The Tutor or What is 34 Plus 35?


To tell you the truth, I was bummed! I had been working my rear off trying to pass Mr. Rogerson’s Advanced Biology class and kept getting “F” after “F”. Finally, I gave into my pride and asked him how I could get a better grade in his class so I could graduate in May.

That’s when she walked into my life. Her name was Margie and she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I hardly ran into her since she was in the advanced classes and I was stuck with the dumbed-down versions, but we used to ride the bus together in middle school and she seemed pretty nice then. Mr. Rogerson assigned her to me because she was at the top of the class in Biology. She could have been lower than me, though, and I wouldn’t have cared!

Now I’m no Britney Spears or anything, but I think I do have a charm about me. I’m about 5’3″ with pretty bright red hair and the palest skin you’ve ever seen. It’s great when I get compliments about my “milky-white” skin, but it’s a bitch in the summer when it’s beach time! Everyone else gets to wear next to nothing and get a tan, and I have to layer up and put on SPF 15,000. I also don’t have the biggest breasts, but I consider my rear to be nice and am a very sensual gal over all.

Margie is definitely a “classic” beauty. Her kinky, curly auburn hair comes down to the beginning of her hips and her smile lights the room! She’s a little taller than me at 5’7″ or so and has legs that just cause me to grin just thinking about them. Her breasts are a little bigger and her tummy and rear a little flatter, and she has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen.


Margie and I met at her place to start our tutoring sessions. Her parents were still at work and we headed to the kitchen table to look at today’s homework. I kept noticing her looking at me oddly as we began to go over our assignment. I’m pretty daring with my fashion and had put on a silky purple top with some tight-ass jeans. I really don’t care how I look as much as how the clothes feel on me. The silk rubbing up against my bra-less nipples feels wonderful all day long, and the tight jeans ride up on me….which can be thrilling in a variety of ways.

Finally, Margie leaned over and said, “Hey, LizBeth, where did you get that blouse? That fabric looks so wonderful!” I told her where I had bought it and commented, “Yeah, it’s like I get to wear a nightie all during the day” and winked at her. She blushed and asked if she could feel the fabric. Margie touching me? Heck yeah!

She rubbed some of the sleeve between her fingers and oohed and aahed about the silkiness of my blouse. I intentionally moved in closer to her, breathing her in as I gazed unabashedly at her beautiful face. Which is when she looked at me and kissed me.

Wow! Was I surprised! Here I thought Margie was a pretty innocent gal and she was putting the moves on me! We kissed for what seemed like ages, and finally broke apart and just stared at each other. Breathing heavily, I asked if I could see the rest of her house, specifically the bedroom area perhaps. She readily agreed and I followed her as she raced down the hall to her bedroom.

I got only a glimpse of her decorations as I fell on the bed with her and we began making out like there was no tomorrow. Our hands caressing as our tongues began to introduce themselves, sliding back and forth as we kissed hot and heavy. Evidently, Margie had been pent up for quite a while, because her hormones were raging! Not that mine weren’t…

I could tell she wanted to go further so I stood up by the side of the bed and pulled off the blouse she liked so much. I tossed it to her as I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, wriggling out of them as fast as I could. My breasts may be a bit small, but my nipples are pretty big comparatively and they were so stiff from our making out that they almost hurt! For some reason, I got shy when I was standing there in just my panties, so I looked down at the floor as I pulled them down.

I wondered if she would like the fact that I’m shaved or if she would think it was a turn-off. Again, I’ve always liked the feel of my clothes against my skin, and shaving allows my cotton or silk panties to touch my nether lips with nothing in the way. Margie exclaimed, “You are beautiful!” and leaned over to lightly kiss my pussy!

A shudder ran through me as I lay down on the bed to watch her undress. She decided to do more of a strip tease for me. She playfully pulled off articles of clothing, moving her hips to an unheard beat (the beat of my heart?). Margie nude was even more beautiful than Margie clothed. Her breasts looked ready for my kisses and her pussy had a trimmed strip of dark curly pubic hair that was already glistening. We wasted no more time; we only had an hour left before her parents would be coming home.

She slid back onto the bed and we kissed more slowly this time. Our hips moving as we rubbed our pussies against each other’s thighs; our breasts pressing close as our hands moved to cup and tease rears. Knowing that time was against us, we pretty quickly ended up in my favorite position – classic 69 with her on top. I lowered her beautiful, wet, rapidly reddening pussy to my lips and begin to explore the folds of her with my tongue. Meanwhile, she was slowly and softly sucking on my labes and clit, softly and sensually tasting and pleasuring me.

She gasped, however, as I moved my tongue to her cute, slightly dark pucker that looked like it was just begging for a kiss. I pulled away, but I heard her say, “Go on” in a muff-led voice. I rimmed her slowly, thoroughly causing her to moan as her tongue slid as far into me as it could go. The vibrations from her moaning almost sending me over as I moved back down to focus on her very swollen clitoris. My finger remaining to tease her rear hole, I spelled our names on her clit with my tongue. I couldn’t control myself for long, however, because she began lapping at my clit like a kitten at a milkbowl. I responded in the same manner and our muffled moans filled the room.

Her scent overpowered me as she began to cum; her juices spilling over my face as I drank her down. Soon after I came with spasms and jerks and a wild scream (I can be a bit noisy), wave after wave hitting me until we both came down. Our sweating bodies stuck tight to each other as we gasped for breath, occasionally letting our tongues lap up some leftover honey. She switched positions so that she was in my arms and that’s when we heard her dad drive up the driveway. Did he catch us? Let’s just say that I’m now considered the fastest dresser this side of the Appalachians ;-).

The End

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