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3D Babes

I looked up from my book, baffled that I was really on a plane beginning its decent. Am I really doing this? I must have lost my mind.

It had started as a flicker of attraction. Seeing someone’s picture and thinking – now that is my definition of hot. Then I didn’t really think much else of it … he was halfway across the country and definitely out of my league.

At some point, we started talking. I honestly don’t remember what our first conversations were about. They weren’t regular – and still aren’t. Sometimes I think that is part of what I like – he’s busy with his life, and I’m busy with mine. I usually don’t find people without a life of their own, without goals and hobbies, attractive.

But I never thought I’d be flying somewhere for the sole purpose of seeing him. Now that the plane was landing, it was starting to feel more real. The draw of being with him was simply too strong for me to resist. I just hope that if the electricity is as strong as we expect; that I’ll be able to go back to how I was.

The shuttle driver tried to make small talk, to which I gave tactful but short answers. I had too much going through my mind to carry on a conversation. A mixture of excitement and worry swam through my veins. Excitement at finally being close enough to this person who electrifies me to see where the spark leads. Worry that the spark might not lead anywhere; or worse – that I’ve been fooled.

I checked into the hotel … glancing at my watch. He should be here in about an hour – I only needed to call and let him know what room. But before I call, I had looked up a little place in town and made an appointment. He has a thing for feet – so I want mine to be perfect. I hope that the pedicure will help me relax a little as well.

It’s hard not to imagine the hands on my feet are his. As they are soaking in warm water, I call to tell him the room number. He doesn’t answer – so I leave a voicemail – and start to worry. What if this is all just a joke to him? To see if he can get a woman to come so far … I push the thought canlı bahis from my head as the technician asks what color I want my nails painted. I smile wickedly before answering “French.”

Back in my hotel room, I’m nervous. I turn on a couple of lamps, and open the curtains to let the calming colors of the sunset in. I slide my freshly pampered feet into a pair of strapy heels, and slide form-fitting black lace negligee over my body. It took me forever to decide if staying dressed or dressing up for him would be a better idea – but the thought of the impact of opening the door dressed as I was right now was worth any fun lost at his not really needing to undress me.

I try not to watch the clock, but I can’t help but notice that it is a few minutes past the time we had agreed on. I check my cell phone, to see if I somehow missed a call. I turn on the television and flip through the channels – but there is nothing that even remotely piques my interest. Finally – I hear a knock at the door. My heart drums in my ears as I turn off the television and cross the room as if swimming underwater. My hand on the knob – I take a deep breath.

I give him a sultry look as I fling the door open wide, and tap my foot against the floor, “You’re late.” He doesn’t immediately react to my state of dress, but I can see it in his eyes. The air is alive with months of tension sparking between us, but only for a moment. He moves forward, and spins me around the edge of the door – pushing me against it as it closes. There is no slow, shy discovery. Immediately we are devouring one another. The cool door against my back and his hot body pressed against my front. Already I can feel his excitement against my hip, and I lift my leg, hooking it around him and pulling him against me.

His lips and tongue sear a line down my throat, and I feel his teeth against my collarbone. An animal sound escapes from my throat as my fingers trace the curve of his solid shoulders lurking beneath his shirt. I lean down, recapturing his mouth with mine as my hands travel over his bahis siteleri chest. As I reach his hips, I pull him harder against me, grinding myself against the swelling under the fabric of his pants. I feel his hands snake behind me to grasp my hips – our teeth brush together as we kiss hungrily.

He groans low in his throat, and I whimper in reply. I pull slightly away, breaking contact enough to look him in the eye – seeing my lust reflected. I push him forward, and move around him – keeping the eye contact. I fumble with the buttons of his shirt, and he reaches up to help me. Finally they are free – and I peel the shirt back from his chest, groaning as I look at his skin.

I drag my nails down his bare chest as I lean forward to latch onto his left nipple, groaning as I finally taste his skin. I pull us backward, slowly, toward the bed. As I feel the backs of my knees against the edge of the comforter, I push his shirt down his shoulders with my hands until it falls to the floor. I slowly sit down on the bed, my tongue traveling down to the hem of his pants.

I gaze up into his eyes as I rub him with my right hand as my left undoes the fly of his pants. My breathing deepens as I push them down over his hips, and my mouth pops open with a moan as I look at him for the first time. I feel his hands move to my neck and my hair as I lean forward to press my nose into the juncture of his hips – breathing in the scent of him. My tongue flicks lightly over his skin before finally tasting the tip of his manhood. I close my eyes in ecstasy as I close my lips around him and he groans appreciatively.

After a few moments – I want more. I sit up, and lean back on the bed. Pulling my heels up on the bed next to me, I open myself invitingly. He doesn’t hesitate, but pulls his legs from his pants. Seeing him bared before me makes me groan, and I feel like I’m cuming already as his breath touches my most delicate areas. I close my eyes as his tongue circles wetly over my hood piercing, causing the sensitive organ beneath to pulse. My hands graze bahis şirketleri my own breasts as my back arches. “More!” I groan.

My knees over his shoulders, I use the leverage to grind against him. My hands move down to tangle in his hair as the small seizures start at the base of my spine and radiate outward. But I still want more.

He raises himself from the subservient position between my legs, and a smirk crosses my lips. He is animal-like with need. “Now!” I whisper, and bite my lower lip as he pushes me back towards the middle of the bed. His mouth, tasting of me still, covers mine as his body hovers over me. I feel him at my entrance, and push my hips upward … inviting him to fill me. I’ve waited so long for this!

Another orgasm rips through my body as he enters me. My juices soak the coverings of the bed beneath us and make his skin slippery against mine. And yet I want more. He pushes hard into me, until our pubic bones grind together. A gleeful sound between a laugh and a grown escapes my lungs as I throw my head back and smile. My nails dig into his shoulders as I look up at him “More!”

His hands scoot beneath me, using the backs of my shoulders for leverage as he pounds himself deeply into me. I groan “Oh yes, don’t stop!” This is what I’ve wanted. I feel his mouth on my neck, teeth grazing the skin. Yet another orgasm tears through my body, and my pussy tightens around him. My nipples feel raw as they rub his chest through the lace of my coverings, which have slipped up around my waist.

The movements between us become more rhythmic, and I know it won’t be long. I cross my ankles behind his buttocks, pressing him into me. I hold back another orgasm, waiting for his. I hear the moan building inside him, and let go – letting myself pulse against him as he pulses inside of me. I can feel his hot sticky seed splashing into me, “Pull my hair!” I cry out, wanting the moment to last. His hands are tentative, and I reach back and guide him, pulling his hands down hard until my neck is extended. My back arches as a last shiver runs through my body.

We lay quiet – wet with sweat and nectar. Eventually he moves off of me, and we spread out – cooling off. I raise myself onto my side and look at him “I’m going to want to do it again …”

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