The Visitor Ch. 07


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Whimpering, my face on fire, my body quivering in an almighty panic of humiliation, I had no choice, I needed something to hide behind, something to cover my glaring nudity with. I put on the flimsy sheer baby doll nightie and it’s panties in a trembling nightmare of impending doom, then looking down at myself I felt I would die from the sheer embarrassment of my appearance, my feminised and chastised body teasingly framed by the humiliatingly slutty outfit. My brain screaming out in a terrible anguish filling my head at the thought of my lovely wife seeing me like me this.

Satisfied with my reactions and seeing that his sissy was dressed ready, he turned to the door and opening it, going out he called her name, my wife’s name, my lovely wife’s name, he was calling for her whilst I stood there a quivering mess, wishing I was dead, in an indescribable mental anguish.

The return was an accompanied footstep and shuffle outside the door which swung open until he came in with my wife, omg I could hardly bring myself to look at her, wishing the ground would swallow me up. I made a first terrifyingly humiliating glance up, she was standing there looking at me…it was my wife, well at least she was dressed as my wife, until I realised she was in fact a doll. An expensive type of sex doll, at first glance looking amazingly realistic and very much like my wife. I could have collapsed on the floor in relief, I can’t tell you how relieved I was, the painful humiliation of her seeing me like this ebbed, and leaving me an emotional hell.

“Well aren’t you going to say hello to Hazel? Aren’t you going to give her a kiss and tell her how glad you are to see her?”

I looked at him, then her and then I remembered, it was just as he’d threatened in our chats online.

“Go on, greet her”

My embarrassment returned in a blush and I looked from him to her, where he held her up standing beside him, just as tall as him. “Hello love” my little voice almost a whisper, blushing red as I said it

“Come and give her a kiss, you have to give your wife a kiss when you see her, I shouldn’t have to tell you that, now kiss your wife”

I went over to the doll, feeling so weird on so many fronts, she was fully dressed and taller than me, I was wearing a teeny see through baby doll nightie and had to stand on my tiptoes to reach her. On top of that, now I had boobs, my nipples erect and my little throbbing cock imprisoned in that terrible pink prison.

“Kiss her Leanne, kiss your wife.” His voice was low and soft.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her face, there was a tightness a throbbing in my tummy and for some foolish reason I was feeling excited.

“Kiss your wife Leanne, she wants you to kiss her, she expects you to kiss her, show her that you love her Leanne, now kiss her.”

I reached forward onto my tip toes and brought my lips gently to hers.

“No Leanne, she’s your wife, hold her, kiss her properly, she wants to feel you still love her.”

I stepped closer and he pushed her to me, making me put my arms around her before she fell.

“Now kiss and cuddle your wife Leanne.” His voice buzzed in my ear.

The dolls eyes realistic, piercing jojobet looked into mine and I kissed her. Softly at first, then holding her tight to me, still on my toes, I kissed her harder.

“Kiss her properly Leanne.” The words seemed to float around my head, had he said it or had I thought it? Closing my eyes I pushed my tongue between her lips, I knew my wife didn’t normally like me doing it, but my tongue is small and she had occasionally allowed me to push it between her lips for a special kiss. Her mouth opened then as we kissed and her own tongue slipped out surprising me as it emerged, soft, thick and yet stiff too, making my own tongue seem even smaller than ever.

The stupid excitement, the foolish arousal was taking over and I found myself holding her tight against me and for some foolish reason I was sucking on her beautiful, horrid ever growing tongue in an increasingly passionate erotic kiss. My crazy boobs with my maddening nipples erect and throbbing, demanding attention as I rubbed them against her, moaning on her tongue in our embrace.

“Slip your hand under your wife’s skirt Leanne.”

She seemed more real by the second now and what he was telling me to do was wrong, I shouldn’t be doing this to my wife in front of him like this. I hesitated a second, but then as always I couldn’t help myself obeying him as my rising sexual excitement bubbled through me. I dropped one hand down her side, feeling for the hem of her skirt as I continued kissing her, sucking on her oh so sexy rude tongue, slipping my fingers beneath it, my hand sliding almost naturally upwards over her thigh.

“Show me her knickers Leanne, show me your wife’s sexy bottom.” That voice was in my head again, that teasing arousing suggestive voice.

I whimpered softly, entrapped in the kiss, which I stupidly couldn’t seem to get enough of, rubbing my begging nipples harder and harder against her as I held her tightly. My hand slid upwards lifting her skirt, revealing her knicker clad bottom to him.

“Your wife has such a pretty bottom Leanne, just begging to be fucked.” The whisper seemed right in my ear, a buzz of jealousy tightening inside me.

“Touch your wife’s cunt Leanne, slip your fingers between her legs where she wants them.”

Panting in my excitement I slid my hand around between her legs, my fingers straying there. My little cock in its pink plastic prison pulsing and throbbing in a mixture of pain and arousal as my fingers slid over her knickers feeling the shape of her clitoris, erect and hard against my finger tips. Stupidly I found myself rubbing her almost expecting a wetness there.

“She wants you Leanne, push her onto the bed Leanne.”

She moved we moved, sort of tottered and fell and somehow she was lying half on the bed, her feet still on the floor, her skirt around her waist, her lacy knickers in full view.

“Pull your wife’s knickers down Leanne, show me your wife’s pussy, show me, you know you want to Leanne.”

Suddenly I was on my knees in front of her, unable to stop myself, sliding my hands up her legs, up to the waistband of her knickers. I was in a dream, it was real, she was lying there wanting, I slipped my quivering fingers under it and began to pull them down gently, over her hips.

“That’s jojobet Giriş it Leanne, show me your wife’s pussy, reveal it to me, bare your wife to your master.”

Whimpering and panting, I was completely under his spell, I was pulling my wife’s knickers down for him, showing her to him. I couldn’t stop myself now, slowly I pulled them down her thighs, down her legs and off over her feet, her legs parting slightly as I did so, revealing her large stiffly erect clitoris and the tight lips of her sex. I gasped at the sight, my stupidly childish tone a chilling reminder of what he’d done to my voice.

“Kiss it Leanne, she wants it, kiss it for her, kiss it. Lick your wife’s cunt wet for her, you can see she’s begging for it.”

Without even taking my eyes off her pussy, I crawled between her legs spreading them further as I did, in my head this was my wife and I could only focus on her there.

“Kiss your wife, kiss her Leanne, lick her cunt for her”

The words in my head pushed me on and I brought my lips down, kissing her stiffly erect clitoris and in seconds I was sucking it and kissing her there in a crazy stupid sexual fuelled ecstasy, my imprisoned cock throbbing and pulsing wantonly as I did so. I pushed my little tongue madly against her, her tight, tight lips hardly parting as I tried my best to probe through them to her inner sex.

“You want to fuck your wife Leanne, don’t you?”

I was panting flushed in my excitement now.

“Don’t you Leanne?”

I nodded “Yss” hardly trusting myself to think.

“Do you want me to unlock you, so you can fuck your wife Leanne?”

Those words enforced his control over me, my heartbeat rising as he said them.

“Do you Leanne?”

I nodded again “Yssss”

“Then ask me nicely Leanne, beg you’re Master to unlock you.”

I hardly hesitated, I was desperate for her, “Please, please Master, please unlock me.” My stupid childish voice causing a terrible feeling of humiliation to course through my body even as I spoke those words.

“That’s a good girl, now stand in front of me Leanne”

I stood excited like a stupid schoolgirl in front of him my hands to my sides. Slowly he pulled my panties down just enough to reveal that horrible pink prison, then taking a key from his pocket, he slid his hand beneath my trembling pink tube, steadily undoing the padlock before gently pulling it off my poor soft tingling cock.

“There, there’s your little clit Leanne, safe and sound,”His cool hand held me as he spoke.

Then still holding me he picked up a tube of gel from the floor with his other hand, it looked like lubricant and it was opened as if prepared ready, In my excitement I tried to read the wording on it through his fingers and suddenly made out the word numbing on the tube too late to move. I gasped as he squeezed some onto me, it was icy cold and he spread it carefully all over my buzzing cock, almost freezing it, making me shrink even more. He dropped the tube and produced a packet, it said size – small, super thick, ultra safe condom on its label as he tore it open. The condom was a thick rubber, thicker than I’d ever seen before and I whimpered wriggling in embarrassment as he struggled in difficulty rolling it on jojobet Güncel Giriş to me, my cock half flaccid and almost too small for it as I strove to will myself bigger

“Now I’ll give you five minutes Leanne that should be ample time to fuck your wife, but hurry I’m setting the timer on my watch now.”

I turned back towards her feeling embarrassed and panicky and honestly with little or no feeling in my cock. I climbed up between her legs clumsily over her, looking down into her face with those piercing green eyes, her tongue still crudely out as if calling me to kiss her again. I did just that, dropping my right hand between my legs trying to masturbate myself into an erection as I did so.i struggled, willing my little cock to stiffen, finally persuading a little growth, it was tingling madly, but still mainly soft and I couldn’t feel a thing through that horrible rubber. I readjusted my position, pushing my soft throbbing cock against her tight tight lips, using my fingers to try and push myself into her, I felt so frustrated. Spreading her legs further I began rubbing myself harder against those tight lips, using my hand, my fingers as a splint but my poor cock still refused to stiffen it just rubbed against her, she refusing to open, refusing me entry to her.

“What’s the matter Leanne, doesn’t your wife excite you anymore, doesn’t she turn you on, I can see your wife isn’t giving you an erection is she?” He paused, letting it sink in as he watched me struggle in huge embarrassment. “I bet if it was an erect cock, a man’s cock, you’d be much more excited Leanne.”

Idiotically, his words sent a small spasm of stupid humiliating excitement through me and watching my every move as closely as he was, he could see even the slightest effect.

“I told you, you are a gay sissy Leanne, women don’t excite you anymore, even your poor sexy wife’s throbbing pussy isn’t turning you on, is it?”

I whimpered, panicking further, trying even harder to get my poor soft cock between the lips of her pussy.

“Two minutes Leanne”

I was getting more and more frustrated, almost in tears as I rubbed myself against her, humping against her stiff clitoris, my sorry soft cock tingling and yearning, yet if anything it was smaller now than when I started.

“Your wife just doesn’t turn you on does she Leanne? You need a man to make you cum, don’t you Leanne? Thirty seconds.”

I was whimpering in frustration rubbing quicker, harder, trying everything, desperate to enter her, desperate to prove I was a man, desperate to cum.

“Ok my gay little sissy, you’ve had your chance, come on girl, we’ll have to look into other ways for you and your wife to have sex won’t we?”

He half lifted my quivering form off her, the rubber dropping from me,, fully revealing my cock a small soft numb thing between my legs as I began to sob, I couldn’t help it all my emotions just came to the surface and I burst into tears.

“Ahhhhhh, there, there, baby,” he pulled me towards him “Now stand still for your master, there’s a good girl.” I just stood there crying stupidly, the mixture of emotions over the last hour had all become too much to bear and I just cried, broken, defeated, weak, frustrated and totally submissive. Through my tears I noticed the small shiny silver tube, less than half the size of the dreaded pink plastic prison. Slowly in my wrecked state a realisation formed in my befuddled brain and I let out a weak gasp of horror in my childish little voice, “Noooo”

“Oh yes Leanne, yes.”