed red tapes on my nipples. On my way driving to the address, the catcalls and whistles from other drivers ensured me that I had met Jim’s demand.

I had met Jim about a month ago in bar. He was a bulky and brooding kind of guy, and judging by his clothes and watch, it was easy to guess that he was rich. I confess that the money was an important motive for my flirting with him, but after our first fuck, I realized that I had the whole package.

He fucked me roughly, usually in the ass, and was not shy to spank me or pull my hair during the sex. He never cared if I had an orgasm and let me go whenever his business was over. I enjoyed that, because I liked my guys to treat me like the whore that I was, and despised the sensitive type who made me want to vomit by treating me like a princess. Even the gifts he bought me were for his own benefit, and included slutty lingerie, sex toys, and perfumes.

He was the perfect guy, except for an unimportant detail; he already had a girlfriend.

His girlfriend’s name was Katherine and I had seen her a couple of times when she walked in on us while we were having sex. As far as I was concerned, she was a weirdo and I did not know what Jim saw in her. She was a short, flat-chested girl who wore glasses and always had a book or booklet in her hands. According to Jim, she was a PhD student.

I did not feel threatened by her because I knew she had nothing to compete with my huge boobs and perfect ass. The weird thing was that she did not seem to worry about Jim fucking me. She even apologized after the first time that she saw Jim ass-fucking me in their bedroom, and hurried out to let us finish our business.

After a while, I gave up trying to understand her.

I found the building and had an exciting walk from my car to the flat. The door was opened by girl, who seemed to be surprised by my sight. She had short hair and was wearing a black T-shirt and worn-out jeans. She checked my whole body and grinned. When I introduced myself and told her that I was invited by Jim, she moved a little and gave me narrow passage to get in. She made sure that our bodies touched. Definitely a dyke.

The flat was spacious, but it had a modest decoration. There were many bookcases around the living room, and a sofa and some armchairs were in the middle. There was also a huge painting, which showed the nude muscled body of the dyke who opened the door. Jim was already there, and I was disappointed to see that he had brought his “real girlfriend” too. I was also mortified to see that everybody was dressed casually and I was the only one with the slutty outfit.

There was another girl, a goddess, in the living room, who was so beautiful that I forgot about my humiliating situation. Her red dress did not much to cover her slim figure and long beautiful legs. Her pale skin made a sharp contrast with her dark red hair, and her big hazel eyes shined under her intelligent eyebrows. It took me some moments to realize that I was gawking at her.

Jim introduced the two girls. The dyke was called Jessica, and the goddess was Jim’s sister and her name was Chelsea. He said that her sister was a painter and she beautiful work on the wall was created by her. He then introduced me.

“… and this is Mandy. I asked her to be here tonight to help me with your birthday present.”

I was confused because he had not told me anything about any present.

“I did not bring any presents. I can go out and get one…”

“You do not have to do anything Mandy. In fact, it would be very helpful if you did not speak a word until the end of the party.”

I opened my mouth to ask more, but he raised his eyebrow and I decided to shut my mouth as instructed. Jessica grinned and gave a thumbs-up to Jim. She then went to the kitchen and came back with a basket full of hot, delicious smelling muffins. She held the basket in front of everyone and when it was my turn, she waited longer and unashamedly checked out my cleavage.

Jim closed his eyes after taking the first bite out of his muffin and moaned.

“This is fucking priceless. Your girlfriend is a magician, sister. I wouldn’t mind having her as a lover if she was not a lesbian.”

Jessica snorted.

“You wish.”

Chelsea folded her arms and touched Katherine’s foot with the tip of her shoe.

“Oh, I do not blame you. I wouldn’t mind borrowing Katherine for a night either. I see so much lesbian potential in her.”

Katherine smiled at Chelsea with coquetry, which apparently made Jim jealous. He pulled Katherine to himself and held her tight.

“Hands off my girl, you greedy dog.”

This made all the girls laugh, and Jessica gave Chelsea a high-five. Jim pointed a finger at Jessica.

“This is xslot all your fault. You are a bad influence on my meek sister. She would never talk back to me like that before she met you.”

Katherine punched Jim’s arm.

“Cut it off, you jackass. As far as I remember, your exact words were that you actually like the way Jessica is unleashing the wild animal in Chelsea.”

This brought a momentary silence to the group, which made me more conscious of my slutty outfit. I really felt that I did not belong there and wondered what Jim was thinking when he told me to come. After a while, they made some more jokes and talked together as if I was not there. I was somehow grateful for that and wished to get out of this humiliating position as soon as possible. Jessica snuggled Chelsea and pointed to me with her chin.

“So, are you going to explain this phenomenon?”

“Oh, I almost forgot about her. Let me tell the story from the beginning. Some weeks ago, I was sitting in a bar, drinking my vodka and thinking about you two. I was worried that sooner or later, you bastards would try to steal Kat from me.”

Katherine puffed exasperatedly.

“Which translates into that he was worried that there was something missing in your relationship.”

“As I was saying, I was worried, so I was thinking about a solution to bring more juice into your platonic shit.”

Chelsea frowned and protested defensively.

“Nothing is lacking in our relationship and there in not a single thing that I would change about Jessica. I am sure that she feels the same.”

She looked at Jessica expectantly. Jessica hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

“There isn’t anything about you that I would want to change either, honey.”

Jim folded his arms.

“Ok, do not try to bullshit me. I have a very good instinct about these things and I can see that there are dark corners in your relationship. Let me put it this way; have you two ever spoken about your boundaries? Have you addressed kinky things like having a threesome, bondage playing, spanking, role playing and etc.?”

Both girls remained silent.

“Yeah, I did not think so. Contrarily, whenever someone starts talking about kinky stuff, you two grow strangely silent; like right now.”

Katherine nudged Jim.

“Stop bullying them and get to the main point.”

“OK. From the first time that I met Jessica in her bakery, I realized that she is a dominatrix. Women like her need a submissive by their side. You, my dear sister, are too proud to be anybody’s sub. So, I feared that sooner or later, you two will grow distant. I was drinking and thinking about a solution for this predicament, and suddenly…”

He pointed towards me with his thumb.

“… I saw this girl at the next table. She was looking at me invitingly and was flashing her pussy. I usually ignore these bimbos, but seeing this pathetic creature gave me an idea. I decided to take her home to test her and also make sure that she is not dangerous.”

Chelsea seemed confused, but Jessica’s face was shining with excitement.

“What kind of test are you talking about?”

“I wanted to make sure if she was a horny whore. I was satisfied with the results: she has zero self-respect and she is practically a bitch-in-heat.”

I was dumbstruck and my jaw fell down. Although I knew he was right, I was desperately looking for some words to save my face in front of the other girls. Eventually, it was Chelsea who spoke up.

“I am very disappointed in you. I thought you have grown up and stopped being a man-whore. How dare you brag about cheating on Kat?”

Katherine shook her head.

“He checked it with me first.”

“What the hell? Why would you let anybody sleep with your boyfriend?”

Katherine shrugged.

“I feel guilty that I cannot spend enough time with Jim because of my research project. I cannot remember the last time I attended one of his matches or went out to a date with him. Sometimes I imagine Jim him being alone at home, waiting for me to come back from my lab and fall asleep. I want him to remain my goofy playboy and not to become a dark depressed hero.”

She ruffled Jim’s hair, as if he was a naughty dog.

“He got offended the first time that I tried to hook him up with some of my friends. But one day, I came back and saw him pounding this cutie and I was filled with relief. And, by the way, I believe that sex without love is like masturbating in someone else’s body…”

Imitating Jim, Katherine pointed to me with her thumb.

“… And who am I to deprive my boy from some masturbation toy.”

Well, that one hurt. Especially coming from a girl who I considered as a weak competition. Jessica nodded approvingly, but Chelsea still looked angry.

“How about this girl? Don’t you think that she has feelings?”

Jim smirked.

“She sure has feelings, but they are not the romantic ones that you are familiar with. When I told you that she has zero self-respect, xslot Giriş I was not exaggerating. Hear this one: Yesterday, I called her to come to my place. When she came, I was sitting in the toilet. I ordered her to give me a blowjob right there. When she was finished, I told her to piss off, because I was awaiting Katherine. Can you guess what her reaction was? She left immediately and after an hour, texted me to thank me for the thrilling moment and asked if I was satisfied.”

Chelsea gave me a bewildered look for a second, and looked away disgustedly.

“OK, I give up. She deserves what you give him. But how do you think that she can help my relationship with Jessica? Is she supposed to be a role-model for us?”

Jim raised his hands defensively.

“Easy sis! I just followed my instinct. The rest is up to you to figure out what you want to do with her. Throw her out or keep her. She’s yours now.”

“What do you mean by ‘She is yours’?”

“I mean that I am giving her to you as a birthday present.”

He told this as if it was a very evident fact. During the silence that followed this statement, I really felt that I should say something. It was a tough challenge, though; on one hand, I wanted to try to keep some dignity for myself and on the other hand, I did not want to disappoint Jim or ruin a possible orgy with the two hot girls in the room. Everybody was looking at me now and it made me more nervous.

“Jim, whatever I did was for your love, and you know I will do anything that you want.”

Jim rolled his eyes, Katherine and Jessica laughed, and Chelsea just shook her head. She spoke to me as if she was talking to a child.

“You cannot love anybody unless you love and respect yourself first. If you want to have someone, you should believe that you deserve having her or him. This is a basic principle in any relationship.”

Apparently, I just managed to humiliate myself further. I wished I had listened to Jim and kept my mouth shut until the end of the party. He gave me one last reproachful look and stood.

“I really need to get my girlfriend away from you sharks. Have a sweet night.”

Jim and Katherine said goodbye to their hosts, and left without giving me another glance. I really had no idea what to do after Jim left. I had licked pussies before, but it was always in a threesome or an orgy where a guy was fucking my pussy or butt. By the way, it was evident that Chelsea was disgusted with me, and I did not think that she would consider getting naked in front of me. When I stood to leave, Jessica called me.

“You are not going anywhere until my partner decides what to do with her present.”

I was excited by the demanding tone, but tried to hide it.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Save the begging for later. You are offered to my girl, and she should decide what to do with you.”

Chelsea seemed to be concerned.

“Come on Jess. This was just a joke. You should not bully the girl into doing something that she does not want to.”

I wanted to ensure her that I was not offended, but before I could open my mouth, Jessica gestured to me to take a seat and I immediately obeyed. Then she faced Chelsea.

“I know her type very well, my dear. She would not dress like this in a party if she did not want to be used. The important matter is what “you” want. Do you even find her slightly attractive?”

Chelsea gave me a shy glance and quickly turned away. She remained silent for a few seconds. I was afraid that she might not find me attractive at all.

“You know that I’m usually drawn to people’s strong character, and not to their body. But to be honest, I’m not turned-off by this girl’s appearance.”

I was happy by this small acknowledgment and thanked Chelsea. Jessica slapped me hard.

“Keep your filthy mouth shut. You are not allowed to speak unless someone asks you something. Is that clear?”

I nodded. I was shocked but I was also satisfied because, clearly, Chelsea’s approval of my body had made Jessica a bit jealous. Chelsea frowned at Jessica and that seemed to unsettle her. Jessica went to Chelsea and held her hand possessively. This silent apology lightened the atmosphere. Jessica broke the silence.

“I think that Jim was right about there being dark corners in our relationship. I did not dare to bring up the kinky matters because I was afraid that it might hurt our perfect bond. By bringing this slut, your manipulative brother managed to make us talk.”

She took a deep breath and looked away from Chelsea.

“I had always had sadistic feelings towards other women. Whenever I saw an attractive girl, I wanted to tie her up and make her scream. The girls who liked this kind of treatment were usually shallow sluts and I could never talk to them as an equal person. When I first met you at the bakery, I felt the same sadistic urge, but as you came and go, and our small conversations turned into dates, I realized that I have found my soul mate, and also that I can xslot Güncel Giriş never hurt you in the slightest manner.”

Her voice started shaking.

“I tried hard to supress that dominant part of myself. It was like cutting off a limb, but I told myself that being with you is worth it.”

Chelsea caressed Jessica’s hand.

“We do not have a perfect relationship if we cannot openly talk to each other. Please never hold back on anything ever again.”

She hesitated for a few seconds and meanwhile, her face started to get red.

“You know that I can never hit anybody and I will not tolerate being hit either. But I am not as innocent as Jim believes me to be. I knew from the beginning that you are dominant, and I confess that I have always had fantasies about you dominating other women.”

When she finished speaking, her face was blood red and she looked absolutely adorable. Jessica looked at her unbelievingly for a moment, and then jumped on her and after covering her face and body with hundreds of kisses, she let go and started dancing and jumping up and down. Chelsea was also laughing out loud. When they calmed a little, they remembered about me and Chelsea became serious again.

“I do not want you to do anything without her consent, though.”

Jessica’s shoulders fell. She paced the room for some minutes, and then sat by me.

“Here is the deal; I truly believe that you are a lowly slut who would get off from any kind of attention to her snatch. If you are dumb enough to doubt that, I’m ready to prove it.”

I was turned on by the verbal abuse, but I could not find a way to agree with her proposal without further degrading myself and showing how desperate I was. Jessica seemed to be losing her patience.

“I’ll make it simple for you. If you are a retarded piece of meat who does not want to enjoy mind-blowing sex and abuse, you should leave right now. If you stay after I’m finished counting to ten, it means that you submit to my terms.”

I was breathing faster and faster as she kept counting. Chelsea was observing me with her piercing hazel eyes. When I did not make any move to leave by the end of the counting, Jessica looked at her partner.

“Are you satisfied now, or should I make her beg you to let her serve us?”

Chelsea, who was still looking at me, nodded and sat back in her armchair. I lowered my eyes, ashamed of being so pathetic and docile, and at the same time, I felt as if my pussy was on fire. I was wondering what they were going to do to me.

Jessica started with caressing my hair, which lowered my tension. Shen then massaged and pinched some erogenous points here and there, and after some minutes of this treatment, I was withering and moaning wantonly, begging her with all my existence to fuck me as hard as she could. She pulled me and put my crotch on her lap. She pushed my face down to the floor, making my ass stick out in the air. She immobilised me by putting the sole of her sneaker on my face, forcing me to face Chelsea, whose eyes were now half open. She was biting her lower lip.

Jessica started kneading my ass cheeks and gave me pleasant shocks buy squeezing them hard. After about a minute of this handling, I lost control of myself and started making animal noises. A sudden slap on my ass made me howl. Jessica kneaded my ass some more and then bam; another slap. While Jessica was spanking me like that, the sight of Chelsea’s excitement increased the intensity of my shameful pleasure. Her eyes were now wide and she was clawing at the armrests.

After some minutes of spanking, Jessica finally stopped and pushed me off her knee. I was lying face down on the ground, panting like an excited dog. Jessica turned me with her feet and made me lie on my back. She took out my panties and checked out my pussy.

“Wet and swollen like a hot hamburger. I’m afraid it might explode if I don’t give it some attention.”

I opened my legs wider to give her a better access. She sat in front of my crotch and put the tip of her snickers on my pussy, and made me moan by squishing it. She rubbed it slowly up and down. I needed more and raised my crotch to increase the pressure on it. Jessica gave it soft kick and told me to be still. She kept teasing me like that and suddenly stopped.

I raised my head to beg Jessica to continue, but I saw that Chelsea was now sitting behind her, holding her tight and nibbling on her earlobe. The goddess now looked like that wild animal that Katherine had mentioned before. Jessica’s eyes were closed and she seemed to be in heaven. I watched them intently, enjoying the scene so much that I forgot about my own frustration.

Chelsea opened her eye for a moment, and blushed when we made eye contact. She whispered something in Jessica’s ear, making her smile.

“Oh, come on. She is not a real person; you do not have to be shy in front of her.”

Chelsea insisted by rocking Jessica’s body. Jessica shrugged.

“OK, princess. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

She rose and raised Chelsea with her. Before leaving me there in the middle of their living room, Jessica throw her sneakers on my body.

“Finish your business but do not make too much whorish noises. You can sleep on the couch after cleaning up.”